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Live in-person and virtual events from the LAist Live Programming & Events team.
  • PAST EVENT: M.G. Lord will take a look at how STEM education is readying the scientists and engineers of tomorrow and what’s on the horizon for new missions to outer space.
  • PAST EVENT: Join Traci Thomas, Kashana Cauley, and Michael Arceneaux for a great conversation on how books take on politics, both in fiction and nonfiction.
  • PAST EVENT: On Thursday, December 15, 2022 at 7 PM, Our Body Politic host, Farai Chideya (she/her) and tech expert Dr. Safiya Noble, will talk with author Julie Lythcott-Haims (she/her) on what adulthood looks like for millennials, Gen Zers, and all of us in these uncertain times. Artist and vocalist Monica Martin (she/her) joins with a solo performance.
  • PAST EVENT: Watch the archive video of a live taping of LAist Studios’ Retake podcast, a conversation with Retake host John Horn (he/him) and special guests for an insider look at this legendary party.
  • PAST EVENT: At 7 PM on Saturday, December 10, Ira Glass and Jad Abumrad come together to take you on a journey of insight, investigation, and humanity in a way that only they can.
  • PAST EVENT: Jocelyn Ramirez leads a discussion with women who in the food industry about the lessons they’ve learned through the pandemic and what they’re doing to put the focus on the sacred nature of food.
  • PAST EVENT: Watch the archive video. One For The Books is a new literary series like no other! Traci Thomas (she/her), creator and host of The Stacks podcast is the bookish best friend you’ve been looking for. Special guests include Sam Sanders and Danyel Smith.
  • PAST EVENT: Democracy on the Brink - America Voted, What Does it Mean? In-Person at the Skirball Cultural Center and Virtually on Zoom Tuesday, November 15th, 2022, 5:00-7:00PM.
  • PAST EVENT: On November 10th, a live taping of LAist Studios’ Retake podcast, featuring a screening of “Stranger at the Gate.” Host John Horn (he/him) will welcome director Joshua Seftel and executive producer Lena Khan, as well as cast members Bibi Bahrami and Richard “Mac” McKinney, for a conversation about the film and its impact.
  • PAST EVENT: Watch the archive video. Larry Mantle (he/him) and a panel of expert guests walk you through the basics of the props: what they are, the pros and cons and what’s at stake. Live at 10am on November 1st.
  • PAST EVENT: Join AirTalk host Larry Mantle (he/him) and a lineup of special guests live as we celebrate Orange County’s vibrant arts scene and the convergence of the different cultures that influence it, from fine art to film to music and live theatre and beyond.
  • PAST EVENT: Watch the archive video. Senior Reporter for K-12 Education Kyle Stokes (he/him) talks with the candidates for District 6 in this live virtual event. This district covers an area covering much of the eastern half of the San Fernando Valley. You’ll hear from the candidates about how they plan to effect change and support kids and families in their district.