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COVID-19 Is Changing The Fight Against Addiction

The pandemic has forced providers to start treating outpatients online and on the phone.

LA County Leaders Consider Alternatives To Jail For Sick, Vulnerable Inmates

Voters passed Measure R to change the criminal justice system. County leaders may beat them to it.

West Hollywood's 'Log Cabin' Is A Hub For Sobriety Groups. Now It's Facing The Wrecking Ball

It's "a crappy run down rustic building that needs to be torn down." It's also "a place where miracles have happened for decades."

LA's Opioid Problem Is Big, But Also Relatively Small. Follow The Map Of Pain Pills

A federal database released by the Washington Post shows the flood of opioid pain pills into rural, Northern California, where most overdose deaths have occurred. In contrast, Los Angeles patients have received relatively few pain pills and likewise suffered fewer opioid-related overdoses.

State Legislator From OC Speaks Up About Her Homeless Brother's Death

Assemblywoman Sharon Quirk-Silva says we can't stop trying to get people off the streets: "The numbers are going to continue to rise and there'll be a point where we can't solve it."

Andy Dick Has Apparently Been Sober For A Year And A Half

And he's encouraging others to do the same.

Rehab Facility Operator Sued By Former Patients For Sexual Battery

He is accused of using drugs himself, including during an alleged three-day bender in a motel room with three female clients.

'X-Men' Visual Effects Producer Says Addiction Led To Disappearance

A Hollywood visual effects producer who went missing last month and was later found in Mexico, says addiction is partly to blame for a breakdown that led to his disappearance.

There Is An Actual Man Who Suffered From Google Glass Addiction

Anything that creates a 'rush' can be addictive, even Google Glass.

Video: Cast Of 'Glee' Cries Throughout Corey Monteith Farewell Episode Promo

Ever since Corey Monteith passed away in a Vancouver hotel room from an overdose of heroin and alcohol, "Glee" fans have been wondering how the show will handle his death.

'Glee' Will Address Addiction in Cory Monteith's Final Episode

Since Cory Monteith's death of a heroin overdose earlier this month, one pressing question has been how "Glee" will handle the exit of his character, Finn, from the show.

Lil Wayne Is In A Coma After Having Several Seizures [UPDATED]

This has been a terrible week for Lil Wayne: the rapper was rushed to the hospital twice this week after suffering from multiple seizures but his most recent trip seems particularly serious. He is currently in the ICU at Cedars-Sinai Hospital and has been put in an induced coma.

Actor Nick Stahl Checks Into Rehab, Finally Calls His Wife

Actor Nick Stahl, whose disappearance worried his wife, finally checked in with her more than a week after going MIA. Stahl had emailed his friends yesterday to let them know that he was doing alright, but he didn't include his wife Rose Murphy in the e-mail.

Jennifer Gimenez: Back For ‘Sober’ Maternity

Jennifer Gimenez | Photo by David Jakie / used with permission Back for the second season of VH1’s “Sober House With. Dr. Drew” is its matriarch, Jennifer Gimenez. Last year’s debut season, featuring Gimenez and a host of celebrities trying to clean up their act, was one of reality TV’s most dynamic in memory. Somehow this season (VH1, Thursdays/tonight, 10 p.m.) makes its predecessor seem like the PG version. This year’s cast combines recent...

Skid Row Injunction Would Ban Up to 300 Drug Dealers from Area

City Attorney Carmen Trutanich and other public safety officials gathered yesterday to announce a plan to create an injunction in Skid Row to curb drug dealing in the area. "The single biggest criminal threat facing this area is the open and notorious drug dealing," explained Trutanich at a press conference yesterday in Gladys Park, where protestors from the L.A. Community Action Network surrounded him, chanting loudly against the proposal. The injunction is the first of...

DJ AM's Palladium Memorial to Be Like a 12-Step Meeting

Last week the news of the death of Adam Goldstein, better known to many as DJ AM, shocked many people. Although authorities are still working to determine if his death was accidental or suicide, Goldstein apparently died of a drug overdose in his New York apartment, where drug paraphernalia was found. The 36-year-old DJ had recently finished working with Dr. Drew Pinsky on a television show about addiction, and "was said to have agreed to go back to rehab just hours before he died," according to the LAT's blog The Dish Rag.

Book Review: 'Bought' by Anna David

Anna David (writer/TV personality/Twitteraholic) recently told LAist she’s obsessed with writing about the “seedy underbelly” of “so-called glamorous things.” In “Bought,” her second novel, David does just that, exploring the sexy, dysfunctional world of Hollywood's "kept women." “Bought” follows Emma Swanson, a young journalist who would call herself “up and coming” if her superiors asked, though they're not. As a complacent red carpet reporter, with no luck tracking down important A-list interviews, she finds the only thing less satisfying than her work-life is her dating-life.

Yes on Prop 5 Unveils Effective Commercials

This ad is the first Yes on Prop 5 spot and is entitled "Warden." It features Jeanne Woodford, former warden of San Quentin State Prison and former Director of the California Department of Corrections. Against a backdrop of images of San Quentin, she speaks of her 25 years working at the prison, where she began as a prison guard. "Let me tell you," Woodford says, "too many of the men I dealt with started...

UCLA Report on Prop 36 Provides Window into Prop 5

Photo by kr4gin via Flickr Proposition 5, the Nonviolent Offender Rehabilitation Act, on the California ballot this year, significantly expands on Proposition 36, the Substance Abuse and Crime Prevention Act, passed in California in 2000 by 61% of voters. In this regard, it is quite timely that this month, the UCLA Integrated Substance Abuse Program released its 2008 report on the progress of Proposition 36 (link to .pdf of report). Prop 36 allows first...

LAist Interview: Felicia Sullivan, author of The Sky Isn't Visible from Here

New York author, media maven and baker extraordinaire Felicia Sullivan is in town this week to read from and sign her Brooklyn-based memoir of family addiction, recovery and hope in The Sky Isn't Visible from Here. Sullivan will be reading tonight @ Pi Restaurant next door to Book Soup at 7pm and tomorrow @ Vroman's at 4pm. Your book is an intensely personal look at your life. The reader not only sees your mother struggle...

LAist Interview: Dr. Drew Pinsky

Chances are you’ve heard of Dr. Drew Pinsky, board certified addiction medicine specialist, either through his popular late night radio program Loveline, or recent TV hit show, Celebrity Rehab. What you may not know is that in addition to the two programs, Dr. Drew also has another radio show on KGIL 1260 AM. Monday through Friday, from 11 am -1 pm, Dr. Drew opens up the phone lines and explores broader health topics, from...

Addiction Research at UCLA a Smoking Gun

Earlier this week, UCLA researcher and professor Edythe London had an incendiary device left on the porch of her home on the West side. London has been the target of such protest activities before, and remains as such, because of the project she is helming at the school to study nicotine addiction. The LA Times has a succinct recipe for London and UCLA's research-related woes:First, find dozens of hard-core teenage smokers as young as 14...