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  • Back in September, Vanity Fair published an article alleging that high-level Scientologists screened girlfriends for Tom Cruise. One woman that was selected but didn't make the final cut, they said, was Iranian-born Nazanin Boniadi.
  • The church of Scientology never fails to disappoint. In today's crazy, another woman has stepped forward saying that she auditioned to be Tom Cruise's wife, pre-Katie Holmes.
  • Tom Cruise wasn't always a high-profile Scientologist, and Scientology didn't take a shine to him right away. Cruise was raised Catholic, and his spirituality was important enough to him that he considered entering the priesthood.
  • Wah, wah: Tabloids that reported on the less-flattering aspects of Scientology and Tom Cruise's relationship to the religion are getting shut out in the cold for the premiere of his latest film "Oblivion." Cruise has developed a sizable enemy list in the media, particularly this year when his divorce from Katie Holmes shone a big ol' spotlight on the inner workings of the Church of Scientology and its relationship to their biggest star.
  • Apparently a Scientologist can be defined by a single question: "Would you want others to achieve the knowledge you now have?" The music, the insane laughter over abbreviations I had to look up (and are provided for you below), the conviction of "knowledge" that most of us do not have. Cue lights. Why it's Tom Cruise in a video made especially for the Scientology community! And even better, it was leaked out to the...
  • Leah Remini says that Tom Cruise's prominence in Scientology is one of the reasons why she left the religion.
  • The leader of Scientology enjoys taping the private "auditing" sessions of its celebrity members including Tom Cruise and watching them just for fun, according to a new report in Vanity Fair. Former Scientologists who worked closely with David Miscavige tell the magazine that the leader of Scientology used to watch Cruise's private auditing sessions just for their own personal entertainment.
  • In tonight's Extra, Extra, Tom Cruise's issues with the new Scientology movie, more info on the "Dark Knight" shooting and a Malibu city council man's troubling brush with security officers. Plus: Keep up with us on Facebook, and follow us on Twitter: @LAist @LAistFood @LAistSports. You can also find us on Pinterest, Storify, Foursquare, and Instagram (laistpics).
  • Leah Remini says that Tom Cruise's prominence in Scientology is one of the reasons why she left the religion.
  • Among the many shocking reveals about the church included an in-depth look at how high-ranking Scientology officials reportedly broke up former couple Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman, and also tapped Kidman's phones--supposedly, by Cruise's request.
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