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TV Junkie meets - Gets the Scoop on the "24" Marathon

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Starting tomorrow, Saturday, January 13th, at 5:00 p.m., embarks on a marathon of "24" viewing in eager and obsessive anticipation of the season premiere on Sunday. They've got tons of schwag they're going to give away, an Edgar tribute, call-ins, guests, contests, and they're hoping to get Kiefer and anybody else from the show to stop by. I had a chance to pepper co-host Saul Friedman with some LAist-specific questions, namely what "24" drinking games are good, as well as what he thinks is going to happen in Season 6.

LAist: Saul, thanks for answering our questions, so you are a host for MTV Overdrive _and_ now you're going to stay up and do this "24" marathon – how do you do it? I'm sure the sheer adrenaline of watching "24" all over again (sarcasm) will be a contributor, but spill some beans here. Are you and co-host Marc (Horowitz, the guy who has been living in his car in those Nissan commercials) going to rely on each other a bit to pull yourselves through this?

SAUL: Energy drinks. . . lots and lots of energy drinks. We'll have a running tally of energy drinks consumed and subsequent bathroom breaks it takes to get through this 24 tribute.We really want to get Kiefer to call in (or better yet pop in) and we will spend a lot of time hunting him down. We also hope our viewers who know anything about him or where he hangs out will call or text in and help us out. We have a ton of activities and guests planned to keep us occupied. Marc and I haven’t talked much about what we have planned for each other so the shock of each new thing we do will be enough of an adrenaline rush to push us through. Also, joining Marc and I for the full 24 hours will be a 24 newbie who we need to catch up on 5 seasons of the show. . . ummm, how obvious is it that I'm talking in circles trying to avoid the real answer to your question which is, “Crap, what am I getting myself into?”

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LAist: A couple years ago some friends and I came up with a drinking game for "24," so that, for example, every time somebody got killed or if Jack said "dammit" we drank – some nights were just brutal. Do you have any such plans in the works and/or could you help us out with our game because, since I've written it down here in black and white, it doesn't look so brilliant.

SAUL: I’ve played the first game you talked about, but Ive never heard of the “dammit” drinking game, I don’t know if my liver could handle that. At we’ve done the "Chloe furling of the brow" drinking game. When she’s on, if she furls her brow, you must drink, be sure to have an EMT nearby,

LAist: Part of what makes "24" interesting for LAist readers is that in the show Los Angeles is perpetually in peril: from terrorists (and corrupt Administrations) using nukes, bioterror, bullets/bombs – so the question is, what are they gonna do to us now? Some visitors to LA may feel that losing all or part of the city wouldn't be such a bad thing. Your thoughts on this? Any particular neighborhoods you think should go?

SAUL: For your readers who watched SHOWTIME's incredible second season of SLEEPER CELL, they saw the Hollywood Bowl nearly get nuked. While I wouldn’t want to see the Bowl go, I would be fine if the Highland exit of the 101 North all the way down to Hollywood Blvd was attacked so that during its rebuilding, a little common sense could be used. I don’t know who thought building a ginormous amphitheatre next to a bottle-necking street, but they didn’t take my shot-glass bladder on a Friday evening in the summertime into account. Other than that, all the places I kinda gate in LA individually, when put together give this town the perfect balance of beauty, history, opulence, pompousness, car theft and reality that makes LA, LA. . .except Little Ethiopia, I mean really, at what point did someone say “we need a little Ethiopia?”