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Porter Projected To Win In Orange County As Democrats Take The Lead

In two of the tightest races in Southern California, Democrat Katie Porter has been projected to win and Democrat Gil Cisneros has pulled ahead by 941 votes.

How Two OC Congressional Candidates Competing For An Open Seat Differ On Immigration

In the 39th Congressional District, one of the most competitive races in the nation, a Republican and Democrat are vying to win an open seat that could help determine which party controls the U.S. House.

30 Rock's Werewolf Bar Mitzvah: An Oral History

"Boys becoming men. Men becoming wolves."

Emo Nite Day Delivers Feels, Nostalgia With Dashboard Confessional, 3OH!3 & More

Have you ever listened really intently to someone playing acoustic emotional punk rock while letting your eyes well up? Then you might be the target audience for Emo Nite Day.

Jimmy Gomez and Robert Ahn Face Off Tuesday In Congressional Runoff Election

The election is to replace Xavier Becerra's vacant congressional seat.

Coyote Spotted In Silver Lake 365 Parking Lot (Albeit Sans Kim Gordon) Because Life Imitates Art

In 2016, panic ensued when a parody Instagram account claimed that the Sonic Youth bassist was attacked by a coyote.

Three More 365 By Whole Foods Stores Are Coming To The L.A. Area

L.A. currently has one 365 market in Silver Lake.

Early Voting Begins For 34th District Congressional Election

Voting has begun to replace Attorney General Xavier Becerra's empty congressional seat.

White Nationalist David Duke Attacks Local Congressional Candidate Wendy Carrillo On Twitter

Carrillo, a former undocumented immigrant, is running for the Congressional seat left open by Xavier Becerra.

Sorry Millennials: The Silver Lake Whole Foods Won't Have A Tattoo Parlor

There will be a robotic tea kiosk known as teaBot, though.

Sorry Millennials: The Silver Lake Whole Foods Won't Have A Tattoo Parlor

There will be a robotic tea kiosk known as teaBot, though.

Silver Lake's 365 By Whole Foods Market Will Have Lower Prices & Shorter Shelves

The shop will have a basic design and carry about a third of a Whole Foods' usual stock.

New 365 By Whole Foods Market In Silver Lake Will Officially Open In May

The market will also feature a vegan eatery, a coffee bar and a tea kiosk.

Silver Lake's Whole Foods Will Actually Be A Cheaper, Budget Store

The new Whole Foods in Silver Lake will be the first of their new, budget '365' stores.

Silver Lake's Whole Foods Will Actually Be A Cheaper, Budget Store

The new Whole Foods in Silver Lake will be the first of their new, budget '365' stores.

Build Your Own Hawaiian Poke Bowls At This New 3rd Street Spot

Mainland Poke Shop serves customizable poke bowls.

'Goodbye To Language 3D' Is Really Unlike Any Film You've Ever Seen

'Goodbye To Language' is Godard's first feature-length using 3D, and what he does with it is spectacular.

Ryan Lochte Gets His Own Reality TV Show

Ryan Lochte was the breakout star of the 2012 Summer Olympics, and now, the celebrated swimmer is reaping his rewards (the ones that didn't come in the form of medals); he's signed with E! for a reality TV show.

Ryan Lochte Guest Stars as 'the sex idiot' on '30 Rock' Tonight

For those of you who were worried that you had seen the last of Olympic swimmer Ryan Lochte now that the summer games are over, fret not -- the athlete-turned-designer-turned actor is going to guest star on "30 Rock" tonight.

LAist Film Calendar 08/30-09/02: The End Is the Beginning Is The End

Labor Day marks the end of the summer and the beginning of the Cinecon Classic Film Festival, running all weekend at the Egyptian Theatre. It also marks the opening of Sundance Cinemas at Laemmle's former Sunset 5!

Weekend Movie Guide 07/27: Step Up 4 The Dark Horse

Dance flick fourquel Step Up Revolution & android assemblage documentary Convento bring visual energy to the screen. Meanwhile, Todd Solondz' Dark Horse is on standby to bring you down with pitch-black, uncomfortable comedy.

New Federal Bill Will Help City Build 12 Transportation Projects in 10 Years

Today President Barack Obama is expected to sign a bill into law called American Fast Forward that would offer up $105 billion dollars in loans over the next two years to jumpstart transportation projects around the country.

Tina Fey is a Rapper Now: Performs on Track Released Yesterday

Tina Fey never fails to disappoint, and in a surprise turn as a rapper, she once again displays her ability to kill it under just about any circumstance. Fey appears as a guest performer on a track released yesterday by Childish Gambino -- a.k.a. Donald Glover, a writer for 30 Rock.

Only You Can Save the World in "Transformers: The Ride - 3D"

When the call is issued for Americans of good conscience to join with the Autobots in defending our planet against the evil forces of Megatron ...where will you be? If you have any idea what we're talking about here, there's a good chance you're already standing in line to enter Universal Studios' new 3D Transformers ride.

Weekend Movie Guide 04/06: A Titanic Reunion & Reviewing The Pope

A wave of nineties nostalgia hits theaters this weekend, with American Reunion & James Cameron's raising his We Have a Pope!

Weekend Movie Guide 03/29: Two Fractured Fairy Tales & One True Life Terror

Mirror Mirror is the first of two live-action Snow White films this year, while Wrath of the Titans emerges to wreak more 3D havoc. Between these two fractured fairy tales comes teen social documentary Bully.

Weekend Movie Guide 02/10: Who Will 'Vow' to 'Return' to 'Star Wars'?

As Cupid draws his arrow, Hollywood releases romantic cash-in The Vow. Return embodies a soldier's conflict continuing long after coming off the battlefield. Then, a love letter to The Phantom Menace upon its re-release.

Weekend Movie Guide 01/13: Dimensional Dancers & Musical Beasts

Has German documentary Pina reclaimed 3D for the arthouse? Also, a myriad of music - Harry Belafonte, Queen Latifah, Dolly Parton & Disney - makes for merry melodies (& activist unity) at the movies!

Super Cool: Downtown LA in 3D Photos

Hopefully you saved those 3D glasses from the last big megaplex blockbuster movie you saw, because you'll want to grab them to check out this cool set of photos taken by Abby Wilcox for Live Fast that let you see Downtown LA in a whole different way.

Alec Baldwin WAS Kicked Off A Plane [UPDATED]

It seems that actor, and future mayor of New York, Alec Baldwin has been booted from his flight out of LAX. So far the only confirmations are from fellow passengers. Blame Words With Friends!

Villaraigosa Wants to Spend 27 Years of Measure R Funding on L.A. Streets, Like, Now

What's better than using a few years of tax revenue to fix Los Angeles' streets? How about using a few decades' worth! Mayor Villaraigosa has been coming up with a plan — "quietly" the Los Angeles Times says — to use 27 years of Measure R revenue funding to fix up the city's streets and potholes.

Weekend Movie Guide: To Live & 'Drive' in LA

Labor Day's long gone, but in every theater playing Drive, summer's still in high gear. The Ryan Gosling vehicle is classic L.A. noir: everybody's got something to hide & nobody's pulling any punches.

A 'Video Lunch' With Bite: SNL Land Shark, Card Sharks Game Show, 30 Rock Motivational Shark Advice

In celebration and anticipation of the forthcoming carnage of Shark Week, please enjoy today's themed video lunch. Knock knock. Who's there? Candygram.

Get Double Your Fill: Operation Pothole is Back June 4-5

Photo by Al Pavangkanan via Flickr A reminder for pothole haters, it's time to get ready to get yours filled: Operation Pothole is returning next month to the oh-so-mean streets of Los Angeles. Operation Pothole was first launched in January by City Council President Eric Garcetti, who set the lofty goal of getting 10-15,000 potholes filled over the course of a couple of days. This time, as Streetsblog notes, the goal is double: 20,000...

Weekend Movie Guide 05/20: How to Live Forever (Like A Pirate)

Dorian Gray believed a portrait & a deal with the devil would grant him a long life. Photojournalist Mark Wexler's latest documentary, How to Live Forever, searches for more doable ways to add decades. Spoiler Alert: there's no silver bullet against silver hairlines (as the film readily acknowledges with the winking subtitle, Results May Vary). The film is instead an entertaining snapshot of society's different views toward aging, which explores two questions: could we live...

TV Junkie: '30 Rock' Hits 100th Episode; 'SoCal Connected' Talks Environment

Tonight NBC celebrates the 100th episode of the multi-Emmy winning "30 Rock" with an hour long special show. We'll be there! --- KCET's "SoCal Connected" will be celebrating Earth Day with an episode focused on the environment. --- All this and the TV Junkie Must-Watch Plan.

Brown Says Harman's Out Feb. 28, May Bundle Election in June

Rep. Jane Harman (D-36th District) will likely serve her last day on the job on the last day of this month. From a release issued by the office of Jerry Brown: "At Governor Brown’s request, Congresswoman Harman has agreed to resign from Congress on February 28th. By resigning at the end of the month, the Congresswoman is increasing the possibility that the primary election to fill her seat can be consolidated into the statewide election that Governor Brown has requested for June."

Secretary of State Bowen Wants Rep. Harman's Old Job

California's Secretary of State Debra Bowen is expected to announce her plans to run to replace departing US Rep. Jane Harman in the 36th District, says Politico. Harman recently shocked many by revealing she would step down to take a job "Bowen hails from Marina Del Rey, which is part of the district, and represented the area in the state Assembly and Senate from 1992 to 2006," noted the Sac Bee last week, when rumors of Bowen's interest in the bid first began to circulate.

Weekend Movie Guide 02/11: Indie Comedies Battle The Bieber

It truly is a big world for little people this weekend! Justin Bieber will be every tween's Valentine, unless they're the type for red vs. blue. Then they'll plant themselves in front of Gnomeo & Juliet, Shakespearean lore by way of lawn ornament lovers. Both are in 3D, to squeeze a few more dollars out of parents/sitters/creepy old men, but at least Gnomeo & Juliet features Elton John's back catalogue for the grown-ups. The closest...

Hahn to Vie for Harman's Just-Vacated Congress Seat

Congresswoman Jane Harman has just announced she will resign her seat in California's 36th District, and now Los Angeles City Councilwoman Janice Hahn is poised to announce her intent to run to replace her, says the City Maven. Hahn, who reps the City's 15th District, lost a bid last year for lieutenant governor; she was handily defeated by Gavin Newsom in the primary. Harman has yet to give a date for her resignation; Gov....

Weekend Movie Guide 02/04: College Killers Go Kaboom!

The Roommate brings back fond memories of freshman year: new friends, independence, wild parties and murderous roommates. The film's perfectly poised for a gimmick release in September - and dumping it this early in the year means Sony can get the DVD/Blu Ray/VOD on shelves in time for homecoming. Kaboom bursts into the Nuart with an even crazier college caper, which may culminate in the end of existence. Written & directed by Gregg Araki (The...

TV Junkie: Memories of Jack LaLanne; Thoughts on Keith Olbermann; Booze on NBC

We reminisce about seeing Jack LaLanne in person, make assumptions about Keith Olbermann's departure, and spot bottle of booze on NBC's Thursday night comedies. Tell us we're wrong! --- Also check out our full listings and the TV Junkie Must-Watch Plan for tonight.

16,000 Potholes Filled During Intensive Weekend 'Operation'

Photo by Al Pavangkanan via Flickr It took 50 crews two days to respond to thousands of phone calls from concerned citizens to tackle more than 16,000 repairs to our streets as part of the city-wide "Operation Pothole," this past weekend. The endeavor was championed by Council president Eric Garcetti, who urged people to call 3-1-1 to log in reports of locations of specific potholes that could potentially cause thousands of dollars in damage...

More Graffiti Coming to a Wall Near You?

Miguel Santana, Administrative Officer for the City of Los Angeles, wants to cut the graffiti removal program in half to save city budget dollars and residents in graffiti-heavy neighborhoods are none too pleased, according to the Venice Patch. Slashing the graffiti program down to the bare essentials will save the city $1.5 million - a figure that many supporters of the program believe is paltry compared with other programs that could be cut and would save the city far more dollars with less negative impact.

10,000-15,000 Potholes To Be Filled This Weekend

Photo by TheeErin via Flickr And they're off!! WIth a goal of filling and fixing up to 15,000 road hazards this weekend, approximately 50 city road repair crews have been deployed across Los Angeles repairing potholes and pavement deterioration caused by recent, heavy hitting rain. Reports the Beverly Hills Courier, "'We hope to make between 10,000 to 15,000 small asphalt repairs, including potholes, pop-outs and skin patching,' Bureau of Street Services Director William Robertson...

Eric Garcetti Wants to Fill Your Nasty Pothole, Now

Photo by Al Pavangkanan via Flickr City Council President Eric Garcetti hates potholes, and chances are, you do too. If you've got a loathsome pothole that is ruining your commute (not to mention your vehicle) Garcetti says don't hesitate to phone it in to 3-1-1 so crews can come fill it. It's all part of "Operation Pothole," a joint effort of Garcetti, the Board of Public Works, and the Bureau of Street Services. The...

Metro Awarded $2M to Improve Transit on Van Nuys Blvd.

Metro's 761 stops at Sherman Way on Van Nuys Blvd. (Photo by Sirinyay via Flickr) Los Angeles is getting some good news when it comes to the city's 30/10 transit initiative and Measure R, thanks to the US Department of Transportation's award of $2 million to help Metro "perform an analysis of transit alternatives for the Van Nuys corridor in the San Fernando Valley and for support work for other Measure R transit projects,"...

Movie Review: 'TRON: Legacy'

TRON: Legacy opens this weekend nationwide and while it isn't too deep it's an experience worth at least a visit or two while it is still on IMAX 3D. Jeff Bridges is masterful and the world envisioned by newcomer director Joseph Kosinski respectfully updates and extends the look and feel of the 1982 original. There's plenty of action and humor in the two hour extravaganza with notable performances by Michael Sheen and Olivia Wilde.

TV Junkie: 3 1/2 Hours of Great Comedy Tonight; HRTS Luncheon Eye-Openers

NBC will have Christmas episodes of "Community," "30 Rock," and "The Office" (hour-long episode). "Community" will be the standout with a Rankin-Bass flavored stop-motion animated jaunt into absurdity. We're also looking forward to "The League" season finale. --- See quotes that we collected from yesterday's Hollywood Radio and Television Society's Newsmaker Luncheon, with writers from major shows like "Sons of Anarchy," "Hawaii Five-0," "NCIS" and more. --- "A Charlie Brown Christmas" turns 45 today! See our Must-Watch Plan, listings, & more in the full post.

Weekend Movie Guide: Tangled Up in Burlesque

Big hair fans have plenty to be thankful for. The Disney camp brings three dimensions of follicles with Tangled, their CG take on Rapunzel. Screen Gems' Burlesque offers a fantastic turkey recipe: stuff with Cher, baste with Christina Aguilera and stick in the oven until it glitters golden brown. It's A Star Is Born by way of The Pussycat Dolls, and I can't get enough....

A Historic, but Expected, Vote: Westside Subway Extension to Just Past 405 Fwy Approved

Metro staff recommended Alternative 2, which terminates at the Veterans Administration | Map via Metro It's been on and off, delayed, banned and fought over for decades, but it has finally happened. The Metro Board of Directors this morning unanimously approved extending the Purple Line 9.5 miles to just past the 405 Freeway. It was one of five alternatives to choose from -- others included a West Hollywood spur and taking the subway all...

Sprint Finally Set to Rollout 4G Service in L.A.

We've seen the billboards all over town: an oversized phone slathered with the words "first" and "4G." But those of us who don't accept "sometime later this year" for an answer have been left to ask: "So?" "When?" Sprint today announced plans to "officially" launch 4G WiMax mobile internet service across L.A. December 1. Sprint users have been reporting more and more 4G coverage across the metro area since the HTC EVO was released in early June.

Weekend Movie Guide: Politics & Swank Jackasses

Even Hollywood's been breached by the midterm elections! Gloria Allred, apparently bored with muckraking the governor's race, has her sights set on Conviction, the new Hilary Swank film where the actress goes from low-life to lawyer to defend her brother from a murder rap. Go rattle your own saber at Inside Job, the Wall Street corruption doc in limited release at the Landmark. Propositions 20 & 27 aim to change the process of redistricting -...

TV Junkie: Get Your 'School Pride' on Tonight; '30 Rock' Live Wrap-Up

If there's a show to watch tonight, it's NBC's "School Pride" at 8pm - with a focus on renovating an LA school, recruiting the community to get the building and the students back on track makes the show 100% genuine feel-good programming. With 4 of it's first 7 shows focused on schools in Southern California, it's becomes obvious that local involvement can make a difference regardless of what happens in Sacramento.

Feds to Loan Metro More than a Half Billion for Crenshaw/LAX Transit Line

View a larger version of this map (.pdf) Public transportation in Los Angeles today received a boost with the news of a large loan from the federal government. Metro will receive more than a half billion in loaned funds for it's nine-mile Crenshaw/LAX light rail line, which will take riders between the Green Line at LAX and the Expo Line, which is currently under construction. "Today is a very good day," said Senator Barbara...

TV Junkie: '30 Rock' Goes Live Tonight + More News & Picks for Tonight

We might just miss the first 5 minutes of "CSI" to finish watching the LIVE broadcast of NBC's "30 Rock" (8:30pm). The cast will do the show twice, once for the East Coast/Central and once for the West Coast. It's ambitious but not like it hasn't been done before: "Scrubs" and "ER" both did it, plus some others...

Villaraigosa to Meet With Obama Tomorrow to Talk Transit

Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa and President Barack Obama are scheduled to meet tomorrow in the nation's capital to discuss federal funding for transit projects in Los Angeles, according to the Daily News. The Mayor "has been seeking congressional support for a plan to accelerate the construction of 12 major transit projects in Los Angeles County," and this marks his third visit to DC in four weeks. Several other state and city leaders, as well as...

Weekend Movie Guide: 3D Horrors, Horses and A Beatle's Biopic

It's a three dimensional brawl between horror films My Soul To Take and Scar 3D! The former has the advantage of genre legend Wes Craven (A Nightmare on Elm Street, Scream) as writer/director, but the disadvantage of a fake 3D conversion and title change (it was known as 25/8 - which title is worse?). Scar 3D has the advantage of being shot in 3D, but the disadvantage of only playing on one screen. Last Saturday,...

TV Junkie: The NBC Comedy Lineup - Weak or Strong?

A look at the NBC Thursday night comedy lineup, which includes "Community," "30 Rock," "The Office" and "Outsourced." Also, info about the new web series from Mindy Kaling of "The Office"; "Caprica" DVD released next week; "Butters" DVD contest!

Villaraigosa Back in D.C., Wants Transit Money for L.A.

It's round two for Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa. He's in Washington D.C. today rallying for rail in a Senate committee meeting, says KPCC. Last week he did the same in the House of Representatives. It's all about his 30/10 vision, which would take 12 projects -- the Westside Subway for example -- planned for completion within 30 years and finish them within 10 years with a $30 billion bridge loan from the federal government.

Obama Wants $50 Billion Invested in Transportation, Villaraigosa Chimes In About 30/10

At a very energetic campaign-like event in Wisconsin on Labor Day, President Barack Obama announced a proposal to bring $50 billion in transportation funding to update the country's infrastructure and create jobs. Specifics were not laid out, but the framework was. "We’re talking investments in tomorrow that are creating hundreds of thousands of private sector jobs today," said the President. "Over the next six years, we are going to rebuild 150,000 miles of our...

Villaraigosa Unveils Poster: Drivers, Give Cyclists 3 Feet!

Just a week out from Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa's bicycle summit and he's already taking action. Today he unveiled the first of many to come simple bus shelter posters that are aimed at educating drivers to give cyclists three feet when passing. Such a concept is law in other states like Arizona, Arkansas and Connecticut and Councilmember Bill Rosendahl wants L.A. urge California politicians to make happen here. Today's "Give me 3″ bicycle safety campaign...

After Obama Traffic Hell, Some Residents Want an Investigation

Olympic Boulevard was free and clear of traffic, causing traffic throughout the Westside | Photo by jsteel2005 via LAist Featured Photos on Flickr The LA Times says some residents want an investigation into last night's epic rush hour traffic mess, but one LAist commenter might be jokingly on to something. "Somehow, I think [L.A. Mayor Antonio] Villaraigosa is behind this; to illustrate how badly we need federal funding for the 30/10 subway projects." 30/10,...

Councilmember's Proposal Wins Attention at Mayor's Bicycle Summit

Photo by GarySe7en via LAist Featured Photos on Flickr Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa wants a statewide bicycle helmet law that would require all cyclists, regardless of age, to don one while riding. Among the many positive topics broached, that was the recurring theme for him at his first bicycle summit yesterday. His reasoning is based on what spun him into a bicycle advocate: when he shattered his elbow in a bicycle incident last month, the...

Hundreds of Cyclists Pedal to Mayor Villaragosa's Bicycle Summit

Cyclist Pack the Metro Board Room | Photo by Ron Milam via Twitter This morning's bicycle summit organized by Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, who was recently spun into a bicycle advocate after a recent cycling incident that left him with a shattered elbow, started off with a laugh. Former Mayor Richard Riordan presented Villaraigosa with training wheels. But it was only a bittersweet moment as news spread that a cyclist died in the San Fernando...

Jobs Rally at City Hall to Slow Traffic in Downtown Today

About 2,000 people are expected to attend a noon jobs rally in downtown this afternoon. Some 50 buses will head to City Hall and drop off attendees who will be calling for decisive action by the federal government to create good jobs that will move the country forward, not backward. One key example that will be used is the 30/10 plan, which would give money upfront to be paid back in full later to...

Villaraigosa Pick for L.A. Planning Director Wants to Focus on Customer Service, Transit and Zoning

There's a lot of city planning to be done out there | Photo by WildCAught1 via LAist Featured Photos on Flickr Although he still must be confirmed by the Los Angeles City Council, Michael LoGrande appears to be an agreeable pick to head the Planning Department. With 13 years experience at city hall, the current Chief of Zoning Administration says one of his main goals will be customer service. "We’ve got some very, very...

Library and 3-1-1 Hours to be Cut Back on Sunday

Photo by Gibson Claire McGuire Regester via Flickr Sunday marks a big day of transition for Los Angeles, thanks to the city's budget shortfall. Both the Library and the city's 24-hour operator service shorten hours. Libraries will begin a five-day-a-week schedule on Sunday, which begins the weekly closure on Sundays and Mondays. Hours at the 73 libraries throughout the city on the Tuesday-through-Saturday schedule will vary, and are listed here (.pdf). 3-1-1 will shut...

U.S. Conference of Mayors Follow Villaraigosa's Lead: Endorses Arizona Resolution and 30/10 Transit Plan

Photo by Salina Canizales via LAist Featured Photos on Flickr Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa is continuing to build a coalition of support to make sure the city gets a more robust public transportation system in a short time. He also continued to rail against Arizona's controversial immigration law. Last week at the conference in Oklahoma, the group of more than 125 mayors from across the country unanimously voted to approve a resolution calling...

Feds Announce Support for Subway to the Sea & 30/10 Project

Photo by Non Paratus via LAist Featured Photos on Flickr The chances of a stronger public transit system in Los Angeles took a big step today when U.S. Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood announced federal support for plans to bring a subway down Wilshire Boulevard and of the region's 30/10 plan, which would build 12 transit projects in 10 years. “Secretary LaHood understands the opportunity to make the 30/10 vision a reality here and around...

Seven Questions: Bobb'e J. Thompson

Bobb'e J. has shared both the small and big screen with some of the biggest stars in town, has hosted his own TV show and was nominated for an MTV Movie Award all before he was old enough to have a driver's license. Thompson, who still isn't old enough to drive, broke through with his scene stealing performance in the hit comedy, Role Models. The actor/rapper's career, which began at age five, includes roles in "The Tracy Morgan Show," "Human Giant," Idlewild, Fred Claus and Land of the Lost. The 14 year-old who lives outside of Los Angeles has teamed up with a group of teen filmmakers for the Reese's Puffs Extraordinary Cinema program

Big Step for Public Transit: 30/10 Plan Officially Supported by Metro Board

Photo by Open Air Control Testing Ground via the LAist Featured Photos pool on Flickr Earth Day or not, the move to build 12 major transit projects in 10 years--instead of 30 as they are currently planned for--was wholly supported by the Metro Board of Directors today. The 30/10 Plan, as touted by Mayor (and cheerleader) Antonio Villaraigosa, would ask congress to loan billions of dollars upfront for the projects with a guarantee of...

Villaraigosa Delivers State of the City & Releases New Budget

Amid the budget crisis, Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa this afternoon delivered his annual State of the City address and released the next fiscal year's budget. "This budget totals $4.34 billion dollars. Sets aside 6.5 percent or $284 million dollars for the reserve fund and it builds a smaller, more efficient city government," he said. Here are some key points, followed by the full speech: Instead of the traditional here's what we've done and here's my vision...

30/10 Public Transit Plan Could be Derailed Over Highway Projects & 'Regional Equity'

Photo by ajax8055 via LAist Featured Photos on Flickr Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa has been going around selling his 30/10 plan to everyone, even to President Barack Obama. The idea is to get a $30 to $40 billion loan from the federal government with a guarantee that Metro will pay it back with funds raised from Measure R, the 2008 voter-approved sales tax. The money would build 12 transportation projects slated to be completed within...

Villaraigosa Presses Obama to Speed Up Funding for Local Transit Projects

Just minutes ago President Obama boarded his flight to depart Los Angeles after his brief visit to take part in a fundraiser dinner for the DNC and Senator Barbara Boxer's re-election campaign. On the tarmac were City Council President Eric Garcetti and Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, the latter of which took one last opportunity to ask the President to speed up funding for Los Angeles' 30/10 transit project, which would bring So did Obama bite? "He...

Eric Garcetti to Launch iPhone App Saturday

City Council President Eric Garcetti will officially launch his free iPhone App tomorrow and is inviting folks to come out to Historic Filipinotown in the morning to download it and try it out by reporting potholes, graffiti and other problems. “Garcetti 311,” which will work for all of District 13 (.pdf map) that spans parts of Echo Park, Silver Lake and Northeast L.A., is a pilot program to let citizens report problems with visual...

Villaraigosa Happy with Measure R Report... Obviously

The Gold Line pulls into the Memorial Park Station in Pasadena | Photo by Alberto Cueto via LAist Featured Photos on Flickr Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa last week stood behind an independent study on the local economy and job force affects of the transportation sales tax approved by voters in 2008. “When the voters of Los Angeles County decided to tax themselves through Measure R, they put in motion a vision for better transit, green...

Local Transportation Projects Could Create 500,000 Jobs & $68.8 Billion, Study Finds

Photo by GarySe7en via LAist Featured Photos on Flickr The one thing saving Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa from two black eyes right now is his 30/10 Plan, which would build 30 years of planned public transportation infrastructure--that's 12 projects, mostly rail--in 10 years. The money is already guaranteed thanks to the voter approved Measure R, a half-cent sales tax. Problem is, the anticipated $30 to $40 billion will come in over the next 30 years....

Garcetti to Also Release an iPhone App for City Services

Following the news of Councilmember Paul Krekorian's iPhone app, the Council President himself, Eric Garcetti, will announce his app in a training session this afternoon. Garcetti 311 will let people in District 13, which covers parts of Hollywood, Thai Town, Little Armenia, Silver Lake, Echo Park, Atwater Village, Glassell Park and other neighborhoods, take and submit photos of potholes, graffiti and other problems for the city to address. The free app will be available...

A Busway for Van Nuys Blvd. and More Rail Service in the Valley?

An example of a median busway in Taipei, Taiwen | Image via LADOT A study of north-south corridors in the San Fernando Valley concludes that the city of Los Angeles and Metro should further consider a median busway along five miles of Van Nuys Boulevard and developing more rail service, including linking the North Hollywood Red Line station with the Sylmar Metrolink Station in the Northeast Valley. The recommendations come out of a study...

LA Times Editorial a 'Yes' on 30/10 Transit Plan

"The mayor's innovative plan to complete regional transit projects in just 10 years is a win-win," begins the LA Times in an editorial in support of Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa's vision of having a mass transit city in 10 years time. The plan asks the federal government for $30 to $40 billion in loans with a guarantee that it will be paid back. That's because the voter-approved Measure R--it raised LA County's sales tax--will bring...

Feinstein Now Supports Villaraigosa's 30/10 Transit Plan

Photo by GarySe7en via LAist Featured Photos on Flickr Although California Senator Dianne Feinstein earlier this week admitted she was not familiar with Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa's 30/10 plan and that it could be a tough sell, today she gave her support. "I think the 30/10 Plan could become a national model for how to build up communities across the country," she said, echoing the sentiments of fellow Senator Barbara Boxer. 30/10 seeks $30 to...

How L.A. Could Build 12 Major Transit Projects in 10 Years

Photo by Salaam Allah West Coast Transitphotography KING! via LAist Featured Photos on Flickr The hardest part about bringing Los Angeles a world-class public transit system is the funding. That's why Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa's has been hitting up Washington hard for his 30/10 plan--12 projects scheduled to be completed in 30 years accelerated to 10 years. The Plan doesn't ask for free money, it asks for a long-term loan to be paid back with...

Several Arson Fires Strike Santa Monica

A series of six arsons over the past two weeks have Santa Monica police on the lookout for a possible serial arsonist, officials announced yesterday. Three vehicles, two shrubs and one trash bin have been lit on fire, mostly along 3rd and 2nd...

Soundcheck: Warpaint @ Natural History Museum 02/05/10

Part of an ongoing photo series, featuring local rising stars during their soundcheck, that includes Silversun Pickups, The Airborne Toxic Event, The Movies, Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros, Local Natives, and Avi Buffalo (Pictured - Warpaint, 4:51 PM) With advance tickets selling out two weeks ago and people lined up yesterday before noontime (and in the rain no less!) to buy the remainder, interest in last night's edition of First Fridays at the...

TV Junkie: 'Archer' Premieres on FX at 10pm; #MOACA Renewed

Yeah, there's back to back eps of "30 Rock" but tonight it's all about the premiere of the insanely funny animated spy series "Archer" on FX at 10pm (double episodes!) NBC has announced replacements for the 10pm slot that Jay Leno is vacating - included among them are news shows "Parenthood" (drama), and Jerry Seinfeld's reality show "The Marriage Ref". --- We're very pleased to see that one of our favorite new shows, "Men...

CES 2010: 3D This and 3D That but Still No Smell-o-Vision

To find what gadgets we'll want in our living room, car, and back pocket over the course of the year, we needn't look further than The 2010 Consumer Electronics Show last weekend in Las Vegas. Of course, we couldn't buy anything there -- it's a trade show -- and we'll be lucky to afford much at this rate. Check out some of the hits and misses at CES in the photo essay below....

Living in the City: Black Hole Version

That orange question mark on AT&T's coverage map is asking WHY?!? Why does your wireless voice service still suck so bad?!? When I moved into this neighborhood four years ago after driving out from Chicago, one of my first objectives was to test the various cellular phone (that's what we called them back then) providers. I tried each and every carrier available. There may have been five options at the time. Each mobile service...

TV Junkie: 'V' Premieres; Kids Increase TV-Viewing; Obama-mentery on HBO

Did you make the mistake, like us, of watching the original "V: The Final Battle" on Syfy last weekend? We can't believe that series was such a big deal when we were kids but here's good news, the remake of the series that airs tonight at 8pm on ABC takes the premise and completely owns it in a very slick and well done (at least for the part of the pilot that we've seen) rendition. We'll be watching and not remotely comparing.

TV Junkie: Primetime Emmy Winners in the Press Room

One thing most people don't see is what happens in the Press Room at the Emmys. After the winners leave the stage, they have the choice to do interviews with the likes of ET's Mary Hart and other outlets. They also have the choice to go into the press room to answer questions from the 300-or-so members of the press assembled there. CBS provides footage from a very nice camera mounted in the room but...

TV Junkie: Red Carpet Interviews at the 2009 Primetime Emmys

The TV Junkie survived the 100+ F temps of the downtown concrete furnace to bring you these video interviews with actors, producers, writers, comedians and reality show performers. We've divided up our footage into comedy, drama, and reality television segments. 2009 Emmys Red Carpet interviews at Nokia Theatre LA Live - Comedy Category from Thomas Attila Lewis on Vimeo. Our comedy category video includes our interviews with John Oliver of "The Daily Show", Judah Friedlander...

15 Arrested, 1,503 Citations Given in Illegal Dumping Cases

Photo: wools How many times have you placed something you don't need anymore on the sidewalk hoping it will disappear someday soon? A fridge? A bed? A mattress? A desk? If you didn't call 3-1-1 to request a free bukly item pickup, that's illegal dumping, which can be punishable with high fines or some jail time. The Department of Public Works reported today that in the fourth quarter of the last fiscal year (that...

Google Goes Street View on Santa Monica Pier & 3rd Street Promenade

Google's Street View has gone off roading--in a sense--with their cutely named Google Trike, which has "3 bicycle wheels, a mounted Street View camera and a specially decorated box containing image collecting gadgetry," according to the company. The device, which launched in Europe earlier this year, can now begin capturing places cars cannot go. The two Santa Monica locations are the only ones so far in Southern California--up north, only the Monterey bike trail...

Woman Robbed, Then Shot on 3rd Street

Photo by CarbonNYC via Flickr Walking on 3rd Street near Kings Road Monday night around 11:20 p.m., a 31-year-old woman was approached by a twenty-something black female who demanded the victim's purse threatening to shoot her if she did not comply. The suspect, described to be 20-25 years-old, 5 feet 5 inches tall, 145 pounds, wearing all dark clothing, then pulled the woman's purse off her arm and shot her in the upper torso...

3-1-1 Allegedly to be Cut from City Services

Photo by brykmantra via Flickr An e-mail, probably from an anonymous staffer within the city's Information Technology Agency, says the city's most successful outreach tool to the public is set to be cut from the budget outright. If you don't use it, 3-1-1 is available 24 hours a day with live city operators ready to take various requests like graffiti and bulky item pickups and help you access any person within the city. It's...

TV Junkie: Season Finale Night

"30 Rock" season finale at 9:30pm on NBC Tonight has at least 12 season finales that we know about. Good luck! --- Speaking of finales: Fans of "The Office" on Twitter can use the hash tag "#theoffice" before, during and after the season finale to chat in real-time about the show, then follow the Tweetstream, and in addition, fans can continue following the NBC "Office" Twitter account independently of the finale using the name...

TV Junkie: Redstone Disses Leno

"Southland" on NBC at 9:55pm Viacom's Sumner Redstone ripped into NBC for its creation of Jay Leno's 10pm show - saying that "CSI" will "beat the hell" out of Leno. --- There's a ton of season finale's this evening but the most compelling TV is KCET's "SoCal Connected" and then just about everything on NBC from "Parks and Rec." through to 11pm - much like yesterday, late night has a lot of good options,...

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