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Rush Street: WTF?

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LAist is into Rush Street, the new eatery in downtown Culver City. Even I've had a good time there. But the last time I went was pretty unforgivable. It was mid-afternoon, and we had a hankering for some butterscotch pudding, which we still hadn't experienced yet. We stopped by Rush Street, where they seemed to be suffering from a serious case of popular-new-restaurant-itis. We were told that they would not serve us (even though we only wanted pudding -- it's not like they had to open up the kitchen) until five-o'clock. In forty minutes. And even then, we'd better make a reservation, just in case. We could wait in the bar.

The bar was fairly full and there were four of us, so we took seats at the raised bar tables. We were just getting comfortable when the hostess came and shooed us away. We could not sit at the tables until five, even though we had a reservation because they might want to seat us elsewhere.

So we left, and chilled around Culver City. We came back exactly at five, eager for pudding. The raised tables were now full with people who had obviously arrived before five. The rest of the place was pretty empty so we were seated right away. Our server was a genial young man with a greasy handlebar mustache. We put in our order -- three bowls of pudding! We got waters, we were excited, soon to achieve our anticipated goal! The waiter returned. He said that his boss wasn't serving the pudding, it had been out too long. (?!) We looked crestfallen, he resolved to go check again.

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We thought we were dealing with food service professionals here -- not people who leave pudding out. In a few minutes, our waiter was back, admitting sheepishly that not only was the pudding not on the menu tonight, but it was off the menu forever. That was it. No more pudding. Then he looked at us expectantly. What would we do now? What indeed. On my last trip to Rush Street, our waitress was sweet enough to bring us other desserts for free. But this time, there was nothing, for all our trouble. So we left. Puddingless. And since Rush Street is now puddingless (maybe it wasn't manly enough!) We won't be going back any time soon.

On a happy note, the bar at the Culver Hotel serves very large drinks. Which helped our sore, puddingless souls somewhat.

Culver Hotel, 9400 Culver Blvd., Culver City
Rush Street, 9546 Washington Blvd., Culver City