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How An Arcadia Brewery Is Paying Tribute To SoCal's Fantastic, Forgotten Railway To The Clouds

Mt. Lowe Brewing Co. draws on the history of a precarious railway that took riders on a breathtaking trip through the San Gabriel Mountains.

The Massive Election Change In California You've Likely Never Heard Of

In November 2018, 57 California cities changed how they elected city councils. The results were often unexpected.

8 Amazing Bike Rides In Los Angeles

8 great rides that take place on roads that are entirely car-free or have light traffic -- and they work for folks of all fitness levels.

Hollywood's Target Husk Tells Us How It Feels About Becoming A Real Store

"I've seen things you humans wouldn't believe. Sunsets on fire on the shoulder of the Griffith Observatory. I've watched transplant's eyes glitter with the promise of Hollywood. All those moments will be lost in time... like tears in the rain. Time to buy!"

'Dear NIMBYs' -- An Open Letter From A Homeless Woman In LA

Keanakay Scott cried when she read a man's suggestion that homeless people like her and her 6-year-old daughter be put on a "reservation." Then she decided to speak up.

LA Is Raising Speed Limits In Order To Enforce Them (AKA Write More Tickets)

Here are the new speed limits (and an explanation of this confounding situation).

The Bizarre Story Behind The Suicide Bombing Of A SoCal Cult

On December 10, 1958, a blast in Box Canyon killed 10 people and decimated a religious sect. Why did two acolytes want to kill their guru?

Mountain Lion P-64, Famous For Frequent Freeway Crossings, Found Dead In Woolsey Fire Burn Zone

P-64 was nicknamed "The Culvert Cat" by biologists for his exceptional skill of crossing the region's freeways.

Your Homeless Neighbors Have Probably Lived In LA Longer Than You

Homelessness affects virtually all demographic groups.

In America's 'Worst Bike City,' Laws To Protect Cyclists Are Rarely Enforced

Cycling in SoCal is hazardous. The state's so-called Three Foot Law was supposed to make bicyclists safer from at one danger: passing cars. So why are some big Southern California police agencies almost never issuing tickets?

How To Order In-N-Out Fries That Don't Totally Suck

It only takes two words to make them golden and edible.

Mountain Lion P-74 'Most Likely' Died In The Woolsey Fire

The sub-adult male was the newest cougar being tracked as part of NPS biologists' study of mountain lions in the region.

Getting A 110-Foot-Tall Christmas Tree To The Citadel Outlet Is Even More Complicated Than You Think

The massive tree gets filled out with branches from other trees that are placed in holes all over the trunk.

SoCal's Brightest Holiday Lights And Where To Find Them

From theme parks, zoos and gardens to boat parades, Candy Cane Lanes and shopping malls, here's where to get lit.

What Happens To The Maids And Gardeners Of Malibu When The Houses Are Gone

"I need the money, I need to keep working. To be honest, I don't know what to do," said one day laborer.

Street Artists Call Out Alleged #MeToo Perpetrators On LA Theater Marquees

They were put up in the dark of night, calling out everyone from Harvey Weinstein to Quentin Tarantino.

What Happened At The Santa Susana Nuclear Site During The Woolsey Fire?

The site is riddled with radioactive waste and toxic compounds. Where does it all go during a fire?

The Saga Of Stanley -- The Malibu Giraffe Caught In An Actual And Online Inferno

"It is a major mobilization to move a giraffe," a Santa Barbara Zoo official told LAist. In the case of a fast-moving fire, "you couldn't mobilize fast enough or safely enough to move the animals. If they didn't kill the animal trying to load it, it would be amazing."

What To Do -- And Not Do -- When You Get Home After A Wildfire

Some helpful suggestions on how to protect yourself from ash and particles from the fire. 

These Photos Of The Woolsey Fire In Malibu Show How Intense And Devastating It's Been

The Woolsey Fire has killed two people, forced tens of thousands of people from their homes and left a wide swath of destruction in Southern California. Here's what that looks like.

How You Can Help Those Affected By The Southern California Wildfires

From making a donation to volunteering, here's what you can do.

Thousand Oaks Shooter's Health Frayed In College, Roommate Says

Ian David Long was a decorated veteran who served a tour in Afghanistan. On Wednesday night, Long walked into the Borderline Bar and Grill armed with a handgun shortly after 11:20 p.m. and started shooting.

What We Know About The Victims Of The Borderline Bar Shooting In Thousand Oaks

Twelve people were killed when a man opened fire at the Borderline Bar and Grill in Thousand Oaks late Wednesday night.

California Has Had A Monster Wildfire Every Year For The Past 7 Years

The biggest fire yet is burning right now. The Mendocino Complex fire has surpassed last year's Thomas Fire, adding to a list of massive fires in California in the last 20 years.

Every Day Is Fire Season. Here's How Angelenos Can Prepare Right Now

Protect your pets, your belongings, your house, your community, yourself.

The Best 'Everyday' Dinner Spots In Los Angeles

When you're not looking for a special occasion, just something comfortable and consistent.

The Best 'Everyday' Dinner Spots In Los Angeles

When you're not looking for a special occasion, just something comfortable and consistent.

Beat The Heat With L.A.'s Nine Best Milkshakes

L.A.'s milkshakes bring all the boys to know what, never mind, we already regret this pun.

The Best Underrated Movie Theaters In Los Angeles

From a classroom that only seats 60 people, to a church that hosts silent film screenings, here are some under-the-radar places to catch a movie.

The Best Underrated Movie Theaters In Los Angeles

From a classroom that only seats 60 people, to a church that hosts silent film screenings, here are some under-the-radar places to catch a movie.

Best Places To Be Alone In Los Angeles

Sometimes L.A. is best appreciated when solo.

Where To Find The Best Russian Food In L.A.

In addition to favorites like pickled herring and blinis, you can also find lesser-known items like tvorog and kvass in L.A.

The Best Themed Bars In Los Angeles

From airplanes to cryptozoology, L.A.'s got a bar for every topic under the sun.

The Best Outdoor Dining Patios In Los Angeles

Summer is just a few weeks away, which means it's time to dine al fresco.

The Best Places To Meet Someone From The Internet For A First Date In L.A.

Plus, all the dos and don'ts you need to know for choosing a place.

The Best Comic Book Stores In Los Angeles

From the newcomers to the long-time collectors, L.A.'s comic book stores are open to everyone.

The Best Cheese Stores In Los Angeles

Also, there are plenty of good cheesemongers in L.A. to help guide your way.

The 10 Best Places To Be Really, Really Stoned In Los Angeles

From museums to places where you can stuff your face, here are some spots that will keep your high going.

The 7 Best Vegan Brunches In L.A.

In the mood for persimmons with red crisp grapes and watercress? Or quinoa tabbouleh?

The Best 24-Hour Restaurants In Los Angeles

Where hard-boiled Angelenos find hard-boiled eggs 24-hours a day.

The Eight Best L.A. Eats That Aren't Actually From L.A.

From ice cream shops to dumpling joints, not all of L.A.'s best eateries were born here.

Ten Of The Best Poems About Los Angeles

From the work of Wanda Coleman to Dana Gioia, ten of the best poems about the City of Angels.

The Eight Best Bowls Of Ramen In L.A.

Los Angeles is serving up some of the best ramen in the country right now. Here's where to find it.

The 11 Best Hangover Foods For Your Morning After

Whatever your hangover needs, these dishes have you covered.

Where To Find The Best Exotic Ice Cream Flavors in Los Angeles

You can find flavors like mango and sticky rice, sweet potato, and beer and pretzels.

The 13 Best Spas In Los Angeles

For when you need to escape the real world for a bit.

A Guide To L.A.'s Other Walks Of Fame

There are "walks" for porn stars, animal stars, and fake doctors.

9 Hearty Soups To Warm You Up During The Winter

Enjoy them while it's still cold in L.A.

9 Hearty Soups To Warm You Up During The Winter

Enjoy them while it's still cold in L.A.

L.A.'s Best New Bars Of 2016

2016 sucked. Here's some great places to drink away the pain of this past year.

L.A.'s Best New Restaurants Of 2016

From Cafe Birdie to Erven, and everything in between.

The 11 Best Places To Get Pasta In L.A.

There's even a place that serves fantastic vegan pasta.

The Best Los Angeles-Themed Halloween Costumes

From shifty private investigators, to pink-clad pseudo celebs, here are some L.A.-centric characters you can dress up as for your October festivities.

The 10 Best Doughnut Shops In L.A.

The doughnut renaissance is upon us in L.A.

The 12 Best Runs In Los Angeles

From the mountains to the sea.

The Best Pizzas In Los Angeles

Heaven on a slice.

12 Places To Get Breakfast Pizza In Los Angeles

You can eat pizza for breakfast.

The Best Tattoo Shops In Los Angeles

Looking to get some ink done?

The 14 Most Beautiful Patios For Brunch In Los Angeles

If there's an outdoor patio involved, then we've basically snagged the golden ticket for brunch.

The 11 Best Tater Tots In Los Angeles

We munch on them compulsively when they're around. But have we taken the time to really consider tater tots?

The 11 Best Classic And Quintessentially Los Angeles Dishes

From "The Godmother" at Bay Cities to the Hollenbeck burrito at El Tepeyac, these eleven dishes are classic Los Angeles.

The 10 Best Indie Bookstores In Los Angeles

Bonus: Book recommendations from the staff at each of our favorite stores.

The 9 Best Web Series About Living In Los Angeles

Here are some of the scripted series that speak to what a wonderful, diverse, imperfect, mind-boggling, neurotic and sometimes terrible place Los Angeles can be.

The Best Vegan And Dairy-Free Frozen Treats In Los Angeles

The vegan and dairy-free crowd shouldn't be left out when it comes to sweet refreshment. We ALL scream for ice cream, after all.

Los Angeles' 10 Most Essential LGBTQ Bars And Clubs

Bars have acted as the bloodline of the LGBTQ community and we need them now more than ever.

The 5 Best Places Outdoors To Escape The Heat

During a heatwave the beaches are flocked, energy use soars, and hiking the local trails can turn into a dangerous affair. Luckily, there are alternatives within reach.

The Six Best Public Pools In Los Angeles

Chlorine is the opiate of the masses.

The 18 Best Bars For Outdoor Drinking In Los Angeles

Whether you're looking to stick your toes in the sand while you sip or challenge a friend to ping-pong over a beer, we rounded up our favorite bars for outdoor drinking in Los Angeles.

The Best Empanadas In Los Angeles

Whether you're showing up to a party with a welcome dozen or two, or just looking for a tasty snack, here are our favorite empanadas around L.A.

The Best Rooftop Bars In Los Angeles

From dazzling views of the city lights below to soothing ocean vistas, we rounded up our favorite rooftop bars around L.A.

19 Places In Los Angeles For Stoners To Satisfy The Munchies

From crazy mac and cheese mashups to ice cream-stuffed donuts, here's plenty of tasty grub for your 4/20 celebrations.

The 10 Best Record Stores In Los Angeles

Are you a hardcore crate-digger?

The 10 Best Record Stores In Los Angeles

Are you a hardcore crate-digger?

Our Favorite Beers From Local Breweries

Whether you're craving a super-hoppy IPA, a tart sour or a smoky porter—or really anything in between—here are our favorite beers from local brewers.

The 8 Best Soup Dumpling Shops In Los Angeles

Naturally, Din Tai Fung made the cut. But here are some other places to check out when their line is too long.

The 15 Best Dive Bars In Los Angeles

From dimly-lit, raucous joints to rough-around-the-edges neighborhood locals that open early in the morning, here are our favorite dive bars in L.A.

The 11 Best Bagels In Los Angeles

From decades-old institutions to new-school offerings, here are our favorite bagels around town.

The 17 Best Fitness Studios In Los Angeles

We logged in countless sweaty hours to bring you this comprehensive, tried and true list of the best places in L.A. to workout.

The Best Late Night Happy Hour Deals In Los Angeles

From cheap booze to deliciously discounted bites, here are our favorite late night happy hours around L.A.

The Best Piano Bars In Los Angeles

From sipping a martini while listening Sinatra or throwing back a beer while a ragtime jazz band tears it up, here are our favorite piano bars around Los Angeles.

The 12 Best All-You-Can-Eat Deals In Los Angeles

From bottomless brunches to overflowing buffet tables, Korean BBQ to unlimited Dodger Dogs, here are our favorite places for the best all-you-can-eat deals.

14 Cool Places To Eat And Drink On Ventura Boulevard

From intimate new wine and cocktail bars to fresh takes on modern Mexican and Neapolitan pizza, here are our favorite spots on Ventura Boulevard.

The 19 Best Beer Bars In Los Angeles

From special releases and tap takeovers to seasonal and rare pours, these are our favorite bars for beer around L.A.

Best Strip Clubs In Los Angeles

From impressive pole routines at fun and rowdy bikini bars to intimate private dances at sprawling topless and nude clubs, here are our favorite strip clubs in L.A.

14 Romantic Restaurants In Los Angeles

From beautiful city views to intimate dinners by candlelight and under twinkling lights outdoors, here are our favorite romantic restaurants in Los Angeles.

The Best Nachos In Los Angeles

From cheese-drenched, old school versions with jalapeños and guacamole to creative new twists like kimchi, here are our favorite nachos around L.A.

The Best New Ramen In Los Angeles

Los Angeles has a surplus of ramen stops popping up all the time. Here is the best of the latest batch.

The Best New Ramen In Los Angeles

Los Angeles has a surplus of ramen stops popping up all the time. Here is the best of the latest batch.

10 Best Hook-Up Bars In Los Angeles

Our favorite bars to meet someone new.

Los Angeles' Best New Restaurants For 2015

From killer kalbi burgers and French-meets-Mexican brunch, affordable bites to hit-the-town splurges, here are our favorite new restaurants of 2015.

Los Angeles' Best New Bars In 2015

From an '80s-themed speakeasy to classy cocktail hideaways, lively craft beer spots to cozy wine bars, here are 12 of our favorite new bars in Los Angeles.

The Best Eats In Los Angeles For Under $10

Just because we're not all able to afford dining at fancy restaurants, it doesn't mean we have to eat at McDonald's on the regular either.

The Best Booze Stores In Los Angeles

Whether you're a seasoned connoisseur or just looking to expand your drinking palate, here are our favorite shops for booze around Los Angeles.

18 Of Our Favorite Brunch Spots In Los Angeles

Here are some of our favorite places to get our weekends started.

The Best Breakfast Burritos In Los Angeles

To help you start your day off right with some tortilla-wrapped magic, here are our favorite breakfast burritos around L.A.

The Best Coffee Shops In Los Angeles

Here are our favorite coffee shops in Los Angeles—from a cute 3D latte art fixture to a spot that serves you liquid nitro ice cream to go along with your coffee.

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