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TV Junkie Interview: Ed Begley Jr. - Let's Get With His Program

Rachelle Carson and Ed Begley Jr. live the green life in "Living With Ed" which airs on Discovery's Planet Green on Wednesday nights at 6:00pm Ed Begley Jr. has performed in the most incredible array of stage, film, and television productions over the last 40 years, getting his small screen start in such staples as "My Three Sons" and "Adam-12" to being a face you saw everywhere during the Heyday of Television in "Laverne...

TV Junkie: 'Living With Ed'; FOX Mid-Season Schedule; 'Nip/Tuck' Surrealism

A new episode of "Living With Ed" airs at 6pm on Planet Green Make sure you check out today's interview with TV icon and environmental activist Ed Begley Jr. and check out tonight's episode of "Living With Ed" on Planet Green at 6pm (here's Planet Green's channel finder). --- FOX has picked up a full season of "Lie to Me" so congrats to showrunner Shawn Ryan. [Here's our interview with Shawn Ryan from earlier...

TV Junkie: 37th International Emmys; 'V' Finale + 'Sons of Anarchy' Tonight

We made it to the 37th International Emmys last night and got a quick word with Sir David Frost, who has interviewed every US president since 1969: looks like he'll be interviewing President Obama in the next six months. The host of the event was the perpetually cheerful and energetic Graham Norton whose "The Graham Norton Show" can be found on BBC America every Saturday night. Also, Dr. Henry Kissinger was there to present an award to Germany's ZDF TV for actively broadcasting western programming into East Germany during the Cold War.

TV Junkie: Come and Get Your Popcorn - Jon & Kate Series Finale

"Jon & Kate Plus 8" series finale tonight on TLC at 9pm Some would say "it's finally over" about tonight's series finale of "Jon & Kate Plus 8" on TLC at 9pm, but does anyone really think it's over? Jon Gosselin is suing TLC, TLC is suing Jon Gosselin, and TLC is organizing at least another show for Kate, America's favorite octomom. What isn't funny is how badly this all must be screwing up...

TV Junkie: 'Curb' Finale Looms; Bon Jovi on Conan + Video

Weekend Edition We're very much looking forward to Sunday's "Curb Your Enthusiasm" season finale. The "Seinfeld" reunion has been played perfectly - not overemphasized and very realistically positioned for the best comedic effect. A comedian on the circuit told me that "Curb" wasn't funny, and he's right that it's not funny in a stand-up comedy kind of way but it's sure as hell funny...

TV Junkie: A Very Sunny Night in Philadelphia; John Oliver Scores

"It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia: A Very Sunny Christmas" is out on DVD and Bu-ray this week We've reached Thursday which means it's comedy night topped by "It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia" on FX at 10pm providing some insight into how Dennis manages to score with so many women. We also had a chance to see the "It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia" Holiday special, "A Very Sunny Christmas": a 43 minute featurette that's been...

TV Junkie: A Conversation with Kelly Rutherford of 'Gossip Girl'; Steven Seagal Lawman Online

13 days ago we wrote about the Parents Television Council boycott of The CW because of advertising for "Gossip Girl" and at Monday's launch party for Mark Liddell's "Exposed: 10 Years in Hollywood" we grabbed the opportunity to ask "Gossip Girl"'s Kelly Rutherford (aka Lily van der Woodsen) about the boycott - please watch the above video for her thoughts. [Also, what a thrill to talk to Megan from the original "Melrose Place"!]

Interview: Celebrity & Fashion Photographer Mark Liddell

"Exposed: 10 Years in Hollywood" by Mark Liddell Mark Liddell is the photographer of choice when an actor or celebrity needs to create an iconic image of themselves. From supermodels like Naomi Campbell to rockers like Avril Lavigne to socialites like Paris Hilton, among their most compelling photos were shot by Liddell. Many photographs of these celebrities were done in the name of advancing charity work and now Liddell has released his first book...

TV Junkie: 'The Prisoner' vs 'V' vs Fellini; 'Pacific' Progressing

Fellini's "8 1/2" on TCM is competing for your eyeballs at 8pm along with lots of other good stuff tonight Tonight's another tough night for picking what to watch: we're going to stick with "The Prisoner" to the end (what do you guys think of this show?), then it's on to "Sons of Anarchy" (since it's already 10pm by that time) but late night is a treat with Vice President Joe Biden on "The...

Interview with Kellan Lutz from 'The Twilight Saga: New Moon'

Kellan Lutz plays Emmett Cullen in the Twilight saga: Twilight, New Moon, and Eclipse, and was also in HBO's Emmy-winning series "Generation Kill" with fellow vampire genre god, Alexander Skarsgård aka Eric Northman of "True Blood". We talked with Lutz about his experience with Skarsgård, details on the New Moon sequel, Eclipse, as well as his aspirations for the future.

TV Junkie: January Jones & 'The Prisoner' Write-Ups

James Caviezel is right: OMG when am I going to find another 2 hours to watch "The Prisoner" tonight! Weekend Notes: January Jones was host of "Saturday Night Live" and if Taylor Swift "nailed" her hosting duties a week ago then Jones did at least as good of a job. The key difference was the writing and the writing was definitely better for the November 7th show. Could it have been a better show?...

TV Junkie: 'The Prisoner' Premieres on Sunday; January Jones 'SNL' Host

Weekend Edition Programming of note this weekend: "Saturday Night Live" has an odd choice for host this week: January Jones, aka Betty Draper from AMC's "Mad Men". She has a part in the obnoxiously overpromoted comedy Pirate Radio but does that make her funny? We're going to watch to find out if this turns out to be a brilliant gamble. Musical guest is the eager-to-participate-in-any-sponsorship-opportunity aka "whores", the Black Eyed Peas.

TV Junkie: Dobbs Ducks (Out); Bradbury Lives!

The TV world is abuzz with Lou Dobbs' abrupt resignation on his broadcast last night after nearly 30 years at CNN. Everyone is asking "why" this was happening but Dobbs' political bent has been more than slightly apparent for the last several years. We wonder on what basis Dobbs could say CNN has stifled his opinion as it would appear that he has had free reign during his tenure. We also wonder if this move...

TV Junkie: 'V' Settles; George Lopez vs. Wanda Sykes

Did any of you tune in to the 2nd episode of "V" last night? We ask because viewership dropped by about 30% from the previous week. Don't get us wrong, we like the series but the drop in ratings made us think a bit more about the program. First of all, they're not really breaking any new ground here and that's fine since the majority of the targeted demographic don't remember the original series at all but we thought there would be more updating to the story other than contemporary babes, hunks, and computer graphics. We'll stay tuned for more but after this we wonder about the remake of the classic and dear-to-our-hearts "The Prisoner", which premieres this Sunday on AMC.

TV Junkie: Kardashian's Walk All Over 'Mad Men'; 'V' Back & 'Sons of Anarchy' Special

"Sons of Anarchy" will have a 1.5 hour special episode tonight starting at 10pm on FX Yesterday we waxed poetic about the "Mad Men" season finale which had a viewership of about 2.3 million but let's keep in mind that in this America, 1 million more people watched the Khloe Kardashian/Lamar Odom wedding special on E! Just when we thought we were becoming a little more sophisticated.... --- While we can understand that ABC...

TV Junkie: Finale Summary; Showtime Winter Series Dates

As we know, last night had the excellent season finale of "Bored to Death" which we gave you a sneak peek of but it also had the finale of the multi-Emmy winning "Mad Men" on AMC. "Mad Men" generally had a great season with only a couple sleepy episodes but the finale was incredible. Maybe Don is finally free of Betty but the plight of the kids had our female viewing party members crying with most feeling that Don was much better off without "that crazy Betty". What will keep us pining for the next season is the momentum that was built up with what was ostensibly the launch of a start-up '60s-style. Summer of 2010 can't come too soon.

TV Junkie: Interview with Kristin Bauer aka Pam from 'True Blood'

Kristin Bauer plays Pam, one of our favorite vampires from HBO's "True Blood" Tomorrow at LUSH Cosmetics in Santa Monica, Kristin Bauer, aka Pam from "True Blood" will be signing autographs and taking pics between 1 and 3pm with fans who simply show up to support the International Fund for Animal Welfare’s (IFAW) Tails for Whales photo campaign. We had a chance to talk to the "True Blood" star about her support for this...

TV Junkie: 'Bored to Death' & 'Mad Men' Season Finales Sunday

The "Bored to Death" season finale is Sunday at 9:30pm on HBO Weekend Edition HBO is booking a series involving the gender transition of a female to a male. Yes, a 1/2-hour drama focused on transexuality is being developed but no casting or production schedule has been mentioned. --- The Cartoon Network is going to have...a couple live-action series. "Tower Prep" and "Unnatural History" will begin their 13-episode runs in January, 2010. --- There's...

TV Junkie: Interview with 'Bored to Death' Team of Ted Danson, Jonathan Ames & Jason Schwartzman

The season finale of HBO's "Bored to Death" is this Sunday at 9:30pm and it is a must-watch. There are plenty of McShows out there but this is not one of them and nor will it ever be. The brainchild of author and memoirist Jonathan Ames, the show about an author and part-time amateur private investigator bursts with uncompromised originality in every episode.

TV Junkie: Oprah Move? 'Gossip Girl' Boycott; 'NUMB3RS' Numbered

Today's big scuttlebutt is that Oprah may relocate her show from Chicago to Los Angeles by 2011. While this might be more convenient for Oprah and TV executives, we think TV is more competitive and more interesting when it is produced in more locations. If the entertainment industry doesn't want to be labelled as a "bi-coastal elitist" then it should be aware of how this appears.

TV Junkie: 'Sesame Street' Celebrating 40th Season

"Sesame Street" is about to enter its 40th season and it's making us feel, well, all of our own 40 years. As a little TV Junkie we were plunked down in front of that show as soon as we could sit up and the power of this incredible show has stayed with us all these years. Characters from the show will be popping up all over the place this week, including co-hosting "Are You Smarter Than A 5th Grader?" on Monday, November 9th.

TV on DVD: Interview with Shawn Ryan, Creator of 'The Shield' - Complete Series out on DVD Today

"The Shield: Complete Series" comes out on DVD today. Creator Shawn Ryan tells us all about it. Today marks the release of "The Shield: Complete Series" on DVD. This series pushed the boundaries of what could be done on cable television, in terms of content, quality of writing and production, and talent (Academy Award winners galore guested or had long-running storylines). "The Shield" paved the way for current darlings of the critics and viewers...

TV Junkie: 'V' Premieres; Kids Increase TV-Viewing; Obama-mentery on HBO

Did you make the mistake, like us, of watching the original "V: The Final Battle" on Syfy last weekend? We can't believe that series was such a big deal when we were kids but here's good news, the remake of the series that airs tonight at 8pm on ABC takes the premise and completely owns it in a very slick and well done (at least for the part of the pilot that we've seen) rendition. We'll be watching and not remotely comparing.

TV Junkie: Leno Speaks; New IFC Web Series

There's already some news about how this season is going in terms of viewership for the big networks: all the big networks have larger audiences with the exception of ABC. NBC is still struggling in 4th place and its "Jay Leno Show" has about 1/2 the viewership of its rival networks at that hour. Leno did an interview over at Broadcasting & Cable to get some positive press and alludes to a desire to return to the 11:35pm slot.

LAist Interview: Horror Legend Robert Englund aka 'Freddy Krueger'

Robert Englund is Dr. Andover in "Fear Clinic" on Robert Englund has been involved in film and television for 35 years, other than his most famous creation, Freddy Krueger, he's been in television staples such as "Soap", "CHiPs", and "V" as well as movies like The Phantom of the Opera, Strangeland, and 2001 Maniacs. He's also been a director and is now an author with the release of his autobiography Hollywood Monster: A...

TV Junkie: Halloween Options Galore

Halloween Weekend Edition You will have plenty of Halloween options starting tonight with CBS covering all bases with "NUMB3RS", "Medium" and "Ghost Whisperer" (fans of the last two should check out this "Spirit of Friday Night" website) but don't forget oldies but goodies like Psycho on TCM at 9pm. Tomorrow there will be Halloween fare all over the place with scary movies on IFC, TCM, and AMC which will be running Night of the Living Dead back to back from 6pm until midnight. You can always check out Martha Stewart's TV options or consider one of these "True Blood" jack-o-lantern stencils for last-minute Halloween ideas.

TV Junkie: A 'Cougar Town' Makeover Please

"30 Rock" has a Halloween theme tonight at 9:30pm on NBC Tell us, have you watched "Cougar Town"? We've really tried to give this show a chance but the stilted dialogue and hollow stereotypes are starting to get to us: the whole "cougar" premise already seems tired and trite; the cast seems to be waiting for each line of dialogue to be stiffly delivered; and when is the increasingly frozen-faced Christa Miller going to...

TV Junkie: Tuesday Night Good, not Just for CBS; Pau Gasol to Miami?

"Cougar Town" is on at 9:30pm on ABC, thanks for this pic, Courteney There was some great TV on last night, with "Sons of Anarchy" continuing to get back on track after some silliness a couple weeks ago. On the more depressing side of things, "Frontline" continued to remind us that we are still riding a unicycle on the precipice of economic disaster. Look forward to more stark details from PBS as Margaret Warner,...

TV Junkie: Dance, Dance, So What? Clooney Show on TNT

It's dance night again and we're asking you if you care. We want to hear from the lovers and the haters: should we keep listing new episodes of "So You Think You Can Dance" and "Dancing With The Stars" in our schedule or can we save that space for something else? 2 contestants from each show will be eliminated tonight BTW. --- TNT is again stepping up to the plate by funding a pilot to be executive produced by George Clooney.

Woody Harrelson's 'The Messenger' to Premiere at AFI Festival

The AFI Film Festival starts this Friday and while there are many excellent films to choose from, we highly recommend The Messenger. The film stars Woody Harrelson and Ben Foster as U.S. Army officers assigned to the Army's Casualty Notification service whose duty is to deliver notification of death to the next-of-kin of fallen soldiers. We went to the New York City premiere of the film at the CMJ Film Festival and shot the video of Woody Harrelson and the film's director, Oren Moverman, answering questions from the audience about the film and their preparation for it.

TV Junkie: Microsoft Drops Sponsorship of 'Family Guy' Special; Halloween Programming

Microsoft has now pulled its sponsorship of Seth MacFarlane's November "Family Guy" special A couple weeks ago we wrote about Microsoft's insidious sponsorship of Seth MacFarlane's November special, Family Guy Presents: Seth and Alex's Almost Live Comedy Show" on November 8th and it now appears that Microsoft can't handle MacFarlane's humor and has dropped the sponsorship. After Microsoft execs attended the October 16th taping, a Microsoft spokesperson stated "We initially chose to participate in...

LAist Interview: YACHT who play tonight at Discotheque @ Temporary Spaces 2

We talked about inspirations behind their new album, See Mystery Lights, which is their first release on DFA. Primary among their inspirations are the bizarre and strange Marfa lights of Western Texas, which they themselves witnessed on multiple occasions.

TV Junkie: TV Ain't Goin' Away (Yet); FX vs FOX; 'White Collar' Premiere

Weekend Edition The prediction that TV was fading into the fog of yesteryear as a medium seems to not be true (for the moment). Overall viewership of TV is up by 4% and the departure of the coveted 18-49 demographic seems to have been arrested. The Hollywood Reporter offers a breakdown, network by network.

TV Junkie: Red Carpet at USA's 'White Collar' Premiere Event

Tonight at 10:00pm USA will be premiering their new dramedy "White Collar". At the premiere event this morning at Rockefeller Center in NYC, the TV Junkie had a chance to talk to stars Tiffani Thiessen, Matthew Bomer, and Tim DeKay. The series pairs master "white collar" criminal Neal Caffrey (Matt Bomer) and hardened FBI agent Peter Burke (Tim DeKay) on capers where they need to track down various corporate criminals...

TV Junkie: Hulu to Charge? Changes on 'FlashForward'; 'Dollhouse' Enters Deathspiral

Greenman makes an appearance on tonight's "It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia" on FX at 10pm NBC now says that Hulu will have to start increasing the number of ads in its player or offer subscription-based content. Good thing that NBC doesn't have exclusive control over Hulu. --- Another episode of "FlashForward" airs tonight but the show might change in the remainder of the season as co-showrunner and executive producer Marc Guggenheim will leave the...

TV Junkie: Buscemi To Do More TV; FX Scoring With 'Sons...' and 'Nip/Tuck'

"Nip/Tuck" on FX at 10pm Steve Buscemi and Stanley Tucci are teaming up for a couple TV projects: they're working on a drama for HBO which will star Tucci as a brilliant, one-time powerful politician struggling to rebuild his career and for TBS, an animated series called "Good and Evel" created "Daria" co-creator and "The Colbert Report" writer Glenn Eichler - the series will be voiced by both Tucci and Buscemi. No broadcast dates...

TV Junkie: People's Choice Voting Started

Voting for the People's Choice Awards has begun! Opinionated know-it-alls like ourselves are thrilled to see that the People's Choice Awards have begun accepting nominations and voting has started. The awards, hosted by Queen Latifah, will be broadcast on January 6th and between now and October 26th you can even vote on which Waterford Crystal design the winners' trophies will be based upon. The ballot casting process begins here. --- Marc Graboff, Chairman of...

TV Junkie: More Repurcussions for NBC's Cancellation of 'Southland'

Sylar features prominently in tonight's "Heroes" Ten days ago we bitched about NBC's cancellation of "Southland" and we had a lot of dialogue about that. Now the industry wonders if this move will result in creatives avoiding NBC because why work for a place that would cancel the best-reviewed and highest-rated freshman series in 2008-09? Oh yeah, and it was a series created by John Wells Productions, the guys that created, among other things,...

Programming Note: Clues on 'Dexter' for Online Game

For "Dexter" Showtime has launched complimentary interactive games along with a new season On Friday we talked quite a bit about tonight's premiere of the documentary "Monty Python: Almost the Truth (The Lawyer's Cut)" on IFC but we don't want that to totally eclipse your other options this evening: "Curb Your Enthusiasm", "Bored to Death", "Californication", "Mad Men", and, of course, "Dexter". Thankfully, these are all repeated at some point during the week but...

TV Junkie: Video of Monty Python Reunion at The Premiere of IFC's New Documentary

At the premiere of IFC's "Monty Python: Almost the Truth (The Lawyer's Cut)" at the Ziegfeld Theater in New York City on October 15th LAist's TV Junkie met all the remaining Pythons other than Eric Idle: Terry Jones, Carol Cleveland, Terry Gilliam, Michael Palin, and John Cleese. They keep saying that the friendliest Python is Michael Palin but that was impossible to tell as they were all so very kind and patient standing outside in the rain in 40 degree weather (poor Carol Cleveland!).

TV Junkie: 'Balloon Boy' to Become Mini-Series? 'Monty Python' Doc Premieres Sunday on IFC

Weekend Edition The world watches an empty balloon that could be part of a stunt to get a reality show, hmmm, that makes us think that this particularly family could easily head down the "Jon & Kate Plus 8" route - and whoops, TLC is now suing Jon Gosselin. Unless there is some kind of massive intervention, nothing will end well for anyone in that family.

TV Junkie: Monty Python Reunion Tonight; New Morning Shows

We'll be at the Monty Python reunion tonight in NYC. Watch it on USTREAM and watch the documentary on IFC starting this Sunday on IFC Tonight we'll be at the premiere of IFC's "Monty Python: Almost the Truth (The Lawyer's Cut)" where the remaining Python's will reunite onstage - you can watch the historic even live on USTREAM starting at 6pm but stay tuned for our video interviews tomorrow. --- Some notes on morning...

TV Junkie: MacFarlane to Shill for Microsoft

Seth MacFarlane does a deal with Microsoft Looks like "Family Guy"/"American Dad"/"The Cleveland Show" creator Seth MacFarlane is coming through on the idea of a music/comedy variety show. When we attended his "Family Guy" Pre-Emmy party (check out the vids) we marveled at his cabaret prowess an it looks like there were additional admirers at FOX and...... Microsoft? Yeah, MacFarlane will shill Windows 7 as part of the "Almost Live Comedy Show" special as...

TV Junkie: Bat Boy, Future Emmy Nominee? Thomas Lennon w/NBC; Give Us Your Monty Python Qs

The Weekly World News has signed with CAA which may mean that Bat Boy will be coming to a screen near you! (photo of Bat Boy courtesy We're hoping that the Weekly World News' Bat Boy finally puts the kibosh on all this vampire nonsense we're having to deal with lately. The WWN has signed with CAA in the hopes of getting Bat Boy and many of its other characters on both/either the...

TV Junkie: Weekend Wrap Up; Studios/Networks Milk Social Media

Season finale of Bravo's "Rachel Zoe Project" at 10pm. Dear readers, did you watch this show? Give us the lowdown. What were your TV highlights of the weekend? For us it was all about Sunday: "Curb Your Enthusiasm" deviated from the "Seinfeld"-reunion storyline which was welcome - it's a good idea but an even better one not to over-exploit it. Larry David manages to create yet another 1/2-hour of toe-curling embarrassment this time featuring...

TV Junkie: LA's 'Southland' Axed; Uh Oh 'Hawaii Five-O'

It's difficult not to look back in anger as NBC cancels "Southland" in sacrifice to the blind idiot god of Leno's 10pm slot. NBC's edgy cop drama "Southland" has been given the ax - a victim of the network's Leno-ization of the 10pm slot. The series was supposed to restart on October 23rd and was in the middle of shooting the 6th episode but now thoere's no word on if and when the finished...

DVD Review: Takashi Miike's 'Audition'

Takashi Miike's suspense-horrorfest "Audition" came out on DVD/Blue Ray yesterday Takashi Miike's 1999 film Audition has made it to Blue Ray and a 2-DVD collector's edition this week. The film electrified (and horrified) the festival circuit 10 years ago and this packaging of the film will only add to the director's cult status in the States. Primarily known for his crime and yakuza-themed movies, the kinky horror of Audition is a thematic departure but...

TV Junkie: Ellen Page to Pen for HBO; Mumbai Terror; 'SoCal Connected' Returns

Will you like Drew Barrymore's Whip It? We know at least one person over at the LA Times that did. As mentioned earlier today, Ellen Page (Juno) who stars in the movie will be producing a single-camera comedy for HBO called "Stitch N' Bitch" that she will co-write with actors write with two other young actors, Alia Shawkat and Sean Tillmann (aka Har Mar Superstar). The story follows two hipsters as they relocate from Brooklyn's Williamsburg neighborhood to Los Angeles' Silver Lake in a bid to become artists. No release dates set yet.

TV Junkie: 'South Park' Premiere; 'Monday Night Football' Packs Them In

"South Park" returns for a new season tonight and if you've got Xbox, they're launching a "South Park" game today as well. Season 13 will feature a hidden alien in each episode and if you find them all, you can enter to be a "South Park Citizen" and have your animated countenance to appear in a Season 14 episode.

TV Junkie: Monty Python Month on IFC; Letterman Loved

October is Monty Python month over at IFC, check out these items on their schedule: Monty Python: Almost the Truth (The Lawyer's cut): New Six-Part IFC original docu-series on Python legacy airs October 18-23 @ 9:00pm. We've watched this and it is excellent and should not be missed by anyone who remotely considers themselves to be a Python fan. We will be at the US premiere of the documentary next week and will ask you for your questions for the Monty Python posse.

TV Junkie: Get Ready for More Letterman Preversion Jokes; 'Arrested Development' Movie; 'FlashForward' Everywhere

OK, so the Letterman stuff happened like a million years ago last week but get ready for a fresh round of jokes this week as Stephen Colbert, Jon Stewart, and Craig Ferguson finally have their chance to rise and take the bait. Will Ferguson actually take some potshots at his boss?

Interview with Comedian and Author Elizabeth Beckwith

Longtime comedian and actress Elizabeth Beckwith has put pen to paper for her first book, "Raising the Perfect Child Through Guilt and Manipulation" which will be released tomorrow by Harper Paperbacks. As a new parent, Beckwith drew upon her own upbringing in creating this guide which Barnes & Noble should bundle with "What to Expect When You're Expecting".

TV Junkie: Letterman's A Playa; 'Seinfeld' to hit 'Curb'; ABC Owns Weds.

Weekend Edition The TV world (and other worlds) is abuzz with David Letterman's statement yesterday regarding his sexual relations with female employees and an associated extortion attempt. Whether or not Letterman engaged in these activities after marrying his longtime girlfriend in March, It makes us wonder what kind of release one has to sign if becoming an employee in the entertainment industry these days.

TV Junkie: Jon Rains on Kate's Parade; NBC to Comcast? UPDATED: Pam Beesly's Wedding Vlog

So the word was that Jon Gosselin was kicked off of "Jon & Kate Plus 8" making it "Kate Plus 8" which really would have been 1/2 a show. Now Jon has retaliated and has shut down the show's production via a cease and desist order. So now there'll be a battle between parental rights and TV network contract lawyers. Could be interesting but it seems unlikely anyone will come out smelling like roses in this mess. --- Is GE finally going to get out of the TV business? Rumor has it that Comcast is in talks to acquire all or some of NBC Universal. Hopefully this will put an end to the Lenofication of TV and will restore more scripted shows (we can dream).

TV Junkie: Frasier Resurrected? Madonna On Letterman

Madonna will be on "The Late Show With David Letterman" tonight at 11:35pm on CBS ABC is launching a couple more comedies tonight but will any of them be better than "Modern Family"? Frasier is back on TV, really? --- We'll tell you who's back on TV tonight: Madonna on Letterman. Yeah, there's other stuff happening on late night TV but nothing will hold a candle to the anticipation of more antics between Madonna...

TV Junkie: Back to Hills; 'The Prisoner' Returns on Nov. 15th - UPDATED with 'The Office' Wedding Behind-the-Scenes Video

AMC's remake of Patrick McGoohan's "The Prisoner" hits the small screen on November 15th GO TO THE BOTTOM OF THE POST FOR "THE OFFICE" BEHIND-THE-SCENES VIDEO Season Premiere(s) of the Night: The Hills (10pm on MTV): Most of the population would claim that they are Kardashian-ed out but it's remarkable how many of these same people know exactly what is going on with this clan. We support the show because it brings some of...

TV Junkie: 'Trauma' Premieres; What Show _Should_ Get the Ax?

Series Premiere of the Night "Trauma"(NBC @ 9pm): Yes, "Trauma" is another drama in a medical setting but a major difference is its emphasis on action (surely you've seen the nearly-3D billboards all over LA). Starring Anastasia Griffith of "Damages" fame (check out our Emmys red carpet interview with her), the series focuses a lot more on the details and specifics of a situation rather than if the head nurse is having an affair with the hospital administrator. If you can tear yourself away from Ken Burns' latest epic, it would be worth checking out tonight.

TV Junkie: The Battle For Sunday Night Begins in Earnest - Showtime Takes It (for now)

Weekend Edition Why are we saying that Showtime takes Sunday night? Look at the scheduling. "Mad Men", while a darling of the critics (oursElvis included), has been even more slow-paced than usual this season and will be winding up soon. HBO has "Curb Your Enthusiasm" and the admirable "Bored To Death", but they are personality-driven comedies that almost require you to be a fan of Larry David and Jason Schwartzman, and while we are fans of theirs a comedy can't hold a stick to the visceral and compelling (and humorous in its own right) "Dexter" in the same time slot. Thank goodness for HBO OnDemand so that I can watch "Curb" and "Bored" later.

TV Junkie: Primetime Emmy Winners in the Press Room

One thing most people don't see is what happens in the Press Room at the Emmys. After the winners leave the stage, they have the choice to do interviews with the likes of ET's Mary Hart and other outlets. They also have the choice to go into the press room to answer questions from the 300-or-so members of the press assembled there. CBS provides footage from a very nice camera mounted in the room but...

TV Junkie: 'FlashForward' Premieres; B.J. Novak Video; ABC Comedy Does Well

Featured Series Premiere for Tonight: FlashForward (8pm on ABC): ABC knows "Lost" will be going away so it's trying to line up a similarly addictive (and weird) replacement and they've settled on "FlashForward" for the moment - hell, it even has Dominic Monaghan from "Lost". For 2 minutes and 17 seconds, everyone in the world passes out/goes into a trance and experiences their life 6 months in the future. Why did this happen? Is that really the future? Etc.

TV Junkie: 'Modern Family' & 'Cougar Town' Premiere on ABC

Featured Series Premieres for Tonight: Modern Family (9pm on ABC): Of all the shows premiering tonight, this one seems to have legs. Yes, comedy kingpin Ed O'Neil provides an experienced cornerstone for the series but we're happy to see Julie Bowen, whom we know from "Weeds" and "Lost", given a venue we think she deserves. The promos are hilarious and the folks whom we know received screeners say the show can back them up.

TV Junkie: Emmys Statement from the Mayor + Statement from the Iron Sheik

Mayor Villaraigosa walked the red carpet at the 2009 Primetime Emmys on Sunday and voiced his support for the celebration and the importance of the industry to the economy of the region.

TV Junkie: Amanda Returns to 'Melrose Place'

The season finale of "Warehouse 13" is at 9pm on The CW More premieres tonight, included the much ballyhooed "The Good Wife" on CBS at 10pm whose writers simply need to change the names in news articles about South Carolina. Another premiere that caught our eye is "NCIS: Los Angeles" at 9pm, just like "NCIS" but more Los Angeles-y? Hey networks, send us some screeners otherwise we're forced to ridicule the premise of your...

TV Junkie: Red Carpet Interviews at the 2009 Primetime Emmys

The TV Junkie survived the 100+ F temps of the downtown concrete furnace to bring you these video interviews with actors, producers, writers, comedians and reality show performers. We've divided up our footage into comedy, drama, and reality television segments. 2009 Emmys Red Carpet interviews at Nokia Theatre LA Live - Comedy Category from Thomas Attila Lewis on Vimeo. Our comedy category video includes our interviews with John Oliver of "The Daily Show", Judah Friedlander...

TV Junkie: No Wait, Now The Fall TV Season Can Begin

Even though we've already had a couple dozen season premieres over the last two weeks, traditionally the "Fall season" doesn't begin until the week after the Emmys making tonight the launch pad for at least nine shows. --- "Heroes" fans, former or otherwise, are you looking forward to tonight's premiere? Anyone out there with a Sprint contract to look at the "exclusive" content? Enlighten us. --- Last night's Emmys had the highest viewership in three years but still lost out to football.

TV Junkie: The 'Family Guy' Pre Emmy Bash at the Avalon

Red Carpet interviews at the Family Guy Pre-Emmy Bash at the Avalon from Thomas Attila Lewis on Vimeo. Seth MacFarlane and Night Vision Entertainment hosted a "Family Guy" party at the Avalon on Friday night that celebrated the show's nomination as Best Comedy Series - the first time an animated show has been nominated in that category in over 50 years! It seemed like most of Hollywood turned out to drink Belvedere and Jack Daniels...

TV Junkie: 2009 Emmys - Talking Fashion with Carrie Preston of 'True Blood' & '90210' Star AnnaLynne McCord

The TV Junkie is not a fashion guy. He looks to North Face's wicking microfibers because in this heat he sweats. He is a sweaty guy wearing frumpy, if not comfortable clothes, so he was somewhat out of his element at the Mondrian Hotel yesterday, where their Skybar was hosting "Emmy Suites", a collection of designers and cosmetics services targeting Emmy-party-bound performers and celebs. Companies included Alexander McQueen, Joe's Jeans, Smash Box Cosmetics, Hobo Handbags,...

TV Junkie: Sunday It's Emmy Time

Emmy Weekend This week/weekend it's all about the Emmys and Sunday night at 8pm is where it's at. This puts the broadcast in conflict with a new episode of the Emmy-nominated "Mad Men" as well as the premieres of HBO's "Curb Your Enthusiasm" and "Bored to Death" - thank goodness for repeat broadcasts and HBO-On-Demand. LAist's TV Junkie will be at the show, on the red carpet and in the press room so stay tuned to LAist for up-to-the minute posts on Sunday.

TV Junkie: Red Carpet at the Emmy Nominated Performer Reception

Last night the TV Junkie had an incredible time talking to some of the best performers of stage and screen at the very friendly and low key reception for Primetime Emmy Nominated Performers at Wolfgang Puck at the Pacific Design Center. We talked to "Breaking Bad" lead (and last year's Emmy winner!) Bryan Cranston about how he prepares for his challenging role. Aaron Paul who plays the humorously tragic "Jesse" on the show shared that he brings some of his own trials to his role as well as research on how drug intervention programs work/don't work.

TV Junkie: Time Lapse of LACC for Emmys; Manny vs. Manny; tonight's Premieres

"Community" starring "The Soup"'s Joel McHale premieres at 9:30pm on NBC Check out this great time lapse video of the set up of the LA Convention Center for the Creative Arts Ball and Governor's Ball. Makes us want to take out our Tonka toys. The Governor's Ball happens right after this Sunday's Emmy Awards and every news outlet sends a video crew to see who show up and what they're wearing, etc. We're envious...

TV Junkie: Colber(t) to Stream Albums; Ariana the Huff = Sitcom Maverick; More Elfman, Ack!

"The Colbert Report" will begin streaming the albums of musical guests starting tonight with The Flaming Lips Comedy Central's "Daily Show" and "Colber(t) Repor(t)" are back from hiatus this week and have some great line-ups including former President Clinton on "Daily" and tonight, The Flaming Lips on "Colber(t)". Not only will the band appear on the show, but their album, "Embryonic", will also be streamed from the show's website as will the albums of...

TV Junkie: At the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards

We were in New York City last night to cover the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards. Check out our brief notes earlier today on the success of the broadcast. Streets around Radio City Music Hall were shut down for the celebs to be dropped off and for several thousand fans to chant and shout from. Crammed in a veritable no-man's land between Seventeen Magazine and BET Online, it was all we could do to grab a few words with Anjulie, Buzz Aldrin, Sean Paul, All Time Low, and the Pussycat Dolls' Melody Thornton. We got some footage of Pink, Lady Gaga, Ne-Yo, Puff Daddy, Tracy Morgan, Jack Black, and others.

TV Junkie: Kanye Helps Leno; 'Vampire' (Alleged) Boobies

Jay Leno's first show brought in 50% more viewers than his last "Tonight Show". Jerry Seinfeld was a huge draw but the scene-stealer (again!) was Kanye West who submitted himself to a grilling from Leno. West had long-been scheduled to appear on the show, how fortuitous that he made a spectacle of himself at the VMAs last night. Did you see "The Jay Leno Show"? What'd you think? Time magazine columnist, James Poniewozik, twittered that...

TV Junkie: VMA Wrap-Up; 'The Jay Leno Show' Premieres;

"The Jay Leno Show" premieres at 10pm on NBC We were at the MTV Video Music Awards last night (video to be posted shortly) and we realized that we just haven't been devoting enough of our time to watching the network in order to have even the slightest idea who any of those people were. It seemed like half of them could be Kardashians but most were reality show "stars" of everything from "Nitro...

TV Junkie: Ferguson to '12? 'Robin Hood' Premiere; MTV Video Music Awards on Sunday

The final season of "Robin Hood" premieres on BBC America on Saturday at 9pm Weekend Edition In late night TV news, Craig Ferguson is close to a deal that will keep him at the "Late, Late Show" through 2012. Ferguson is the very funny glue that keeps the red-headed stepchild of late night together. We haven't asked in a while: What is your favorite late night TV? --- This Sunday we will be at...

TV Junkie: Ellen to Judge; 'Vampire Diaries'? Cracka Please

"The Vampire Diaries" premieres on The CW tonight, lord help us So Ellen DeGeneres will be the new "4th" judge on "American Idol" and we think she'll do just fine - she's a professional and a consummate entertainer and, proving right wing conservatives wrong yet again, having lesbians on TV has not brought about the fall of western civilization. While we've read about the "outrage" over DeGeneres not being a singer or music producer,...

TV Junkie: 'Glee' Premieres; What are your VMA & Emmy Questions?

"Glee" premieres at 9pm on FOX A reminder that we'll be reporting live from MTV's VMAs on Sunday. Also on the horizon will be our coverage of the Emmy's on September 20th. If you are as Emmy crazy as we are, you'll want to check out Variety's Emmy Central which has lists of the Daytime and Creative Arts Emmy winners among tons of articles and speculation - we'll have more news on this in...

TV Junkie: 'Sons of Anarchy' Premiere; 'SNL' Player Comes to LA

"Sons of Anarchy" season premiere on FX @ 10pm There's been an unreasonable amount of hype regarding the re-launch of "Melrose Place" so we won't add more fuel to the fire because the best thing happening tonight is the season premiere of "Sons of Anarchy" on FX at 10pm. We had the chance to talk to series creator Kurt Sutter with his wife and series star Katey Sagal, at the TV Land Awards -...

TV Junkie: 'Fringe' With Tweets; Hollywood Hoping for Leno Nosedive

Did anyone watch the "Fringe" re-run on FOX last night? What did you think of the network running (censored/screened) live Tweets during the broadcast? Was it interesting/compelling or tacked-on/wanna-be Web 3.0? --- Looks like we're not the only ones PO'd with the new Jay Leno show. Eliminating five hours a week of (potentially) scripted programming never seemed like a good idea to us because within that five hours, an actual good show might have surfaced.

TV Junkie: More Advertisers Dump Beck; Groundling to 'SNL'; Dern Scores Series

Laura Dern as Katherine Harris in HBO's "Recount" We're happy to see more advertisers pull themselves from FOX's Glenn Beck show. Hate speech isn't free speech. --- We're also happy to see two new female cast members for "Saturday Night Live": best of luck to you Jenny Slate and Nasim Pedrad (of Groundlings fame!). --- HBO is giving the green light to yet another comedy, this one starring Laura Dern as a woman whose...

TV Junkie: LAist to Report from the Video Music Awards on 9/13

Russell Brand will be hosting the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards on Sunday, September 13th We've got a few new show episodes tonight, but nothing spectacular - Wednesdays always seem to be cooking night what with "Top Chef" and "Gordon Ramsay's F Word". What we are excited about is going to New York City and covering the MTV Video Music Awards on Sunday, September 13th. We'll be on site and posting video throughout the...

TV Junkie: More 'Mad Men'; Scorsese on HBO

"Mad Men" gets another season - how do you like this season so far? AMC's "Mad Men" has been picked up for another season (big surprise) - how are you enjoying what's happening so far this season? --- Martin Scorsese is heading to HBO as the network orders a pilot series of "Boardwalk Empire" to premiere in 2010. Set in Prohibition Era Atlantic City, the series will star Steve Buscemi, Michael Pitt, and Kelly...

TV Junkie: Back - Bigger and Deafer; Daytime Emmys; Fire

"Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations" season finale tonight at 10pm on Travel Channel We're back from hiatus: almost two weeks without watching 1 second of television, not even reruns, not even collectors' series DVDs, not even screeners from the networks. This spiritual cleansing has made us resolute in tolerating even less crappy television. Millions are being spent on this stuff so it should be good, right? If it isn't, we will say so. Even the...

TV Junkie: The Kids in the Hall are Back! In Canada....

Weekend Edition "The Kids in the Hall" have reunited to shoot an 8-part comedy-mystery for Canadian television. The series will air on the CBC network in January 2010 but no word on if/how/when the series will air on US TV. --- The TV Junkie will be going on hiatus next week to rest his weary eyeballs. We'll post a "must-see" list for the week along with some other recommendations. Thank you so much for reading! We'll be back by the 30th.

TV Junkie: Paley Center Programs; Python Megamentary

As it is a slow TV news day and a night with a very empty TV schedule, we'd like to remind people of the various programs over at the Paley Center including a weekend celebration of Hanna-Barbera as well as the chance to scope out the Fall Preview Parties.

TV Junkie: Octomom Special on ....FOX; 'Top Chef: Las Vegas' Premieres

"Top Chef: Las Vegas" premieres on Bravo at 9pm Hey all you TV stations that laid people off by the score, your revenue will rebound by 5.2% in 2010 so think about rehiring. We're not satisfied with looking at just one boring news anchor no matter how much you make them move their arms around. --- As part of the ever-expanding Emmys, Buzz Aldrin will accept an award on behalf of NASA for the...

TV Junkie: 'Mad Men' Record; Oswalt to SyFy; DeLay to Dance

Comedian Patton Oswalt will bring some levity to SyFy's "Caprica" Sunday's premiere of "Mad Men" drew a record audience for the series (2.4 million) but kind of piddly compared to CBS' 12.4 million audience for "60 Minutes". --- In a boon for both comedy _and_ science fiction fans, Patton Oswalt has signed on to become a regular on SyFy's "Caprica" currently in production. Oswalt's has a special, "Patton Oswalt: My Weakness Is Strong" which...

TV Junkie: No Oly Network; Can You Feel It Burning In You?

Remember the hubbub over the US Olympic Committee's plan to launch their own TV network? Other than the several questions of legality (what about NBC's rights? what about the International Olympic Committee's rights?) there was also the question of just what they would actually show? Now they don't have to answer any questions because they are punting. --- Who thinks this is a good idea: a dramedy series based on the movie "St. Elmo's Fire"? Topher Grace will be one of the producers.

TV Junkie: 'Mad Men' Season Premiere on Sunday, no duh

Weekend Edition What we can't ignore, even if we wanted to, is this Sunday's season premiere of "Mad Men" on AMC at 10pm. The "Mad Men" hype machine has been in overdrive for over a month with Banana Republic promotions, avatar generators, Esquire pictorials, Wall Street Journal profiles, Jon Hamm et al appearances on Conan/Fallon/etc. and tonight cast members of "Mad Men" will make a (doubtless hilarious and self-deprecating) appearance on E!'s "The Soup" at 10pm. We're going to be watching the premiere on Sunday - watch for the trending topic on Twitter fo sho. We also thank Jah there is no programming conflict between "True Blood" and "Mad Men".

TV Junkie: More 'Tosh' To Come; 'Family Guy' Does It Anyway

Tonight is the season finale of "Tosh.0", speaking of which Comedy Central has ordered 6 more episodes of the program - the new ones will start running this October. In terms of shows that feature/spoof web shenanigans, which do you prefer: Comedy Central's "Tosh.0" or G4's "Web Soup"?

TV Junkie: AMC to be Zombie Central; Emmys All-Live

So AMC's got "Mad Men", "Breaking Bad", and "The Prisoner", and now they're going to produce a series based on the zombie comic book "The Walking Dead". Is basic cable the place for innovation now? --- At the end of July, CBS and the TV Academy had announced plans that segments of this year's Emmys would be pre-recorded so that more "entertainment" components could be included in the 3 hour show.

TV Junkie: New Project from 'Arrested Development' Posse; FOX News Lacking 20/20 Vision?

"Arrested Development" fans may have reason for rejoicing: several of the key players in the creation of the series are working on a new project for FOX. Yep, Will Arnett (Gob hisseff!), and "Arrested Development" creator/executive producer Mitch Hurwitz and co-executive producer Jim Vallely have script-approval for a single-camera comedy starring Arnett. No name or release date yet - but we can't wait to see Arnett playing a boorish ass from Beverly Hills.

TV Junkie: Bourdain Hits SF; 'Gossip Girl' Pushes Naughty Again

"Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations" on Travel Channel at 10pm - San Francisco is the target Could anything be as uninspiring as August television? Lookit what we've listed, what are we missing? What precious programming gem are you watching tonight? All we can say is, thank you Anthony Bourdain, we can't wait to see you in our old stomping grounds, San Francisco. Other than leftovers from last week's Television Critics Association meetup [which we were...

TV Junkie: Leno Thinks He's Hip; Advertisers Bought Less for Less

Shark Week Ending :-( NBC is going for the young urban crowd on the opening night of Jay Leno's show with guests Rihanna, Kanye and Jay-Z. We're kind of thinking that this won't work so great as the older crowd that was Leno's base has left the network for Letterman. --- Advertisers bought 15% less ads from the Big 4 networks for the 2009-2010 season and the minutes they did purchase, they paid less for. Less money for programming means, what, nothing but reality TV?

TV Junkie: Louis C. K. on 'Parks and Rec'; New Hosts for 'At The Movies'

Shark Week!! The incredible comedian Louis C.K. will have a recurring role on NBC's "Parks and Recreation" starting with the second episode airing this Fall. This makes the season a must-watch! --- ABC's "At the Movies" is dumping their Benjamins in order to get hosts with journalistic pedigrees back on the show. Co-hosts Ben Lyons and Ben Mankiewicz were regarded as lightweights in a glitzed up version of the long-running series.

TV Junkie: Showalter/Black Liveblog; Abdul Tweets 'no more Idol'

Shark Week! This slow week of TV is heating up a bit tonight. Of course we have more Shark Week offerings from Discovery, but there's dueling cooking shows on Bravo and BBC America, not to mention the awesome movie, Man Bites Dog on IFC at 10pm. --- Fans of Michael Ian Black and Michael Showalter will be happy to know that the duo will be liveblogging tonight at 10:30pm when the new episode of their show airs. Feel free to hit their website in advance to ask questions, pay homage, etc.

TV Junkie: Rather Sues Moonves; Dobbs In Need of Attitude Change

So remember when everyone was taking a dump on Dan Rather in 2004 and CBS sold him down the river just to, seemingly, stay chill with the Bush Administration? Now Dan's specifically suing Les Moonves and CBS News President Andrew Heyward and the network for $70 million. --- Also in news (god we're desperate), CNN is trying to "negotiate" a change of attitude for Lou Dobbs, who is now airing a lot of "birther" hype in addition to his anti-immigrant rants. Evidently they still want him to be a crank but not too psycho a crank.

TV Junkie: Shark Week Is Back!

Finally Shark Week is back on Discovery - and it's about time because other than Shark Week and IFC's "Bollywood Hero" (on Thursday), this is one dead week of TV. --- This week the TCA gave it's annual "Program of the Year" award to "Battlestar Galactica", with HBO scoring more awards than any other network. [Hey TCA, ain't it about time you offered LAist membership? We write more about TV than a lot of your members do.]

TV Junkie: True Blood for Sale; 'Seinfeld' Reunion

Weekend Edition HBO will be renewing "True Blood", "Hung", and "Entourage" - speaking of which, sneak previews have shown that this Sunday's "True Blood" will be epic! And speaking of speaking of which, you can now order bottles of True Blood online. --- At the TCA press tour in Pasadena, Larry David revealed details about the "Seinfeld" reunion that will be happening in the upcoming season of "Curb Your Enthusiasm".

TV Junkie: Leno Show Picked A Winner

Research firm NewMediaMetrics is predicting that Jay Leno's 10pm show will take off. Confirmation that there really are that many old people in America. --- "Burn Notice" and "Royal Pains" are on tonight and they'll be on for a while as USA has ordered 16 more episodes of each.--- Anyone catch the Jordan Schlansky segment on Conan last night? He's always a treat - catch it on Conan's Hulu channel.

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