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Voter Game Plan
Everything you need as you prep for the November 8 General Election — study our interactive voter guides, ask questions, print your sample ballot and more.

Does voting ever feel like cramming for a test? Ever get to the polls and feel like you didn't finish your homework? Yeah, same here! Let's create your Voter Game Plan and get your ballot ready.

  • First, explore our voter guides to find out more about each race — what each elected official is responsible for, what makes a good candidate, who's running, and more. We’ve got all that for those confusing propositions, too.
  • Next, review the frequently asked questions from voters just like you on everything from what to do if your address has changed to why the U.S. Senator race is on your ballot twice. Still have a question? Look for that purple “Ask a question” button on any page and submit your question. We'll do our best to get you an answer!
  • Finally, fill out a virtual ballot, specific to your address, and then print it out as a handy reference as you complete your official ballot.

Ready? Let's do this!

Latest Results

Meet Your Mayor

Answer a few questions, and we'll tell you which mayoral candidate you align with most on key issues facing Los Angeles.

Conozca A Su Candidato

Responda a unas cuantas preguntas y le diremos con qué candidato a la alcaldía se alinea más en las cuestiones clave que afectan a Los Ángeles.

Sheriff Race

We asked the candidates to answer the same questions about the department's future. Here are their answers, side-by-side, for your comparison.

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Quick Reference Guide

With so many important races on the ballot, we have created a special 2022 General Election Quick Guide to accompany our online Voter Game Plan when you go to the polls. This free, downloadable guide will help you make informed decisions as you prepare to vote.

Get Your Sample Ballot

We've partnered with Voter's Edge to bring you a personalized sample ballot. Print it, take it with you to the polls, see when your official ballot was mailed, received, or counted, and more.


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