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The Best Picnic Spots In Los Angeles

Whether you’re planning a date, getting a group together for a celebration or just want to unwind after a long week, there are plenty of great locations around town to stake your claim. From sprawling lawns to charmingly secluded locations, here are the best picnic spots in Los Angeles.

14 Artists Behind The Best New Street Art In Los Angeles

Here are our favorite pieces of street art that have popped up in Los Angeles over the last year.

The Best Fried Chicken In Los Angeles

Fried chicken may be best known as Southern soul food, but Los Angeles has got more than enough soul of its own when it comes to the crispy bird game. Here are our top pics for the best chicken in L.A.

The Best Night Out In Los Angeles

We've got unique activities from stargazing parties to spots where you can karaoke all night long and throwback joints where you can get nostalgic.

The Best Video Stores In Los Angeles

The video store has mostly gone the way of the dinosaur, but those that still remain are an essential part of cinephile culture.

6 Unique Tours In Los Angeles

Here are six tours that won't show you celebrity homes, unless something horrible happened in them.

The Best Mole Fries In Los Angeles

We're hoping it's not a passing fad and that this irresistibly decadent fusion becomes as easy to find as nachos.

The Best Tattoo Shops In Los Angeles

At any given time in Los Angeles, there are countless artists working away, creating masterpieces in flesh.

A Guide To The Best Restaurants In The Newly-Christened Sawtelle Japantown

Today, the Sawtelle strip retains a lot of its Japanese heritage and flavor, but many other cultural cuisines have found their way into the neighborhood, including Korean, Vietnamese, Chinese, and even a few pizza places. Here's a guide to the best of those places

20 Novels That Dared To Define A Different Los Angeles

Want to fall in love with this city? Begin with the books that are set here.

20 Novels That Dared To Define A Different Los Angeles

Want to fall in love with this city? Begin with the books that are set here.

The Best International Sandwiches In Los Angeles

Sammies really are a universal language, and our city is home to heaps of great options from around the globe.

The Best Late-Night Happy Hours In Los Angeles

Can't make those early evening happy hours? Try these reverse happy hours.

The Best Chocolate And Candy Shops In Los Angeles

The Mayans worshiped a cacao god, and considering our love of candy, we can't blame them.

10 Best Used Bookstores In Los Angeles

We may live in an age of digital and e-books, but don't let that fool you. Print is still alive in the City of Angels from Inglewood to Eagle Rock.

5 Hair Salons Where You Can Get A-List Style On A C-List Budget

We may live in the land of the rich and famous but since most of us are regular people bringing home regular people paychecks, shelling out A-list dollars for a cut, color job, extensions or wedding hair is not gonna happen.

12 Best Dance Parties In Los Angeles

One of the best things about living in L.A. is that there's never a dull moment when it comes to our nightlife.

The Best Noodles In Los Angeles

There's nothing quite like having a good bowl of noodles to brighten up your day, rain or shine.

The Best Indoor Activities In Los Angeles

There are days in Los Angeles (even rainy ones, occasionally!) when you just want to chill out inside, get crafty, get in shape or play a game.

The Best Tiki Bars In Los Angeles

Here are our favorite kitsch-filled bars where you can enjoy a drink, island-style.

The Best New Restaurants In Los Angeles In 2014

We've whittled down our favorite restaurants that have opened this year—with some affordable options and a few splurges—so that you can add them to your New Year's to do list.

Los Angeles' Best New Bars In 2014

These bars achieve a combo of a warming ambience, stellar cocktails, good music, and excellent service that draws in patrons with good vibes.

7 Places Where Grown-Ups Can Play Video Games In Los Angeles

You might be an adult, but that only means you can drink while you play video games now.

The Best Sandwiches In Los Angeles

From muffalettas to chick parm, here are some of our favorite sammies around the city.

6 Cool Places To Buy Eyeglasses In Los Angeles

This is for those of us looking for something a little nicer than whatever you can pick out on the cheap rack at LensCrafters or Costco (hey, no shame).

The Best Nachos In Los Angeles

Nothing quite says comfort food like house-fried tortilla chips smothered in shredded cheese (or ooey gooey cheese) and a bevy of toppings.

15 Places In Los Angeles To Enjoy Your Cocktail By A Fire

In preparation for those cooler days, we've compiled a list of some of our favorite places to enjoy a cocktail fireside with friends or loved ones.

The Best Brunches In Los Angeles

It's become so much of a ritual here in L.A. that we've decided to update our best brunch list, highlighting some of our favorite spaces to partake in the ultimate morning mealtime hybrid.

The Best Movie Theaters In Los Angeles

Whichever kind of moviegoer you are in L.A., one of these theaters will suit your needs.

Our 10 Favorite Korean Restaurants In Los Angeles

Los Angeles has some of the best Korean food outside Korea.

The Best Pizza In Los Angeles

We've got plenty of thin-crust, deep dish, and artisanal pizza selections in Los Angeles.

The Best Macaron Ice Cream Sandwiches In Los Angeles

Yes, macaron ice cream sandwiches exist. And yes, they are amazing. Here are five places that you can get your hands on one of these delectable frozen desserts.

The Best Bowling In Los Angeles

Ever since Walter Sobchak uttered the immortal words, "Fuck it Dude, let's go bowling," we've felt it our solemn duty as Angelenos to knock down pins. Here are our favorite spots.

The Best Churros In Los Angeles

Though it's debated if these ubiquitous carnival treats actually originated in Portugal or Spain, one thing is for sure: they are delicious.

The Best Taco Trucks in Los Angeles

Whether you're an L.A. native or a recent transplant, delicious tacos are your right and privilege.

The Best Food Trucks In Los Angeles

From food trucks making Asian-Mexican fusion tacos to sushi burritos and East Coast lobster rolls, here are our favorites.

The Best Sex Toy Shops In Los Angeles

Our favorite adult shops, from romance to raunchy.

The Best Record Stores In Los Angeles

Are you a vinyl snob? Here are the best record stores in L.A.

The Best Grilled Cheese Sandwiches In Los Angeles

Though the Grilled Cheese Invitational is sadly no longer around, there are still plenty of ways to enjoy your favorite childhood dish in L.A. Here are our faves.

Hollywood Stripped: The Most Bawdy Boutiques On The Boulevard

Hollywood Boulevard is still a treasure trove for sexy styling, a vortex for vampy stripper wear, fantasy dress-up and trashy awesomeness unlike anywhere in Los Angeles.

The Best Dumplings In Los Angeles

Here are our favorite Chinese dumplings, plus a few from other parts of the globe for good measure.

The Best Small (And Sometimes Strange) Museums In Los Angeles

Everyone goes to the Getty; here are some of the smaller (and sometimes stranger) museums L.A. has to offer.

Grown-Up Versions Of Junk Food We Love

Just because you're all grown up doesn't mean you can't enjoy some good ol' fashioned junk food from time to time.Thankfully, some of the city's best chefs have improved upon the classics, using quality ingredients to deliver that same crave-worthy dose of deliciousness.

The Best Pools For Lounging In Los Angeles

It's summer in L.A., which means it's time to lounge next to a pool with a cocktail in hand.

The Best Vegan Restaurants in Los Angeles

Los Angeles is home to heaps of great meat-free restaurants, meaning that those going vegan don't have to abstain from a great meal out. Here are some of our favorite vegan restaurants around town.

The Best Ice Cream In Los Angeles

Attention to the seasons, the use of quality ingredients, a dreamy and creamy texture, creative mix-ins, and just the right amount of sweetness are the things that catch our attention. These are our favorite ice creams around town.

The Best Margaritas In Los Angeles

If you're looking to waste a day in Margaritaville without leaving L.A., here's where you should land.

Best Foods For L.A. Transplants Missing Their Hometowns

While there's hardly a substitute for an authentic New York bagel or a Michigan-style olive burger, there are some dine out substitutes to tide you over til you head home for the holidays. Here's what we've found.

The Best Hot Dogs In Los Angeles

With baseball season in full swing and National Hot Dog Day just around the corner, now is the perfect time to indulge (not that you need an excuse to grab a dog).

The Best Fetish Clubs in Los Angeles

The best places to find spanking good soirees, with DJs, dancing, kinky performance art and envelope-pushing imagery.

The Best 4th Of July Fireworks Shows In Los Angeles

Maybe it's just the kid in us, but watching the sky fill up with fireworks never gets old.

The Ultimate Guide To Dim Sum In The San Gabriel Valley

Whether you want dim sum that is cheap or high-end, traditional or modern, we've got you covered with this dim sum guide to the San Gabriel Valley.

The 5 Best Hidden Beauty Finds In Los Angeles

These hidden gems will deliver great results every time without breaking the bank and without a month-long waiting list.

The Best Places For Men To Get A Haircut And Shave In Los Angeles

No matter what part of town you’re in or what your price range is, we’ve got you covered.

The Best Places To Get Waxed In Los Angeles

Hair removal tends to be a pretty big priority to us Angelenos, which is no surprise when you show as much as skin as we do.

The Best Burgers In Los Angeles

One of the best things about living in L.A. is that we've got some of the best chefs out there grilling up some badass burgers.

The 10 Best Los Angeles Hikes For The Summer

Ten hikes to get away from city life this summer.

The Best Bars To Watch The World Cup In Los Angeles

We might not be able to get out to Brazil this year, but that doesn't mean we won't be cheering our hearts out while watching the World Cup at some bar in Los Angeles.

The Best Buildings In Los Angeles

Los Angeles may not have the stately skyscrapers that stand up to those of Chicago or New York, but being a younger city lends itself to having "classic" architecture of a more youthful spirit.

The Best Places To Be 'Alone' In Los Angeles

Our ten favorite places to go on a date with yourself.

The Best Cuban Restaurants In Los Angeles

Cuban food is known for its succulent pork dishes, savory black beans and sweet plantains. Here is a list of some of our favorite spots, compiled by our resident Cuban American reporter.

Our 9 Favorite Shops To Buy Vintage Clothes In Los Angeles

Vintage shopping is the best kind of shopping.

13 Over-The-Top Desserts In Los Angeles

If you're on the hunt for absurd, over-the-top desserts, we've got you covered.

The Best Cheap Eats In Los Angeles

Even though traditional fine dining and white tablecloths are a thing of the past, it doesn't mean that eating in L.A. has gotten any cheaper. That said, there are tons of great options for food lovers looking to eat well on a budget. Here are some of our favorite options around town.

The Best Happy Hours In Los Angeles

Since L.A. is the busy and fast-paced city that it is, we have to be thankful to the drinking gods that there are plenty of happy hour spots in our hood.

The Best International Markets In Los Angeles

There are so many wonderful resources for international food here, including serious supermarkets and specialty stores. We whittled it down to a few of our favorites.

The Best Bowls In L.A. (That You Eat, Not Smoke)

We Angelenos love our bowls—and we're not just talking about the "medicinal" ones either. There's something about scooping spoonfuls of hearty veggies, grain, and protein into our bellies out of a single vessel. These one pot wonders are some of our favorites around town.

The Best Weekend Getaways For Angelenos

Itching to get out of L.A.?

The Top 10 Vegetarian Restaurants In Los Angeles

Los Angeles has grown to be an incredibly vegetarian-friendly city—one of the best in the country, in fact—with heaps of options for those seeking a meat-free lifestyle. Whether you're after authentic Mexican or tantalizing Thai, there's a way to do it the veggie way. Here are our 10 favorite options around town.

The Best Rooftop Bars In Los Angeles

With springtime inching its way toward summer, Angelenos can look forward to spending warm days and nights outdoors at Los Angeles' numerous rooftop bars. Some of our favorites includes bars where you can break out your bathing suit for the rooftop pool or check out panoramic views of the skyline. All of them serve stiff drinks.

6 Wonderful Places To Enjoy The Outdoors Around Los Angeles

Here's our list of ways to feel like you're a million miles from the city, even if you're right in the middle of it or just a short drive away.

The Best Places In Los Angeles To Find A Bra That Actually Fits

If you're the kind of person who can find a cheap bra at Target that fits like a dream, God bless you. This list is for the rest of us.

The Best Dressed Fries In Los Angeles

A number of Los Angeles restaurants take pride in using those fries as a vehicle for a plethora of braised meats, gravy, and cheese. Lots of cheese.

The Best Irish Bars In Los Angeles

To get you geared up for St. Patrick's Day, we bring to you our favorite Irish bars in Los Angeles.

The Best Coffee Bars in Los Angeles

The craft coffee movement has really picked up steam here in L.A., brining a tsunami of third wave roasters, cafes, and coffee bars with it. Here are the ones we think are doing the best in the biz.

The Best Dive Bars In Los Angeles

There is more to a dive bar than just cheap drinks.

The Best Pasta In Los Angeles

Flour, water, maybe an egg. How difficult could it be, right? Well, if you've ever tried making fresh pasta at home, you know that making it to any level of excellence is a true art form. Thankfully, there are a few restaurants in L.A. that would make nonna proud with how they're handling Italian-style pasta. Here are our favorites.

The Best Retro Dance Clubs In Los Angeles

No matter which era you choose, we can promise flashbacky fun is in your future.

The Best Juice Bars In Los Angeles

Juice bars have become as common as froyo shops or cupcake bakeries in L.A. as of late, but there really is a huge difference between the riff raff and the top notch. Here are our favorites around town.

The Best Spas In Los Angeles

Here's a list of our favorite places to getaway, recharge and come out looking like a calmer, more relaxed version of ourselves. Whether you're interested in a Beverly Hills experience or you're on a budget, we've got you covered. As always, leave your own favorites in the comments.

The Best Karaoke Bars In Los Angeles

Got an urge to sing in public? Whether you want to belt out Journey, Vicente Fernandez or the latest K-pop, we've got you covered. As always, leave your favorite places (or lyrics) in the comments.

A Guide To Los Angeles' Best Bar Carts

In an era where fine dining has fallen by the wayside, there are a few restaurants and bars bringing back the idea of tableside presentation. Here are some of our favorite bars and restaurants that are rocking carts around town.

The Best Chicken Wings In Los Angeles

As we ramp up for the biggest game day of the year, one can't help but contemplate where to order our single most prized Super Bowl staple, the hot wing. Here are some of our favorite shops around town.

10 Vegetarian Restaurants You Need To Try In The San Gabriel Valley

Thanks to a sizable Asian and Buddhist population in the San Gabriel Valley, there are many scrumptious eateries with scores of vegetarian and vegan options. What's unique about Asian vegetarian dishes is that the dishes imitate their real meat counterparts. There's no salad on this list: we're talking faux chicken, deep-fried pork chops and other fun "meat" items on the menu.

6 Best Food Delivery Services In Los Angeles

Anything that can help us avoid more driving has got to be a good thing, especially when it involves farm-fresh produce being delivered to our door. Here are some of our favorites around town.

The 10 Best Sausage Joints in Los Angeles

Tons of new sausage spots are popping up all over the city, with some mainstays having served up succulent sausages for years. Here are a few of our favorites.

8 Unique Workouts In Los Angeles That Aren't In A Gym

Los Angeles has been blessed with a gorgeous climate and plenty of fitness instructors who've come from faraway lands to live the California dream. So there's no need to pack yourself into an overcrowded gym come January.

The Best Hangover Foods In Los Angeles

Thankfully L.A. is chockers full of wonderful eats to help you cure your hangover -- along with lots of water and some good old fashioned exercise.

10 Japanese Restaurants You Need To Try In The San Gabriel Valley

Don’t limit yourself just to Chinese food when you’re in the area. Check out all the authentic and fusion Japanese eateries right here, including sushi, curry, Southern fusion and more!

Where To Eat On A Rainy Day In L.A.

Baby, it's cold outside. And our bellies are empty. Here are some of the best eats in L.A. to comfort you in this chilly, rainy weather.

The Best Hotels In Los Angeles

These local hotels give great service with style, and we've tailored our pics to every budget.

The 10 Best Bites In Los Angeles This Year

We've made a list of our favorite bites of the year that give us that perma-grin. Here they are, in no particular order.

The Best Bakeries in Los Angeles

If you share a love of everything dough, then this list is for you. Here are our favorite purveyors of proofed goodness around the city.

The Best Local Gifts For Your Favorite Foodie

Shopping for a food enthusiast for the holidays? Whether they like to be in the kitchen, stock their larder with gourmet goodies, or craft unique cocktails, we've compiled this list of local gift items found in and about Los Angeles.

The Best Music Venues In Los Angeles

Here are a few of our favorite places with great acoustics, killer line-ups and atmosphere—leave your favorites in the comments.

The Best Comfort Food In Los Angeles

We've put together a list of our favorite comfort foods—from our favorite bowl of pho to hearty pastrami sandwich—that will bring you back to your childhood days or cure that unrelenting hangover.

The Best Thanksgiving Sandwiches In L.A.

Can't wait for Turkey Day to get your tryptophan fix? Here are some our favorite sammies that feature the bird and all the fixins.

The 10 Best Hot Pots In The San Gabriel Valley

It's that time of year again! Christmas songs are playing and Angelenos are doing all that they can to stay warm. Hot pots are a great way to enjoy some delicious food either by yourself with individual meals, or family style with friends. So here's your guide to the many types of hot pot available in the San Gabriel Valley!

The Best Fireplace Bars in Los Angeles

What better way to warm up during the winter months than by a fireplace with a great cocktail in hand. Here are some of our favorite places to do just that.

The Best Vietnamese Food In The San Gabriel Valley

The San Gabriel Valley has long been known as a mecca for delicious and authentic Chinese food. But did you know that there are a number of Vietnamese restaurants that can give Wesminster's Little Saigon a run for its money?

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