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An Alcoholic Quadriplegic Cartoonist: John Callahan's Life Story Was One Big Red Flag To Movie Studios

It took Gus Van Sant more than 20 years to get a movie about Callahan's life made. He told us how each roadblock led to the movie, now in theaters.

Forty 9-1-1 'Superusers' Accounted For 2,000 Emergency Responses Last Year

How can we better respond to their needs without tying up our emergency service responders?

Lindsay Lohan Freaks Out After Betty Ford Docs Cut Her Off From Adderall

Lindsay Lohan doesn't seem to have a big problem with sobering up from alcohol for 90 days: after all, she's been there before. But apparently the rehab veteran is freaking out now that the doctors at The Betty Ford Center refuse to allow her to take Adderall during her stay.

Lindsay Lohan: 'I Could Write The Book On Rehab'

Lindsay Lohan said out loud what we already suspected: she thinks rehab is a joke. She told Piers Morgan, "I don't think I need to be on lockdown for three months."

Rodney King On PCP, Coke, Alcohol & Pot At Time Of Drowning

Authorities said that Rodney King's death last June was the result of an accidental drowning, but the alcohol, coke, pot and PCP found in his system contributed to his death. No foul play is suspected in the case and Rialto Police said that the police investigation into his death is closed.

Rodney King Death Investigation: Cops Confiscate Marijuana Plants from His Home

Just what caused Rodney King's death this weekend remains uncertain, however authorities have said that there were no "outward signs" of alcohol or drug use that may have led the controversial public figure to fall into his backyard swimming pool. But there was evidence of a drug lifestyle at King's home.

Rodney King's Fiancée: He Was Drinking All Yesterday

Rodney King's fiancée is telling friends that he had been drinking all day yesterday in the hours before she discovered his body at the bottom of the pool in their Rialto home.

Jennifer Gimenez: Back For ‘Sober’ Maternity

Jennifer Gimenez | Photo by David Jakie / used with permission Back for the second season of VH1’s “Sober House With. Dr. Drew” is its matriarch, Jennifer Gimenez. Last year’s debut season, featuring Gimenez and a host of celebrities trying to clean up their act, was one of reality TV’s most dynamic in memory. Somehow this season (VH1, Thursdays/tonight, 10 p.m.) makes its predecessor seem like the PG version. This year’s cast combines recent...