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Editorial Ethics and Guidelines

Our guiding principles:

We build trust. Our journalism is independent, non-partisan, fact-based and rigorous. We build trust by delivering news and information that is of the highest quality and done with the highest standards. We believe in verification and an obligation to the truth.

We listen. We engage with the communities we serve, and we listen to them. We frequently convene community members for important discussions. We know that the best journalism requires listening so that we can better understand what matters to our audiences.

We are leaders. Our journalism aims for the highest standards for news ethics, policies, and practices. Our news and information drive important stories and discussions. We examine structural inequities. And we will lead in technology and delivery, so that audiences can access our journalism at any time and on any device.

We focus on audiences. Our journalism is intended to illuminate and equip our communities. We are at our best when we provide the news and information that enables our audiences to advocate for themselves. We also play the role of watchdog by keeping a close eye on the people and institutions that regularly affect our lives.

We are inclusive. Our journalists reflect the communities we serve. Our sources, story subjects and coverage must demonstrate that we seek diverse ideas and hear every person with respect and gratitude. We call attention to injustice and lift the voices of marginalized groups. We explore the ways in which race and gender issues take hold in every aspect of society. Read about our commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion.

We speak thoughtfully. We've overhauled our style guide as a part of our commitment to supporting diversity, equity, and inclusion for our staff and communities. Through Dialogue, we're building a participatory guide informed by the audiences we serve.

We act courageously. Our journalists cover the difficult stories and ask the tough questions. When covering new ideas and policies, we look for unequal consequences. We will correct our mistakes and not shy from constructive critiques.

Our editorial ethics and guidelines are currently under revision to better reflect issues of race and gender as they apply to our news coverage. We will be updating this page later in the spring

Revised: June 2021

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