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Exclusive Interview with The Most Deceptive Sign in LA

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Hi Most Deceptive Sign in LA, what are you still doing there?

Oh, hello, LAist, but do excuse me while I go back to ignoring you.

Well why on Earth would you do that?

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O I don't know, maybe because you left me off your little list of 25 posts that got you the most hits this year?

Wait, you're not on the list?

Why, no. No I most certainly am not!

A thousand apologies Most Deceptive Sign in LA. We promise it wasn't intentional.


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You heard me.


Dude, it's been a crazy few weeks. Nothing could be further from the truth that the slight was intentional.

Dude? Dude yourself. I was on the front page of Digg, the top of Reddit, and Stumbleupon still effing sends people to your crappy little site. And I've gotta see the sign for the "Cheapest Valet in LA" up on that list and I'm totally dissed? I got your "dude" right here, buddy.

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Seriously --

Do you have any idea what it's like to be me? I don't want to fake people out all day. I don't like making people think that down the road there's a dozen roses for four bucks when I know damn well it's more than twice that out the door.

But --

Then you come strollin by with your sweaty bag of Zancao chicken and your camera. You bloggers and your cameras. So lame. And your blogs. What is this high school? Blawwwwwgs. You know dogs piss on me, right? You know the neighborhood kids on Fountain deface my little brother, right?

That's not how you spell Zankou.

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You? Of all people You are now going to correct someone's spelling? I'm a sign over here. Not everyone was lucky enough to go to a U-C. God, you suck.


Anyways? I'm chained to a lightpole. I lie to people all day. My existence is miserable. The one time when someone paid attention to me and I was able to make a positive difference - massive hits to your dumbass blawwwwg - and you diss me on the one chance that you could recognize me. Don't you think that makes me wanna jump in traffic and just end it all?

Sign, no way was it on purpose. No Way.

Then prove it. You run around judging people, calling them out, claiming that they lie, taking pictures of things and calling them deceptive and fraudulent. We'll your stupid list is a fraud. And a lie! And DECEPTIVE.

How many apologies do you want?

I don't want any apologies, I want you to change that list. And put ME on TOP!

But no one would see it. It's 1,000 years old in Internet time.

Then make a new list. On a new post.

How about this post?



The Top 26 Biggest Posts on LAist in 2007

- The Most Deceptive Sign in LA - 9/4
- OC Cop Gets Off After Masturbating on Stripper 2/10
- Spring Undie Run Photo Essay - 3/22
- Ugg! Enough! - 4/26
- Charcoal Opens, Forgets to Make Food - 5/9
- Flickr's New Censorship Program - 5/18
- MTV Movie Awards Photo Essay - 6/3
- When Your Favorite Novel Turns into a Terrible Hollywood Movie - 6/21
- Kwik-E-Mart comes to Burbank - 7/2
- Staircase to Nowhere - 8/4
- Cheapest Valet in LA - 8/4
- Phil Spector Trial Field Trip - 8/9
- Golden Gals Gone Wild - 8/12
- Kayaking in the LA River - 8/14
- Manhattan Beach Six Man Tournament Photo Essay - 8/15
- Beverly Hills SUV Hits Cyclist, Only Cyclist Gets a Ticket 9/4
- Beverly Hills Cops Serves LAist with a Search Warrant Over SUV Incident - 9/10
- MTV VMA Red Carpet Photo Essay - 9/12
- The Larchmont Lizard - 9/22
- Hollywood Bus Driver Hits Cyclist, Only Cyclist Arrested - 9/24
- On-set Interview with Greg Grunberg of "Heroes" - 9/25
- Sheriff Deputies May Have Arrested You Because of Game - 10/4
- Application for the Most Exclusive Bar in LA - 11/8
- Porn Stars Teach UC Irvine Class on Sexuality - 11/13
- 50 Foot Woman Attacks Venice - 11/28
- Sex is Safer in Nevada Brothels than Porn Sets - 11/30

Thank you LAist.

No no, thank you, Most Deceptive Sign in LA. Thank you.

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