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This Pacifier Has Been Supercharged With Music To Help NICU Preemies in LA

The high-tech pacifier is helping babies over one of the last hurdles before they can come home from the hospital.

What Pregnant Black Women Need To Know To Have A 'Safe And Sacred Birth'

Expert tips and insights on navigating doctor's appointments, choosing a midwife or doula, and more.

A Gift For Parents From LA's Baby Experts: 'You're Enough'

Here's some practical parenting advice and encouragement -- because it's not just children who need soothing and validation.

What Our Next Governor Has In Mind For California's Youngest Residents

"No one should be surprised," by Newsom's early childhood plan, he said. "When I get in there, that first budget will reflect this priority."

After Thousand Oaks Mass Shooting, A Warning: 'Pretty Soon Everyone's Going To Have A Sad Story'

Active shooter drills are now part of everyday school life. But survivors of mass shootings say of the steady pace of new tragedies: "This can't become our baseline."

In Los Angeles (And The U.S.) More And More Babies Are Born Too Early

Premature birth is the leading cause of infant death. The numbers are on the rise across the country for the third year in a row., with deep disparities when it comes to race.

3 Ways California Is Trying To Help New Moms Get Treatment For Depression

It's common for moms to struggle with anxiety and depression during and after pregnancy. But most women aren't screened or connected with treatment. California has three new laws that aim to change that.

A Message For Black Moms: Keep Calm And Carry On Breastfeeding

Black moms are much less likely to breastfeed compared to women of other races and ethnicities. That's why maternal health advocates devote the last week of August to bringing awareness of the benefits for infants and moms.

'This Is Our Flint, Michigan.' Latest On The Cleanup Of Exide's Public Health Disaster

More than 2,000 homes were contaminated by the now-closed battery plant in Vernon. At a hearing Thursday night, residents asked why the cleanup is taking so long.

Lots Of LA 4-Year-Olds Are Going to Preschool -- But It Depends On Where You Live

Access to programs varies wildly in L.A. County (and across the state).

These People Have Dedicated Their Lives To Keeping Black Babies Alive

There are so many public health workers, researchers and community organizers across the country who have dedicated their lives to improving birth outcomes for black babies. Here are some of them.

Keeping Black Babies Alive Is A Priority For LA's Top Health Officials

"You have to start somewhere as a department, put a stake in the sand about what's intolerable - and this is intolerable." --Dr. Barbara Ferrer, Director of Public Health for LA County

America's Black Babies Are Paying For Society's Ills. What Will We Do To Fix It?

The issue is not new, but we know more about the causes than ever before. Will society fix it?

Black Babies Die At Twice The Rate Of White Babies. My Family Is Part Of This Statistic

Black infants die before their first birthday at twice the rate of their white counterparts. Over the next few weeks, reporter Priska Neely will be sharing stories of people in Southern California and across the country who are trying to change that statistic.