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Photo: Nicole Richie Turns Camera On Paparazzo Who Dropped His Daughter

Paparazzi go to ridiculous lengths to get their shot: One man who dropped his toddler to get a shot of Nicole Richie has been called out by the star.

Why You Might See Cops Rappelling From Helicopters In Downtown L.A. Today

Don't panic: The massive police presence in downtown L.A. this morning is part of a planned counter-terrorism drill.

'Million Dollar Mermaid' Esther Williams Dies At Age 91

Esther Williams, the swimming star who headlined a series of colorful Hollywood 'aqua-musicals' in the 1940 and 1950s, has died at age 91.

Your Guide To Gay Pride Weekend: The Parade, Parking And Parties

This weekend is all about the Pride: Here's what you need to know for the annual West Hollywood shindig.

99 Cents Store Saved My Life: DJ Drops 250 Pounds By Eating On The Cheap

DJ Papa Joe Aviance says he lost 250 lbs by eating healthy—and cheap—with food from the 99 Cents Only Store.

Extra, Extra: Kate Winslet Expecting Baby #3, John Travolta Crashes Wedding, Don Draper Visits Twin Peaks

In today's Extra, Extra: Kate Winslet and hubby Ned Rocknroll are expecting and big stars love showing up at no-name weddings. Plus: Keep up with us on Facebook, and okay, i will follow us on Twitter: @LAist @LAistFood @LAistSports. You can also find us on Pinterest, Storify, Foursquare, and Instagram (laistpics).

'Modern Family' Star Jesse Tyler Ferguson's Nonprofit Targeted By IRS

The IRS wasn't just targeting conservative groups: A pro-gay marriage nonprofit founded by 'Modern Family' star Jesse Tyler Ferguson was also singled out.

Chinatown Staple Empress Pavilion Closes After 23 Years

No more dim sum at the Empress Pavilion. The 23-year-old Chinatown restaurant closed Sunday after the owners were evicted.

Bus-Only Lanes Now Open On Wilshire Boulevard

Wilshire Boulevard might be a bit less clogged now that bus-only lanes are open between MacArthur Park and Western Avenue.

Porn Actor Receives 30-Day Jail Sentence For Exposing Coworkers To Syphilis

The adult film actor who caused a shutdown in the porn industry after knowingly exposing his co-stars to syphilis is headed to jail.

Transgender Employee Of Eva Longoria's Restaurant Badly Beaten, 'Left For Dead'

An employee of Beso, Eva Longoria's Hollywood eatery, was savagely beaten Thursday night. His family is calling the attack a hate crime.

Victim Of Miguel Head-Kick May Have Brain Damage

The woman who got kicked in the head during singer Miguel's stage jump at the Billboard Music Awards might have brain damage, says her lawyer.

This House Comes With Fully Stocked Fallout Shelter

A newly purchased Woodland Hills house comes complete with a backyard bomb shelter, built by a nuclear engineer in 1961.

Woman Sues Costco Over Tainted Berries

A woman who ate tainted Costco berries is suing the company after being hospitalized with hepatitis A.

Has 'Scourge Of Hollywood Media' Nikki Finke Been Fired?

The knives are out for Nikki Finke, the founder of and possibly the most hated woman in Hollywood, as a rival site claims she's been fired.

Photos: L.A. Loves Its Graffiti Cats

Who doesn't love cats? Street artists definitely do, since we can't seem to turn a corner without seeing a cat of some kind plastered, stenciled or spray-painted on the wall.

Philip Seymour Hoffman Cured Of Heroin-Snorting In Just 10 Days

Oscar-winning actor Philip Seymour Hoffman is admitting he had a heckuva drug problem, one that involved snorting heroin.

L.A. Schools Encourage Students To Text Their STD Status

Keeping teens STD-free is a great goal, but a new program embraced by LA schools to encourage students to share their HIV and STD statuses via cell phone is sure to be controversial.

Santa Monica's Latest Parking Nightmare? Residential Parking Meters

Santa Monica residents are not pleased with the city's plan to introduce parking meters in residential areas.

Photos: James Franco Handpainted This Mural For His New Movie, Of Course

You might have spotted a graffiti-style mural on Melrose Avenue: Sure enough, it's actually an ad for the upcoming James Franco comedy This Is The End.

Extra, Extra: Camera Tripod Mistaken For Rifle At School, 'Fast And Furious' Economics, What's That Zac Efron's Smoking?

In today's Extra, Extra: Courtney Love offers her advice to Amanda Bynes, a camera tripod causes a school lockdown and good news about the Valencia fire. Plus: Keep up with us on Facebook, and follow us on Twitter: @LAist @LAistFood @LAistSports. You can also find us on Pinterest, Storify, Foursquare, and Instagram (laistpics).

Massive Sandstorm In Lancaster Causes 20-Car Pileup

A huge sandstorm during rush hour Tuesday night in Lancaster resulted in two separate pile-ups as visibility was reduced to zero.

'Mrs. Doubtfire's Mara Wilson Explains Why Child Stars Go Wrong

Former child star Mara Wilson, who starred in '90s flicks Matilda and Mrs. Doubtfire, has penned an article about why so many child stars like Amanda Bynes and Miley Cyrus go off the rails.

Teens Killed In Newport Beach Crash Remembered By Friends

Classmates are remembering the friends they lost in Monday's terrible Newport Beach crash, in which five teens perished.

Actor Andrew Keegan Banned For Life From Venice Restaurant Over Skateboard Attack

10 Things I Hate About You actor Andrew Keegan has been banned for life by a Venice restaurant after bouncers claim he attacked them with a motorized skateboard.

Teen Driver In Newport Beach Crash Didn't Have Valid License

The 17-year-old high school student who was behind the wheel of that horrific car crash that killed him and four other teenagers did not have a valid driver's license.

Keyshawn Johnson Reportedly Called Cops About Justin Bieber's Reckless Driving

Justin Bieber is under investigation after reports that he was driving recklessly in the gated community where he lives. One of the folks who reportedly blew the whistle: retired NFL star Keyshawn Johnson.

Horrendous Crash Kills 5 Teens in Newport Beach [UPDATED]

Five teens from Irvine are dead after their car struck a tree in Newport Beach.

Whoa, Baby! Woman Gives Birth To 13-Plus Pounder In Whittier

A baby weighing in at nearly 14 pounds is probably the biggest ever born at Whittier Hospital.

Drop In Colorado River Levels Could Affect SoCal Water Supply

Whenever water levels in Colorado drop, that can drastically affect us here in Southern California. Since we get a large chunk of our water from the Colorado River, if it runs dry, that's bad news.

Video: Bail Bonds Company Hired Real Criminals For Its Ads

One enterprising guy has hired real criminals to tout his bail bonds business. Harry Kassabian, the proprietor of People's Bail Bonds in Van Nuys, had the brilliant idea to use his own clients in his commercial.

Could Chris Brown Hit-And-Run Lead To Jail Time?

The LAPD is reportedly investigating Chris Brown for a car accident that may violate the terms of his probation.

CSU Fullerton Awards Posthumous Degree To Maribel Ramos

Tragically, Maribel Ramos didn't get to graduate from CSU Fullerton, but the university awarded the murdered war veteran's degree to her family this past Sunday.

New App Will Let You Reach Malibu Beaches, Even 'Private' Ones

Getting to the beach in Malibu ain't easy since so much of the coast is marked "private property." One woman's app might change all that.

Amanda Bynes Denies Making Mean Rihanna Tweets

In your daily dose of Amanda Bynes cray cray, the actress took to Twitter yet again, this time to deny having made those awful tweets about Rihanna.

'Tonight Show' Drummer Ed Shaughnessy Dies

Ed Shaughnessy, the drummer for nearly three decades with NBC's The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson has died.

Is Jennifer Hudson The New 'American Idol' Judge?

Fox is reportedly prepping an all-alum panel of judges for the next season of American Idol by lining up Jennifer Hudson and possibly Kelly Clarkson.

Kate Upton Cancels, But Lucky Teen Still Takes Supermodel To His Prom

It never hurts to ask: A local teen got his wish when he asked a supermodel to his prom. His first pick, Kate Upton, was busy but another Sports Illustrated model happily stepped in.

Michael Clarke Duncan's Tomb Vandalized By Racists? [UPDATED]

Michael Clarke Duncan's family wants answers after a strange object was left on the gravesite of the late actor.

No Cannes Do: Jerry Lewis Can't Name One Female Comedian He Likes

No one will ever accuse Jerry Lewis of being a feminist. The octogenarian is getting flak for his latest comments that women shouldn't attempt comedy.

Disney Apologizes For Gluten-Intolerant Mocking On 'Jessie'

Disney is apologizing after fans were outraged by an episode of Jessie that featured a child on a gluten-free diet being the butt of jokes.

Extra, Extra: Wolf Blitzer's Awkward On-Air Moment, Stopping Killer Robots Before It's Too Late

Wolf Blitzer has an awkward moment on-air when talking to a tornado survivor. And it's never too early to stop killer robots, is it? Plus: Keep up with us on Facebook, and follow us on Twitter: @LAist @LAistFood @LAistSports. You can also find us on Pinterest, Storify, Foursquare, and Instagram (laistpics).

Eric Garcetti Wins Mayor Race, Pot Shop Limit Passes

It's official: Eric Garcetti has won the race for Los Angeles mayor. Voters also approved a proposal to limit the number of pot shops in the city.

Video: Bear Frightens Horses In Sun Valley

A California Black Bear spent the morning strolling around Sun Valley, scaring residents and horses, until officials were able to tranquilize it.

Kristen Stewart's Mom Defends Owning Wolf Hybrids

Kristen Stewart's mother defends her right to own wolf hybrids after an altercation with a neighbor, who wants her to get rid of the pets.

Make Money From Fanfiction! Amazon Launching Pay-Per-Fic Platform

Ka-ching! Fanfic writers will soon be able to cash in on their writing thanks to Amazon's upcoming Kindle Worlds.

Extra, Extra: You Call That A Costume, Jennifer Lawrence?

In this Extra, Extra: Jennifer Lawrence is wearing little more than her skin in a new pic from the "X-Men" set and Donald Faison's wedding videos will make you "Aww!"

CBS Pulls Tornado-Themed Episode of 'Mike & Molly'

Monday night's tornado-themed episode of Mike & Molly was pulled by CBS after the devastating tornado that struck the Oklahoma City area.

Matt Kemp Pledges $1,000 For Every Home Run To Oklahoma Tornado Victims

LA Dodgers star Matt Kemp tweeted Monday that he will donate $1,000 for every home run he hits to victims of the Oklahoma tornadoes.

4-Year-Olds Reenact 'The Hangover,' Baby Carlos Loves 'Zachy' Best

Meet the Pup Pack, three adorable kids who have just gone on an unfortunate juice and candy binge in this G-rated reenactment of The Hangover.

Woman Buys Winning Powerball Ticket One Hour Too Late

Argh, so close! One woman in Pasadena had all six winning Powerball numbers but couldn't claim any of the $360 million jackpot.

Justin Bieber Booed, Miguel Nearly KOs Fan At Billboard Awards

Singer Miguel kicked a fan in the head at Sunday night's Billboard Music Awards in Las Vegas, while Justin Bieber was booed by a room full of his industry peers.

'Attractive & Fat' Model Skewers Abercrombie & Fitch

One self-described "fat model" staged her own Abercrombie & Fitch protest with an "Attractive & Fat" photo campaign of her posing with a hot male model to challenge the company's "sizeist" policies.

Seth MacFarlane Nominates Joaquin Phoenix To Host Oscars

Seth MacFarlane tweeted he won't be back to host the Oscars, so who is the popular choice to take over?

'Terminator 2' Actor Edward Furlong Arrested 'Cowering Under Stairwell'

Terminator 2 actor Edward Furlong has been arrested yet again for violating a restraining order and getting into an argument with his ex, TMZ reports.

Woman's Body Found in OC Canyon: Is It Army Veteran Missing Since May 2?

Authorities are investigating whether a body recovered in the brush near Modjeska Canyon in Orange County is that of a 36-year-old Army veteran who has been missing since May 2.

George Michael Hospitalized After Car Crash in UK

George Michael has been hospitalized for "superficial cuts and bruises" after a car accident in England on Thursday night.

16-Year-Old Faces Felony Charge in High School Sexting Scandal

Remember kids, sexting is illegal! A 16-year-old Rancho Cucamonga student was arrested for sharing nude pictures of four underage girls and now faces a felony charge.

Video: Gunman Interrupts Christoph Waltz Interview At Cannes

A gunman sent Django Unchained star Christopher Waltz running Friday afternoon as the actor was being interviewed for French TV at the Cannes Film festival.

Off The Hook: 'Meth Hikers' Won't Have To Pay For Rescue

The two hikers who racked up a $160,000 rescue tab won't be forced to repay that huge bill after all. Why not? Because, like the hikers' stash, it's illegal.

Metro Offers $25,000 Reward For Man Who Knocked Out Bus Driver

A man who knocked a bus driver unconscious over a fare dispute is being sought by authorities, with a $25,000 reward being offered.

Extra, Extra: Have Your Steak And Feed It Too

In today's Extra, Extra: Kate Walsh's Los Feliz house could be yours, Tori Spelling loves her big rock and a steak dinner that gives back.

One Man's Quest to Rebrand Douchey Abercrombie & Fitch

One Los Angeles man showed his distaste for Abercrombie & Fitch's elitist "cool kids only" policy by handing out the company's clothes to some of the city's homeless.

Explosives-Packed House Forces Neighborhood Evacuation

Until this week, Lakewood residents probably had little idea that one of their neighbors was an ex-felon who had tunneled under his house and packed it with explosive devices.

Photos: One Woman's Up-Close Encounter With A Bear

One woman had an unexpected close-up with a wild bear who wanted to take a dip in her pool, and she has the pictures to prove it.

The 'Cosmos' According To Seth MacFarlane

This is not a joke. At least, we don't think so. Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane is going to produce a new version of the PBS classic Cosmos for Fox.

TV's 'Castle' Copies L.A.'s Unsolved Elisa Lam 'Corpse Water' Case

Too soon? In Monday night's season finale of 'Castle,' the body of a young woman was discovered in the rooftop water tank of a seedy hotel, echoing the real-life murder of Elisa Lam.

Parents Do Understand: Jaden Smith Wants To Be Emancipated

What does Jaden Smith want for his 15th birthday? To be emancipated from his famous parents, Will and Jada Pinkett Smith.

Man Admits He Lied About Zombie Attack, Was Likely High

So much for the zombie defense. A man who lied to police that his reckless driving was a result of fleeing from the walking dead has admitted he made up the colorful story.

Vince Gilligan On The 'Breaking Bad' Finale: 'It's A Victory For Walter'

When Breaking Bad returns for its final eight episodes on August 11, series creator Vince Gilligan promises, "There are things in these last eight episodes that are going to surprise people. There are also things where people will say, 'I kind of saw that coming.'" He adds, "But maybe the obvious choice is the right one sometimes."

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