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  • Korean Fried Chicken results in tastebud confusion. Through delicious overload and a rarely-paralleled flavor density, KFC is a unique treat. (LAist has been a fan.) I’d say “move over Colonel, there’s a new feaux-military chicken-slinging hero in town,” but that’s just not the case. It’d be like alerting Italy to the mounting non-threat that is California Pizza Kitchen ("CPK," if you dine there on the regular.)
  • It’s been raining cats and dogs in Los Angeles. Don’t believe me? Consult your nearest social network where you'll see such pathetic updates as: “It’s raining. Who’s got a bunker?” “Rain rain go away, else I’ll slit my writs today.”
  • December is The Official Recession's first birthday month. There's no need not to enjoy it on the cheap. We last had some great Mexican food, and bargain massages. Today's inexpensive adventure is sure to please in a different way.
  • The Official Recession has enveloped us for fifteen official months. It’s still no reason we can’t enjoy life. This is LA -- we have a ton of inexpensive options! A Recession Obsession is somewhere fantastic, whether times are good or not, because it's that damn good. We last loved on Peruvian-style chicken and Leimert Park's Papa West. Today, we...
  • Mobile food trucks, revealing their location on Twitter, who serve taco-fusion, is in. This is no longer news. It's getting competitive on the streets, and the novelty is decreasingly novel.
  • Thai Town is priced perfectly for our sorry pocketbooks. We know this. One such standout is Ruen Pair, a restaurant LAist visited for our "Thai One On" series. It was both inexpensive and fantastic in '07, and that hasn't changed for '09. The only difference is a sharp coat of paint. Of course it's LAist's latest Recession Obsession.
  • “Oh, look at that place,” said a friend of a small coffee shop tucked away behind a Downtown Culver City parking structure. “We should totally go there sometime.” “Yeah riiight,” I replied snarkily. “Who would voluntarily grub at a coffee shop in an alley?” For a moment, I forgot who I was, because the answer clearly was: this Recession Obsessionst.
  • The Official Recession has been upon us for thirteen official months. It’s still not a reason we can’t enjoy life. This is LA -- we’ve got plenty of cheap options! We last had our pick of choice, low-cost international cuisine at both the Grand Central Market and Thai Town.
  • El Taurino Tacos is located on a corner of a 3-way stop where Hoover, Olympic and South Park View Streets converge. Its bright lights beckon, promising good eats 24 hours a day. Painted above the door is the promise: A NICE PLACE TO EAT. This is drunk food at its finest.
  • The Border Grill's Truck Churro Bites, or Churro Tots, are to be consumed to be believed. These warm, cinnamon sugar-covered, delicate spheres of dulce de leche-infused churro, are a holiday treat that can be enjoyed year round. The homemade whipped cream just ups the likelihood of having a mouthgasm. All for $3.50. The Border Grill Truck is a favorite of LAist, and, of course, they're on Twitter.
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