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TV Junkie: Chris Kattan's 'Bollywood Hero' Premieres in a Week; Something Funny from 'The Shield' Posse

e're looking forward to the premiere of IFC's miniseries "Bollywood Hero" which premieres a week from tomorrow. The series stars SNL alum Chris Kattan who we always want to see more of, as well as costars Maya Rudolph, Keanu Reeves, Jennifer Coolidge, David Alan Grier, and a host of Indian superstars. IFC has been warming it's audience up to the event by screening Hindi cinema every Sunday this month. Shot on location in India, the show is crewed by the team that brought Slumdog Millionaire to the world.

TV Junkie: 'Galactica'; ITV; Spielberg Alien Series

"Galactica" fans, did you see Edward James Olmos on G4's "Attack of the Show"? --- Heads-up, this week the Independent TV Festival begins on July 31st at at Laemmle's Sunset 5. Full program is available at --- TNT is establishing its cast for an as-yet untitled Steven Spielberg series about an alien invasion.

TV Junkie: 'Doctor Who' in Guinness Book; 'Lost' Finale

Anyone see the "Doctor Who" presentation at Comic-Con? Yesterday the series got an award from the Guinness Book of World Records as "the most successful sci-fi series". Did anyone watch the "Doctor Who" premiere last night? Also at Comic-Con, a bunch of details of the "Lost" season finale, including the fact that there will essentially be a reunion of all the characters.

TV Junkie: More 'Pain' from Perry; Wanna Be on 'Mad Men'? Weekend Summary

"Doctor Who: Planet of the Dead" premieres Sunday at 8pm on BBC America Tyler Perry's "House of Pain" is on fire with yet another 46 episodes on order for TBS which will mean that at least 172 episodes will be produced which kind of seems like of a lot of anything, perhaps too much. --- Fans of AMC's "Mad Men" should know that they can enter a contest to earn a walk-on role in...

TV Junkie: 'Samantha Who?' Series Finale; Fall Out Boy on PBS(?)

OK, so we've had the re-launch of "90210" and now the CW is about to pepper us with sultry, "Gossip Girl" style ads hyping the September 8th premiere of the new "Melrose Place". How do you, the residents of LA, feel about the "return" of this show? This Sunday, the Discovery Channel will air the series by the best TV newsman of the 20th century, Walter Cronkite's "Cronkite Remembers". The marathon will start at 8am Pacific and run until midnight.

TV Junkie: 'Lost' Auction; 'Wipeout' to Return; Chris Anderson on Colber(t)

Yesterday we wrote about the demise of 20th Century Props and the auction of their collection - today we can notify you of another auction occurring in..... 2010! If you are going to ComicCon you should check out the Profiles in History display of "Lost" props that will be auctioned in 2010 and start saving up for that Dharma Initiative bag of potato chips that escaped the clutches of Hurley.

TV Junkie: Shaq vs. Everyone; Want Mulder's File Cabinet?

"Deadliest Catch" on Discovery at 10pm Former Laker Shaquille O'Neal will be hitting ABC starting August 18th with his new show "Shaq vs.".The show will feature Shaq competing in sports against Michael Phelps (perhaps a bong competition?), Serena Williams, Oscar de la Hoya, and many others. --- The economy is claiming the viability of Hollywood's 2nd largest prop house, 20th Century Props. The company will be auctioning off its 93,000 items starting on July...

TV Junkie: Abdul-free 'Idol'; Lakshmi May Make You Laugh

"American Idol" fans listen up, your favorite judge, Paula Abdul, might not be returning according to her new manager. It would be a real tragedy for late night TV as about 50% of their material seems to be based on her during the "American Idol" season, and it would be a real tragedy for Paula Abdul as it seems unlikely that she has any other employment prospects other than to be the butt of late night TV jokes.

TV Junkie: Letterman Ahead; 'Futurama' ...not

Weekend Edition When it comes to late night TV, Letterman is definitely pulling ahead in terms of sheer numbers, about 800k more viewers per night than Conan. But Conan is scoring much higher in the coveted 18-49 demographic, to which NBC is saying, "I meant to do that". We mentioned a few weeks ago that "Futurama" might be coming back, but now rumor has it that if it returns it will be without the original cast of voices, to which, we would say, what's the point then?

TV Junkie: Emmys; More TV on Web

The Emmys were announced this morning, and you can check out the complete list here. "30 Rock" came away with a record-breaking 22 nominations and "Mad Men" garnered the most nominations for a drama, with 16. Despite the Academy tinkering with the process, all the actor nominees are virtually the same as last year other than Jeremy Piven (finally) not making the list. Creative Arts Emmys will be presented on September 12th while the big primetime show will be on September 20th.

TV Junkie: Michael & Michael Premieres; PBS Leads Emmys; Paul McCartney on Letterman

Fans of The State, Stella, or anything that Michael Ian Black or Michael Showalter have ever done or thought about doing are beholden to watch their new show, "Michael & Michael Have Issues" on Comedy Central at 10:30pm tonight. You can also check out LAist's, now ancient, interview with Michael Ian Black.

Interview: Bear Grylls of 'Man vs. Wild'

LAist had a chance to talk to Edward Michael Grylls, more commonly known as Bear Grylls, a former British Special Forces commando is best known in the states for his "Man vs. Wild" on the Discovery Channel. Have you seen those bizarre Dos Equis commercials with the Most Interesting Man in the World? Well, Bear Grylls has been recruited by Dos Equis to be a Distinguished Instructor in the Most Interesting Academy, specializing in Surviving in the Modern World. It's a schtick to be sure, but it's such a bizarre schtick it's interesting, and the videos and material collected at "the Academy" are put together in such a clever and amusing way, they are worth a deeper look than what we saw when Grylls paraded them on Letterman a couple weeks ago.

TV Junkie: USC Prof on 'Daily Show'; Russell Brand to Host MTV Awards

"Saving Grace" on TNT at 10pm With the dismal TV offerings we have in this schlumpy season, we can't believe how happy we were to see the return last night, of that perennial curmudgeon, Anthony Bourdain. "No Reservations" was excellent and we're looking forwards to the rest of the season. Have you been pleasantly surprised by a show lately? Let us in on your discovery because we're desperate. --- In awards show news, Russell...

TV Junkie: Olympics Channel Battle

"Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations" returns to the Travel Channel at 10pm The US Olympic Committee (USOC) and Comcast are in brouhaha with NBC Universal and the International Olympic Committee about who has the rights to create a network composed of Olympic coverage, both current and historical. What do you think, can someone do the Olympics better than NBC? Would you rather have access to more or less Olympic coverage? --- This week in late...

TV Junkie: 'Entourage' Returns on Sunday, following 'True Blood' & 'Hung'

Weekend Edition The big deal this weekend is the return of the juvenile and entertaining "Entourage" - "True Blood" returns after a holiday break as well as the positively-reviewed "Hung". HBO owns Sundays, no doubt about it. | If you're following the Tour, get your fill this weekend because Monday is a rest day.

Midnight Movie: 1990s LA Mall Mania Time Lapse

MALL MANIA 1990 time-lapse from Joel Fletcher on Vimeo....

TV Junkie: MJ Memorial Viewership; 'Lost' Needs a Theme

Over 31 million American households watched the Michael Jackson memorial. "Households" is the operative word as that is what Nielsen measures, TVs in the home, not office or bars/restaurants/etc. That's a huge number since other major events like Princess Diana's funeral (33 million viewers), President Reagan's funeral (35 million viewers), and President Obama's inauguration (38 million viewers) occurred when people were more likely to be at home.

Interview: Film Critic Elvis Mitchell, Host of KCRW's 'The Treatment'

KCRW has plenty of excellent original programming, but among the best is "The Treatment", a weekly film-heavy pop culture show that airs on Wednesdays at 2:30pm. We suggest that you crawl through the archives and grab podcasts to play during long drives or other such travel. Mitchell has been a film critic for many newspapers, most notably and recently, the New York Times. He has taught at Harvard, is the host of Turner Classic Movie's "Elvis Mitchell: Under the Influence", and has produced two excellent documentaries about the experiences of being black in this country: The Black List: Volume One and The Black List: Volume Two.

TV Junkie: 'Real Housewives NY' Will Return; '30 Rock' on Comedy Central; Versus TdF

Due to Billy Mays death, perhaps the series finale of Discovery's "Pitchmen" airs tonight at 10:00pm Bravo has renewed "Real Housewives of New York" for a third season - also, if you know of any insufferable New York housewives, send them to the casting call. --- Comedy Central has stepped up to take the first syndication rights to "30 Rock", episodes will start airing in 2011. --- Tour de France coverage: In offline discussions...

TV Junkie: Syfy; We can't wait for 'Bored to Death'

We wish that there was a ton of good TV for LA to decompress with after today's MJ orgy of remembrance but no dice. Incidentally, do you really think this is over? We've got lawsuits and trials ahead of us, Justin Timberlake doing a Michael act, and the children, dear god, what about the children....

TV Junkie: ABC on Hulu; TdF Live on Versus at 5:30am

Thankfully some late night is back with new shows (see the listings) in an otherwise very dull week. Don't forget that the live broadcast of the Tour de France starts at 5:30am on Versus so set your Tivos - the live show is infinitely better than the obnoxiously repackaged evening edition. As of today's results it looks like we've got a real race on our hands already! | It was months ago that Disney signed on to support Hulu and now ABC's content will be available starting tonight.

TV Junkie: The 96th Tour de France Debuts Tomorrow

This Saturday at 6:30am the US broadcast of the 96th Tour de France begins on Versus. Will Lance Armstrong reign supreme again or will he race to support another up-and-coming team member? Will there be a drug scandal or other legal shenanigans? Whatever happens, we'll see athletes put themselves through the most grueling race in the most grueling sport on the planet.

TV Junkie: MJ Lives on at The Paley Center; Slater Back to Prime Time?

Starting today, the Paley Center will be showing rare and vintage footage of Michael Jackson from TV shows dating back to 1971. We're talking episodes of "The Tonight Show", "The Flip Wilson Show", and the Jackson Five's own show "The Jacksons". Check out the Paley website for dates and times.

TV Junkie: Rest In Peace Karl Malden

We're saddened to hear of the passing of Karl Malden who made it to the ripe old age of 97. While many people will remember him for his roles in Streetcar Named Desire and "The Streets of San Francisco" we urge you to check out his work in Baby Doll, Patton, Fear Strikes Out, and The Cincinnati Kid. Turner Classic Movies will have a tribute evening of films on Friday, July 10th, starting at 5:00pm Pacific.

TV Junkie: Kattan Gets Series

We're in the midst of a pretty dead week TV-wise and we're about to start a pretty dead month TV-wise. There is virtually no new programming this week and late night is in rerun mode. We guess this is why warm weather was invented. If you have some suggestions for programs to watch this week, please let us know. | SNL alum, Chris Kattan is getting his first series as a regular: the WB's "The Middle" which will air this Fall.

TV Junkie: Comic-Con to be TV-Con; 'Project L.E.N.O.'

"The Closer" with Kyra Sedgwick at 9pm on TNT Going to Comic-Con? You'd better hope there's room with all the Hollywood studios who will be there: at least two dozen TV shows will be promoted at the event although we're not so sure why some shows, like "Glee" are on the menu. --- We're dismayed at the passing of Billy Mays this weekend. While some people could do without the products he huckstered, he...

Midnight Movie: Rubikcubism of Abbey Road and London Calling

Two minutes of your time to check out something wonderful. Reminded us of the White Stripes Lego video of "Fell In Love With A Girl".

TV Junkie: Michael Jackson TV Spectacle; Letterman Leads Conan; Doctor Who Returns

"Doctor Who" returns on Saturday night, 9pm on BBC America Weekend Edition The three-ring-circus-feeding-frenzy-this-could-make-my-career-vomitorium that "news" television has morphed into after the death of Michael Jackson was succinctly written up by Salon's Heather Havrilesky. This spectacle hasn't even begun yet really though, so hey Britney and Lindsay, this is how disgusting things can get even if you had talent, here's your chance to get off your respective paths to destruction. --- Do you remember...

TV Junkie: RIP Farrah Fawcett; 'Bruno' on Conan Tonight; Teens Still Watch TV

Farrah Fawcett passed away today in Los Angeles at age 62. Although she gained a lot of notoriety from her role on "Charlie's Angels", a hugely popular swimsuit poster, and a disoriented appearance on "The Late Show With David Letterman" in 1997, Fawcett was a truly gifted actress (rent Extremeties or The Apostle) - rest in peace Farrah.

TV Junkie: 'The Philanthropist' Debuts; More Original Programming from AMC

We loved HBO's "Rome" and its Marc Anthony, James Purefoy, is playing the lead in NBC's "The Philanthropist" which premieres tonight. The series is getting major hype but we haven't received any screeners from NBC which makes us suspicious that the show isn't all its cracked up to be. Purefoy's involvement is enough to get us interested in the first episode - we know we can always switch over to "Gordon Ramsay's F Word" on BBC America if "The Philanthropist" falls short.

TV Junkie: French TV Feels US Invasion

As we said a couple weeks ago, we went to France for a couple weeks where we didn't watch much French TV because, well, there really wasn't anything worth watching other than the French Open and Manchester United vs. Barcelona. Now our uneducated opinion has supporting proof: in 2008 only 13 of the top 100 scripted TV shows in France were actually French. American-produced TV programs took the biggest slice at 57. Who says we don't export anything?

TV Junkie: TV Fandex; 'Jon & Kate' Reveal

Shows get their renewals due to their populaity right? Now there's a new tool for measuring the "online engagement" of TV viewers called the TV Fandex. The first week of Fandex measurement has shown that HBO's "True Blood" has the highest level of online engagement of any TV program, go figure. If the series stays as good as last night's episode, "True Blood" will rank very high for the rest of its season.

A Sobering Day for Many Fathers

Photo by corsakti via LAist Featured Photos/Flickr Welcome to Father's Day 2009, a Father's Day in the midst of a recession. According to an April article in the Financial Times, men lost almost 80% of the over 5 million jobs that have disappeared as the industries hit hardest by this recession, construction and manufacturing, are staffed primarily by men. Cynically, many industries might be laying off more men than women because women are (unfairly)...

Wyclef Jean Talks About Twitter at #140conf

LAist was at the 140 Character Conference in NYC Wednesday afternoon to learn about all things Twitter. Wyclef Jean was interviewed by Chris Sacca, formerly of Google, and we heard about how the recording artist uses Twitter and how it will shape the creation and distribution of his new album "Wyclef".

TV Junkie: Cronkite Ill; Conan vs. Letterman Gets Tight

Weekend Edition Our thoughts are with the family of veteran newsman, Walter Cronkite, who is reportedly gravely ill. If you were a kid in the '70s, chances are that Cronkite is still the voice and face of the news to you. | The late night battle between Letterman and Conan is getting tighter. Conan still has a slight lead but this is rapidly closing and the two should achieve parity in the next few weeks but we're heading into summer which usually means viewers will spend a few less hours in front of the TV.

TV Junkie: Tracey Will Be Back; Nielsen Flops

"Wipeout" on at 8pm on ABC Fans of Tracey Ullman will be happy that Showtime is ordering another season of the series - will be broadcast in 2010. --- Yesterday Nielsen admitted that there were errors in their ratings for the week and they were forced to reprocess their data. ABC had called them out after seeing their "World News" get it's lowest ratings ever (despite the fact that ABC had been king 24...

TV Junkie: 'Daily Show' Reports from Iran Next Week; 'Saving Grace' Returns Tonight

If you liked "The Colber(t) Repor(t)" reporting from Iraq last week, you will probably enjoy Jason Jones of "The Daily Show" reporting from Iran Monday through Thursday next week. Although not everyone thinks HBO's "True Blood" is the cat's pajamas, Sunday's premiere made the show the most watched program on HBO since the series finale of "The Sopranos".

TV Junkie: Lakers; 'True Blood'

So how about those Lakers? Better yet, what is your opinion on the coverage of the NBA finals? Who provided the best/worst commentary? What do you want to see in future basketball TV coverage? How about what kind of post-championship street riot coverage you'd like to see? Also - how about the season premiere of "True Blood"? If the HBO series stays true to itself, this will be a great season as indicated by last night's episode. We particularly enjoyed the imaginative flashback scenes of the Sam Merlotte character. Did you watch "True Blood"? What did you think?

TV Junkie: 'True Blood' Season Premiere on Sunday

Sure we have "The Soup" and a handful of choice regular programs this weekend, but what it's all about is the season premiere of "True Blood" at 9pm on Sunday on HBO. The buzz about this show has been building steadily since last season ended with most people catching up by either buying season one or renting it on Netflix. Here we are, the moment is about to happen - we've been invited to 2 viewing parties on Sunday, how about yourself? We're anticipating a lot of hungover viewers straggling into work on Sunday as there's something about vampires that makes people want to cut loose. Check out the HBO "True Blood" page, complete with a countdown counted in drops of blood.

TV Junkie: 'Daily Show' Punks the NY Times; We Heart Kim Alexis

"She's Got the Look" season premiere at 9pm on TV Land Last night's "Daily Show" had an excellent segment led by Jason Jones on the New York Times. For some reason the New York Times let Jones into the building, and knowing full well that he's from Comedy Central, were as uptight and humorless as any of the politicians Stephen Colbert has put in the hotseat over the years. Watch the segment, watch editors...

TV Junkie: TCM Junkies Social Network; 'The Shield' Comedy Hour; Sonic Youth on Letterman

Hardcore classic film geeks (ourselves included) now have a place to go as Turner Classic Movies aka TCM has launched a fan site that includes social networking doo-dads, video clips, and rare photos. --- Fans of "The Shield" will be eagerly anticipating the next effort from series creator Shawn Ryan, an hour-long comedic private investigator series called "Terriers" co-penned by "Ocean's Eleven" writer Ted Griffin. The pilot has been green-lighted/lit? by FX but no word on air date.

TV Junkie: Carradine on 'Mental'; Starbuck to '24'; 'Futurama' and 'Earl' Live On

FOX has signed Katee Sackhoff, aka Kara "Starbuck" Thrace, to co-star in season 8 of "24" Tonight you have a chance to see one of the last performances of the very recently departed David Carradine on FOX's "Mental" at 9pm. --- HBO's "John Adams" won the Grand Prize for Drama at the BANFF festival yesterday - congrats HBO. --- Back from the Dead: Supposedly Comedy Central has ordered 13 new episodes of "Futurama" and...

TV Junkie: Bill Burr to do First Stand-up on 'Tonight Show'; Colber(t) Reports from Iraq; 'Weeds' Returns

The TV Junkie is back from two weeks in France where we didn't watch much of any TV but we're still addicted, so here we are. What we missed was the debut of the new "Tonight Show With Conan O'Brien" - tell us how you think Conan is doing in the earlier time slot - Comment Please! Speaking of "The Tonight Show", the exceptional Bill Burr will be appearing tonight as the first stand-up comedian to grace the new version of "The Tonight Show".

TV Junkie: Highlights of the Week - Conan Takes Over 'The Tonight Show'

The TV Junkie is still on vacation but we've put together highlights of the week. The TV Junkie will be back next Monday. The big story this week is Conan O'Brien taking over "The Tonight Show" with a new set and hopefully a new take on the show as Jay Leno's tenure, while stable, seemed a little dated by the time he signed off last week.

TV Junkie: Weekly Update - Leno's Last Night Friday

The TV Junkie is away (back on June 8th) but we'll give you some highlights of what to watch this week, another update will be posted next week: Other than Al Pacino slated to play Dr. Kevorkian in an HBO pic, the other big highlight is that this is the final week of "The Tonight Show With Jay Leno" - catch it while you can. Wednesday: 8:00pm Season premiere of "Wipeout" (ABC) 9:00pm Series premiere of Mike Judge's "The Goode Family" (ABC)

TV Junkie: Network TV Takes A Hit in '08-'09

Memorial Day Weekend Edition The 2008-2009 season which ended this week has seen the networks' ratings collectively drop 16%. FOX remained on top for the 5th consecutive year but even they fell 13% in viewership, a fall attributed to not having the Super Bowl as well as "American Idol" sinking in viewership. Only CBS saw an increase in viewership (11%) which was fueled by the success of "The Mentalist".

Weekend Highlight: Comedian Bill Burr at the Hollywood Improv

Bill Burr is at the Hollywood Improv this weekend Last year comedian Bill Burr released his fantastic one hour special, "Why Do I Do This?" (read/listen to our interview with him) and after extensively touring the country he's coming to LA this weekend: Friday and Saturday night at the Hollywood Improv. You might have seen Burr in as a regular on “Chappelle’s Show,” but he has also appeared frequently on the “Late Show with...

TV Junkie: Disbelief Over New Shows; 'Southland' Finale

"Southland" season finale at 10pm on NBC It's old news, but even though Kris Allen was the upset winner on "American Idol" last night, we think we'll be seeing a lot more of Adan Lambert than Allen in the future. --- We still can't believe that "Frasier" is coming back on the air despite it being under another name. --- We also can't believe that on June 24th MTV's "Real World" will return for...

TV Junkie: What Fall TV Will Look Like; 'Idol' Finale

Season finale of "The New Adventures of Old Christine" at 8pm on CBS. Upfront Day News: This week is when the networks roll out the programs they are planning to release for the Fall - or, at least, its the programs they "say" they are going to roll out for the Fall. They might announce these programs but it doesn't mean they will be given budgets to adequately promote them; it doesn't mean that...

TV Junkie: Conan's First Guests; The Peabodys; 'Law & Order' Will Return

NBC has announced that the first guests on "The Tonight Show With Conan O'Brien" will be Will Ferrell and Pearl Jam. | We were pleased that AMC's "Breaking Bad" won at Monday's Peabody Awards ceremony but we weren't happy to read that "Saturday Night Live"'s Lorne Michaels is considering a "MacGruber" movie. "MacGruber" is funny for the 20 second segments it has on "SNL" but it doesn't have legs beyond that.

TV Junkie: '24' Finale; 'Chuck' Will Return

Tonight is the two-hour season finale of "24" (haters can move on please). We're already looking forward to season 7 which will supposedly occur in New York City and will be the "most realistic" season yet. How is that even [snark] possible? We admit we have shamelessly been wasting a ton of hours on the "24 - Special Ops" iPhone game. A recent high point for us was the chance to see a Janeane Garofalo performance where she read some of her "Janis Gold vs. Chloe O'Brien" dialogue.

TV Junkie: Dane Cook's 'ISolated INcident' Premieres on Comedy Central @ 10pm

"Dane Cook: ISolated INcident" airs commercial-free at 10pm on Comedy Central For every person that says they don't care for Dane Cook there has to be 100 that do - he sells out enormous arenas in every town he goes to. This is what makes tonight's premiere (Comedy Central @ 10pm) of "ISolated INcident" that much more interesting as the LA-based Cook decided to tape it in front of a couple hundred people at...

TV Junkie: 15+ Season Finales This Weekend; 'Primeval' Returns

Programming Notes for the Weekend: Saturday marks the return of "Primeval" on BBC America (@9:00pm). The well-produced science fiction series has been a major hit in the UK and today it's been reported that Warner Brothers will be taking the series to the big screen.

TV Junkie: Season Finale Night

"30 Rock" season finale at 9:30pm on NBC Tonight has at least 12 season finales that we know about. Good luck! --- Speaking of finales: Fans of "The Office" on Twitter can use the hash tag "#theoffice" before, during and after the season finale to chat in real-time about the show, then follow the Tweetstream, and in addition, fans can continue following the NBC "Office" Twitter account independently of the finale using the name...

Midnight Movie: An Ist Interview with Janeane Garofalo

LAist's sister site, Bostonist, had the opportunity to interview alternative comedy darling Janeane Garofalo at AltCom09 in Somerville, MA. Click through to see video excerpts of her performance at AltCom.

TV Junkie: 'Lost' Season Finale; Colber(t)'s Birthday; PBS Changes

The 2-hour "Lost" season finale on ABC at 9pm The season finale of "Lost" is upon us which means that there is only one more WTF-season ahead of us. In a recent interview in Parade, Michael Emerson aka Ben Linus, leaked that the series finale has already been written. What do you think, it's all a dream like Bob had in the series finale of "Newhart"? --- Today is Stephen Colber(t)'s birthday and he's...

TV Junkie: Stop It With the 3-Hour Finales; Cowell Spills the Lambert

This trend of creating multi-hour season finales of TV reality shows has got to stop. Among other finales, Sunday's 3 hour finale of "Celebrity Apprentice" was unnecessarily drawn out with tons of footage that should have been cut, resulting in subjecting the audience to almost 1/2 hour of additional commercials. Tonight's 3 hour finale of "The Biggest Loser" promises more of the same.

TV Junkie: 'The Soup' Expands to G4; Jamie Oliver/Ryan Seacrest Project, Potential 'meh'

"House" season finale on FOX at 8pm We're very pleased to see E!'s "The Soup" expand to the G4 network with "Web Soup", hosted by G4's Chris Hardwick, which will be airing at on Sundays at 9pm on Sundays, starting June 4th. --- While we've enjoyed Jamie Oliver's cooking shows, the ones he actually cooks in, we're not so sure how well a proposed reality show on ABC, produced by Ryan Seacrest, will fare....

Interview: Sam Lloyd, aka 'Ted' from 'Scrubs' - The Blanks Play Largo on 5/16

The Blanks, yes - the a capella quartet from "Scrubs", play the Largo at the Coronet on Saturday, May 16th Sam Lloyd has been in TV and movies for over twenty years. "Seinfeld" fans will recognize him as Ricky from "The Pie" and "The Cigar Store Indian" episodes, as well in episodes of "Mad About You", "The Drew Carey Show", "3rd Rock From The Sun", and countless other TV shows. Lloyd really caught our...

TV Junkie: Aisha to ABC; CBS Dips; Timberlake on SNL

Justin Timberlake to host "Saturday Night Live", 11:25pm - Saturday, NBC Weekend Edition We're pleased to see a former E! favorite of ours, Aisha Tyler, getting picked by ABC to host a new talk show that will leverage her stand-up and acting skills. No word yet on what time of day the show will air and when it will premiere. Speaking of E!, don't forget to watch "The Soup" tonight which will feature a...

TV Junkie: New Series from 'Robot Chicken' Team; News Corp Suffers Drop In Income Despite 'Idol' Success

A new series from the creators of "Robot Chicken" will air this September The team behind "Robot Chicken" is launching a new series, "Titan Maximum", which will begin airing on Adult Swim in September. Much like "Robot Chicken", it will be stop-action animation that focuses on a team of brash spacecraft pilots whose ships join together to for Titan Maximum. Several of the voice actors from "Robot Chicken" will also be featured, including Breckin...

TV Junkie: 'The Office' Continues Spawning; 'Hello' Vid from Conan; The CW Punts Sundays

Mindy Kaling aka "Kelly Kapoor" from "The Office" gets a deal with NBC NBC keeps looking to "The Office" for more show ideas and star power. Mindy Kaling, aka Kelly Kapoor, has been signed up for a 2-year deal to continue writing and producing "The Office" as well as developing her own show. We're psyched to see Kaling, who came to the show with a writing and production background, will have a chance to...

TV Junkie: RIP Dom DeLuise

Today we sadly note the passing of the always hilarious Dom DeLuise, who died at age 75 in Santa Monica last night. DeLuise was primarily known for his roles in movies like the Cannonball Run franchise with Burt Reynolds, as well as several of Mel Brooks' fillms, particularly Blazing Saddles and History of the World Part I. DeLuise actually got his start in TV on staples like "The Munsters"

TV Junkie: NBC's Partial Announcement; Fallon Not A Disaster According to WSJ

"Late Night With Jimmy Fallon" on NBC at 12:35am Unless you are a Chicago Bulls or Boston Celtics fan (yeah!) this weekend's TV was kind of boring other than Sunday's "Breaking Bad" on AMC, which was excellent as usual. We wonder why the premiere of season 2 of "Ashes to Ashes" was pulled off of BBC America - it was a highlight for Saturday and pretty much the only alternative to basketball. News from...

TV Junkie: Hasbro/Discovery TV; Disney/Hulu TV; Web Series News

Hasbro and the Discovery Channel(??) are forming a children's TV network together to launch sometime next year. I'm hoping to see the "MythBusters" guys blow up some My Little Ponys. --- In the kinda old news category, Disney has now bought 30% of Hulu which means ABC shows like "Lost" will now be available on the web network.

TV Junkie: Redstone Disses Leno

"Southland" on NBC at 9:55pm Viacom's Sumner Redstone ripped into NBC for its creation of Jay Leno's 10pm show - saying that "CSI" will "beat the hell" out of Leno. --- There's a ton of season finale's this evening but the most compelling TV is KCET's "SoCal Connected" and then just about everything on NBC from "Parks and Rec." through to 11pm - much like yesterday, late night has a lot of good options,...

TV Junkie: It's Time To Waterboard Hannity; Get Tix For Conan; 'Lost' 100th, 'Diggnation' 200th

"Diggnation" appeared on NBC's "Late Night" last month and tonight they're celebrating episode 200! Keith Olbermann wants to take up Sean Hannity on an offer to undergo waterboarding - Obermann is offering $1000 for every second Hannity undergoes the procedure. It's time to man up Sean. Randomness: - "The Tonight Show With Conan O'Brien" is now accepting requests for tickets. - There is a survey over at Predicto asking if "Late Night With Jimmy...

TV Junkie: Supreme Court Rules on %$#@!s; FOX Says 'No' To Obama Press Conference; Dr. Bishop, I Presume

Dr. Walter Bishop from "Fringe" on FOX at 9pm The Supreme Court led the country down a hypocritical and fascist path with today's ruling on the live broadcast of expletives. We wonder if the conservative members of the court would have ruled differently if Vice President Dick Cheney's utterance of "Go fuck yourself" to Senator Patrick Leahy in 2004 was captured live by C-SPAN. --- Undisguised partisanship rears its head over at FOX, again:...

Clinton Kelly of 'What Not to Wear' Brings 'Make Over America' to SoCal

Clinton Kelly, co-host of TLC's "What Not To Wear", is coming to the Macy*s South Coast Plaza in Costa Mesa on June 6th as part of his Make Over America Tour. The day will feature a fashion show of 15 "locals" (meaning pretty much anyone from LA or the Valley) selected for makeovers as well as Clinton Kelly holding court for the entire afternoon.

TV Junkie: Olyphant in New FX Series; 'Chuck' & 'Heroes' Season Finales

"Heroes" season finale is at 9pm on NBC This Pig Fever or whatever they are calling it must have "20/20" and their ilk in a tizzy of how to cover it this week. We can be sure that threatening and ominous theme songs have already been composed for all of the news networks - how will the news magazines cope? --- We've loved Timothy Olyphant in "Deadwood" and most recently in "Damages" and now...

Interview: The Weather Channel's Jim Cantore Talks About 'Storm Stories' and Assesses SoCal

Jim Cantore on "Storm Stories", 5pm on The Weather Channel You've all seen Jim Cantore, the daring meteorologist who's been on The Weather Channel for almost 25 years now. A regular staple on "Weather Center", he's been hosting "Storm Stories" (Sundays @ 5pm) for several seasons and is heavily involved with the creation of each episode. Who else out there is a Weather Channel geek? If there is a weather event happening or if...

TV Junkie: Almodovar To Do TV; Leno Misses Tonight Show; TV Land on Sunday

"Ashes To Ashes" season finale on BBC America on Saturday @ 9pm Weekend Edition Pedro Almodovar is purportedly in talks to produce a TV adaptation of his 1988 movie, Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown with Fox TV Studios. --- Did anyone else miss Jay Leno as little as we did yesterday? While we are sorry the guy is sick we can't but wonder if his sickness could just seque into his...

TV Junkie: PBS All Online; ABC & Spike Renewals

NBC's "Southland" is pretty darn good, it airs at 9:55pm tonight PBS had already been putting a ton of programming online, but now they're going whole hog. Be sure to check out PBS' video portal which is planned to include material from all 350+ PBS affiliates. Way to draw a line in the sand PBS. --- Linkage: "MythBusters" was pretty awesome last night, here's a link to The Digg Reel's behind-the-scenes, etc. Tonight brings...

TV Junkie: Cowell Says 'No' To Slippage; 'Millionaire' Returns Briefly

"MythBusters" on Discovery at 9pm "American Idol"'s Simon Cowell has drawn a line in the sand, stating that he will leave the show if it drops from its number one spot. While "Idol" has dropped in ratings, it is still the highest rated program on TV so it looks like Cowell will be there for some time to come. --- ABC is bringing back "Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?" for a limited run...

LAist On the Red Carpet @ the 2009 TV Land Awards

The TV Junkie braved the stunning heat last Sunday to put on a monkey suit and attend the red carpet ceremonies at the Gibson Amphitheater for the 2009 TV Land Awards. This event is a favorite of TV fans as it's an opportunity to see the creators and talent of some of the best TV from ages past, most of whom are also involved in current TV projects as well.

TV Junkie: Fred Segal in Santa Monica in Reality Series; Messing in NBC Comedy

Fred Segal store in Santa Monica to be in Bravo reality series Don't forget to check out the TV Junkie video from the TV Land Awards red carpet that was posted earlier today! --- Bravo will be shooting a new reality series at the Fred Segal store in Santa Monica! --- Another from The Hollywood Reporter - Debra Messing is picked up by NBC for a single-camera comedy about a laid-off CEO who becomes...

TV Junkie: Tivo To Go Toe-To-Toe With Nielsen; Is Your Show On the Chopping Block?

Tivo to offer ratings/metrics service this summer The TV Junkie's got some cool stuff for you this week. For you weather geeks we have an interview with Jim Cantore from The Weather Channel as well as some great footage from yesterday's TV Land Awards - the broadcast of the TV Land Awards is this coming Sunday at 8:00pm on, where else, TV Land. --- It's official: Tivo is entering the viewership metrics space to...

TV Junkie: 'The Soup', 'The Soup', 'The Soup' Is On Fire

Weekend Edition Joel McHale from "The Soup" on E! tonight at 10pm Last night the TV Junkie was very fortunate to be invited to the taping of "The Soup" which will air on E! tonight at 10pm. It was a fantastic experience made all the more special by a great special guest and some hilarious shenanigans. Charming and kind host Joel McHale and executive producers KP Anderson and Edward Boyd (very fun men in their...

The TV Junkie Hits 'The Soup', Hard

The TV Junkie Goes to E!'s "The Soup" from Tom Lewis. The TV Junkie made it to the set of E!'s "The Soup" last night (it's also the same studio used by just about every other show at E! - their crew must be wizards at LEGOS). We talked to executive producers KP Anderson and Edward Boyd who filled us in on the history of "The Soup" as well as some of the nuances of...

TV Junkie: Upcoming PaleyFest09 Highlights

PaleyFest09 is at the ArcLight Cinerama - photo by Sundogg via the LAist Flickr pool A reminder to all TV fans that we're in the midst of PaleyFest09 at the ArcLight - panel highlights this week are "The Big Bang Theory" (tonight - 4/16), "The Mentalist" (4/17), "Desperate Housewives" (4/18), and on Sunday a very special panel and program of the unaired "Pushing Daisies" episodes. If you went to any of last week's programs...

TV Junkie: Ugh, Twitter Battle between Ashton Kutcher & CNN

"Better Off Ted" tonight at 8:30pm on ABC Would someone please put the kaibosh on the Ashton Kutcher vs. CNN on Twitter thing? Ted Turner has got nothing to do with CNN anymore but I'm sure CNN is appreciative of the attention as they've been losing marketshare to local news and online sources over the last couple years. --- From the "I-Can't-Believe-It's-True Department": Disgraced ex-Governor of Illinois, Rod Blagojevich, has been recruited by NBC...

Interview: Captain Keith from Discovery Channel's 'Deadliest Catch'

Captain Keith Colburn of The Wizard As part of Discovery Channel's "Alaska Week" of programming, tonight at 9pm is the season premiere of "Deadliest Catch" and over the past four seasons we've seen some incredible sights as these brave men harvest the King and Snow crab we, in the lower 48, love to nosh on while sitting in our warm, safe, and cozy restaurants and houses. To say that these guys have a dangerous...

TV Junkie: LA Film Production Down/TV Up; 'Deadliest Catch' Season Premiere

"Deadliest Catch" season premiere @ 9pm on the Discovery Channel The Hollywood Reporter is saying that film production in LA is down by 56% compared to Q1 of 2008. However, TV production has rebounded by 76% over the same period due to the writers' strike ending. Still, that drop in film can't be good for anyone. --- Discovery Channel's "Alaska Week" really gets into gear with tonight's season 5 premiere of "Deadliest Catch" at...

TV Junkie: 'Alaska Week' on Discovery; Cancellations for TNT & Showtime

"Alaska Week" on Discovery starts tonight at 9pm The Discovery Channel has put together a ton of programming it has dubbed "Alaska Week" and it begins tonight at 9pm with "Arctic Roughnecks". Tomorrow will feature the season premiere of "Deadliest Catch" and we will have an interview with Captain Keith of the Wizard for you! Tonight PBS will begin airing a 5 part "American Experience" on the history of Native Americans from the arrival...

TV Junkie: PaleyFest09; NBC Comedy Showcase; TCM 15th Anniversary

Weekend Edition "Terminator" season finale tonight on FOX Tonight begins the incredible 2-week long celebration of television aka PaleyFest09. The 26th annual William S. Paley Television Festival runs from April 10 to 24, 2009 at the Arclight Cinerama Dome and on an almost nightly basis, will have panels of actors, writers, and producers from some of the best television programs in current or recent production. Highlights for us will be "It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia",...

TV Junkie: A Date With Don Draper; TNT to Twitter NBA; Pre-Summer ABC Blow-Out

Jon Hamm for sale on eBay Jon Hamm aka Don Draper aka Dr. Drew Baird is available for a date ......for charity. Paul Rudd, Kevin Smith, Nathan Fillion, Patrick Duffy, David Schwimmer, Julianna Margulies and others are also available for dates so take your checkbook to the Adrienne Shelley Foundation website who is auctioning off these wonderful people on eBay. In its upcoming "40 Games in 40 Nights" NBA coverage, TNT will be using...

LAist Interview: Joe Glaser, Co-Founder of Moontoast

Last month we had a ton of LAist folks at SXSW-interactive and via the grapevine we got hooked up with Joe Glaser, co-founder of Moontoast, direct from Austin. Moontoast is an online collection of experts who can provide instruction and face-to-face consulting via the webcams built into most computers these days. Glaser was initially inspired by his relationships with professional musicians, several of them LA-based, who in between recording sessions and touring, were looking...

TV Junkie: Harold & Kumar Go To The White House (wait, just Kumar)

In case you didn't hear about it yet, but internist Dr. Kutner on FOX's "House" committed suicide in Monday's episode. This was hastily written into the script as the real-life Kal Penn is leaving acting for a while to go work for the Obama administration in the Office of Public Liaison. This also means no more Harold & Kumar movies for a while, so we're all sacrificing here - but seriously, congrats Kal and...

TV Junkie: Anticipation of Thursday's 'Parks and Recreation'

NBC's "Parks and Recreation" premieres on Thursday @ 8:30pm We know it's a couple days away but we couldn't help talk up this Thursday night's NBC lineup: "The Office" will be back with 2 brand new episodes at 8pm and 9pm with the series premiere of Amy Poehler's highly anticipated "Parks and Recreation" sandwiched in between the two at 8:30pm. Check out the website of Pawnee, Indiana, the location of "Parks and Recreation" and...

TV Junkie: NCAA; WHDH/Leno Redux

NCAA final on CBS, Go "S"!!!! Perhaps it's because of the NCAA final, but it seems like there isn't a heck of a lot of TV news to report, all of late night TV tonight is repeats and no one has given us any cool leaks lately. Do you have the inside scoop on some TV tidbits? Other than former "Charlie's Angels" angel Farrah Fawcette's cancer spreading, of course. We know we're going to...

TV Junkie: Boston NBC Affiliate Says 'No' to New Leno Show

AMC's "Breaking Bad" on Sunday at 10pm Is a Boston affiliate's refusal to carry Jay Leno's 10pm talk show the first chink in NBC's plans to keep Leno out of the marketplace? NBC immediately began saber-rattling but is that enough to keep everyone in line? WHDH Channel 7 in Boston is electing to broadcast an hour of in-depth local news as a substitute for Leno in a bet that neighborhood interests will trump even...

TV Junkie: ....aaaaaaannnnd that's it, call it - time of death: 'ER' 04/02/09

"ER" series finale on NBC @ 9pm Tonight is all about the final episode of "ER" and/or how to avoid it. NBC is pretty much devoting all of its prime time programming to "ER", what with retrospectives, and the two-hour finale. We admit that we used to watch "ER" about 10 years ago because we had a girlfriend that was an "ER" addict, kind of like the way one becomes a vegetarian because one's...

Midnight Movie: Isabella Rossellini's 'Green Porno' Returns

First Isabella did the sex life of insects, now she's back online at Sundance with her second "Green Porno" series, this time focusing on sea creatures. These are hilarious and educational - and what a good sport she is....

TV Junkie: 'Damages' Season(?) Finale

"Damages" season finale @ 10pm on FX Tonight's season finale of "Damages" promises to be a nail-biter - we know where we'll be at 10pm. As it approaches, we wonder how there could possibly a third season after this, but that's the result of great writing. Unfortunately it's conflicting with the season premiere of "Reno 911!" but we take solace in the fact that it airs again later, because we're cheap that way. If...

TV Junkie: 'My Boys' Returns; Late Night TV Hot Tonight

"My Boys" season premiere on TBS at 10:30pm We love comedians Jim Gaffigan and Jamie Kaler so therefore we just kind of have to like TBS' "My Boys" which has its season premiere tonight. While the show isn't any less funny than any of the big network shows, Jim Gaffigan's bits are the highlight of every episode - we wish TBS would build a show around him as the lead, c'mon already. News from...

TV Junkie: Top Gear's Project Sipster; 'Cupid' Returns

"Top Gear" and Project Sipster, BBC America Our friends over at BBC America's "Top Gear" have really done it - they have achieved unprecedented success with "Project Sipster": the creation of a car that gets 84mpg , goes from 0-60mph in 7 seconds, and whose cost was to be $7000 or less. You can see more in this video. Suck it Tesla and watch "Top Gear" on BBC America tonight at 8pm. From Renewaland:...

TV Junkie: Bad HBO, No Donut; The Streamys on Sat.; Gaffigan on Sun.

"Jim Gaffigan: King Baby" airs on Sunday @ 9pm on Comedy Central The Internet is abuzz today with promotion of HBO's "The No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency" to air this Sunday. Some writer's are pointing out that the show doesn't address any of the problems going on in Africa these days (AIDS, war, famine, rape, pillaging of natural resource) - instead it depicts a laid-back and idyllic place with only quaint soap opera-esque concerns....

TV Junkie: Obama's Ratings Fall but he's still the President; Cheryl Hines' 'In the Motherhood'

"The Office" on NBC @ 9pm Nielsen says that President Obama's latest press conference slipped in the ratings and that the CW series, "Reaper", gained (the implication is that Obama is suffering from overexposure). I'm not sure how many teens would be that in economics, much less everyday Americans. I guess former President Bush avoided these kind of comparisons by not doing press conferences and by spending more time on vacation than any other...

TV Junkie: Lopez to Have Late Night Show; Letterman Weds

"Lost" tonight @ 9pm on ABC Late night news: TBS is building a late night show around comedian/actor George Lopez (whom we have loved as Mayor Hernandez on "Reno 911"). The hour-long show will air at 11pm, Monday through Fridays but we're not so sure that it's a good move to go head to head with local news. We'll see what happens when the show launches. TBS has dabbled in late night comedy, with...

TV Junkie: 'Extreme Ice' on PBS - Beautiful but Frightening

"Extreme Ice" on PBS's "Nova" @ 8pm Last week NPR did a segment on tonight's "Nova" which even sounded cool - check out the photos, the video footage will be even more amazing, if not terrifying, as we have more proof of climate change (PBS @ 8pm). Thank you Oxygen, for the priceless research that determined "early 25% of women would rather win "America's Next Top Model" than the Nobel Peace Prize, however, 75%...

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