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Weekend Planner: 20 Of The Coolest Things To Do In Los Angeles

Here's what's happening around L.A. this weekend.

The Best Nautical-Themed Architecture In Los Angeles

So much more than just the Coca-Cola Building!

Activists Groups Plan To Protest Comey's Firing Wednesday Afternoon At L.A. Federal Buildings

One protest will be held downtown and one will be in West L.A.

Six L.A. Art Exhibits to See With Your Mom This Mother's Day

Nothing says "I put together this day of culture for you because I love you, Mom" like a trip to one of L.A.'s many art exhibits.

Everything You Need To Know About The New Marciano Museum

Plus, a preview of the museum's inaugural exhibit!

The Loneliness Of Los Angeles In Michael Mann's 'Heat'

"Heat: Director's Definitive Edition" is out Tuesday on Blu-ray.

The Loneliness Of Los Angeles In Michael Mann's 'Heat'

"Heat: Director's Definitive Edition" is out Tuesday on Blu-ray.

Hey Ladies, Here's Where You Can Get Low-Cost IUDs In L.A.

We've rounded up a few of L.A.'s options for low-cost, accessible sexual health information and reproductive care.

Video: Every Frame Is A Gorgeous Painting In 'Blade Runner 2049' Trailer

Ridley Scott + Denis Villeneuve + Roger Deakins x (Grumpy Harrison Ford + Peak Ryan Gosling) - Jared Leto Being A Weirdo = Sci-Fi Action Movie Event Of The Year?!?

Video: Every Frame Is A Gorgeous Painting In 'Blade Runner 2049' Trailer

Ridley Scott + Denis Villeneuve + Roger Deakins x (Grumpy Harrison Ford + Peak Ryan Gosling) - Jared Leto Being A Weirdo = Sci-Fi Action Movie Event Of The Year?!?

20 Awesome Events Happening In Los Angeles This Week

Here are 20 of our favorite events happening in L.A. this week.

Set To Graduate High School, Carlos Faces A Deportation Order

In 2012, at the age of 17, Carlos left his parents in central Guatemala and set out for the United States.

Silver Lake's Botanica Is A Testament To California Produce

Botanica publishes recipes for its entire menu via their digital magazine.

This Red Band Trailer For A $100M House Makes Me Want To Be A Socialist

"We were inspired by Beyonce's visual albums and wanted to do something really high art."

Let Huell Howser Take You Through California's National Parks

From Joshua Tree to Glacier Point, through Howser's eyes.

The Coolest Things To Do In L.A. For Cinco De Mayo 2017

Spoiler Alert: They all involve ways of supporting L.A.'s immigrant and undocumented communities.

The Best Comic Book Stores In Los Angeles

From the newcomers to the long-time collectors, L.A.'s comic book stores are open to everyone.

Los Angeles' Animal Shelters Are On Track To Become No Kill By Year's End

The city is hoping to reach a no-kill rate of 90% at city-operated animal shelters by December 31.

Weekend Planner: 20 Of The Best Things To Do In Los Angeles

Here's what to do around L.A. this weekend...

Talking To Ariel Levy About Love, Loss And Language

We spoke to Ariel Levy, author of the new memoir "The Rules Do Not Apply," about marriage, motherhood, Mary Gaitskill and the myth of 'Prince Charming.'

A Victorian Tourist's Photo Album Of Los Angeles, Circa 1894

The fledgling city was sold into being through real estate and railroad ads, which promised a paradise of health, beauty, and endless potential.

All The Different Ways That L.A. Will Get Destroyed, According To The Movies

From being toppled with earthquakes, to getting zapped with death rays, L.A. is no stranger to disaster.

Will The L.A. Justice Fund Throw 'Bad Hombres' Under The Bus?

Activists worry that a measure aimed at protecting immigrants may end up adopting some of Trump's nativist asssumptions

Bia Coffee Steeps Flower Petals For 3 Days To Make Their Gorgeous Rose Lattes

The flower-friendly Koreatown coffee shop also specializes in lavender items.

Let's Play L.A. Stereotype Bingo With Brad Pitt's New GQ Profile

It's hard to be an original in this town.

Inside The New Hollywood Newsletter That Everyone Is Reading

Is Richard Rushfield the hero that industry gossip world needs right now?

The Essential Guide To L.A.'s 2017 Outdoor Movie Screenings

We've rounded up a list of the best outdoor movie screenings for 2017, from family movie nights in L.A. parks to classic-film fests hosted by local museums.

Photos: 15,000 Angelenos March For Immigrant And Workers' Rights

The marches were planned by a coalition of more than 100 immigrant rights, labor and faith groups

Writers' Strike Averted as WGA Makes Tentative Deal With Studios

"I've never been so happy to not get a day off work," one WGA member told LAist.

There's A New Poolside Oyster and Rosé Bar At The Roosevelt

The summer-season bar will be serving poolside oysters and rose through October.

Your Guide To L.A.'s May Day Marches And Street Closures

The marches will come together for a rally at City Hall starting at 1:30 p.m.

Photo: Thousands Gather In MacArthur Park For May Day Rally

They will soon start marching towards downtown Los Angeles.

Watch Actors Do A Reading Of Steve Bannon's Insane Rap Musical About The L.A. Riots

To top it all off, it was based on Shakespeare's 'Coriolanus.'

Los Angeles Times Kicks Off First Annual Food Bowl

We'll be treated to panel discussions, special menus, as well as pop-ups around the city.

Iconic Mid-City Roller Rink To Re-Open This Summer

World on Wheels is linked with the local hip-hop community.

Forget The Limo, This High School Chartered A Metrolink Train To Prom

They also chartered a Red Line train to get from Union Station to Hollywood and Highland.

Your Ultimate Guide To May: 20 Cool Events Happening In Los Angeles

Great music, food and drink fests abound in L.A. in May.

15 Of Our Favorite Events In L.A. This Week

Here's what's happening in L.A. this week.

ICE Detains Former Unaccompanied Minor With Pending Asylum Case On His 18th Birthday

The young man had fled drug violence in Mexico and had sponsors willing to take him in.

This Compton Native Is L.A.'s New Poet Laureate

Robin Coste Lewis won the National Book Award for poetry in 2015.

How A Radio Station Became Koreatown's Lifeline During The '92 Unrest

When Koreatown fell into turmoil, Radio Korea became a "command center" through which people traded vital information.

Here's What L.A. Looks Like To A New Yorker Who Has Never Been

Not that you asked, but here's what a New Yorker thinks of L.A., having never actually been.

Joe Bray-Ali Says He's Still In The Race Despite Revoked Endorsements

The L.A. Times officially rescinded its endorsement on Thursday afternoon.

Levitating Noodles & All The Other Things You Should Try At Smorgasburg LA

From oysters to bone broth, there's something for everyone.

Here's What L.A. Looks Like To A New Yorker Who Has Never Been

Not that you asked, but here's what a New Yorker thinks of L.A., having never actually been.

Reclaiming Public Space: Modular Synth Music Along The L.A. River

The monthly event takes place somewhere along the L.A. River.

Tom Of Finland, A Pioneer Of Homoerotic Art, Is Celebrated In New Film

LAist speaks with director Dome Karukoski about his new biopic on the late artist Tom of Finland, who'd moved from Finland to reside in Los Angeles.

Weekend Planner: 20 Of The Coolest Things To Do In Los Angeles

Here's what's happening in L.A. this weekend...

Photos: The Life, Death, And Rebirth Of Bunker Hill

From the toniest neighborhood in L.A., to its seediest, and back again.

ACLU Sues LAPD For Denying Access To Public Documents

The ACLU alleges that the LAPD "often refuses to respond to requests by journalists and others for months or even years, and in many cases does not respond at all."

The Best Cheese Stores In Los Angeles

Also, there are plenty of good cheesemongers in L.A. to help guide your way.

Inside The 'Casablanca'-Themed Restaurant In Venice

On the 75th anniversary of the movie, maybe it's time to finally head to Venice to the restaurant that serves up memorabilia and tortillas.

What It Was Like To Be On The Rodney King Jury

The jury forewoman's recollections of the trial's opening day.

Photos: Revisit the Chaos of The 1992 Riots At This Haunting South L.A. Art Exhibit

South L.A. nonprofit Community Coalition's "Re-Imagine Justice" exhibit provides a harrowing glimpse into life in Los Angeles during the 1992 riots, taking visitors on a virtual tour of the history of racially motivated violence in America.

A Guide To Charles Bukowski's Los Angeles

From books to stiff drinks, here are the places where you can find Bukowski's favorite things.

Gwyneth Paltrow And Night + Market's Kris Yenbamroong Made Noodles Together

Who knew Gwyneth Paltrow loves Thai street food so much.

20 Of The Coolest Events Happening In L.A. This Week

Here's what to do in L.A this week.

Christie's Auction House Opens Flagship L.A. Art Space

Christie's auction house celebrated its Los Angeles opening last Wednesday with a party that reflected the lively, informal nature of the L.A. art scene—even with $450 million dollars' worth of art in the room.

Enter The Museum Of Ice Cream: A Sugar-Fueled Instagram-Friendly Heaven

Step inside your dreams and prepare for a sugar rush.

Return to Eden: How L.A. State Historic Park Came To Be

The Great Lawn has of capacity for 15,000 people—the largest open space of any park in L.A.

Metro Is Testing Out Wearable TAP Card Wristbands

A small group of people are currently testing out the prototype on Metro buses and trains.

Fossils Belonging To Camel, Huge Elephant Found During Purple Line Construction

That elephant is believe to be either a mastodon or mammoth.

Our Favorite Times L.A. Was Featured In A Music Video

We're going on a tour of L.A. with Tupac, Randy Newman, Madonna, and more.

Garcetti Focuses On Homelessness And Affordable Housing In State Of The City Address

He also plans to equip the city with an extensive earthquake early-warning system by 2018.

The 10 Best Places To Be Really, Really Stoned In Los Angeles

From museums to places where you can stuff your face, here are some spots that will keep your high going.

20 Of The Coolest Events Happening in L.A. This Week

Check out these events if you're headed to #Nochella instead of #Coachella this weekend.

Inside Senator Dianne Feinstein's Raucous L.A. Town Hall

There were some rocky moments at Senator Dianne Feinstein's L.A. town hall on Thursday, but all in all, the Senator got off easier than she did in San Francisco.

Doughboys And Its Red Velvet Cake Are Gone (For Now)

There may be a "Doughboys on the Run" in the near future, however.

Southern California's Trees Are Dying And The Effects Could Cost $36 Billion

"Catastrophic loss of our canopy would have consequences for human health."

This Weekend's Cannabis Cup Has A Line-Up To Rival Coachella

The Game, Nas, Wu-Tang Clan, A$ap Ferg, and Method Man & Redman will all be playing at the massive weed trade show.

There's a New 'Super Bloom' of Weeds Overrunning the Santa Monica Mountains

Be the hero the Santa Monica Mountains need right now, and help stop the "super bloom" of weeds.

Twelve Of The Coolest L.A. Prints You Can Buy Online

Because everyone needs to know how much you love L.A.

Video: L.A. Sends Out A Message Of Inclusivity With "Everyone Is Welcome" Tourism Campaign

The campaign will be rolled out in Mexico, China, Canada, the United Kingdom, and Australia.

Every Dude's Tinder Profile In L.A., Translated

Some of the most common lines seen on profiles, translated into what they really mean.

Talking To Documentarian Lauren Greenfield About L.A., Celebrity Culture And 'Generation Wealth'

"Generation Wealth," an exhibit of Greenfield's work spanning 25 years, is currently at the Annenberg Space for Photography.

Coachella Style: People Wearing The Same Coachella Garbage Trends As Seen In Previous Years

The masses at Coachella danced away Easter in white and tropical colors.

Romanian Cuisine Is Front And Center At Highland Park's Parsnip

Chef Anca Caliman is turning her focus to her national cuisine.

Photos: NYC Speakeasy Brings Secret Tiki Bar To Coachella

The tiny bar was a secret surprise in the craft beer tent.

20 Of The Coolest Events Happening In Los Angeles This Week

Fill your schedule with these 20 awesome events.

Coachella Style, Weekend One: Princess Leia Hair, Face Paint And So Much Denim

The best style shots from weekend one of Coachella 2017.

Photos: Where To Attend Easter Sunrise Services In Los Angeles

The legendary Hollywood Bowl service is unfortunately not happening this year, but you have plenty of other options.

Three More 365 By Whole Foods Stores Are Coming To The L.A. Area

L.A. currently has one 365 market in Silver Lake.

Crazy Behind On Taxes? These Post Offices Will Have Extended Hours To Save Your Neck

Death and taxes—the only things that are guaranteed in life, amirite?

Jackie Robinson Statue To Be Unveiled At Dodger Stadium Saturday

The statue will be unveiled on the 70th anniversary of Robinson's historic major league debut.

The Elysian Park Love-In Celebrates Its 50th Anniversary This Sunday

"Given the daily dose of seemingly insurmountable political and cultural violence heaped upon us on a daily basis, maybe a little peace and love wouldn't be such a bad thing."

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