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8 Great Vegetarian and Vegan Restaurants Even Carnivores Love

Here are some of the best vegetarian and (gasp) vegan restaurants for meat eaters—places where almost anyone can find a satisfying, delicious, and even gluttonous meal. No teensy four-leaf salads here.

5 Delicious Pop Tarts You Need To Try In Los Angeles

When pop tarts started, well, popping up a few years back, we were excited to see some of L.A.'s best pastry chefs taking on the ubiquitous boxed breakfast treat—and taking it to the next level.

Photos: New Downtown Taqueria Has Bologna Tacos And Orange Bang Cocktails

Downtown L.A. has a new taqueria that serves traditional Mexican food with a twist, like bologna tacos and an Orange Bang-inspired cocktail.

New Downtown Spot Serves An American Classic With A Mexican Twist

This new downtown burger joint offers a tasty mishmash of American and Mexican flavors.

Photos: We Tried The Delicious Jeni's Splendid Ice Creams In Los Feliz

The Midwest company, founded by Jeni Britton Bauer, has been around since 2002, racking up locations from Cleveland to Atlanta. The newest spot in Los Feliz opened last Friday.

The Best Mole Fries In Los Angeles

We're hoping it's not a passing fad and that this irresistibly decadent fusion becomes as easy to find as nachos.

Northeast L.A. Gets A Jolt With 3 Cool New Coffee Shops

From Glassell Park to Eagle Rock, each of these new (and exciting) entries have landed in spots where good coffee was seriously needed.

Revisiting My Riot Grrrl Days: 'Alien She' Is An Exhibit Worth The Drive To OC

When I first started sneaking out to shows, exactly who was actually playing was incidental to me—I was mostly just there to taste freedom and be around cool people that didn't go to my high school.

10 Underrated Brunch Spots in Los Angeles

Many of these are local favorites that we think deserve city-wide glory—sorry in advance for outing your hidden gem.

The 21 Best Places To Eat In Eagle Rock

From legit French restaurants and old-fashioned pizza parlors to gourmet cheese shops and sleek brewpubs, here's a list of our favorites from the charming northeast L.A. neighborhood.

15 Criminally Underrated Burgers In Los Angeles

We love those burgers that always make everyone's best of list, but in Los Angeles there are countless lesser-known and very delicious burgers.

4 Delicious And Dirty Desserts Just In Time For Halloween

Definitely spooky, these chocolately, "dirt" covered pies, cakes and ice creams are a fun/gruesome way to get your ghoul on.

Photos: Los Angeles Has A New Boozy, Tiki Supper Club

Tiki as a trend comes and goes, but for tiki-philes, coconuts as drinkware and Hawaiian shirts are always apropos.

Los Angeles' Hottest New Lunch Spot Is In Vernon (No, Really!)

The place to be at lunchtime these days is Vernon. Yes, Vernon.

Where To Eat and Drink On Highland Park's Figueroa Street

Northeast L.A. neighborhood's other main drag.

The Best Taco Trucks in Los Angeles

Whether you're an L.A. native or a recent transplant, delicious tacos are your right and privilege.