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Massive Domes Filled With Trippy 3D Visuals Take Over 35,000-Square-Feet In DTLA

Trippy digital art in giant domes -- welcome to the new planetarium.

Is L.A.'s Transit TAP Card Headed to Google Wallet App?

Rumor: The Google Wallet app may be adding transit cards, and the sample card used in their graphics is none other than Los Angeles County's transit TAP card. Hmmmm!!!!

Metro Unveils A New Smartphone App: Will You Use It?

Feel like taking public transit? Why yes, there is an app for that, Los Angeles. Metro unveiled its newest free app "Go Metro Los Angeles" that helps you check for the nearest bus or train stop, figure out its arrival time using Nextrip and plan out a trip.

Android Gets Instagram, Sparks Class Warfare, iPhone User Hate, & More Cat Photos

The popular photo app Instagram launched in the Android market today, leaving behind its prior iPhone exclusivity. Naturally--and after a flood of downloads--the internet is clogged with haters who be hating, evoking the old epic Coke versus Pepsi battle and some class warfare style barbs pitting phone versus phone.

Need a Drink of Water? Tap This App

Running low on water but trying to avoid buying plastic water bottles? A UCLA-developed, LADWP-approved app called "WeTap" promises to help Angelenos find the nearest water fountain.

Tap, Tap, Brew: Do You Need This App to Find L.A.'s Best Coffee?

To help guide you through the abyss of "artisanal" coffee options in Los Angeles all you need is your phone or iPad, and the L.A.'s Best Coffee app, which we heard about this morning via Eater LA. We know what you're thinking: THANK GOD, IT'S ABOUT TIME.

Meet the New Boss: Android is the Top Smartphone OS According to Nielsen Survey

Google's Android operating system is solidifying itself as the most popular in the U.S. as it continues increasing its market share over Apple's iOS and RIM's Blackberry in recent surveys. Nielsen's June numbers on smartphone puts Android's U.S. market share at 39% to Apple iOS' 28%.

Need to a Parking Spot in Studio City? Yep: There's an App For That

It's 6:20 on a Thursday evening, and you're supposed to meet a friend for a drink at one of the restaurants on Ventura Boulevard in Studio City. So, uh...where is there a free parking spot? As of today, iPhone and Android users can tap into vacant spaces in Studio City with Parker, the real-time parking app. The launch of the app in Studio City was marked at an event featuring the participation of City...

Google Announces Chromebook, Music, Movies and More at I/O Conference

The general pitch at Google I/O 2011 was this: Use Google's web-based tools and applications, combine with seemingly infinite storage space in the cloud, and bulky hard drives and desktop PC's will become remnants of our technological evolution. A Google account combined with a device running Android or Chrome OS will be all you need to do [almost] anything.

Coachella 2011 Set Times Announced: Got Conflicts?

Coordinating set times for nearly 200 bands over three days on six stages is no simple task. It's one aspect of Coachella that always creates tension among festival-goers who've had fingers-crossed that none of their favorite acts would have conflicting set times ever since the nonspecific daily schedules were released in February. And you only get 48 hours to figure out what band is playing at what time and on what stage.

Oscars Go Interactive with Tweeting Moms, Apps, Live Streams

It may have been a down year at the box office but Oscar organizers plan to take their social media and online fan engagement to the next level this year. The Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences presents its 83rd annual award show Sunday night. But the festivities have already begun online.

CES 2011: I Want My Touchscreen MTV

Can do what many have tried (and failed) to do over the past decade-and-a-half -- become the MTV of the internet? MTV Networks' head of digital media told us that's exactly what he's set out to do in 2011. We rapped with EVP of Dermot McCormack about iPads, Android tablets, Lady Gaga, and the future of MTV programming and he came at us with a three-pronged proposal to cure the world of Justin Bieber... or... to dominate the entertainment industry like Max Headroom always envisioned, long before Jersey Shore.

'Go Long Beach': Biggest SoCal City to Get Smartphone App

It's all 21st century and shizzle in the LBC! Long Beach residents are now just a tap away from reporting "potholes, graffiti, sidewalk damage, and other service needs to the City," with the launch of the free "Go Long Beach" smartphone app, reports the Press-Telegram. Requests submitted via iPhone or BlackBerry go right to work crews, "who will respond to them faster than requests made by telephone or e-mail." (Android version arrives in December.)...

Hollywood Bowl Launches iPhone & Android Apps

Just in time for all the iPhone 4 buzz today, an app to guide you through the Hollywood Bowl has been launched. The free app, which can be downloaded beginning today for iPhone or Android, will also be available on Blackberry and mobile web in July. Features includes basics like concert information, videos, photos and how to get there. But some features are especially useful. To name a few: the GPS-enabled map to help...

LAist Lands Exclusive Interview with H&M PR-Bot 2000

Offering low-cost clothing to slim-hipped wastrels isn't easy, and Swedish clothing chain H&M strives to stay on the cutting-edge of cutting costs. Competing in a cutthroat global marketplace, the company has found that budgetary consciousness doesn't only apply to the factory floor, it can extend to the highest reaches of the corporate machine thanks to the advances of the computer age. To that end H&M is the first major retailer to deploy the PR-Bot...