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Cross-Dressing Bank Robber Claimed To Have Anthrax

A cross-dressing man claiming to have a briefcase full of anthrax robbed a Monrovia bank on Wednesday. The suspect targeted a Chase bank at 690 W. Huntington Drive at about 10 a.m yesterday.

News Flash: Angelenos Can't Drive in Rain, Share Angst on Twitter

Los Angeles is heralded as the sprawling, highway-infused metropolis impervious to bad weather. Known for its growing but still lackluster public transportation system, L.A. has had a celebrated car culture since the 1940s and continues to this day to be a city on wheels. But despite nearly a lifetime since the boom of automobile in L.A., Angelenos still have no idea how to drive in the rain.

Father Pleads Guilty to Burning His Children to Death

Dae Kwon Yun, 61, plead guilty today to the murders of his 11-year-old daughter and 10-year-old son in Los Angeles Superior Court. Yun doused his SUV with gasoline and set it ablaze with his children inside in the Downtown Los Angeles Garment District in April 2006.

David Beckham Sings Swan Song, Leaves LA Galaxy at 37

What began as an illustrious career in 1992 in Manchester, UK will turn another page for David Beckham on December 1, 2012. The LA Galaxy midfielder announced that the MLS Cup Final against the Houston Dynamo will mark his last competitive match for the Galaxy after six years with the club.

More Angelenos Riding Buses, Boarding Trains Thanks to Smartphone Technology

More people are taking public transportation in Los Angeles, partly in response to Mayor Villaraigosa's push for dependable mass public transit and Metro's newly implemented Expo line, which opened two new stations last June.

Only in L.A.: Angelenos Discuss Condoms in Porn on Twitter

Whether or not the initiative will have any pervasive effect on L.A. if passed, Angelenos are surely getting a kick out of the fact that the measure is even on their ballots.

Space Shuttle Endeavour Exhibit Opens to Public, Celebrates Feats in Astro-Plumbing and More

After lumbering through an 11-mile course from LAX to its new home at the California Science Center in Exposition Park, the space shuttle Endeavour is ready for a little face time with the public.

Get Out: SoCal History, wild Up & Cinefamily Halloween Blowout

Get out so you can party, listen to classical music or brush up on your SoCal history.

Your Weekend In Highland Park And Eagle Rock: Historic Homes, Horchata With Espresso & More

Eagle Rock and Highland Park offer a kind of communal, small-town vibe right in the middle of the city. We explore some of our favorite restaurants, co-ops, café's and attractions that reveal the neighborhoods' unique history and burgeoning local cultures.

Meet Howard Mordoh, L.A.'s 61-Year-Old Dancing Superstar

Howard Mordoh is a man addicted to rhythm, movement and fun. At 61, he's a semi-retired medical lab worker with gray curly hair and a lifestyle most would call peculiar. A staple of Los Angeles concerts and music events—known for his inability to stop dancing once he hits the venue floor—Howard has an insatiable hunger for live music and usually attends about five concerts a week.

Celebrate Global James Bond Day With Sexy Music and SoCal Scenery

The music behind our favorite martini swilling, womanizing, revolver-wielding double agent—James Bond—will be featured at L.A.'s Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences as part of Global James Bond Day on Friday, October 5.

The 110 Harbor Freeway Gets a HOT Makeover

The 110 Harbor Freeway will be expanding as it receives new High Occupancy Toll (HOT) lanes to remedy smog and gridlock. The expansion is part of a project called Metro ExpressLanes which is partnered through Caltrans, Metro and other organizations whose efforts will culminate on Saturday, November 10 at approximately 12:01 AM, when the new lanes officially open.