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The Dunes Are Alive Along The Santa Monica Coast

It's part of a green beach experiment to address sea-level rise.

Republique, The French Restaurant That Was Saved By Its Pastries

Mushroom tarts piled high with peas. Fresh mango danishes. Ricotta toast topped with blood oranges and salted pistachios. You can thank Margarita Manzke.

How One Big Fruit Helped Make Knott's Berry Farm What It Is Today

If you've ever had boysenberry pie -- or boysenberry anything -- you have the Knott family to thank.

What You Don't Know About The California Poppy Could Fill A Field

Before you go out into the wild, educate yourself on our beloved state flower.

For Many Black Southern Californians, Roller Skating Is A Refuge Worth Fighting For

A new documentary dives into black roller skating culture and the fight to preserve it both locally and nationally.

Yes It's January, But No It's Not Too Late To Get A Flu Shot

Flu season -- much like fire season -- is now basically year round.

Meet The Lobster-Looking Menace Wreaking Havoc In Local Streams, Which Is Bad News For Everyone

The crayfish are driving away the predators that were keeping the region's mosquito population in check.

It's So Hot In LA You Could Cook A 3-Course Meal In Your Car. So We Did

You may have noticed it's hot in Los Angeles. Sizzling hot. Perhaps hot enough to bake something on the dash of your car? Spoiler: yes.

No, LAPD's New Electric Bikes Won't Lead To Out-Of-Shape Cops

Last week the LAPD's bicycle unit got an upgrade with state-of-the-art electric bicycles. But some initially worried the new bikes might soften some of the fittest officers on the force.