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Guía Para Los Padres Del LAUSD En El Evento De Una Huelga De Maestros

Ha habido un constante flujo de noticias mientras que las negociaciones entre el segundo distrito escolar más grande de la nación y el sindicato que representa a sus maestros se han intensificado, pero ahora es una realidad: 30,000 maestros pudieran ir a huelga.

LA Teachers Are On Strike: A Guide For LAUSD Parents

The strike is here and 30,000 LAUSD teachers are not in their classrooms. We have information for parents making difficult decisions about whether or not to still send their children to school.

How Do California's Strict Gun Laws Differ From Federal Law?

Waiting periods, assault weapons bans -- you may have heard that California's gun laws are among the strictest in the nation. What does that mean, exactly?

Why You Might See Soggy Bread On The Beach On Monday

The Jewish new year is a time to cast away sins -- and carbs.

Alleged Gunman In Silver Lake Trader Joe's Standoff Arrested On Suspicion Of Murder

Authorities have arrested a 28-year-old man on suspicion of murder following a tense standoff Saturday with police that left a woman dead. For hours, the incident at a Trader Joe's in Silver Lake paralyzed part of the city and even captured the attention of President Trump.

Meet The Patron Saint Of LA You've Never Heard Of

Can you name the city's patron saint? Are you the person who recently left her a pink orchid and lit two candles?

You May Soon Have To Pay Sales Tax On All Your Online Shopping

The Supreme Court overturned a rule that for years allowed online retailers to avoid charging sales tax.