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Over a blue background bordered by a blue line with white hand-drawn stars, a large logo is featured that reads The Ballot Is Long, A Voter Game Plan Course.
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In a rush? Try our Election Quick Guide.

We know that voting can be complicated. That’s why we made this free cheat sheet that breaks down the most critical races in L.A. and tells you who the candidates are.

Thank you for your interest in The Ballot Is Long. Since it is not possible to receive all 5 emails before the election, we are no longer sending these emails.

The Ballot Is Long is a course that takes place over email to help you make an informed vote that aligns with your personal preferences. We’re here to explain some of the most complicated items on the Nov. 8 ballot. Whatever your political views are — this email guide series is for you!

How does it work?

Over this five day course, we’ll deliver a bit of info to your inbox each morning. Each course is written as a quick read, making it a perfect way to start your day. The course is geared toward L.A. County voters, but may be useful for anyone. We explain the ins and outs of several key issues, and walk you through what to consider in candidates and complex ballot measures as you decide how to vote.

What’s in it?

Each email will cover one particularly confusing part of the ballot. Here’s our “curriculum”.

  • Day 1: How To Choose Between Two Democrats
  • Day 2: Voting On Judges, Explained
  • Day 3: How to Make a Smart Vote on Water
  • Day 4: Legalized Sports Betting 101
  • Day 5: The Ins And Outs of L.A.’s Two Housing Measures
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