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Angelyne Wants To Bring Back Her Billboards, And You Could Be On One Of Them

We speak to Angelyne about her new crowdsourcing campaign, and how you can get your name on one of her billboards.

Angelyne Is Throwing Her Own Over-The-Top Art Show In Hollywood

The mysterious blonde is hosting an art show in Hollywood where she'll raffles off rides in her pink Corvette.

13 Charmingly Awkward Shots Of Angelyne Posing With Her New Pink Corvette Because It's Friday

In Los Angeles where we've largely traded in ancient Abrahamic traditions for kooky New Age cults, CrossFit or at the very least a pathological fear of Mercury in retrograde, the presence of her pink Corvette always feels like a good omen.

Angelyne Face Plants On A Beverly Hills Sidewalk

Local celebrity Angelyne may have just been undone by her epic top-heaviness -- in a video shot by TMZ, the buxom blonde can be seen toppling over face-first onto a Beverly Hills sidewalk.

Whoops! Angelyne Has A Slight Wardrobe Malfunction

We love Angelyne, those old billboards, her pink corvette and pink everything. But it looks like yesterday she was having some trouble with an outfit she was sporting at a shopping center in Calabasas.

Get Your Blonde and Pink On: Angelyne Memorabilia Auction Coming Up

It's pretty much impossible not to love local fixture Angelyne for her pure Los Angeles-ness, her perseverance in the public eye and her general weird, extreme version of the sexy blonde bombshell.

How We're Holding Up With All This Rain

It's one of those days when we Angelenos have to band together to cope with the big, bad rains that flood the hills, snarl our freeways and turn the most aggressive drivers into whimpering babies who would just rather stay under the covers until it all stops. Here's our round-up of really deep thoughts on today's storm from celebrities, would-be emo icons and regular folks.

The Angelyne Quiz: How Well Do You Know Her?

This morning on NPR's Wait Wait...Don't Tell Me!, outed CIA Agent Valerie Plame Wilson played a game called "You're a Blond Bombshell Who'll Do Anything For Attention." The focus of the three questions was LA's own billboard celebrity, Angelyne. Wilson failed miserably, as a CIA agent probably should, but how will you do? Answers after the jump... Her intense expensive efforts to get work as an actress did pay off eventually, only about 15 years...