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Can We Get Our Money Back for Crappy Trailers?

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Before catching The Simpsons this past weekend, this LAist poster had to sit through -- not just one -- but four lame ass trailers. Usually, you get a 50-50 chance of seeing at least one good trailer...because, now call us crazy, but isn't the purpose of a movie trailer to entice people to actually go see the film? At the very least, aren't we supposed to say, "Yeah, the trailer's the best part of that movie..."

But no way could you say that about these four gems:

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>>>Mr. Bean's Holiday. We like British humor. Loved Hot Fuzz. Monty Python? Sure, why not. But we just don't get Mr. Bean. He's a weak Inspector Clouseau rip off who mumbles and bungles his way through Europe.

>>>Daddy Day Camp. This trailer forces folks to scratch their heads and wonder what happened to Cuba Gooding Jr.'s post-Oscar career. We thought nothing could be worse than Boat Trip. But then we saw an outhouse explode and a daycamper throw up on Cuba's shoes in this trailer. High-sterical stuff!

>>>Alvin and the Chipmunks. Speaking of lack of careers, why would Jason Lee (who starred in all those Kevin Smith films and Almost Famous) chose to be in this remake? Especially in this trailer, where Alvin takes one for the team and eats a nugget of poop. 'Nuff said.

>>>Rush Hour 3. This trailer has a number of items going wrong, including: (a) We see buddies Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker singing "Lady Marmalade" in a car. (b) We hear witty wordplay on race: Jackie: "I think he's speaking French." Chris (to the perp): "You're Asian. Stop humiliating yourself!" (c) It's a Brett Ratner film.

We'd rather see the same trailer for Superbad over and over again for the 20 minutes before a movie than be subjected to any of these straight-to-video-worthy stinkers again.