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Some Much-Needed Advice On How To Talk To Your Aging Parents About The Coronavirus Pandemic

Dad and Mom may be accustomed to being strong figures in the family, but the virus doesn't know boundaries. How to talk to them about what's going on.

Rose Parade 2020: Meet The First Latina President Of The Tournament Of Roses

The pantheon of past presidents includes just two other women (who served in 2005-06 and 2012-13). Farber is the first Latina and native Spanish-speaker to work her way up to the post.

Earthquakes Shook Loose A 15-Million-Year-Old Sea Creature In Simi Valley

A huge fossil dislodged in last summer's earthquakes was some sort of ancient sea mammal, but exactly what, scientists are still trying to figure out.

We Watched The Paint Dry At Dodger Stadium As The Grounds Crew Prepared For World Series Game 3

The Dodgers' head groundskeeper explains why the best field is the one players and fans don't have to think about.

Here's What The LA River Will Look Like In 20 Years, According To LA's Chief Architect

"First of all, one ought to be able to start at the headwaters in the far West Valley and ride a bike all the way to Long Beach."