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Sheriff's Department Now Says Dijon Kizzee Had Picked Up Gun Before Shooting. Family Disputes Account

The department said the two deputies who shot Kizzee initially said he "made a motion" towards a gun on the ground, then in later interviews said he had picked it up.

Why More Than Half Of Terminal Island's Inmates Have Coronavirus

L.A. County has started testing all local inmates.

LA Supes May Unfreeze $83M Of Sheriff's Budget For Coronavirus, Other Issues

The money is part of $143 million the supervisors froze last fall. Sheriff Alex Villanueva says he needs them to free up all of it.

How Is LA's Sheriff Handling Oversight? Blistering Critique Says: 'Delayed, Hindered, Ignored... And Denied'

The inspector general's office complains it has been blocked from carrying out its watchdog role by being denied access to investigations, left out of the rehiring process for deputies accused of dishonesty, denied requests for documents, and more.

22 San Fernando Valley MS-13 Members Charged With Murders, Drug Trafficking

The murders included the slaying of a rival gang member who allegedly was taken to the Angeles National Forest where six MS-13 members dismembered him with a machete, cut out his heart and threw his body parts into a canyon.

Man Arrested In Shooting Deaths Of Off-Duty Sheriff's Deputy And Pedestrian

Sheriff's deputy Joseph Solano was shot in the head on Monday less than an hour after the suspect is believed to have shot and killed another man near downtown L.A.

LA Sheriff's Deputies Say Violence, Harassment And Bullying Ongoing At East LA Station

Some deputies say the situation has given them high blood pressure, nightmares and a panic attack with symptoms "mimicking that of a heart attack."

Here Are The New Claims About A Violent Group Of LA Sheriff's Deputies Acting Like A Gang

Seven deputies who work at the East L.A. Station have filed claims alleging they've been the victims of harassment, intimidation and violence by members of the so-called Banditos gang.

The New Steps For Keeping LA's Mentally Ill Jail Inmates Off The Street When They're Released

L.A. county has agreed to develop a release plan for inmates as soon as they enter jail, arrange for treatment and meds upon release, and connect them to a variety of services.

LA County Sheriff Jim McDonnell Concedes To Alex Villanueva

It's the first time in about a century that a sitting L.A. sheriff has been voted out of office.

Kavanaugh Hearing Triggering Bad Feelings? Here's Where You Can Get Help

For many women, today's hearing stirred up difficult memories.