CALIFORNIA CITY: EPISODE 6The Hunted Becomes The Hunter
Emily confronts the owner of Silver Saddle and walks away doubting herself. Plus, Ben becomes part of Silver Saddle's sales machine. California City is a limited series with 8 episodes. Show support by subscribing wherever you get your podcasts. California City sponsors include: Sun Basket is offering $35 off your order when you go right now to and enter promo code calcity at checkout. Try SimpliSafe today at You get free shipping and a 60-day risk free trial. There’s nothing to lose.
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Chava Sanchez/KPCCBird’s eye view of Silver SaddleSilver Saddle Ranch and Club sits at the foot of Galileo Hill — the same spot where Nat Mendelsohn’s salespeople took potential clients and told them to imagine a beautiful new city. That city never developed, as evidenced by the miles of abandoned roads that surround Galileo Hill today. In recent years, Silver Saddle’s sales agents made a similar pitch.
Chava Sanchez/KPCCWelcome to Silver SaddleThe front gate to Silver Saddle. The ranch is a 16-mile drive through the Mojave Desert from downtown California City.
Chava Sanchez/KPCCThe trees of Lake ManeyThe trees that line the shore of Lake Maney, which is named after Silver Saddle’s long-time owner, Tom Maney, are home to flocks of migrating birds. Silver Saddle and Galileo Hill are popular California birding destinations. Birders often walk around the ranch, looking for sparrows, goldfinch, and other local species in the trees.
Screenshot courtesy Ben PerezMarian's threatOnce Ben Perez realized that he’d made a mistake by investing in Silver Saddle’s land banking project, he emailed Silver Saddle’s general mailbox to get his money back. This is a text message Ben later received from Marian Ducreux, the Silver Saddle salesperson who sold him the land.
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