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TV Junkie: A Breakdown of the Grammys

Are the Grammys the worst thing ever on TV? No, but they were last night. Too long, too boring, this snapshot of the "music industry" showed us everything that's wrong with it over a 3 1/2 hour death march. --- Check out our other news items and the TV Junkie Must-Watch Plan for the night.

TV Junkie: The Jimmy Fallon Experience; Weekend Must-Watch Plan

What's it like to see "Late Night With Jimmy Fallon"? Read on to find out and to find out how to do it yourself. Some hints and tips and a brief look at how difficult it is to put a late night show together. All this plus the TV Junkie Must-Watch Plan for the weekend.

TV Junkie: Charlie Sheen's Popularity Surges; On Set of 'Late Night With Jimmy Fallon'

Somehow the grass just gets greener for Charlie Sheen: people love him even more despite his recent controversies a new poll reveals. --- There's been some accidents on TV sets lately, we hope OSHA doesn't shut down production. --- We will be on the set of "Late Night With Jimmy Fallon this afternoon, follow our Tweets. --- Be sure to check out our TV Junkie Must-Watch Plan and the listings!

TV Junkie: 'Justified' Season 2 Premieres Tonight as Does Matthew Perry's 'Mr. Sunshine'

We're eager for the 2nd season of "Justified" to begin tonight at 10pm on FX. We're also wondering what Matthew Perry's new show, "Mr. Sunshine," will be like - we're reserving judgement until we have a chance to see it. ---- Also check out our TV Junkie Must-Watch Plan for tonight, there are some good things happening in late night.

TV Junkie: Red Carpet Interviews from the Writers Guild Awards

On Sunday we posted our photo gallery from the 2011 Writers Guild Awards (East) ceremony that we attended on February 5th. Please check out our video interviews with: Denis O'Hare ("True Blood"), Terence Winter (creator of "Boardwalk Empire"), Liz Brixius (co-creator of "Nurse Jackie"), Vincent Piazza ("Boardwalk Empire"), Judah Friedlander ("30 Rock"), and awards host Kristen Schaal ("Flight of the Conchords," "Bob's Burgers").

TV Junkie: Olbermann on Current TV; ABC Programs On Chopping Block; Podcasts of Note

Some thought's on Keith Olbermann's move to Current TV: we don't think he's coming to Los Angeles, among other things. --- ABC's "V," "No Ordinary Family," and "V" don't seem to be long for this world - not extreme enough or not boring enough? --- A couple cool TV-oriented podcasts you should check out. --- Tonight's listings and the TV Junkie Must-Watch Plan.

TV Junkie Interview: Joelle Carter of FX's 'Justified'

We first noticed the very beautiful Joelle Carter as Penny Hardwick in 2000's "High Fidelity" and had seen her intermittently in films between now and last year when she appeared on FX's new series, "Justified," co-starring with Timothy Olyphant. Set in rural Kentucky, amongst meth labs and evangelists, the story follows U.S. Marshall Raylan Givens (Olyphant) as he returns to his hometown and tries to set things right. In the first episode he encounters Carter's Ava Crowder, a childhood crush, who has just shot her husband to death at the dinner table. Carter told us about how she prepared for the role: a strong female character not dependent upon the Southern belle stereotype.

TV Junkie: Super Bowl XLV Most-Watched Ever/Thank God It's Over; 'The Chicago Code' Premieres Tonight

We rehash some Super Bowl high water marks: most-watched Super Bowl, most-watched ad this Super Bowl, average halftime show viewing, etc. with a slight touch of snark. --- Then it's on to tonight's series premiere of "The Chicago Code" on Fox at 9pm (great series: watch it!) as well as the TV Junkie Must-Watch Plan and listings.

TV Junkie: Photo Gallery from Writers Guild Awards (East)

Last night we went to the Writers Guild Awards which are split into a simultaneous event on both coasts. We went to the East coast event which was held at the AXA Center on 7th Avenue in New York City. "Boardwalk Empire" creator, Terence Winter, and stars Vincent Piazza and Gretchen were on hand for the series win as well as the writing staff of Comedy Central's "Colbert Report." Please check out the gallery and...

TV Junkie: Super Bowl AdFest - Check Out Chloris Leachman as #GoGranny

We pre/review some of the ad onslaught that awaits us this Super Bowl XLV. There's a great ad featuring Chloris Leachman that won't even make it on TV but is worth a gander. Unfortunately the Super Bowl will be eclipsing most other shows this weekend but don't forget that the game will be over before the premium channels' programs air - and those are all new this Sunday. Of course, let's not forget Dana Carvey hosts "SNL." --- Check out The TV Junkie Must-Watch Plan for the weekend as well as the listings.

TV Junkie: TV Execs Need To Invest In Originality; D&D Edition of 'Community' & Chris Elliott Tonight

Faced with an onslaught of screeners from TV show relaunches and remakes, our TV Junkie complains bitterly about the lack of originality in programming until digressing about booze and television. --- Will Charlie Sheen's return to production of "Two and a Half Men" be a brief detour on his quick journey to a coffin? --- Plenty of awesome comedy on tonight: D&D "Community," new "Archer," and comedy mastermind Chris Elliott's new show on Adult Swim, "Eagleheart."

TV Junkie: TV Journalists Assaulted in Egypt; Showtime Gives Away 'Episodes'

Several journalists were assaulted in Egypt during the last 6 hours including CNN's Anderson Cooper and ABC's Christiane Amanpour - we hope this situation changes soon. --- Showtime is providing free access to their new series "Episodes" - if you haven't seen it, we recommend you check it out and stick through the first 3 episodes, it just gets better and better. --- Check out these stories and more as well at the TV Junkie Must-Watch Plan for tonight.

TV Junkie Interview: Joan and Melissa Rivers

Joan Rivers and her daughter Melissa have a reality show series that premiered last week on WeTV: "Joan & Melissa: Joan Knows Best" on Tuesdays at 9pm. The mother-daughter duo have returned to the scene in a big way over the past year with the release of the excellent documentary, Joan Rivers: A Piece Of Work that we saw in the theater as well as on Showtime last week.

TV Junkie: KCET Goes To Live Feeds From Egypt; Super Bowl Shenanigans

Starting at 3pm today KCET is switching its regular programming over to live feeds from Egypt by Al Jazeera and other English-speaking outlets. --- Check out our clip from tonight's "Onion SportsDome" which says the Super Bowl will be delayed. The Hollywood Reporter has a Super Bowl poll whose results we summarize. --- We have some more awards show news - HFPA and Ricky Gervais at odds over offer for hosting next year's show: we believe Gervais. --- See our TV Junkie Must-Watch Plan for tonight and our listings.

TV Junkie: SAG Awards Wrap Up

We're pretty pleased that we scored 7 out of 8 of our TV picks for yesterday's Screen Actors Guild Awards. The only TV win we missed was Betty White's for "Hot In Cleveland" which even she wasn't expecting. We love Betty White, we enjoyed interviewing her at last year's SAG Awards, but this award was a mistake and it doesn't reflect well on the organization.

TV Junkie: Our Picks for the SAG Awards

Sandra Bullock at the 2010 SAG Awards, happier times [Photo by Thomas Attila Lewis] Hard to believe it's already been a year since we last went to the Screen Actors Guild Awards and while it's a shame that we won't be there this year, we look forward to going back next year. [check out our 2009 and 2010 coverage]. Was it only last year that Sandra Bullock pulled then-husband Jesse James onto the stage...

TV Junkie: No 'Pro Bowl Shuffle' for Pro Bowl Weekend; Nick Kroll Special Tomorrow

The mystery of the disappearing "Pro Bowl Shuffle" video by "Late Night With Jimmy Fallon" was probably caused by a copyright lawsuit files against Viacom - better safe than sorry. --- "30 Rock" was ahead of us on the NBCUniversal logo game. --- A lot of new comedy on TV this weekend, in particular we're looking forward to "Nick Kroll: Thank You Very Cool." --- See the full post for additional TV news and our TV Junkie Must-Watch Plan.

TV Junkie: New Blah Logo from NBCUniversal; 'Archer' Is Back!

We're not sure there could have been a more stupid move at this time of media upheaval than Comcast's move to eliminate the NBC "peacock" from the new NBCUniversal logo. Yes, the multicolor peacock was a throwback to the time when TV moved from black and white to color but the many feathers symbolized the varied programming of the network.

TV Junkie: Academy Award Nominated Films Available on TV

Many, if not most of the films nominated for Academy Awards in yesterday's ceremony are available via Movies On Demand. Check them out at home if they've already left the theatre _or_ if they never even made it to a theatre near you. --- We're disgusted with the disgust we're now seeing about TV shows that have always been disgusting. Please add to our list of shows to be disgusted with. Also check out our TV Junkie Must-Watch Plan for tonight to avoid disgust.

83rd Academy Award Nominations

This morning, just after 5:30am, Mo'Nique, last year's winner of the Best Supporting Actress category, and Tom Sherak, president of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences announced the following nominations for the 83rd Academy Awards, which will be broadcast live on Sunday, February 27th. First "the Big" Categories: Best Picture Black Swan The Fighter Inception The Kids Are All Right The King's Speech 127 Hours The Social Network Toy Story 3 True Grit...

TV Junkie: We Appear on FitzDogRadio Podcast; More TV Podcast Info; SOTU May Change TV Schedule

Listen to us on multi-Emmy-winner Greg Fitzsimmons podcast; listen to us on the new Channel Zero podcast; review your listings to see if your favorite TV show gets bumped because of the State of the Union Address; think about following The TV Junkie Must-Watch Plan tonight; think about going to comedian and TV legend Greg Proops live podcast in West Hollywood tomorrow.

TV Junkie: Memories of Jack LaLanne; Thoughts on Keith Olbermann; Booze on NBC

We reminisce about seeing Jack LaLanne in person, make assumptions about Keith Olbermann's departure, and spot bottle of booze on NBC's Thursday night comedies. Tell us we're wrong! --- Also check out our full listings and the TV Junkie Must-Watch Plan for tonight.

TV Junkie: Red Carpet Interviews & Photos from Critics' Choice Movie Awards

Before we went to that crazy thing called the Golden Globes we went to the Hollywood Palladium for the slightly more mellow 16th Critics' Choice Movie Awards last Friday. As a journalist covering the event, this was a frustrating one as 90+% of the nominees and associated talent stopped at a couple places on the front side of the line to stop at the VH1 booth and then proceeded to walk by (at high speed) the remaining 100 yards of reporters. Somehow the red carpet was done early which is something that we've never seen happen, ever, and it's to the detriment of the event that this occurred.

TV Junkie: Weekend Picks; Some More Premieres Tonight

PaleyFest tickets are on sale - see what shows are available! See our highlights from last night and our predicted highlights for this weekend in addition to our Must-Watch Plan and listings.

TV Junkie Interview: Fred Armisen - 'Portlandia' Premieres Tomorrow

Fred Armisen's new TV project, "Portlandia," premieres tomorrow (Friday) night at 10:30pm on IFC. We had the chance to speak with Armisen about his new show about some weird denizens of this Pacific Northwestern town as well as reminisce about the post-punk music scene of the early 1990s. If you're a fan of sketch comedy, improv, or "The Kids In The Hall," you should check out Portlandia. Please read what Fred has to say.

TV Junkie: NBC Launches 3-Hour Comedy Block; Comics Who Podcast -> TV Fame?

Tonight NBC launches its 3-hour block of comedy with the addition of "Perfect Couples" starring Olivia Munn and Mary Elizabeth Ellis. Finally the broadcast networks have responded to the now very old idea that people are capable of, and are interested in comedy after 10pm. --- In addition to tonight's TV Junkie Must-Watch Plan check out our insider news about comedians who also podcast: Greg Fitzsimmons, Marc Maron, Bill Burr, Greg Proops.

TV Junkie: Our Video Interviews from NBC's Golden Globes After-Party

Please check out our video interviews from NBC's Golden Globes after party where we spoke with cast members of "The Walking Dead," "The Office," "Covert Affairs," a co-writer of The Kids Are All Right and a pair of "Chelsea Lately" comics. --- We also have our TV Junkie Must-Watch Plan for the night as well as the listings.

TV Junkie: Gervais Won't Do Golden Globes Again

More Golden Globes: Next year's Golden Globes is already proving to be a very different show as Ricky Gervais, the host for the last 2 years, has stated he will not return as host by his "own decision." For all the "controversy" around Gervais' (spot-on) pokes at the Hollywood elite, he didn't say anything those people didn't already know. As we enter awards season full swing, it's more than a little bit of a joke...

TV Junkie: Pics from the Golden Globes

We snapped some photos on the red carpet of the NBC/Universal post-Golden Globes party at the Beverly Hilton. The party was held on the roof of the parking lot at the Beverly Hilton which was a little windy and chilly last night until one got inside the tent. where there was plenty of excellent food, including a grilled cheese sandwich bar, and tasty top shelf drinks

TV Junkie: Golden Globes - How Our Picks Stacked Up

We looked at our tally sheet after the Golden Globes last night and we didn't do so well again this year. This probably means we need to drink more Campari or Lillet Blanc so we can be on the same page with the Hollywood Foreign Press Association. Read our anecdotes from last night and the TV Junkie Must-Watch Plan for tonight.

TV Junkie: Golden Globes TV Picks

The Golden Globes might be experiencing it's last pre-scandal celebration tonight but oin the meantime we'd like to present you with our picks from the nominees for television programs. We'll let you know which nominee _should_ win and which probably _will_ win. Keep score and rake me over the coals tomorrow. Follow us on twitter as we'll be covering the NBC post-Golden Globes party red carpet.

TV Junkie: NBC Throws Wild Party At TCAs; Critics' Choice Tonight/GGs on Sunday

There were some insane goings-on at last night's NBC party at the Television Critics Association. Here are just some of the shows whose casts were represented at last night's event: "Chuck," "Community," "Parenthood," "Parks and Recreation," "The Office," "Being Human," "Harry's Law," "Outsourced," "The Cape," "Fairly Legal," "Harry's Law," "Perfect Couples," "Royal Pains," "The Event," "30 Rock," Lisa Kudrow, "White Collar," Tori Spelling, Paris Hilton, "Real Housewives of NY/Bev Hills," Michael Davies, Bobby Flay, etc. --- See our links and listings for the weekend.

TV Junkie: 'Platinum Hit' Incident at TCAs Today; Critic's Choice Awards Tomorrow

We saw an incident of bad reporting today at the Television Critics Association session that probably happens every day in entertainment reporting but we're supposed to be TV journalists, not celebrity hype-mongers. It's stuff like that makes us question almost all reporting. --- Get our full (meager) listings for tonight and the TV Junkie Must-Watch Plan.

TV Junkie: Highlights from TCAs/Conan Quotes; Skeet Ulrich Leaves #LOLA

We give you a run down of our experiences at the Television Critics Association Winter sessions so far: hanging with the crews from "Sons of Anarchy" and "Bob's Burgers," visiting the Conan O'Brien and George Lopez sets and more. Read some of our quotes from Conan and check out the TV Junkie Must-Watch Plan for tonight.

TV Junkie: Tuesday Nights Get Busy - 'Lights Out' & 'Onion Sportsdome' Added to Mix

Tuesday night is becoming very competitive, particularly in the 10pm slot. Let's look at what is vying for our attention: "Parenthood," "Detroit 1-8-7," "Glory Daze," "Lights Out," "Tosh.0"/"Onion Sportsdome," "SouthLAnd." We're

TV Junkie: Weekend Highlights; 'Men of a Certain Age' Mid-Season Finale

Let us know what you thought about last night's premieres of: "Californication," "Episodes," "Shameless," and "The Cape." We have a couple great video clips from "Late Night With Jimmy Fallon" (the Pro Bowl Shuffle) and "SNL" (Jim Carrey in a hilarious/creepy Amusement Park sketch). --- Definitely check out tonight's mid-season finale of "Men of a Certain Age" - it's a winner (TNT @ 10pm). See our full post for tonight's listings and links to some cool podcasts related to our recent TV reporting.

TV Junkie: Jim Carrey Hosts 'SNL' Tomorrow; 'Californication' Rounds Out Showtime's Sunday

Topping our must-watch list for the weekend are "SNL" with Jim Carrey as host on Saturday, while our Sunday will revolve around Showtime's launch of a 2-hour block composed of: "Californication," "Episodes," and "Shameless" - all great shows that deserve your time and if you are a Showtime subscriber, these shows are the reasons why you subscribe. We've already written up "Episodes" and "Shameless" (just watch them already), and today's column focuses on season 4 of "Californication" - a bittersweet shamble peppered with jokes and ridiculous situations that compelled us to watch the entire season in one sitting.

TV Junkie: 'People's Choice Awards' Wrap; Plenty of Late Night TV News

We made a couple good calls on last night's "People's Choice Awards" - congrats to "S#*! My Dad Says" for winning best new comedy, their runaway hit status is confirmed beyond the Nielsen numbers. --- Lot's of stuff happening in late night tonight, check out our ramble on it. Too bad there's not much else going on in the hours before the late night shows, check out our Must-Watch Plan and the listings.

TV Junkie: Awards Season Begins Tonight

New episodes of ABC comedies start running tonight, including Emmy-winning "Modern Family" at 9pm Tonight marks the 37th Annual People's Choice Awards (CBS @ 9pm) and the official beginning of "awards season," a time of year we have mixed feelings about. On the one hand there is the chance for some truly amazing work to be recognized and (promoted) but the pool of recipients for this recognition tends to be homogenous by the time...

TV Junkie: 'SouthLAnd' Premiere; Sci-Fi Shootout with 'Caprica,' 'No Ordinary Family,' 'V' Premieres

Tonight marks the premiere of "SouthLAnd" on TNT at 10pm but there's plenty of science fiction to choose from if you don't want to watch the best cop show in years: a five hour block of new "Caprica" episodes, new "No Ordinary Family" and season premiere of "V" on ABC. --- The Largo will host a comedy night this Friday with Eugene Mirman, Sarah Silverman, and others to promote Fox's new animated series "Bob's Burgers." --- New Channel Zero podcast is up.

TV Junkie Interview: Michael Cudlitz of TNT's 'SouthLAnd'

If there is a core to TNT's "SouthLAnd," it is Michael Cudlitz's character, Officer John Cooper, who embodies the show: steadfast in his devotion to his job and the force, yet conflicted, flawed, and very real, just like the streets of Los Angeles the show is shot on. Cudlitz shared details with us about his character and the upcoming season of "SouthLAnd" which premieres tomorrow night at 10pm on TNT.

TV Junkie: Premieres Start Up This Week

"Mid-Season" (whatever that means, just call it a new season already) premieres begin in earnest this week with plenty of great shows to choose from. Don't forget to check out our interview with Michael Cudlitz whose "SouthLAnd" premieres tomorrow night on TNT at 10pm. --- With all the premieres and new episodes being aired this week, we were shocked when reading the 1/7/11 issue of "Entertainment Weekly" that the only show that they gave an "A" rating to for the week was ABC's "Wipeout." OK, saying "shocked" is an exaggeration because that lack of editorial quality is typical in that rag. Stay tuned to the TV Junkie for the next several weeks as we pick our way through the myriad of new shows being offered to find the best for you.

TV Junkie: Happy New Year! TV Marathons Galore This Weekend

We're ringing in the new year with TCM's Marx Brothers Marathon but there's plenty of others to choose from, see the listings. Tonight we're not interested in watching the animatronic cadaver that Dick Clark has morphed into so we'll be watching old Marx Brothers movies, one of the countless marathons various networks have put together for New Years weekend. See the "full" listings and the Must-Watch plan in our full post. Starting tomorrow Universal...

TV Junkie: The Top 10 Events We Covered in 2010

We go to a lot of events to get the best TV coverage for you, our readers. Our Top Ten Events of 2010 that we personally covered were: Comedy Central's "Night of Too Many Stars," the "Bored To Death" Season 2 Premiere, the "Sons of Anarchy" Season 3 Premiere, the "Boardwalk Empire" Series Premiere, The 62nd Annual Primetime Emmy Awards, Bill Burr Hollywood Tour, Television Critics Association Summer Sessions, >PaleyFest2010 "Community" Night, 2010 Vancouver Olympics Winter Games, and The 16th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards.

An interview with Comedian Greg Fitzsimmons

We had the chance to sit down with Fitzsimmons to discuss the process for writing his book, which involved going through an archive of all the disciplinary notices, police citations, and letters from angry comedy venues that his mother had kept and handed over to him. Fitzsimmons also discussed his start in comedy, his take on religion, as well as upcoming projects he is involved in. If things fall into place for him, you could be watching up to three TV programs put together with his involvement.

TV Junkie: Alec Guinness Marathon on TCM Tonight; Bud Greenspan Marathon Starts on the 1st

Please check out our interview with four-time Emmy-winner Greg Fitzsimmons. You may be watching up to 3 shows he is is involved with in 2011. --- Veteran documentarian Bud Greenspan died earlier this month and he will be honored on Universal Sports with 9 consecutive nights of his films being featured on the network starting on January 1st with his film on the 1984 Los Angeles Olympic games. We'll have more on this as these dates approach.

TV Junkie: 2 New Series from Showtime Worth Watching in January

Showtime will be premiering several new series this Winter including "Shameless" and "Episodes" which are both worth your time. "Shameless" stars William H. Macy as an alcoholic single dad with a huge brood of kids that he criminally neglects - but it's funny! "Episodes" stars Matt LeBlanc as a version of himself, a former TV star needing a new show. Both of these shows are very funny and are a departure from the "women on the verge of a breakdown" series that Showtime has been offering us as of late. They're both very funny but in completely different ways.

TV Junkie: Our Top 10 Interviews of the Year

We reviewed and compiled a list of our Ten Best Interviews of 2010, check them out: Jonathan Ames, Donal Logue, Bob Saget, Bob Odenkirk, Ben McKenzie, Betty White, Tom Green, Len Lesser, Betsy Brandt, and Governor Jesse Ventura. --- Tonight you will have to watch TNT's "Men of a Certain Age" not only because it's one of the best shows on TV, but also because there is no other new programming on at 10pm worth mentioning.

TV Junkie: 'Doctor Who - A Christmas Carol' Airs Tomorrow

Holiday weekends are when most TV networks punt and this weekend is no exception. We have marathons galore: TBS' 24 hours of A Christmas Story, FX's day of Dr. Seuss' Horton Hears a Who!, and various "Dirty Jobs" and "MythBusters" marathons on Discovery among others. BBC America will be having a Doctor Who marathon on Saturday culminating in the premiere of "Doctor Who - A Christmas Carol" at 9pm. We suggest finishing off Sunday with a commercial-free viewing of The Wizard of Oz on TCM, followed by the incredible short film that you might remember from your preschool days, The Red Balloon.

TV Junkie: Scotch for Christmas & On TV; 'Web Soup' We Hardly Knew Ye

We went to an incredible Master Class tasting of The Macallan highland Scotch and had the chance to talk to Graeme Russell, the brand ambassador, about who in TV enjoys Scotch - check out the video. --- Word has it that G4's "Web Soup" show is no more according to one of the show's writers. That's a shame because the show was much more topical than "Tosh.0" - a key difference between the two, and shouldn't there be enough room on TV for more than 1 web video clip show? --- You can check our listings but there's virtually no new primetime programming on - late night, however, has some great choices, particularly on Conan and Fallon.

Movie Review: 'True Grit'

How cool is it that within the same week we can see Jeff Bridges as a high-tech Zen master living inside a computer-generated world as well as a barely literate, alcoholic, one-eyed U.S. Marshall prowling post-Civil War Indian Territory? Bridges is experiencing a bit of a Renaissance after scoring Golden Globe, Screen Actors Guild, and Academy Awards for his role as Bad Blake in last year's "Crazy Heart" and "True Grit" is an extension of this era that is sure to nab him several more laurels in the upcoming awards season.

TV Junkie: Westerns Marathon on TCM Today in Honor of 'True Grit'

Today TCM is running a marathon of John Wayne Westerns in honor of the world premiere of the newest adaptation of "True Grit." Check 'em out - a lot of classic film moments. --- CBS is shuffling "Blue Bloods" to Wednesday nights, more proof that Friday is where shows are sent to die. --- Comedy Central has a funny holiday mash-up app. Check it out along with our Must-Watch Plan for tonight.

Book Review: 'Dear Mrs. Fitzsimmons: Tales of Redemption from an Irish Mailbox'

Comedian, radio host and television writer Greg Fitzsimmons has written a memoir. We've had many chances to enjoy the talents of Fitzsimmons over the past 20 years, whether it was his standup, his writing for "The Man Show," "Lucky Louie," "The Ellen DeGeneres Show," his radio show on Howard Stern's Sirius Satellite Radio (on Howard 101) or his bi-weekly podcasts, he's now provided a tremendous amount of insight on how he came to be a comedian and the perseverance, against many odds, to be successful at it.

TV Junkie: Top Ten of 2010

Today we're posting our Top Ten TV Shows for 2010, so check 'em out. We go into details on today's podcast. Disagree? Give us your lists. --- Speaking of podcasts, Paul Scheer of "The League" started up a new podcast about movies and in today's first edition, he and "League" co-star Nick Kroll eviscerate "Burlesque." --- We have a couple tips regarding TV-related events in NYC if you are heading there over the next couple months. --- Review tonight's sparse TV listings and our Must-Watch Plan.

TV Junkie: Late Night Options - Conan vs Total Lunar Eclipse?

With so little new programming to watch, please check out our Must-Watch Plan which features a "Independent Lens" documentary on PBS, a great new episode of "Men of a Certain Age" and some good options on late night TV. --- Weigh in on if Oprah is trying to fill her new empty network with quantity vs quality as she asks everyone from Bono to the Duchess of York to host a show.

Movie Review: 'TRON: Legacy'

TRON: Legacy opens this weekend nationwide and while it isn't too deep it's an experience worth at least a visit or two while it is still on IMAX 3D. Jeff Bridges is masterful and the world envisioned by newcomer director Joseph Kosinski respectfully updates and extends the look and feel of the 1982 original. There's plenty of action and humor in the two hour extravaganza with notable performances by Michael Sheen and Olivia Wilde.

TV Junkie: Bridges Hosts 'SNL' & Gervais Has HBO Special

The big highlights for the weekend are Ricky Gervais HBO special and Jeff Bridges hosting "Saturday Night Live," both of which occur on Saturday. --- Calls-To-Action: It's been a week and a day since "The League" season finale and there's no word from the FX network about renewing this great show.

TV Junkie: PaleyFest2011 Announced; More DVDs & Podcasts

The Paley Center for Media has announced some of the lineup for PaleyFest2011. Shows to be highlighted include "The Walking Dead," "True Blood," "Freaks and Geeks"/"Undeclared" Reunion, and "American Idol." --- Read the full post to see our list of DVDs from the Roger Corman Cult Classics, new Channel Zero and Greg Proops podcasts, and the Must-Watch picks of the night.

TV Junkie: Jimmy Kimmel Sued for YouTube Abuse

Jimmy Kimmel is getting sued for using a YouTube video clip of a Rabbi without getting permission from either the Rabbi or YouTube. Our friends at G4's "Web Soup" know how to get that done right, how come ABC doesn't? [Plus check our Must-Watch plan and tonight's sparse listings]

TV Junkie: Interview with Regina King & Ben McKenzie from 'SouthLAnd'; Golden Globe TV Noms

We were big fans of "SouthLAnd" when it first premiered on NBC and were very pleased when the show was picked up by TNT after a badly handled dumping by the Peacock. "SouthLAnd" returns on January 4th with all new episodes premiering on TNT. This is a great show focusing on patrol cops and detectives shooting on location on the very real streets of Los Angeles. The energetic and masterful season premiere picks up right where we left off with key storylines led by Regina King and Ben McKenzie as Detective Lydia Adams and Patrol Officer Ben Sherman (respectively). We had a chance to ask the pair a few questions on a conference call late last week. --- Also check out our blurb about the Golden Globe nominations for TV as well as the TV Junkie Must-Watch picks of the night and full listings.

TV Junkie: New Programming Getting Thin; What'd You Think of 'Dexter' Finale?

As we approach Christmas we'll see fewer new episodes of new programs and that is fully in evidence with tonight's available lineups. Be sure to see our Must-See Plan for tonight as well as the full listings for your options. --- Tell us what you thought of the "Dexter" finale. --- "SNL" had 2 Pauls - how'd they do in your opinion? This coming weekend features Jeff Bridges and Eminem. --- The 2nd edition of our podcast is up - let us know what you'd like to hear in it.

TV Junkie: TV On DVD For The Holidays

With gift-exchanges coming fast and furious over the next couple weeks, we reviewed the DVDs we've received and watched so far this year and summarized some gift possibilities for you including picks of contemporary TV shows now on DVD as well as shows that left the airwaves ages ago. When you've seen an old favorite show in reruns and have said aloud: "Why can't they make a show like this anymore?" You are right, so go and get some of the old ones on DVD.

TV Junkie: FX - Plz Renew 'The League'! Sunday is 'Dexter' Finale Day; 'Party Down' Party

Send a note to and urge them to renew "The League" which finished off it's season last night with 2 incredibly funny episodes. While FX hasn't said they're not renewing the show, they haven't said they _are_ renewing the show. Give them a nudge. --- Are you excited about Sunday's "Dexter" season finale? Are you a Lumen-hater or do you appreciate the new serial killer serial killing team of Dexter-Lumen? What do you think is going to happen? --- See the full post for weekend listings and more news: "Party Down" party on Sunday, VGAs, etc.

TV Junkie: 3 1/2 Hours of Great Comedy Tonight; HRTS Luncheon Eye-Openers

NBC will have Christmas episodes of "Community," "30 Rock," and "The Office" (hour-long episode). "Community" will be the standout with a Rankin-Bass flavored stop-motion animated jaunt into absurdity. We're also looking forward to "The League" season finale. --- See quotes that we collected from yesterday's Hollywood Radio and Television Society's Newsmaker Luncheon, with writers from major shows like "Sons of Anarchy," "Hawaii Five-0," "NCIS" and more. --- "A Charlie Brown Christmas" turns 45 today! See our Must-Watch Plan, listings, & more in the full post.

TV Junkie: Aaron Sorkin Blasts Palin & TLC; Rossellini's 'Green Porno' on Sundance; #MOACA gets WGA Nom

Screenwriter Aaron Sorkin blasted Sarah Palin's show on TLC in a piece for the Huffington Post today. We agree that the TLC program is nothing more than a political vehicle for Palin and that TLC should be ashamed at providing her with this unrestricted tool to broadcast her absurd viewpoints. TLC has yet to provide similar programming space to people with more brains and better ideas than Palin so we're boycotting the network. --- See our full post for the Must-Watch plan for tonight's programming, our listings, and a couple shopping deals we found.

TV Junkie: An LGBT Parody From Sundance?

Sundance premiere's "Girls Who Like Boys Who Like Boys" tonight at 10pm and the promos lead us to believe that this is in the old territory of exploitive reality shows - prove us wrong Sundance! --- Viewership numbers for last night's premiere of "Men of a Certain Age" are discouraging. Please don't let this be another "Terriers". --- Our friend Greg Proops will be doing another free podcast night tomorrow at Bar Lubitsch in WeHo at 8pm and we will begin doing a weekly podcast starting next week. --- See our "Must-Watch" programs for tonight and the listings of worthy alternatives in the full post.

TV Junkie: 'Terriers' is Cancelled by FX; 'Men of a Certain Age' Premieres; Please Stop, 'SNL'

FX has cancelled "Terriers" - we participated on an unprecedented conference call with FX President and General Manager John Landgraf who expressed his regret at having to cancel the show while simultaneously uttering the timeless TV business reason for cancellation: the numbers. Tonight: "Men of a Certain Age" season premiere = Must-Watch. See our full listings and other news/info/opinion.

TV Junkie: De Niro to Host 'SNL' Tomorrow; 'Tron' Premiere Online; 'Boardwalk Empire'/'Walking Dead' Finales

This weekend we will have to deal with more than our regular cadre of zombies, bootleggers, and serial killers as Saturday night will feature Robert "Bobby" De Niro hosting "Saturday Night Live." De Niro has hosted "SNL" in 2002 and 2004 but do you remember any sketches he was in? He seems to have loosened up a little bit from what we can see in the above promos so we're hoping that the writers will fully take advantage of the opportunity.

TV Junkie: IFC Scores Some Great Reruns; '24' Marathon Begins Tonight at Hollywood & Highland

We're never that excited about watching reruns but we're very happy about today's announcement from IFC that they will be showing reruns of "Mr. Show with Bob and David," "The Larry Sanders Show," and "Action" among others starting the first week of January, 2011. "Mr. Show" was written, created, and stars Bob Odenkirk and David Cross and is a collection of eclectica and absurdity that was ground-breaking both in its intelligence and absurdity. [See our interview with Bob Odenkirk from earlier this year].

TV Junkie: 'Sons of Anarchy' Season Finale - Back Home

Tonight marks the season finale of FX's "Sons of Anarchy" with a special 90 minute episode. We complained at the beginning of November about the show getting a little off course with SAMCRO's bizarre jaunt to Ireland, a multi-episode arc that probably went 2 episodes too-long. Still, the final episode in Ireland a couple weeks ago showed that series creator Kurt Sutter and his writing team is one of the most capable working today.

TV Junkie Interview: Bob Saget

Since then he's been roasted on Comedy Central, put together another TV special's worth of new material (to be shot this Spring, most likely), and took a year off to shoot a TV series, "Strange Days With Bob Saget" which premieres tonight on A&E at 10pm with back-to-back episodes. In "Strange Days" Saget tours the country (and world?!) to meet up with various subcultures and see how they work through a process of total immersion.

TV Junkie Interview: Reed Timmer from 'Storm Chasers'

Reed Timmer stand in front of The Dominator tornado tank. The season finale of "Storm Chasers" airs tonight at 10pm on Discovery The Discovery Channel is wrapping up it's fourth season of "Storm Chasers" at 10pm tonight and while there is no official word yet on whether the show is coming back or not next year, we would find it hard to believe that the network would drop one of its most exciting series....

TV Junkie: Must-Watch 'Terriers' Season Finale; 'Walking Dead' Producer Fires All Writers; Late Night Rocks

Tonight marks the season finale of "Terriers" on FX at 10pm. We hope that the gods of Truth in Artistry make this the end of the first season and not the series. This is a great show, well written, and superbly performed - it just hasn't found it's audience yet, in this, it's first season. In the past we've pointed out that FX has bungled the marketing of the show and that a retooled campaign would help the show, something that they would do at the beginning of the second season.

TV Junkie: Boring Oscars On Tap With Hathaway & Franco; Barbara Walters' Uninteresting People & More

Per today's earlier announcement, the 83rd Annual Academy Awards promises to be a borefest with Anne Hathaway and James Franco as co-hosts. Were all the comedians on the planet already booked for that night? We're boycotting Barbara Walters' "The 10 Most Fascinating People" for the horrible collection of people she's lined up for the show. With the exception of Betty White, this is a criminally uninteresting pack that includes Sarah Palin for the third consecutive year.

TV Junkie: 'School Pride' Season Finale (Series Finale?); Gift Ideas for TV Folk

Before we trip away, we'd like to watch some of NBC's "School Pride" at 8pm. This great show about bringing volunteers and sponsors together to renovate and upgrade schools had Emmy-Winning Denise Cramsey as executive producer. Cramsey passed away on Tuesday after suffering a brain aneurism. Supposedly "School Pride" is very much "on the bubble" and headed towards cancellation. This is a show that should be on TV - it's not "feel good" TV for the sake of it, this was a show that actually did something about a major problem this country is facing: lack of funding for our schools (primarily in the greater Los Angeles are) that is so severe that they are literally falling apart around the students. We hope NBC keeps it on the air to carry on the good idea that Cramsey helped bring to life.

TV Junkie Interview: Fran Drescher has a Tawk Show

Before we had "SuperNanny" we had "The Nanny," before we had "Flight of the Conchords" we had This Is Spinal Tap and in both of those shows we had The Queen of Flushing, Queens, Fran Drescher who will be making a return to TV this Friday with "The Fran Drescher Show" (on KTTV Fox 11 @ 2pm).

TV Junkie: Emmy Winner Denise Cramsey Passes Away; Must-Watch for Tonight & Thanksgiving

We're very sad to report that Denise Cramsey, the multi-Emmy winning producer whom we interviewed about her most current project, "School Pride" (NBC, Friday's @ 8pm), passed away from a brain aneurism last night at the age of 41. She won her Emmys in 2007 and 2008 for "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition" (ABC). --- Also check out our Must-See picks for tonight and Thanksgiving Day/Night.

TV Junkie Interview: Isabella Rossellini brings us more 'Green Porno'

Cinema icon Isabella Rossellini has long been involved with wildlife preservation as a board member the Wildlife Conservation Network and president and director of the Howard Gilman Foundation, a leading institution focused on the preservation of wildlife, arts, photography and dance. In 2008 Rossellini brought this love of wildlife to television by creating the "Green Porno" series of minidocumentaries to the Sundance Channel.

TV Junkie: 'Sons of Anarchy' Returns to Charming and It's Time to Clean House; 38th International Emmys

We haven't hidden the fact that for the past month or so we've been a little disappointed with the direction that FX's "Sons of Anarchy" took for most of November. What we thought might be a quick jaunt to Ireland took up far too many episodes with one completely unrealistic scene surmounting another: SAMCRO and all their guns and gear mysteriously teleporting from one continent to another, surviving a truck bomb without any police investigation, conducting multiple tortures and killings, etc.

TV Junkie: Please Let That Be the Last AMAs; Yo Gabba Gabba/Louis CK/Brian Regan Will Be Here Soon

Disappointed with last night's AMAs? You shoulda watched "Dexter" or "Boardwalk Empire" even. Both of those shows he been fantastic during the month of November. We'd also like to inform you of some local appearances by some of our favorite people we've seen on TV: "Yo Gabba Gabba!" bring their live show to the NOKIA on November 26 & 27; Louis CK appears at the Gibson on December 2; and Brian Regan will be at the Wiltern on December 10. All of these shows will likely sell out so don't procrastinate on giving yourself or a friend an early Holiday present. The TV Junkie Must-Watch Plan: "Chuck", "American Masters: Lennon NYC", "Conan" (Zachary Levi)

TV Junkie: MSNBC Suspends Scarborough - Too Little Too Late; 'Top Gear' USA Premieres on Sunday

Weekend Edition The hosts of the new "Top Gear": Rutledge Wood, Tanner Foust, and Adam Ferrara. "Top Gear" will premiere on the History Channel on Sunday at 10pm. We'll catch it later. In a it's-too-late-already tit-for-tat punishment, MSNBC has suspended conservative pundit Joe Scarborough for two days for political donations, the same punishment doled out to liberal commentator Keith Olbermann. This is obviously a situation that MSNBC wanted to avoid but their hypocrisy stank too...

TV Junkie: PTC Wants To Censor Your Hulu; 'Community' on the Bubble

Annie and Señor Chang want YOUR eyeballs so that NBC will renew "Community" Thank you very much to everyone who participated in our Save "Terriers" effort yesterday--you never know if taking a few seconds to send out an email will do anything but at least you know that you did something. If you haven't had a chance, send an email to FX and politely ask them to give us another season of "Terriers". Last...

TV Junkie: Please Write In To Support 'Terriers'; Find Out More About 'Conan'

In tonight's excellent episode of "Terriers" (FX @ 10pm) we take a trip to the past to find out how and why Hank was kicked off the police force. Please write in to to let them know you want another season of this great show. Dear "Terriers" fans, it's time for some action. If you like the show, it's time for you to send a message to FX that you'd like to see...

TV Junkie: Dear LA Times, There Have Been 10pm Comedies; TBS Premieres 'Glory Daze' Tonight; Tina Fey Edited By PBS

TBS premieres "Glory Daze" tonight at 10pm. Looks like Fred Willard will have his hands full treating injuries caused by various frat boy hazing rituals. NBC announced its midseason Thursday night line up for 8pm-11pm: “Community”, “Perfect Couples”, “The Office”, “Parks and Recreation”, “30 Rock”, and “Outsourced”. The LA Times responded to this by asking the moronic question "Can you laugh after 10pm?" Okay, sure, they referenced HBO's "Entourage" which airs at 10pm on...

TV Junkie: Sunday Was A Big Night for Dramas; 'The Big C' Season Finale Tonight; Got 'Backwash'?

"The Big C" will have its season finale tonight at 10:30pm on Showtime This weekend's TV had some great moments: Friday's season finale of "Real Time With Bill Maher" still has clips bouncing all over twitter, most of which were of zingers from Michael Moore. Did anybody watch Scarlett Johansson on SNL? We didn't. Sunday was the big night where significant (and intense) plot advancements occurred in "Dexter", "Boardwalk Empire", and "The Walking Dead"....

TV Junkie: 'Rubicon' Cancelled, 'Running Wilde' Likely Doomed; 'Bored To Death' Finale

Fox has pulled "Running Wilde" from it's line up with a possible return of the show on November 30th - it's a shame that a show with this much talent can't find it's sea legs. There's been a lot of supposition that the network has been fiddling with the show from the beginning, so how can you fix a show that the network broke? A better questions is: why would they be bringing it back? We love Will Arnett and David Cross and hope to see them in something that isn't screwed from the get-go.

TV Junkie: Interview with Katie Aselton from 'The League'

Katie Aselton (right) stars in FX's "The League" with Nick Kroll and Jon Lajoie. "The League" airs tonight at 10:30pm We've never tried to hide the fact that we're tremendous fans of FX's "The League" (Thursdays @ 10:30pm), the series about a group of former college buddies/misfits who run an extremely competitive, no holds barred fantasy football league. For those who haven't watched the show, the fantasy football stuff is the MacGuffin, simply an...

TV Junkie: Scarlett Hosts 'SNL' for the _3rd_ Time?? Romano To Do All-Star Fundraiser in Town This Sat.

A great new episode of "The League" will be on at 10:30pm tonight. Be sure to read our interview with Katie Aselton that we posted earlier today. Be sure to check out the interview with Katie Aselton from FX's "The League" that we posted earlier today. There's a great new episode on tonight at 10:30pm. --- We've had some generically positive comments posted here regarding Conan O'Brien's return to late night TV but what...

TV Junkie: Sesame Street Turns 41; NatGeo Contest; PTC Whines About #@#&!

National Geographic and YouTube are working together to present "Planet Inspired," an initiative that allows people the opportunity to use their creativity to inspire people to care about the planet and win incredible prizes. Now through November 15, you can incorporate compelling video, images and music from National Geographic's library with your own to create a short film that focus on environmental themes such as Oceans, Endangered Species, Fresh Water, or Exploration. The winner...

TV Junkie: Interview with Ray Romano of TNT's 'Men of a Certain Age'

Andre Braugher, Ray Romano, and Scott Bakula star in TNT's "Men of a Certain Age". Season 1 is available on DVD as of today an the series returns on December 6th, 2010. On December 6th the second season of "Men of a Certain Age" returns to TNT and coincidentally the first season is available on DVD as of today. TNT has been re-running episodes in preparation for the new season so now you have...

TV Junkie: Conan FTW; Fey Gets Mark Twain Tonight; The Return of Olbermann

It was no surprise that last night Conan O'Brien's new show on TBS hosed his competitors , some by a factor of 2x+ Of course "Conan" opened to stellar ratings last night but as we discussed yesterday, the trick for O'Brien will be to see if he can sustain an audience and continue to convert his new media followers into regular viewers of his TV show. It seems highly unlikely that he will be...

TV Junkie: We Talk With Stars of Showtime's 'The Big C'

It's been an eventful season for Showtime's critically acclaimed "The Big C", the "comedy" series about how a woman, Cathy Jamison, deals with her diagnosis of stage 4 melanoma. Jamison, a teacher played by executive producer Laura Linney, goes through a major attitude adjustment without letting on about her condition to friends and family until very late in the season: she goes out to dinner and orders cocktails and desserts, she dumps her husband...

TV Junkie: It's All About Conan

What could be more important tonight than the debut of Conan O'Brien's new show, "Conan", on TBS at 11pm. Books have literally been written in to tell the story of how O'Brien got to this point in his career. Sure he's got Seth Rogen and Jack White guesting but they're not the reason to tune in tonight. It's no surprise that Letterman and Leno have lined up some heavy hitters as guests, from Han Solo to The Terminator but they won't hold a candle to Conan's storming of the late night airwaves.

TV Junkie: Interview with Sarah Wayne Callies from 'The Walking Dead'

Sarah Wayne Callies stars as Lori (above in the plaid shirt) in AMC's "The Walking Dead" Last Sunday AMC's "The Walking Dead" opened to both critical and popular acclaim and scored as AMC's most-viewed premiere in the history of the network. If you read our interview last week with Jon Bernthal, who plays Shane, you got some great insight into the show about the survivors of a zombie infestation. We learned that this show...

TV Junkie: 'Great Migrations' Could Inspire

National Geographic's "Great Migrations" premieres on Sunday at 8pm followed by another new program at 9pm (see the promo vid above). Perhaps the most recent example of such stunning nature photography would be the BBC's "Life" which aired on Discovery earlier this year. I haven't seen the entire series but I was completely bowled over by the footage of everything from wildabeests to penguins. What I do hope to see is some discussion about...

TV Junkie: Full Episodes of Conan Will Be Available Online; Taking a Break From Reality

Nick Kroll, Jon Lajoie, and Katie Aselton star in another excellent episode of "The League" tonight on FX at 10:30pm Since we've had readers comment here that they don't get cable and since we've seen in some reports that less than 1/3 of TV viewers with cable even know where TBS is, we're very pleased to see that is going to be providing full episodes of "Conan" online! "Conan" starts on November 8...

TV Junkie: Interview with Donal Logue of FX's 'Terriers'

Donal Logue stars as Hank Dolworth in FX's "Terriers" - FX at 10pm tonight Back at the beginning of September we grabbed a couple minutes with Donal Logue, star of one of our favorite shows, "Terriers", which is on FX tonight at 10pm. A few minutes weren't enough for us and Logue kindly granted us the following interview. Last week I railed against the bizarre viewing tendencies of the Nielsen-monitored public, who were watching...

TV Junkie: Election Coverage - Your Opinion

Donal Logue and Michael Raymond-James star in FX's "Terriers" on FX tonight at 10pm For those of you who watched election coverage - who did you watch? Evidently NBC and ABC were the top winners in viewers with CBS next in line and Fox trailing. We watched everything that we could including some of the crazy gadgets on CNN (crazy wall-sized iPads, etc.) but we have to say we were more than a little...

TV Junkie: Mid-Term Election Coverage Tonight; Team Coco Ramps Up; #SOA iPhone App

It's mid-term election night madness (thank goodness the World Series is over) so we'll be switching back and forth between the excellent coverage on PBS and KTLA whilst getting doses of humor from Comedy Central with about 50 browser windows open including those of LAist and the LA Times, of course. What resources (TV & Online) will you be using tonight to keep tabs on the elections? --- Have you seen Team Coco's "Show...

TV Junkie: 'Rally To Restore Sanity' Decompression; 'The Walking Dead' Trends

Gabriel Byrne stars as the psychiatrist Dr. Paul Weston in the sometimes headache-inducing "In Treatment" on HBO at 9pm tonight (and tomorrow) AMC's "The Walking Dead" was a trending topic on Twitter last night and it was a lot of fun to watch it on Halloween night. Be sure to check out my interview with series star Jon Bernthal and post what you think of the pilot here. --- Who watched Jon Stewart and...

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