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TV Junkie: 'Terra Nova' Premieres Tonight; Weekend Round-Up

The fantastically expensive "Terra Nova" premieres on Fox tonight but can it live up to the hype? --- We have a quick round up of the weekend's shows and some news items of note. --- Be sure to check out the TV Junkie Must-Watch Plan to navigate your way.

TV Junkie: 'Boardwalk Empire'/'Fringe'/'SNL' Return; Postmortem of NBC Premieres

"Boardwalk Empire" returns this Sunday ("Fringe" returns tonight!). --- What's you take on NBC's premieres last night? Returning series were good but "Whitney" and "Prime Suspect" had misfires. --- Figure out your weekend with the TV Junkie Must-Watch Plan.

TV Junkie: NBC Comedies & More Premiere Tonight

NBC premieres its Thursday night block of comedies which now includes "Whitney" for better or for worse. Also premiering on NBC will be their dumbed-down 'interpretation' of the UK's "Prime Suspect." --- Be sure to check out the TV Junkie Must-Watch Plan.

TV Junkie: JR Turns 80; Emmys Viewership Falls; 'Walking Dead' Sneak Peek

TV icon Larry Hagman turns 80 today! --- Despite the hype, Fox's edition of the Emmys was down in viewership. --- Paley Center will have live Hulu stream from tonight's "American Dad" panel. --- We've got "Walking Dead" clip + TV Junkie Must-Watch Plan + More!

TV Junkie: Emmy Snub of Len Lesser Inexcusable; 'Raising Hope' & Other Premieres

The TV Academy snub of Len Lesser in Sunday's Emmys was another major shortcoming of the show. --- Premieres of Note Tonight: "New Girl," "Raising Hope," "Unforgettable," "POV," "Fine Cut." --- All this and the TV Junkie Must-Watch Plan for tonight.

TV Junkie: Emmys Post-Mortem; Should You Watch Comedy Central Roast Sheen Tonight?

Check out our Emmys post mortem and contribute your surprises/disappointments. --- Charlie Sheen gets roasted on Comedy Central tonight - are you going to watch? --- Tonight CBS has 3 hour of season & series premieres, check those in the TV Junkie Must-Watch Plan.

TV Junkie: 'Real Time' Returns Tonight; The Emmys Are Sunday (Finally)

The 63rd Primetime Emmy Awards happen this Sunday and we will be self-medicating to get through the "Glee"-ified ceremony. Please check out our predicted winners as well as the TV Junkie Must-Watch Plan for the weekend. "Real Time With Bill Maher" returns tonight!

TV Junkie: 'Sunny' & 'Archer' Premiere Tonight; Doofus DGA Report

Don't miss the season premieres of "It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia" & "Archer." --- The DGA issues a report of shows lacking directorial "diversity" but it's missing basic criteria. --- Larry David is auctioning a pitch meeting. --- All this and the TV Junkie Must-Watch Plan.

TV Junkie: 'Up All Night' & 'Free Agents' Premiere on NBC Tonight

Tonight NBC premieres "Up All Night" & "Free Agents" at 10 & 10:30pm. "Up All Night" has the star power but it's the "Free Agents" cast we're interested in. Check it out. --- HBO's Sunday finales did well numbers-wise if not critically. --- All this and the TV Junkie Must-Watch Plan.

TV Junkie: 'Walking Dead' Sneak Peek; PTC Condemns 'Toddlers & Tiaras', So What?

We have a behind-the-scenes "Walking Dead" video clip for you. --- TLC sucks but the PTC should butt out. --- TBS orders a series from Conan. --- Free Greg Proops podcast tomorrow. --- Podcast Roundup. --- All this and the TV Junkie Must-Watch Plan.

TV Junkie: HBO Finales; Wimpy Guys on TV; SpongeBob Bad for Kids

HBO had a set of finales last night: what did you think of them? --- Fall TV will feature mainly wimpy/clueless male characters and guys seem too wimpy to write about that. --- Spongebob is bad for the 4 and under set say pediatricians. --- All this and the TV Junkie Must-Watch Plan.

TV Junkie: 9/11 Weekend, 'True Blood' Finale & More

It's the 10th anniversary of 9/11 this weekend but count us out of the parade of re-airing Twin Towers footage. --- Sunday's focus is the "True Blood" season finale which we will augment with #truebie cocktails. --- "Community" S2 on DVD --- All this + the TV Junkie Must-Watch Plan

TV Junkie: 'Louie' Season Finale - Don't Miss It; Sign 'The Green Room' Petition

At the top of the TV Junkie Must-Watch list tonight is the season finale of FX's "Louie." This great show has always been more than just another 'half-hour comedy,' please support it. --- Also please support "The Green Room With Paul Provenza" by signing the petition to bring it back for another season.

TV Junkie: 'Rescue Me' Concludes; Mike Royce Scores at 20th

FX's "Rescue Me" has its series finale tonight, don't miss it. --- #MOACA co-creator Mike Royce will be working at shows for 20th Television, we hope to see them soon. --- Spike TV announces Scream 2011 Awards noms. --- All this + News Items + The TV Junkie Must-Watch Plan.

TV Junkie: 'Sons of Anarchy' Premiere Tonight! Thoughts on Eddie Murphy as Oscar Host.

"Sons of Anarchy" is back tonight with a 90-minute premiere - it's a must-watch! --- Eddie Murphy is going to be hosting the Oscars? That's cool and all, but how the heck did it happen? --- David Cross to be on 'Modern Family' --- All this and the TV Junkie Must-Watch Plan.

TV Junkie: Labor Day Schedule; AMC Splits 'Walking Dead' Schedule = Mistake

We hunted down some shows for you to check out on this long weekend in the TV Junkie Must-Watch Plan. --- AMC _is_ making a mistake by splitting "Walking Dead" season. --- TNT cancels "HawthorNE", too little too late.

TV Junkie: 'The Big C' Renewed; 'Waking Dead' Premiere Will Be 90 Minutes

It's Thursday night which means it's a big comedy night - check out our lineup in the TV Junkie Must-Watch Plan. --- "The Big C" has been renewed by Showtime. --- "The Walking Dead" premiere will be 90 minutes, more evidence that AMC is not collapsing.

TV Junkie: Always Sunny Sneak Peak; NBC Making Same Mistakes; Pepitone Live

We've got a sneak peak of the 7th season of "It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia." --- NBC is turning a new leaf by.... bringing back Dick Ebersole. --- California is ensuring its future in TV production by.... cutting incentives. --- Eddie Pepitone live this Thursday! --- Check out the TV Junkie Must- Watch Plan, we never steer you wrong(ly?).

TV Junkie: New #SOA Promo; The Diceman Hits the Roxy; Podcast Roundup

We've got a brand new promo clip of FX's "Sons of Anarchy" which will premiere next Tuesday at 10pm. --- Andrew Dice Clay, fresh off of "Entourage," will perform in the flesh at the Roxy. --- Check out great podcasts with Dice, Mike O'Malley, & Paul Scheer + the TV Junkie Must-Watch Plan.

TV Junkie: 'Absolutely Fabulous' 20th Anniversary Specials; BBC to Show All Olympic Competition

AbFab will return to TV to celebrate its 20th anniversary. --- The BBC plans to air every hour of every competition in the 2012 Olympic Games, again shaming NBC. --- Ricky Gervais to host the Golden Globes again? --- This plus more news & the TV Junkie Must-Watch Plan.

TV Junkie: Sunday, True Bloody Sunday

"True Blood" along with other Sunday offerings make that the night to watch TV this weekend (again). --- Hurricane overhype vs LA's Rainpocalypse overype. --- We've got more news items and our comprehensive TV Junkie Must-Watch Plan for the weekend.

TV Junkie: Must-Watch 'Green Room w/Paul Provenza' & Letterman Tonight

Thursday's again present us with a treasure trove: topping our must-watch list is "The Green Room With Paul Provenza" on Showtime - we were at this taping, controversial stuff happened, you've got to watch! Also, Bill Burr will perform on Letterman for the 6th time - do not miss it! All this plus much more news & the TV Junkie Must-Watch Plan.

TV Junkie: Farewell John Howard Davies; 'Just Desserts' Sneak Peak

Former child film star John Howard Davies who helped bring "Monty Python" to TV has passed away. --- "Top Chef: Just Desserts" has given us a sneak peak of tonight's premiere. --- Showtime is developing a drama based on "The Damned" comic. --- All this and the TV Junkie Must-Watch Plan.

TV Junkie: NYC Reaps Benefits of Jump in TV Production; New Shawn Ryan Show

New York City's investment in television production is bearing a lot of fruit with 23 primetime shows now being made in the city. --- Shawn Ryan, creator of "The Shield" and "Terriers," has a new show in the works for ABC. --- We've got a great clip of Louis C.K. on "Conan." --- Not much on primetime tonight, check the TV Junkie Must-Watch Plan.

TV Junkie: TV Folks at Nerdmelt; 'Happy Endings' at Paley; Jimmy Fallon to Host 'SNL'

Awesome show featuring TV tweeps at Nerdmelt next week. --- ABC's "Happy Endings" gets the Paley Center treatment next week. --- Jimmy Fallon returns to host "SNL" on 12/17 as an Xmas gift to the world. --- Rob Zombie hits FEARnet. --- All this and the TV Junkie Must-Watch Plan for tonight.

Because You Can't, You Won't, and You Don't Stop: Sesame Street vs Beastie Boys 'Sure Shot' MashUp

A great intro to your weekend and your video lunch today: Sesame Street vs the Beastie Boys' "Sure Shot." One of the most fun facets to this video is how some of the Sesame Street footage matches up with the original video. At any rate, it's a blast, particularly with the intro by the Yip Yip aliens, have fun with it!

TV Junkie: Vuelta Starts Tomorrow; Sarah Silverman on NBC; Fall Previews at Paley Center

Who was the secret guest star on "Wilfred" last night? --- Like cycling? The Vuelta a Espana starts tomorrow and Universal Sports is covering it. --- Paley Center providing previews of Fall TV shows for free. --- Sarah Silverman to have show on NBC. --- All this + the TV Junkie Must-Watch Plan for the weekend.

TV Junkie: 'Childrens Hospital' Renewed; 'Louie' Shenanigans; More Aubrey

Adult Swim has renewed Rob Corddry's "Childrens Hospital". --- FX has been moving around "Louie" and "Wilfred" the last couple weeks, check out our info. --- Great interview with "Parks and Recreation" star Aubrey Plaza on WTFpod (we lurve her, lurve). --- Don't miss tonight's "Green Room": check out our TV Junkie Must-Watch Plan.

TV Junkie: The PTC Targets Adult Swim

The Parents Television Council just released another one of its "reports" which is yet another thinly veiled call for censorship. This time Adult Swim is the target, yes, the network with the word "Adult" in its name. --- If you like baseball then you should watch "The Franchise," nuff said. --- All this and the TV Junkie Must-Watch Plan.

TV Junkie: No Evidence Product Placement Works; New Exhibit at Paley Center

There's no evidence that paid product placement has any benefit that exceeds regular ad buys - so why should advertisers pay the premium for it? --- The Paley Center has a new and amazing exhibit of just some of the Hollywood memorabilia that Debbie Reynolds has collected. --- More news tidbits and the TV Junkie Must-Watch Plan.

TV Junkie: 'Breaking Bad' Renewed; Kate Finally Cancelled; Tears for Brody/Cheers for Eddie

Just as we predicted, "Breaking Bad" is staying at AMC until its conclusion. There was no way AMC was going to lose this show, and the network is doing fine, thank you, with steady increases in viewership. --- We worry about Brody Stevens, we're happy for Eddie Pepitone. --- All this and the TV Junkie Must Watch Plan for tonight.

TV Junkie: Lopez Hate Misdirected; Why 'Jersey Shore' on Conan & Jimmy?

A wave of hate seem to issue forth when TBS announced its cancellation of "Lopez Tonight." Hey, not everybody is funny to everyone but at least Lopez was providing a funnier and better show for people who might otherwise turn to Leno. --- All this plus the weekend TV Junkie Must-Watch Plan

TV Junkie: 'Lopez Tonight' Cancelled; PaleyFest Family This Weekend

TBS has cancelled "Lopez Tonight" after Conan's bump causes dramatic ratings slide. --- PaleyFest Family focuses on Disney Channel and Cartoon Network this weekend. --- Great new eps of "Louie," "The Green Room," "Chelsea Lately," "Childrens Hospital," & "NTSF:SD:SUV" tonight.

TV Junkie: Gloria Steinem Targets That Show With the Bunnies

So vintage feminist Gloria Steinem is (finally) targeting NBC's "The Playboy Club" along with the Parent's Television Council and all the other fuddy-duddies because it's sexist, inaccurate, etc. We think you shouldn't watch it because it will be garbage. All this and the TV Junkie Must-Watch Plan for tonight.

Web Television Offerings: 'Leap Year,' 'RUNYON,' 'Guy Time'

The web has got a lot to offer, particularly this summer when the networks seem to ignore Saturday night. We've picked a few web series and videos (and we know there are many more than this) that you can check out, including: "Leap Year," "RUNYON: Just Above Sunset," "Guy Time," and videos from Funny or Die and Atom Comedy.

TV Junkie: A Review of the Television Critics Awards Winners

Both Jon Hamm and "Mad Men" were winners at this weekend's Television Critics Awards - a great actor on a great show but there were better options that the TCA ignored in these and almost every other category. We review the awards categories, give you a news tidbit about FEARnet, and provide you with the TV Junkie Must-Watch Plan.

TV Junkie: Scott Thompson & Kevin McDonald of 'The Kids In The Hall' in Town?

Scott Thompson and Kevin McDonald of "The Kids In The Hall" are kicking off the US tour of their stand-up show in Irvine with multiple shows this weekend. It's definitely your best bet as Friday is kind of sparse and Saturday is a ghost town in terms of programming. Check the TV Junkie Must-Watch Plan and the listings in the full post.

The Just For Laughs Experience

We caught the final 3 days of the Just For Laughs festival in Montréal = amazing! We will be going back for at least a week at next year's 30th anniversary event. With all the comedians and entertainment industry focus in LA, it's a shame that a similar event can't be launched but perhaps it's for the better.

TV Junkie: The Unnecessary Noise About 'Breaking Bad' & AMC

AMC's "Breaking Bad" isn't going anywhere, there is no 'drama' about the negotiations, and AMC itself is not becoming a failed network, so ignore the idiotic echochamber that is the Internet and enjoy one of the best shows ever on TV. --- Plus check out the TV Junkie Must-Watch Plan for tonight.

TV Junkie: Jimmy Fallon & 'Chelsea Lately' Are Late Night Best Bets

Craig Ferguson's jaunt to Paris has been a lot of fun this week but tonight we'll have to defer to Jimmy Fallon's lineup which includes Jason Bateman, Freida Pinto, Tony Bennett, and Big Audio Dynamite. --- We've got casting news and the TV Junkie Must-Watch Plan in the full post.

TV Junkie: Michael Ian Black Presents 'Snark Week'; News/Listings

WATCH Michael Ian Black portray an exploited great white shark. ---- HEAR our movie pitch as read by the Long Shot Podcast. --- SMELL the glory as ONN writers join the WGA-East. --- TOUCH the joy of Carrie-Anne Moss joining "Chuck." --- + News & The TV Junkie Must-Watch Plan

TV Junkie: Vids - Funny or Die's 'Shark Hangover' & Our Interview w/Michael Gross

Funny or Die does "Hangover" spoof for Shark Week. --- We talked to Michael Gross about his appearance on last night's "Curb Your Enthusiasm," check out the vid as well as Jeff Garlin on "The Sound of Young America." --- Bill Burr was great on "Breaking Bad" last night.

TV Junkie: AMC 'Apology' For 'The Killing' Is A Joke; 'Bored To Death' Announced

AMC's apology for how the first season of "The Killing" ended is stupid, pointless, and undermining. --- HBO announces premiere dates for its Fall lineup. --- Craig Kilborn returns to TV as a nemesis on "Chuck" and perhaps even on his own ABC sitcom. --- More news plus the TV Junkie Must-Watch Plan in the full post.

TV Junkie: No Emmy Nom For Jimmy Kimmel = Out of Touch Academy

The Emmys snubbed "Jimmy Kimmel Live" among other worthy shows this year, WTF? --- The data says that the "Friends" characters had 85 sex partners in 10 seasons. Poor Chandler. --- Don't miss "Louie" and "The Green Room With Paul Provenza" tonight, they are in the TV Junkie Must-Watch Plan.

TV Junkie: 'Walking Dead' Loses Brains; 'Adventure Time' Clip; TV Academy Wins

"The Walking Dead" has lost its co-creator/showrunner and he wasn't consumed by zombies in Atlanta. --- Awesome "Adventure Time" clip from Comic Con. --- The TV Academy has won again for it's great website. --- New "Royal Pains," "Rescue Me" and great panel on "Chelsea Lately" tonight.

TV Junkie: 'Deadliest Catch' Finale; 'Green Room' in Montreal; #MOACA on Facebook

"The Deadliest Catch" season finale airs tonight immediately followed by a behind-the-scenes episode. --- Paul Provenza's "Green Room" will be taping episodes at Montreal's Just for Laughs Festival. --- Save #MOACA on Facebook needs your help. --- All this + more news & the TV Junkie Must-Watch Plan.

TV Junkie: From Bourdain in Naples to May in Scotland - GastroMondayTV

Anthony Bourdain takes his "No Reservations" to sample the delicacies of Naples, Italy and James May drives up to Scotland for rounds of whiskey in "James May Drinks To Britain" - and we're on board. --- We take issue with "The Wrap" taking issue with the first 2 eps of this season's "Curb" just because last night's ep was so fantastic. --- All this and the TV Junkie Must-Watch Plan.

TV Junkie: Apple's iHulu? NBC's TdF App Missteps

The Tour de France wraps up Sunday, the same day that "Entourage" begins its final season. We hope NBC resolves the issues around its online access and mobile apps by next year. --- More TV news and the TV Junkie Must-Watch Plan for your weekend in the full post.

TV Junkie Interview: Paul Scheer - 'NTSF:SD:SUV::' Premieres Tonight

Paul Scheer has his own show, "NTSF:SD:SUV," and it premieres tonight on Adult Swim at 12:15am. We talked to the man about how this show came about, how ridiculous the genre of "acronym" shows are, as well as his experiences at Adult Swim, the coolest network on the block these days.

TV Junkie: Thursday Night Is Comedy Night - Even in Summer

Even though the broadast networks have very little to offer this time of year, we get plenty of comedy on Thursdays thanks to the likes of FX, Adult Swim, and Comedy Central - tonight's highlights are "Louie" and "NTSF:SD:SUV::", do you have a Summer comedy favorite? --- All this + news items + the TV Junkie Must-Watch Plan for tonight.

TV Junkie: Last Night's Highlights; CBS Shows on Amazon; TdF Tomorrow AM

We've got some great video clips of last night's shows you'll want to see. --- CBS is bringing 2000 eps of great shows like "Cheers" & "Star Trek" to Amazon streaming. --- Tomorrow AM will have probably the most epic stage of this year's Tour de France, don't miss it.

TV Junkie: Showtime Serves up 'Web Therapy' Tonight; TCA Award Noms Not Great

Lisa Kudrow brings her "Web Therapy" show from the web to Showtime starting tonight. --- If I thought that the Emmy nominations were lacking in quality, I think the Television Critics Association made some mistakes as well. --- Stephen King's "Dark Tower" will not be making it to TV anytime soon. --- All this and the TV Junkie Must-Watch Plan.

TV Junkie: 'Breaking Bad' Premiere; TV News Round-Up

"Breaking Bad" had a spectacular season premiere last night - 2 of the series stars will be on late night TV tonight. --- Comedian Jen Kober appeared on "Curb" last night! --- Ryan Murphy who created "Nip/Tuck" for FX will return to the network with "American Horror Story." --- Check out the TV Junkie Must-Watch Plan.

TV Junkie: More Emmys Fallout; 'Breaking Bad' Returns on Sunday

"Breaking Bad" returns to AMC on Sunday at 10pm / If you are remotely interested in the Tour de France, tomorrow's stage is the one to watch (3:30am on Versus) / More Emmys Fallout: "Sons of Anarchy" showrunner Kurt Sutter vents and so do we. / All this and the TV Junkie Must-Watch Plan.

TV Junkie: 63rd Emmy Noms, and 'Green Room' & 'Louie' are Must-Watch

With a few (very few) notable exceptions, we're looking at a very pedestrian and predictable Emmys this year. The only thing shocking about the Emmys is how the Television Academy can ignore some of the best programs on TV. --- "The Green Room" and "Louie" are part of the TV Junkie Must-Watch Plan for tonight - check it out.

TV Junkie: 'Eastbound & Down' Update; Ted Danson to 'CSI'? More on Sherwood Schwartz

Familiar faces will return to HBO's "Eastbound & Down," find out who. --- Ted Danson will be starring in the upcoming season of CBS' "CSI" which we think is a waste of his talents. --- We found a recent interview with Sherwood Schwartz, the recently deceased creator of "Gilligan's Island" and "The Brady Bunch." --- All this and the TV Junkie Must-Watch Plan.

TV Junkie: Help Save 'Men of a Certain Age'; 'True Blood' Not In Danger

Please send a message to TNT to save the Peabody-winning "Men of a Certain Age." --- Contrary to some opinions "True Blood" is not, and has not been in danger. --- We've got an entertainment podcast roundup for you as well. --- All this and the TV Junkie Must-Watch Plan.

TV Junkie: Jake Gyllenhaal & Bear Grylls Take on The Wild Tonight

Tonight we've got Brokeback Mountain Part II as Jake Gyllenhaal joins Bear Grylls for some hijinks on "Man vs Wild" on Discovery (see the promo above). Also check out Syfy as they premiere new seasons of "Eureka" and "Warehouse 13" tonight as well as the new series "Alphas." All this + The TV Junkie Must-Watch Plan in the full post.

TV Junkie: Interviews From The 'Curb Your Enthusiasm' Premiere

The 8th season of HBO's "Curb Your Enthusiasm" premieres tonight at 10pm. We had the chance to speak with Larry David, Susie Essman, and Cheryl Hines from the cast as well as fan and stellar comedian in his own right, Mike Birbiglia, at the NYC premiere event.

TV Junkie: 'Curb' Premieres on Sunday; 'True Blood' Is Just Fine, Thank You

Weekend Highlights: Ann Coulter on "Real Time" tonight / US version of "Torchwood" premieres tonight / Sunday features the season 8 return of "Curb Your Enthusiasm" to HBO. --- "True Blood" had a dip in viewers over the July 4th weekend, so what?! --- All this plus more news and the TV Junkie Must-Watch Plan weekend edition!

TV Junkie Interview: Henry Winkler of Adult Swim's 'Childrens Hospital'

Henry Winkler plays Sy Mittleman on Adult Swim's "Childrens Hospital" which is having a fantastically popular season this year. We had the chance to catch up with Winkler, to talk about his work on the series and the team that makes it happen.

TV Junkie: James Spader on Board 'The Office'; The Hoff on Board #SOA??!

"Louie" (and "Wilfred") are back tonight along with "Childrens Hospital" - also check out late night in the TV Junkie Must-Watch Plan. --- James Spader will be joining "The Office" next season, it's official, and we're psyched. --- David Hasselhoff will be joining "Sons of Anarchy" and we're scared (but in a good way.) --- More in the full post.

TV Junkie: 'Royal Pains' & #MOACA Are Tonight's Highlights; More on Jo Koy/HuffPo 'Reporting'

A slow summer night of TV but there's still some good offerings - check out the TV Junkie Must-Watch Plan for details. --- We follow up on our Monday post regarding Jo Koy's "homophobic" rant in Chicago and HuffPo's scurrilous "reporting" on the matter - the comci who opened for Koy tells us what really happened.

TV Junkie: Sheen To Be Roasted (Officially); 'Damages' 3rd Season on DVD; Podcast Round-Up

Andrew Zimmern heads to Sardinia in "Bizarre Foods" tonight at 9pm on the Travel Channel. --- Sheen to be roasted (officially) in September. --- Podcast round-up. --- Don't forget to check out late night TV as both "Chelsea Lately" & Craig Ferguson have excellent lineups.

TV Junkie: Conan Is on TCM Tonight; New 'Chelsea Lately' Also A Highlight

Conan O'Brien takes the honor of Guest Programmer at TCM tonight very seriously - his film picks are great and his tenure will be very funny. It all starts at 5pm on TCM. --- "Chelsea Lately" is the only late night show with a new episode tonight & it's a great one! --- HuffPo not telling the whole story about comedian (and Chelsea regular) Jo Koy.

LAist Interview: Michael Ian Black & #sadsadconversation

A couple days ago we published our interview with Joshua Malina which focused on the YouTube channel: sadsadconversation. Today we're featuring our talk with the co-creator of the channel, the very prolific and very funny Michael Ian Black to find out his motivation in creating and participating in the video forum.

TV Junkie: The Tour de France Starts Tomorrow; Chris Titus 'Neverlution' on Sunday

The Tour de France starts tomorrow morning but viewing it without 8 million commercials on NBC Sports promises to be expensive and unsatisfactory. --- Christopher Titus' new special on Comedy Central, "Neverlution," premieres on Sunday and is your comedy option for the night. --- All this + the TV Junkie Must-Watch Plan.

LAist Interview: Megan Mullally of Adult Swim's 'Childrens' Hospital'

Somehow the creators of Adult Swim's "Childrens' Hospital" (Thursdays at Midnight) managed to score the incredible Megan Mullally. Mullally plays "Chief," the freakishly egotistical head doctor who doesn't let common sense or decency interfere with her desires. We talked with Mullally about the show and her other fearless work!

TV Junkie: Comedy Central vs FX Tonight (Don't Miss 'Louie' Though)

Comedy Central is going head-to-head with FX on Thursdays with their animated comedies "Futurama" and "Ugly Americans" up against "Wilfred" and "Louie" but our preview of "Louie" tells us that it's the one to watch tonight. --- Tracy Morgan needs to hole up somewhere until the heat on him cools off. --- All this and the TV Junkie Must-Watch Plan for tonight.

LAist Interview: Joshua Malina & #sadsadconversation

A remarkable YouTube channel appeared in May called "sadsadconversation." It's an online video conversation between co-creators Joshua Malina and Michael Ian Black, and the likes of Steve Agee, Steven Weber, Martha Plimpton, and more who express their frustrations with the fickle entertainment industry as well as their concern for each other. It's hilarious, thought provoking, and educational. Read our interview with Josh Malina.

TV Junkie: 'Necessary Roughness' Premieres; Monty Python Movie (sort of); More News

USA's "Necessary Roughness" premieres tonight at 10pm but we're not sure it's enough to take us away from "Men of a Certain Age." --- The Monty Python team is working on an animated film based on the writings of deceased member Graham Chapman. --- All this plus news & The TV Junkie Must-Watch Plan for tonight.

TV Junkie: A Treat for Truebies; Louis C.K. on 'The Daily Show' Tonight

We've got a Funny or Die/"True Blood" video for you to check out. --- Sure, it's almost 3 weeks away, but AMC's "Breaking Bad" is bearing down on us.

TV Junkie: 'Weeds' & 'The Big C' Return; Weds. Live Events + More News

What are your thoughts on last night's "True Blood" premiere? --- "Weeds" & "The Big C" resume their tortuous path between comedy and drama tonight. --- If you're looking for cool, TV-related live shows to check out on Wednesday, we've got 'em here. --- In tonight's late night don't miss "Chelsea Lately" and Louis C.K. on Kimmel.

TV Junkie: 2 Extremes - 'True Blood' & 'The Marriage Ref' Return on Sunday

You'd have to be living under a rock for the past year to not know that "True Blood" is premiering this weekend. Be patient though because the start is a rocky one. We're an addict so we'll be watching. --- You have other options on Sunday so check out the TV Junkie Must-Watch Plan to find out what else is on.

LAist Interview: Jimmy Pardo of 'Conan' & 'Never Not Funny'

Jimmy Pardo is the opener for TBS' "Conan" and he's recently started a web series on called "The Pardo Patrol" that we hope to see a lot more of. We talked with Pardo about his work on "Conan" as well as his extremely popular podcast "Never Not Funny."

TV Junkie: 'Louie'/'Wilfred' Premiere Tonight on FX

The highly anticipated arrival of season 2 of Louis C.K.'s "Louie" arrives tonight at 10:30pm on FX. We've seen it, it's incredible, and it's the must-watch show of the night. Please check out the interviews we've done with Louis over the past few months. --- Jack White and Stephen Colbert plan to make sweet music together. --- All this and the TV Junkie Must-Watch Plan for tonight.

Another Tour From Comedian Bill Burr

Comedian and LA resident Bill Burr gives us a video tour of Greenwich Village in New York, where he spent 15 years honing his comedy chops before moving to Los Angeles in 2008. Check out the places where he saw some of the top comedians of today get their start - oh, and of course he dishes out plenty of sharp observational humor throughout the cab ride, walkabout, and subway journey.

TV Junkie: New #MOACA; NBC Late Night Rules Tonight

The must-watch scripted show of the night is "Men of a Certain Age" on TNT at 10pm. The Hollywood Reporter has a great write-up of some hints for these final episodes provided by Mike Royce, Ray Romano, Scott Bakula and Brittany Curran. Be forewarned that there's a couple (very minor) spoilers in the piece but you should still read it and, of course, watch tonight.

TV Junkie: Comedy Central Axes Sports Shows

Comedy Central had no sports themed shows until a couple months ago and now it has no sports themed shows again. There was a show to keep, we'll tell you which one. --- Jake Gyllenhaal will guest on the season premiere of "Man vs. Wild" aka Brokeback Mountain II. --- More news + the TV Junkie Must-Watch Plan.

TV Junkie: At the 'Louie' Season 2 Premiere

We went to the season 2 premiere event of FX's "Louie" at Caroline's on Broadway in NYC. Season 2 of "Louie" starts this Thursday, June 23, at 10:30pm. Season 1 of "Louie" comes out on DVD tomorrow and it's a must-get for any fan of comedy and/or TV.

TV Junkie: Critics' Choice Boring TV Awards; 'The Killing' Finale Was A-OK

The Critics' Choice TV awards were held today? Predictable and boring were the results. --- Other "critics" are up-in-arms about last night's "The Killing" finale on AMC but if they had done a bit of research and had open minds, they'd see there's nothing to be upset about. --- Some great late night TV is on tonight, paticularly "Chelsea Lately" and Jimmy Fallon's show.

TV Junkie: 'Game of Thrones' & 'The Killing' Finales; TV Podcast Options

While there will be the stellar finales of "Game of Thrones" and "The Killing" on Sunday, Saturday leaves much to be desired in terms of TV options so we have a bunch of suggested podcasts. --- Need a Father's Day gift? Give him Henry Winkler's new book - it's a great read. --- Congrats to Danny DeVito on his Icon Award! --- All this and the TV Junkie Must-Watch Plan.

TV Junkie: The 'Louie' Premiere & More News

Check out our summary of the "Louie" premiere - video coming soon. --- More "Men of a Certain Age" audio. --- Not much on TV tonight until late night ("Chelsea Lately," "Childrens Hospital"), hope you've got Netflix and/or DVR waiting for you. --- The TV Junkie Must-Watch Plan and more.

LAist Interview: Marc Maron - WTF Live Show on June 28

Marc Maron's podcast, "WTF with Marc Maron," has become a hugely influential juggernaut that is breaking it's way into broadcast radio and maybe even television. We interview Marc Maron who has brought his many talents (stand-up comedian, writer, interviewer, TV host, broadcaster, musician, cat wrangler) to bear to create the most consistently interesting hour of audio to your ears twice a week from Los Angeles for the last 2 years.

TV Junkie: "Men of a Certain Age" is a Must-Watch Tonight; THR Comedy Actress Panel

We've got a new edition of the Channel Zero podcast up for you featuring our full interview with "Men of a Certain Age" co-creator and showrunner Mike Royce. "Men of a Certain Age" is the must-watch show of the night with some great performances you won't want to miss. --- Also check out The Hollywood Reporter's video panel of comedic actresses.

TV Junkie: The Webbys; 'Glee Project' Bombs; Armisen Speech

We missed the Webbys - did you catch it online? --- Oxygen's "The Glee Project" failed and we think we know why. --- Tracy Morgan will return to Nashville to apologize for anti-gay rant. OK, great, enough already. --- Fred Armisen gives graduation speech to high schoolers in Portland. --- All this and the TV Junkie Must-Watch Plan.

TV Junkie: Weekend Wrap-Up; THR Comedy Actor Panel; Joplin Charity Auction

No new real TV starts until after 10pm tonight so let's reminisce about what we watched over the weekend which included "Game of Thrones," "The Killing," and Conan O'Brien's excellent commencement speech at Dartmouth. --- THR has new panel of comedic actors but it disappoints. --- Joplin tornado charity auction. --- The TV Junkie Must-Watch Plan.

Interview: Comedian Lisa Lampanelli, Performing Tonight & Tomorrow in SoCal

Lisa Lampanelli performs tonight at the Pechanga Resort in Temecula and tomorrow at the Canyon Club in Agoura Hills - both an easy drive for LA denizens and a great opportunity to catch the provocative humor of the "Queen of Mean" who was anything but to us during our interview.

TV Junkie: Webbys on Monday; Offerman to Host TCAs; Morgan Apologizes

A reminder that the Webbys are this Monday and you can see them streamed live on Facebook. --- Nick Offerman will be hosting the TCA awards this year - yay! --- Tracy Morgan has apologized for his homophobic rant in a comedy club. --- All this and the TV Must-Watch Plan.

TV Junkie: Fox/Sorkin/Bueller Celebrate B-Days; THR Emmy Roundtable Vid

Michael J. Fox, Aaron Sorkin, and Ferris Bueller celebrate their birthdays today and we feel old. --- Worth Watching: The Hollywood Reporter has an Emmy roundtable vid up with William H. Macy, Tom Selleck, Timothy Olyphant, Steve Buscemi, Michael C. Hall, and Andre Braugher. --- All this and the TV Junkie Must-Watch Plan for tonight.

TV Junkie: Paley Center Events Include 'Men of a Certain Age' & 'Mythbusters'

There's a great new episode of "Men of a Certain Age" on TNT tonight at 10pm and coincidentally there's an upcoming "Men of a Certain Age" event at the Paley Center as well as a "Mythbusters" night. --- Stars of "Twin Peaks" will be on USA's "White Collar"? Count us in. --- All this and the TV Junkie Must-Watch Plan for tonight.

TV Junkie: USA Launches Summer Season & 'Modern Family' on 'Actors Studio' Tonight

USA launches its summer season with "White Collar" and "Covert Affairs" tonight (see our vids with cast members). --- The cast of ABC's "Modern Family" is on "Inside the Actors Studio" tonight. --- Tons of news tidbits and the TV Junkie Must-Watch Plan are in the full post.

TV Junkie: BTJA TV Noms Announced; 'Pardo Patrol' Menaces Conan Guests

The TV awards season has launched with the BTJA nominations announced today. --- Conan has recruited comedian Jimmy Pardo to create backstage vids with "Conan" guests, they look great! --- We've got a new Channel Zero podcast for you along with the TV Junkie Must-Watch Plan.

TV Junkie: Great TV on Sunday, Saturday... Not So Much

We will face another weekend with precious little new TV, particularly on Saturday. --- NBC has hired former NPR chief, thankfully not to create new TV shows. --- "Men of a Certain Age" premiere was inspired and awesome but more people need to watch it. --- All this and the TV Junkie Must-Watch Plan.

TV Junkie: 'Childrens Hospital' is Back!

Rob Corddry's "Childrens Hospital" returns to Adult Swim tonight at midnight - it's on the TV Junkie Must-Watch Plan for tonight. --- The Hollywood Reporter has a fantastic profile on Chelsea Handler and the various shows she's creating. --- Jane Lynch will host the Emmys, unfortunately.

TV Junkie Interview: Mike Royce, Co-Creator of TNT's 'Men of a Certain Age'

We finally spoke with Mike Royce, co-creator and showrunner of TNT's "Men of a Certain Age" which will have its mid-season premiere tonight at 10pm and it's a must-watch. Mike Royce is the guy that makes sure this show happens - from the writing room to what happens when they shoot a scene of this great show. Please check out our discussion and watch the show tonight.

TV Junkie: #MOACA; New Silverman Show (We Hope)?

While it's less likely that Butters is insane and more likely that "South Park" creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone are insane we will still watch tonight to see how it plays out - happily, the new show "Workaholics" is also worth watching right afterwards. --- Sarah Silverman has a development deal that we hope results in a new show. --- Check out the TV Junkie Must-Watch Plan!

Interview: Comedian Nick DiPaolo

Check out our interview with comedian Nick DiPaolo who's new Showtime special "Nick DiPaolo: Raw Nerve" is now available on iTunes and Amazon. DiPaolo may be politically incorrect but his opinion and perspective has tremendous value and most importantly, he's very funny.

TV Junkie: George Lucas has 50+ Hours of Star Wars TV Show But Won't Air It

Hopefully you had a great weekend outdoors because there was a dearth of decent TV but that's changing a bit this week: we have some decent shows still wrapping up their seasons but a whole host of premieres of terrible dreck. --- George Lucas has 50+ hours of a "Star Wars" TV show and he's not putting it out there? --- All this and the TV Junkie Must-Watch Plan.

TV Junkie: Ridley Scott's 'Gettysburg' Premieres Tonight; Thx Chelsea Handler & Co. for Working Today

Famed director Ridley Scott brings his documentary "Gettysburg" to the History Channel tonight just in time for Memorial Day and the 150th anniversary of the Civil War. --- We're also extremely happy to see that Chelsea Handler and her crew did not take the day off and are giving us some comedy to wrap up the 3 day weekend. --- TNT's "Men of a Certain Age" premieres on Wednesday and we've got some cool content to share with you.

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