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TV Junkie: Our vid of Sir Patrick Stewart at the Peabodys; TV Podcasts & More

Please check out our video of Sir Patrick Stewart at the Peabody Awards. --- We have a new edition of the Channel Zero podcast up with our interview of Louis C.K. on location + our suggestions for other great podcasts to listen to this weekend. --- We can't wait until Sunday's lineup with "Game of Thrones" (see a sneak preview here).

TV Junkie: Vids of 'Men of a Certain Age' & 'Justified' at the Peabody Awards

Check out our Peabody Awards videos with Ray Romano, André Braugher, Scott Bakula, and Mike Royce from TNT's "Men of a Certain Age" and Graham Yost, Timothy Olyphant, and Elmore Leonard of FX's "Justified." --- Oprah is "over." --- Lisa Kudrow to host the 15th Annual Webby Awards. --- Check out the TV Junkie Must-Watch Plan for tonight.

EXCLUSIVE - TV Junkie Interview: Louis C.K. on Location with 'Louie'

Check out our interview with stand-up comedian Louis C.K. who is the creator, writer, editor, producer, and lead of FX's "Louie" which will have the premiere of its second season on Thursday, June 23, at 10:30pm. We talked with Louis C.K. on location in New York City, outside of the world-famous Caroline's Comedy Club on Broadway.

TV Junkie: Julianna Margulies & Christine Baranski from 'The Good Wife' at the Peabody Awards

We've got video of our interviews with Julianna Margulies and Christine Baranski from CBS' "The Good Wife" at this Monday's Peabody Awards ceremony. --- If you like "Nurse Jackie" we suggest you check out the FitzDogRadio podcast with series creator Evan Dunsky. --- More news items & tonight's TV Junkie Must-Watch Plan.

TV Junkie: Carson Daly & Tom Papa @ NBC Upfronts; 'Tara' Cancelled; Jane Lynch to host Emmys?

We have a couple more videos from the NBC upfronts: Carson Daly & Tom Papa. --- Jane Lynch is in talks to host this year's Emmys: please don't let this happen. --- We have a hilarious promo clip from Louis C.K. you should check out. --- Lame Chelsea Handler interview in NY Times --- All this + the TV Junkie Must-Watch Plan.

TV Junkie: Video Interview with Comedian Al Madrigal at NBC Upfronts; Tonight's Picks

We're big fans of Al Madrigal's comedy and it was a pleasure to catch up with him at NBC's 2011 upfronts in New York City. Madrigal will be in the comedy "Free Agents" which begins airing this fall. --- Check out our TV Must-Watch Plan for tonight's picks and other tidbits.

TV Junkie: Video Interviews w/cast of 'Community'; Weekend TV

Check out our video interviews with "Community" cast members Gillian Jacobs, Yvette Nicole Brown, and Joel McHale at this week's NBC upfronts. --- You should check out the Long Shot Podcast episode with TV writer/comedian Jen Kirkman. --- We have a new edition of the Channel Zero podcast up for you. --- The always helpful TV Junkie Must-Watch Plan for the weekend awaits you!

TV Junkie: Dick 'Dick' Ebersol Leaves NBC Sports - Hallelujah! 'Office' & 'Parks & Rec' Finales

NBCUniversal Sports head Dick Ebersol resigned today, good riddance! Americans now have a chance to see the Olympics the way they should be seen. --- "The Office" and "Parks and Recreation" have hour-long season finales tonight, check 'em out. --- Have a gander at our TV Junkie Must-Watch Plan for the night and the listings to choose your poison.

TV Junkie Interview: Anders Holm of Comedy Central's 'Workaholics'

"Workaholics" was definitely worth the wait when Comedy Central finally began airing it this Spring. We were extremely fortunate to be able to grab some time with co-creator and co-star of the series, Anders Holm, who explained the inspiration for the show and its characters.

TV Junkie: Great Late Night TV; 'COPS' Lives on into 24th Season

This week has already had some great late night TV and that streak continues tonight with a great lineup on "Chelsea Lately." --- "COPS" gets a record 24th season. ---- >"$#*! My Dad Says" creator tells Dad about cancellation. --- All this plus the TV Junkie Must-Watch Plan.

TV Junkie: WTFpod on Public Radio; Cuddy Leaves 'House' + More News

Maximun Fun podcast network has produced a 10 episode public radio series based on Marc Maron's WTFpod archives. --- ABC & NBC have rolled out their period piece dramas a few years too late. --- Lisa Edelstein aka Dr. Cuddy will not come back for the final season of "House." --- More news & The TV Junkie Must-Watch Plan for tonight.

TV Junkie: NBC Unveils New Shows; 'Showrunners' Doc; Winters on WTFpod

An incredible new documentary about TV showrunners is coming and is called ......'Showrunners'. We can't wait! --- The new head of NBC entertainment talked up his schedule ideas yesterday, we'll give you highlights and links. --- Jonathan Winters is on Marc Maron's WTFpod, you gotta listen to it. --- All this and the TV Junkie Must-Watch Plan.

TV Junkie: Video Interviews with 'Royal Pains' Cast & More; Ashton Won't Make 'Men' Better

We conclude our video interviews from the USA Network upfronts with Vincent D'Onofrio and cast from "Royal Pains." --- Ashton Kutcher's arrival on "Two and a Half Men" will improve neither the premise of the story, nor the writing, both of which are awful. --- Ed Helms to host "SNL" this weekend. --- All this and the TV Junkie Must-Watch Plan Weekend Edition.

TV Junkie: Interviews w/Peter Gallagher & Anne Dudeck of 'Covert Affairs'

We've got video interviews with Peter Gallagher and Anne Dudeck from USA's "Covert Affairs." --- We've got our full interview in podcast form with voice actor Billy West ("Ren & Stimpy," "Futurama," etc.). --- We give props to newsman Jim Lehrer and Will Ferrell. --- And we've got the TV Junkie Must-Watch Plan for tonight.

TV Junkie: Interviews with Cast of 'Fairly Legal'; Night of the Long Knives at Fox

We have more video interviews with casts of USA shows, this time its "Fairly Legal" including Sarah Shahi and Michael Trucco. --- Last night Fox took a chainsaw to their programming and dropped 5 shows. Did they over-prune the bush too much? Weigh in. --- All this and the TV Junkie Must-Watch Plan.

LAist Interview: Voice Actor Billy West from 'Futurama,' 'Ren & Stimpy,' & More

Check out our interview with voice artist Billy West who has brought to life animated series and movies like "Ren and Stimpy," "Doug," CatDog," "Futurama," and countless others. West will be doing a live show tomorrow night in Santa Monica with Tom Kenny, the voice of SpongeBob SquarePants.

TV Junkie: Interviews with Roday & Hill from 'Psych'

We have more video from last week's USA Network upfront rollout of shows. This time its James Roday and Dulé Hill from "Psych." --- Pass the TUMS: Ryan Seacrest makes $15 million/yr as host of "Idol" --- Norm Macdonald will take the Lakers to task tonight on his sports show. Prove you can take it.

TV Junkie: Video Interviews with USA's 'Necessary Roughness' Cast; Incredible Late Night TV Tonight

Today our week of videos from the USA Network's upfront presentation begins with interviews of their new show "Necessary Roughness." We spoke with Callie Thorne, Marc Blucas, and Scott Cohen from the show. --- There's a great episode of the FitzDogRadio podcast you should listen to. --- Tonight's late night offerings are on fire!

TV Junkie: Tina Fey Back on 'SNL' This Weekend

Weekend highlights include Tina Fey's return to "SNL" for a hosting gig, the wonderful Amy Sedaris on "Bob's Burgers," and do-not-miss episodes of "Game of Thrones" and "The Killing." --- Check out the TV Junkie Must-Watch Plan and the listings that we busted our ass to do for you.

TV Junkie: The 'Justified' Finale; Big Events in 'Vampire Diaries'

We're still reeling after last night's season finale of "Justified." What did you think of the finale? --- If you're not into the Thursday night comedy block then you might be watching "The Vampire Diaries" where big events are afoot before next week's finale. --- We have a new edition of the Channel Zero podcast up with our Brian Unger interview included.

3 Comics Make a Movie - Not a Joke! 'Cheat' Rocks Tribeca

We said we were going to one of the premiere screenings of 'Cheat', the short film by comedians Bill Burr, Robert Kelly, and Joe DeRosa, and we did! We caught up with the trio and got them to answer some questions for us before the screening where the film was incredibly well-received. See our interview and check out the trailer.

TV Junkie: Season Finale of 'Justified' + A Shot of Moonshine

The second season of FX's "Justified" comes to a close. Please check out our video interviews and other coverage of this great series in today's post. The capper is that KCRW's "The Treatment" has an interview with series star Timothy Olyphant that went live today. --- All this plus other news items & the TV Junkie Must-Watch Plan.

TV Junkie Interview: Brian Unger's 'How The States Got Their Shapes'

Check out our interview with veteran correspondent and humorist Brian Unger whose new show, "How The States Got Their Shapes," premieres tonight at 10pm on the History Channel. Southern California plays a part in tonight's premiere episode so you should watch it.

TV Junkie: TV Options Tonight Are Crowned by 'Raising Hope'

TV ownership declines for first time in 20 years. --- Who is Scott Pelley now that he will be new CBS Evening News Anchor? --- Watch "Raising Hope"! --- The TV Junkie Must-Watch Plan and the listings for tonight also included.

TV Junkie: President Obama's Great Week of TV

President Obama had a great week on TV which was capped by last night's announcement of Osama Bin Laden's death. From Hawaii's release of the President's long form birth certificate to the White House Correspondents' Dinner to pre-empting "Celebrity Apprentice" for some incredibly good news, President Barack Obama came out on top.

LAist at Tribeca Film Festival - Will Ferrell & More

Here's a chunk of videos from the 2011 Tribeca Film Festival: a couple questions with Will Ferrell and Stephen Root about the indie film "Everything Must Go"; Olympian Carl Lewis and Mr. Universe Frank Zane talk about "Challenging Impossibility"; and DJ Junior Vasquez, a player in "Limelight" gives his take on the current music scene.

TV Junkie: Weekend Must-Watch List; 'Game of Thrones' & Nick Di Paolo & More

There's some great TV on this weekend - be sure to check out our TV Junkie Must-Watch Plan. We've got a promo clip for this Sunday's "Game of Thrones" and we have a little write-up of independent-minded (perhaps a little right-wing) comic Nick Di Paolo's Showtime special on Saturday. We've also got some news items in addition to the listings. Have a great weekend.

TV Junkie: Steve Carell Leaves 'The Office' Tonight

We know Steve Carell has been wanting to make the transition to full-time movie star for a while now and tonight the departure from TV becomes official as Michael Scott leaves "The Office" in an extended episode starting at 9pm. Thank you Steve for bringing Michael Scott to life.

TV Junkie: Rough Sailing for Martha at Hallmark; No 'Voice' Here or Wedding Either

It's rough sailing for Martha Stewart since she moved her operations to Hallmark - quarterly losses have expanded and revenue is down: we told you so. --- Stuff we won't be covering here: "The Voice" and the Royal Wedding. --- Stuff we do have: Tonight's TV Junkie Must-Watch Plan.

TV Junkie: 'Marwencol' on PBS tonight is a Must-Watch; HBO Ratings; Pulp TV on Leno

On PBS "Independent Lens" will be featuring the incredible documentary 'Marwencol' tonight at 10pm - an inspiring story of a man who created an epic narrative world in miniature in order to cope with a traumatic brain injury. --- Last night Leno had Paul Reiser bemoaning his cancelled show, tonight he has Lindsay Lohan - what's next Jay, snuff films? --- HBO revealed some ratings for Sunday's shows. --- We've got a new Channel Zero podcast and the Must-Watch Plan.

Olivia Wilde and Dennis Farina at the Tribeca Film Fest

At the Tribeca Film Festival we interviewed Olivia Wilde about the documentary she produced, "Sun City Picture House," and actors Dennis Farina and Gary Cole about their feature film, "The Last Rites of Joe May."

TV Junkie: USA Network worth 10x NBC Broadcast? 'Glee' Extra Tells Her Story

The USA network is valued at almost 10 times that of the NBC broadcast network. We always had an affinity for some of their shows, it's time to step it up a bit. --- The "Glee" extra who has been verbally crucified across the media and production houses for "leaking plot details on Twitter" has given her side of the story to The Hollywood Reporter. --- Check out the TV Junkie Must-Watch Plan for tonight.

LAist at Tribeca Film Festival

The idea of covering a major film festival in New York is indeed a romantic notion but the Tribeca Film Festival has been a disappointment. Our first footage of the event will appear this Monday with more to come next week.

Interview: Comedian Judy Tenuta

Judy Tenuta will be bringing her signature comedy stylings and music to the Hollywood Improv this Saturday night at 8pm. We had the chance to speak with her as she prepared for her show.

TV Junkie: Easter Weekend Viewing Options

There are some great shows on this weekend: tonight' premiere of Ricky Gervais' "Talking Comedy" on HBO, Saturday's premiere of "Doctor Who" & "Animals Distract Me" and Sunday's season finale of "After Lately" to name a few. Check out the TV Junkie Must-Watch Plan and the listings.

TV Junkie: '30 Rock' Hits 100th Episode; 'SoCal Connected' Talks Environment

Tonight NBC celebrates the 100th episode of the multi-Emmy winning "30 Rock" with an hour long special show. We'll be there! --- KCET's "SoCal Connected" will be celebrating Earth Day with an episode focused on the environment. --- All this and the TV Junkie Must-Watch Plan.

TV Junkie: FX Announces Premieres; 'Glee' Promises NDAs; No Drunk Guidos In Florence

FX has announced summer premiere dates for "Wilfred," "Louie," and "Rescue Me." --- Outraged "Glee" producers will overhaul contracts to prevent future leakage of series details. --- Drunken "Jersey Shore" morons can not legally be filmed in Florence, Italy. --- We also have a Podcast Roundup and tonight's TV Junkie Must-Watch Plan.

TV Junkie Interview: Isabella Rossellini and 'Animals Distract Me'

Isabella Rossellini has a new movie on Planet Green called "Animals Distract Me." It's a very entertaining and funny documentary that explores everything from how animals perceive their surroundings to how we are impacting the planet through our food choices. We interviewed Rossellini about her work and how it can help us understand an environment that seems to be under so much stress.

TV Junkie: The Ernie Kovacs Collection; Duran Duran on 'Chelsea Lately'

We've always loved Ernie Kovacs and we were thrilled to review "The Ernie Kovacs Collection" which was released today. 13 hours of Kovacs' ground-breaking shows from the 1950s and 1960s, many of which that haven't been seen since they were broadcast - it's a phenomenal set and worthy of any fan of TV or comedy as Kovacs' influence is still evident in a lot of current programming. --- Our pick of the night tonight is "Chelsea Lately" which will be hosting Duran Duran.

TV Junkie: What's (not) Being Said About HBO's 'Cinema Verite'? Podcast Round-Up & More

Tell us what you thought of HBO's "Game of Thrones." --- HBO has a new docudrama called "Cinema Verite" that both the New Yorker and the New York Times wrote about but they had no actual comments on the show. WTF? --- Check out our podcast round-up and the TV Junkie Must-Watch Plan for tonight.

TV Junkie: 'Game of Thrones' Review - Epic

Our in-depth review of HBO's "Game of Thrones." This is a gorgeous show that's highly entertaining with amazing performances, particularly from the younger cast members. The female characters also challenge any expectations you might have. We aren't afraid to take the show to task on a couple items.

TV Junkie: ABC Cancellation of Soaps Will Hurt Other Production

ABC has announced the cancellation of daytime soaps "All My Children" and "One Life To Live." This loss of scripted programming means a loss for the many actors, directors, writers, and crew who honed their skills on such shows. --- Animal Planet announces 14 new shows that might have some winners (we hope). --- All this and the TV Junkie Must-Watch Plan.

TV Junkie: 'Happy Endings' Premieres Tonight; 'Justified' Continues to Build

We are very happy to see the return of Casey Wilson to television with tonight's premiere of "Happy Endings" on ABC. She's a great comedic actor and "SNL" made a huge mistake when they dropped her a couple years ago. --- Don't miss "Justified" on FX at 10pm which is building to a spectacular finish. --- All this and the TV Junkie Must-Watch Plan for tonight and the listings.

TV Junkie: At the 2011 TV Land Awards

The TV Junkie went to "The TV Land Awards" in NYC on Sunday night and got a few morsels of video for you including a controversial "claim" by Regis Philbin that he is responsible for the success of Joel McHale and Greg Kinnear. Check out the vids.

TV Junkie: HBO To Over-Saturate Network With 'Game of Thrones'

HBO will be broadcasting the premiere episode of "Game of Thrones" 11 times across 6 channels within about a day and we think that's too much. --- "24" movie is a 'go' with 2012 release date. --- "Deadliest Catch" returns to Discovery tonight at 9pm. Check out the TV Junkie Must-Watch Plan.

TV Junkie: Warren Leight to Take Over 'SVU'

A pregnant Tina Fey will host "SNL" on May 7. --- Warren Leight, showrunner of the tragically discontinued "Lights Out" has been picked to run "Law & Order: SVU." --- Check out our recent interviews, our TV Junkie Must-Watch Plan and the listings for the night.

TV Junkie Interview: Comedian Jen Kirkman of 'Chelsea Lately'

Check out our video interview with comedian Jen Kirkman who will be hosting a live webcast of "The Comedy Awards" tonight. Kirkman has also returned as a writer to "Chelsea Lately" (E!, M-F @ 11pm) and we look forward to seeing much more of her there.

TV Junkie Interview: Comedian Josh Wolf from 'Chelsea Lately' & 'College Experiment'

We spoke with comedian Josh Wolf about his participation on E!'s "Chelsea Lately," "After Lately," and Fuel TV's "College Experiment." Wolf will be on national tour with Chelsea Handler's "Lies Chelsea Handler Told Me" tour that begins in May. We thoroughly recommend you check out Josh live if you have the chance, he has a great act that works great from arenas to your local Improv.

TV Junkie: Colin Quinn's 'Long Story Short' Premieres Saturday; Watch 'The Killing' Pilot Online

HBO premieres Colin Quinn's Broadway show, "Colin Quinn Long Story Short," to cable on Saturday at 10pm - you should check it out if you have HBO. --- AMC is making the entire pilot of "The Killing" available online for you to catch up before Sunday. --- All this and the TV Junkie Must-Watch Plan & the listings.

TV Junkie: Baldwin's Misstatements on '30 Rock'; 'Bob's Burgers' Hopefully Renewed

Rolling Stone has finally weighed in on some of the podcasts we've been pushing at you for the last couple years, and they got some right for a change. --- "Bob's Burgers" renewed? --- Alec Baldwin can't seem to make up his mind about when "30 Rock" will end, perhaps he should SFTU? --- All this and the TV Junkie Must-Watch Plan.

TV Junkie: The Colbert-Franco Connection; Poehler Goes Harvard

There's been musings about whether or not Stephen Colbert really offered James Franco (another) job on last night's "Colbert Report" - we don't think so. --- Amy Poehler has been invited to speak to Harvard's graduating class in May, congrats to the Boston College grad! --- All this and tonight's TV Junkie Must-Watch Plan & the listings.

TV Junkie: 'Lights Out' Season/Series Finale Airs Tonight at 10pm on FX

Tonight the season/series finale of FX's "Lights Out" airs at 10pm. We'll be there to watch what could have been one of the great shows of the decade in its last waltz - and it's going to be a good one. --- A new episode of the Channel Zero podcast which includes an interview with "Chelsea Lately" regular Josh Wolf is up. --- Check out the TV Junkie Must-Watch Plan, late night TV is hopping tonight!

TV Junkie: Universal Sports Launches 'Take A Seat'; Conan O'Brien on WTFpod

Universal Sports premieres their first original program "Take a Seat" which chronicles an inspiring bike ride across the USA. --- Hear Conan O'Brien on Marc Maron's most recent WTFpod. --- HBO premieres "His Way," their Jerry Weintraub documentary tonight. --- Comic/TV funny man Greg Proops will be doing 1 more podcast tomorrow night before going to Australia. --- All this plus the TV Junkie Must-Watch Plan & the listings.

A Report From the Shorty Awards

LAist made it to the Shorty Awards in NYC this last Monday. Check out our video interviews with Jim Gaffigan; Amanda Palmer of The Dresden Dolls; Miss USA & Miss Teen USA Kamie Crawford; and more!

TV Junkie: Reviews of This Weekend's Premieres

Check out our reviews of CBS' "Chaos," Starz' "Camelot," AMC's "The Killing," Showtime's "The Borgias," and HBO's "Mildred Pierce." --- All this plus the TV Junkie Must-Watch Plan and listings for the weekend.

TV Junkie: Peabody Winners Announced; Mis-Adventures in Publishing

The winners of the 70th Annual Peabody Awards were announced today. Included in the list were a couple of our favorites: TNT's "Men of a Certain Age" and FX's "Justified." --- Variety's new "blog," Showblitz, appears to be a boneheaded move. Read about our frustrations with the magazine. --- All this and the TV Junkie Must-Watch Plan and the listings.

Comedian Bill Burr Gives Us A Drive Through the Hollywood Hills

As an incentive to get you through Hump Day we thought we'd share this video of comedian Bill Burr giving us a tour through the Hollywood Hills and Hollywood Boulevard, voicing his opinions on LA, and essentially the downfall of western civilization. It's a 24 minute romp of frustrations and self-analysis, and it's a blast.

TV Junkie: Letting The 'Mad Men' Pot Simmer Down

Let's calm the heck down about issues surrounding the renewal of AMC's "Mad Men" since we really don't know what the issues are. There's been a lot of stupid articles written about this and they're all based upon assumptions and/or plainly false information. --- We've also got the TV Junkie Must-Watch Plan and the listings for tonight.

TV Junkie: 'Justified' Renewed; 'Body of Proof' Premieres

We've got a new Channel Zero podcast up which includes a conversation with the legendary Tim Conway. --- We're very happy that FX is renewing "Justified" --- Tonight ABC premieres "Body of Proof" starring Dana Delaney, we love her but aren't sure about this show --- All this plus the listings and the TV Junkie Must-Watch Plan for tonight.

TV Junkie: 'Nurse Jackie' Season Premiere Tonight; 'Shameless' Redux

"Nurse Jackie" is back tonight on Showtime at 10pm and we're jonesing for her at least as much as she joneses for her next hit of Oxy. --- Marc Maron's WTFpod _finally_ talks to Bobby Slayton (whom we interviewed 4 years ago). --- We visit a great season of "Shameless" which had its finale last night. --- All this and the TV Junkie Must-Watch Plan & listings

TV Junkie Interview: MADtv's Michael McDonald

We spoke with Michael McDonald, a longtime cast-member, writer, and director on Fox's "MADtv." McDonald is kicking off a tour by starting a three night run at the Brea Improv this weekend. We discussed his roots in comedy and his current work on ABC's "Cougar Town" where he writes, directs, and will be guest-starring this season.

TV Junkie: 'Californication' & 'Shameless' Season Finales; Martha & Funny Men Sunday

The whole weekend seems to be building up towards another epic Sunday (in terms of non-sports television). We have the debut of Martha Stewart's "Men Who Make Us Laugh" on Hallmark at 8pm, followed by the season finales of Showtime's "Californication" and "Shameless" and another episode of "After Lately" on E! --- Please check out our TV news items, the TV Junkie Must-Watch Plan, and the listings.

TV Junkie Interview: Candace Bailey on the set of @AOTS

A few weeks ago we did a phoner interview with Candace Bailey, the new co-host of G4's live news and technology program, "Attack of the Show" (Monday-Friday @ 7pm) and she invited us to come by G4 and check out the revamped set and to chat in person. We had been on the set for a live show last year and the updates we saw were amazing.

TV Junkie: Requiem for a Heavyweight - FX Cancels 'Lights Out'

Very sad news today as FX announced that they would not be renewing the series "Lights Out." Read our thought on the series and our interview exchange with series star Holt McCallany and showrunner Warren Leight. --- Please check out our recent interviews - with video! --- We also have the TV Junkie Must-Watch Plan and listings for tonight.

TV Junkie Interview: Chris Franjola of E!'s 'Chelsea Lately' & 'After Lately'

We had the chance to sit down to speak with Chris Franjola, regular cast member and longtime writer on "Chelsea Lately" and its new spinoff show, "After Lately." Please check out our video interview with Franjola as well as our discussion of some of the finer points of both shows.

TV Junkie: Elizabeth Taylor Special on TV Guide; 'Justified' Builds to Finish

You can pay tribute to Elizabeth Taylor by watching "Elizabeth Taylor: A Life, A Legacy" on TV Guide at 8pm tonight (wonder how long they've had that waiting).--- Our favorite Wednesday night drama continues to build towards an epic season finale with another excellent episode tonight. Be sure to check out our interviews with the cast members.--- On the comedic side, "Modern Family" returns! --- All this and the TV Junkie Must-Watch Plan for the evening.

TV Junkie: A Chat With 'The Fabulous Beekman Boys' Which Premieres Tonight

A lot of shows that started their seasons in January are approaching their finales over the next couple weeks. Thankfully there are plenty of shows that are premiering during this time that are worth your viewing hours. Tops among them is Planet Green's "The Fabulous Beekman Boys" whose 2nd season begins tonight at 10pm. We talked with the series stars and they gave us some hints of what to look for. --- All this and the TV Junkie Must-Watch Plan.

TV Junkie Interview: Rachel Perry of Playboy TV's 'The Stash'

Playboy TV is launching a comedy show hosted by Rachel Perry, familiar as the "voice of VH1." The show has a format familiar to those of us who are fans of "The Soup," "Tosh.0" and other green screen clip shows, except this show focuses on the content created by the multibillion dollar porn industry in LA's backyard.

TV Junkie: Weekend TV Wrap Up - Please Weigh In on 'Big Love' Finale

We wrap up the weekend's TV highlights and muse about how "Big Love" ended without giving away any spoilers. If you'd like to weigh in, please give us some comments. --- We're pleased to see Stephen King might be writing an episode of "The Walking Dead" and that Jeff Daniels is possibly going to be part of Aaron Sorkin's HBO series. --- All this and tonight's TV Junkie Must-Watch Plan and the listings (lots of great late night TV tonight).

TV Junkie: Farewell 'Big Love'

We had a few great years with some crazy Mormons, thank you HBO for bringing us "Big Love," a show we're sad to see leave. --- We'd like to disagree with Entertainment Weekly's grade of C- for Saturday's broadcast of "The Pee-wee Herman Show on Broadway," it will be our pick of the night. --- All this and the TV Junkie Must-Watch Plan for your weekend.

TV Junkie: And Now, Time for a Very Special Episode of 'Parks and Recreation'

NBC comedies are back tonight with "Parks and Recreation" having a particularly special episode - a must-watch. --- MTV says that they will be bringing back the alternative rock mainstay "120 Minutes" sometime later this year. --- All this plus links to our Channel Zero podcast, the TV Junkie Must-Watch Plan for tonight, and the listings.

TV Junkie Interview: Walton Goggins of FX's 'Justified'

Walton Goggins plays the conflicted, yet transformed Boyd Crowder in FX's "Justified" which airs Wednesdays at 10pm Yesterday we posted our quick exchange with "Justified" (FX, Wednesdays at 10pm) series star Timothy Olyphant and today we'd like to share the questions we put to series co-star Walton Goggins. A lot of people know Goggins from his excellent work as Shane Vendrell on FX's "The Shield" but in his role as Boyd Crowder, another conflicted...

TV Junkie: A Quick Convo With Timothy Olyphant of FX's 'Justified'

Check out our brief conversation that we had with Timothy Olyphant, star of FX's "Justified" which is on at 10pm tonight. --- Give us your feedback on last night's "Comedy Central Roast of Donald Trump." --- The Greg Proops podcast we went to last week is now up as is a new edition of our very own Channel Zero podcast. --- All this plus the TV Junkie Must-Watch Plan.

TV Junkie: Get Into The Ring With 'Lights Out' Tonight at 10pm

"Lights Out" is our pick of the night and since its debut we've suggested ways to keep up to date on this excellent series. We go into some details on the show tonight and we urge you to catch up with the show and stick with it. --- We're happy to hear that "Bored To Death" will feature Mary Steenburgen in it's upcoming season, joining hubby Ted Danson in the cast much as she did in Larry David's "Curb Your Enthusiasm." --- More news + The TV Junkie Must-Watch Plan for tonight.

TV Junkie: Jimmy Fallon at PaleyFest2011

Please check out our PaleyFest2011 video interviews with Jimmy Fallon who was being honored last Friday night for "Late Night With Jimmy Fallon" and G4's Chris Hardwick who was moderator for the evening. Fallon dropped some hints for upcoming shows and Hardwick let us in on his many developments. --- We're happy to announce the return of nightly listings of TV shows in addition to the TV Junkie Must-Watch Plan.

TV Junkie: Last Night at PaleyFest2011 - 'Eastbound & Down'

If you want to watch your favorite shows this weekend DON'T FORGET TO CHANGE YOUR CLOCKS. Check out our TV Junkie Must-Watch Plan to see what's really up. Also, please check out our interviews with cast members of HBO's "Eastbound & Down" whome we interviewed last night at PaleyFest.

TV Junkie: Last Night at PaleyFest2011 - 'Parks and Recreation'

Amy Poehler aka Leslie Knope of NBC's "Parks and Recreation" at last night's PaleyFest. [Photo by Thomas Attila Lewis] We're preempting our listings again tonight in order to share our videos of last night's "Parks and Recreation" night at PaleyFest2011 which was fantastic [see below]. Tonight's PaleyFest is about HBO's "Eastbound & Down" and tomorrow's is "Late Night With Jimmy Fallon" - go to the Paley Center's website for more information on tickets and...

TV Junkie Interview: Louis C.K., Mastermind Of FX's 'Louie'

Louis C.K.'s FX series, "Louie," was one of our Top Ten picks for 2010 and it's currently in production in New York City. We had the chance to ask C.K. some questions about himself and his life, and the challenges of being the lead actor/director/writer/producer/etc. of his show. He gave us answers that make us even more eager to see the second season of the most innovative comedy we've seen in years.

TV Junkie: Video Interviews from PaleyFest2011 - 'White Collar'

Today we present our round up of interviews from last night's PaleyFest "White Collar" night: Matt Bomer, Tiffani Thiessen, and Willie Garson. We also have our TV Junkie Must-Watch Plan and some event/news tidbits, including some great live events starring TV comedians we'll be checking out in town tonight and tomorrow.

TV Junkie Interview: Matt Bomer of USA's 'White Collar' - It's 'White Collar' Night at PaleyFest Tonight!

Matt Bomer is the star of USA's "White Collar" which airs on Tuesdays at 10pm _and_ it's the focus program of tonight's PaleyFest2011 at the Saban Theatre. We had the chance to catch up with Bomer a few weeks ago for this interview and we eagerly anticipate what he, his castmates, and the show creators will reveal tonight at PaleyFest.

TV Junkie: Video Interviews from PaleyFest2011 - 'The Walking Dead' & 'True Blood'

Tonight at PaleyFest2011 USA's "White Collar" will be the honoree. Be sure to check out our interview with series star Matt Bomer posted earlier today as well as our videos from "The Walking Dead" and "True Blood" As mentioned in the interview with USA's "White Collar" star Matt Bomer that we posted earlier today, we will be going to the "White Collar" PaleyFest2011 night tonight at 7pm at the Saban Theare in Beverly Hills....

TV Junkie Interview: Henry Winkler

These days it appears the most popular man on TV, and the most highly-paid, is dogged daily by allegations of bizarre and salacious behavior - 30 years ago this wasn't the story as Henry Winkler rules the airwaves with an audience on "Happy Days" that dwarfs "Two and a Half Men." We had the chance to sit down with the TV icon, a dream come true for us.

TV Junkie: PaleyFest2011 Begins Tonight With 'The Walking Dead'

The much-anticipated PaleyFest2011starts tonight at the Saban Theatre with a focus on AMC's "The Walking Dead," Saturday will feature the incredibly popular "True Blood" from HBO. Tweet us your questions for cast/writers. --- This weekend also features the premiere of Chelsea Handler's 'mocku-reality' show "After Lately" (on Sunday at 11pm). --- Please review the news, listings, and the TV Junkie Must-Watch Plan.

TV Junkie: Jimmy Fallon Celebrates 2nd Anniversary

FX's new episode of "Archer" at 10pm is one of very few highlights in tonight's TV lineup What were some TV highlights for you last night? "Modern Family" and "Traffic Light" (which enjoyed a 75% jump in viewership) were both great, but we particularly enjoyed FX's "Justified" which had a storyline that went well beyond the principal players. In late night, it was great to see "Late Night With Jimmy Fallon" celebrate its 2nd...

TV Junkie: HBO GO Gets Bigger

HBO's online streaming service, HBO GO, picked up a new cable partner and announced that its catalogue of over 1600 titles will be made available to subscribers. --- We like LA-based and the shows they produce so we're urging you to listen to them and support them in their current fund drive. --- Check out tonight's TV Junkie Must-Watch Plan as there are some winners.

TV Junkie: TV News Round-Up & Tonight's Must-Watch Plan

Please review our TV Junkie Must-Watch Plan for tonight. With NBC scheduling reruns instead of new episodes for this Thursday night we're trying to absorb as much comedy as we can between now and this weekend. --- "SNL" will have Zach Galifianakis return as host on March 12. --- "Community" season finale will include Josh Holloway from "Lost." --- Reminder: "Onion Sports Dome" is now on at 8pm on Comedy Central.

TV Junkie Interview: Candace Bailey, New Co-Host of G4's 'Attack of the Show'

We interviewed G4's "Attack of the Show" new co-host, Candace Bailey, to find out what she thinks of the challenges of working on this live news and entertainment show. Longtime host Kevin Pereira has given her his blessing but Bailey has admitted that she's had to work hard to come up to speed on the technology that the show focuses on.

TV Junkie: Oscar Redux - We Hope Someone Learned Something

Last night's Oscars failed to gain viewership despite the months of promotion and hype leading up to it. Certainly some of it can be blamed on the performances of the hosts, James Franco and Anne Hathaway, but they were only an item on a long list of problems that is becoming typical of the Academy Awards.

TV Junkie: Oscar Picks - Cocktails & Winners

In preparation for tomorrow's marathon of celebgratuity we're offering our list of picks from the 83 Academy Awards nominees as well as the recipes for several cocktails to get you through the afternoon and evening. Pick your own winners, argue against our logical deductions, we welcome your opinions. Above have fun with it.

TV Junkie: A Quick Convo With 2011 Spirit Awards Host Joel McHale; Oscar Weekend

Since we're big fans of Joel McHale's work on both "The Soup" (E! tonight @ 10pm) and "Community" (Thursdays at 8 on NBC) we were elated to hear he was hosting the 2011 Film Independent Spirit Awards (Saturday, 10pm on IFC). We had the chance to ask him a few questions about his preparation so check out the interview. We predict the Spirit Awards will be more entertaining than Sunday's Oscars. Review our TV Junkie Must-Watch Plan.

TV Junkie: Jimmy Fallon's Show Hits 400 Eps; New Channel Zero Podcast; The Roundup

"Late Night With Jimmy Fallon" celebrates its 400th episode tonight! We wish Snooki wasn't guesting though. --- We have a new Channel Zero podcast up, this time its an hour+ recording of "Bored To Death" showrunner Jonathan Ames discussing creative process. --- Oscar-y stuff. --- Greg Proops has local gigs + live podcast.

TV Junkie: Want more Cake? Also: Costume Designers Guild Awards Winners

There was a bit of a ratings surprise after last night's "Glee" lost a key demographic to "NCIS," with "Raising Hope" (one of our faves) coming out a winner as well. --- More Oscar items to check out. --- Cake was great on Kimmel, watch them in 3D (and 2D) on DirecTV this weekend. --- Costume Design winners will probably also win Oscars.

TV Junkie: An Appeal To David Letterman - WTF Dude?

Unless we see some changes with David Letterman's show, we really might not watch any of its remaining two years. Last night Letterman got really chummy with Donald Rumsfeld, a former (and worthy) target of his and it was just more than we could handle. --- Banksy Oscars Update. --- Tonight's TV Junkie Must-Watch Plan and the listings.

Midnight Movie

Comedian/musician Reggie Watts had yet another amazing appearance on "Conan" this Wednesday night (see above). Recently Watts teamed up with LA-based duo Eagle and Talon to do the video for their song "For The Bond" and contribute guest vocals and some rubbery bass grooves on their upcoming EP "In Manila."

TV Junkie: Oscar Broadcast Adjustments=Just As Interminably Long

The producers of this coming Sunday's broadcast of the Academy Awards have claimed they are removing several montage sequences from the show as part of an effort to trim the broadcast while at the same time introducing more performance segments. --- Will Banksy show up to the Oscars? --- Also, tonight's TV Junkie Must-Watch Plan and the listings.

TV Junkie: PaleyFest2011 Panelists Revealed

A moment at PaleyFest2010's "Community" night at the Saban Theater. The entire cast is scheduled to appear again this year at PaleyFest2011 (Photo by Thomas Attila Lewis) As we mentioned yesterday, the lineups for PaleyFest2011 have been finalized with the following cast, writer, producer, creator, producers, and showrunners scheduled to attend their respective panels. The only changes to the following lists will be the addition of more panelists as well as moderators. PaleyFest2011, run...

TV Junkie: King/Morgan Disconnect; Support Your NBC Comedies

Larry King has labelled his replacement, Piers Morgan, as "oversold" in order to explain the drop in viewers. It's an absurd assumption that shows how disconnected King has become over the past several years. --- If you like NBC Thursday night comedies you had better step up and support them before they disappear. Despite some excellent episodes, last night's shows had huge drops in ratings. --- Check out our weekend edition of the TV Junkie Must-Watch Plan.

TV Junkie: PaleyFest2011 Update; Bear Grylls Is Back; 'Mr. Sunshine' Dims

The full lineup of shows at PaleyFest2011 has been finalized - get your tickets sooner than later because this year the festival expects a surge in attendance. --- Last night on ABC Shelley Long and Matt Dillon wowed with their "Modern Family" guest spots but "Mr. Sunshine" had a huge dip in viewers. Is _only_ 7 million viewers enough for ABC? --- Please check out our video interview with character actor Len Lesser who died yesterday at age 88. --- Also check out tonight's TV Junkie Must-Watch Plan & listings.

TV Junkie: Will 'Mr. Sunshine' Continue To ...Shine for ABC?

"Mr. Sunshine" did great on ABC last week - will it continue to do so this week or were viewers just confused that the show wasn't some extended guest appearance of Matthew Perry on "Cougar Town"? Do you think the show deserves a fair shake? --- Also check out our night in preview ("Justified"! Great guests on "Conan"!) and the TV Junkie Must-Watch Plan.

TV Junkie: Lakers/Time-Warner Deal Game-Changer For Who? + TV News Round-Up

Lots of TV news today: Time-Warner will be the challenged party in creating 2 new channels by this time next year when they already have a poor record in that department. --- 'CSI' creator Anthony Zuiker launched his iPad app today. --- Podcast new for Marc Maron/Louis C.K./Greg Proops. --- Comedy Central launches "The Comedy Awards." --- All this plus tonight's TV Junkie Must-Watch Plan.

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