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The Coming Food Hall-ization Of L.A.

A wave of seven new food halls is about to crest over Los Angeles: get ready.

ICYMI: What Is The Safest Recreational Drug?

Plus, Kendrick Lamar's artistic identity, WeHo and the LGBT community, and much more!

Arrest Warrant Issued For Bikram Choudhury, Founder Of 'Hot Yoga'

Choudhury faces six more lawsuits, five of which accuse him of rape.

Inside Howlin' Ray's, Where People Wait 3 Hours In Line For The Best Hot Chicken In L.A.

Lines constantly reach three-hours long, and they serve up 600 pounds of chicken a day.

Southern California's Housing Market Has Hit All-Time Highs

Los Angeles County's median home price has tied the 2007 all-time high, while Orange and San Diego counties have surpassed their highs.

White Clam Pizza & Other Italian-American Staples Coming To Echo Park's New Cosa Buona

Cosa Buona has taken over the former Pizza Buona location on Sunset and Alvarado.

Silver Lake's Mh Zh Is The Israeli Sidewalk Cafe That L.A. Didn't Know It Was Missing

Mh Zh's flavors may not be what you're used to, but that's a good thing.

ICYMI: Which L.A. Neighborhood's Gentrification War Is Getting National Coverage?

Plus, why we believe in time, reading Haruki Murakami, and much more!

Metro's Purple Line May Finish Construction A Whole Decade Ahead Of Schedule

Metro has announced that construction of Phase 3 to Westwood will begin next year.

Highly-Anticipated Rossoblu Features Its Own Butchery And Pasta Room

The wine menu has a wide selection of sparkling red Lambrusco wines.

Revolutionario North African Tacos Debuts Special Iftar Menu For Ramadan

Daily menus will include traditional Iftar dishes from around the Islamic world.

A New System Could Text You 30 Seconds Before An Earthquake Hits

Current tests have advanced warning times of up to 30 seconds.

Thomas Keller And Friends To Close Out Food Bowl With Fried Chicken Night

The Soiree Poulet will include guest chefs Jon Shook, Vinny Dotolo, and Jeff Cerciello.

ICYMI: The Unexpected Saviors Fighting Climate Change

Plus, the social life of crows, the rise of our insatiable consumerism, and much more!

Welcome Back Hot Weather. Oh, How We've Missed You.

The Valleys will be breaking 90 degrees through Monday.

Umami Burger's New Meatless 'Impossible Burger' Looks And Tastes Like The Real Thing

If you cut a veggie burger, does it not bleed? Oh, wait, it does.

A New Filipino Food Stall Is Coming To Grand Central Market This Summer

Sari Sari Store will be taking over the former Bar Moruno stall.

LAUSD Board President Steve Zimmer Concedes To Challenger Nick Melvoin

Kelly Gonez currently has a slight lead over opponent Imelda Padilla for the second open school board seat being decided tonight.

Mystery Vote-Shaming Mailer Reveals Neighbors' Voting Histories

The California Voter Awareness Project has no address, no website or Facebook page, and no zip code.

21 Suspected High-Level Members Of MS-13 Arrested In L.A. During Overnight Crackdown

The arrests were made in connection with a 41-count RICO indictment against MS-13, the Mexican Mafia, and others.

ICYMI: Is There A Way To 'Turn Off' Sperm?

Plus, a tree that grows 40 different fruits, how Pixar lost its way, and much more!

Snapchat In Federal Court Facing Allegations Of Lying To Investors

A former employee is claiming the social media company overstated its user base and growth projections to investors ahead of its IPO.

Beverly Hills Is Getting Its Very Own High-End Version Of Cafe Gratitude

Expect some favorites from Cafe Gratitude and Gracias Madre on the menu.

L.A. County Now Has 58 Billionaires

The list ranks Dr. Patrick Soon-Shiong as the county's wealthiest, although recent stock price shifts may have pushed Elon Musk to the top spot.

Smorgasburg LA Is Debuting A Rooftop Pop-Up At The Standard

Banh Oui will kick off the pop-up residency.

Check Out This New Cereal Bar In Virgil Village

There will be six cereals on rotation, and one will always be vegan and gluten-free.

Photos: The Gaudy AF House Featured In 10 Seasons Of 'Keeping Up With The Kardashians' Is For Sale

The Palazzo dei Sogni even has a chandelier imported from the Paris Opera House!

High-Speed Chase Leads Police To...A Tom Hanks Movie?

The pursuit began in Hacienda Heights and ended in South Gate.

Here's The Giant Development Going Up Across Four City Blocks In Hollywood

Three towers will be added to the Hollywood skyline.

South L.A.'s African-American Taco Stands Are The Focus Of This New Documentary

The short documentary features All Flavor No Grease, Trap Kitchen, and Taco Mell.

The Goats Are Baaaa-ck Under Angels Flight

The annual tradition began in 2008.

ICMYI: Kamala Harris Dropped Two F-Bombs While Talking About Healthcare And We Loved It

Plus, are we all related, who really hacked Emmanuel Macron, and much more!

LAUSD To Formalize 'Safe Zone' Policies For Immigrant Students And Families

LAUSD Superintendent Michelle King will have 90 days to draft the policies and begin training staff.

How Bacaro's Chef Created A Dessert In Memory Of His Father

Chef Lior Hillel created the dish after his father's death from the memories of his childhood.

L.A. Gets A Visit By Olympics Committee, New Venue Renderings

The evaluation commission will be in town for four days.

Friends & Family Brings Breakfast Galettes And Grain Bowls To East Hollywood

With a full selection of pastries, bread loaves, and even housemade ice cream (coming soon) to boot!

LAUSD To Begin Vegan Lunch Pilot Program This Fall

School Board President Steve Zimmer said that the new lunches will not be more expensive than the usual lunches.

Behold, The Wilshire Grand Is Lit!

The 1,100-foot tower is testing out its electric color palette.

In Defense Of Canter's Poppy Seed Strudel

An Eastern European treat.

All Your Favorite Food Vendors Coming To Grand Park For Massive Night Market

There will be 50 food vendors along with bars and DJs.

Oh God, Vogue Has Officially Discovered Highland Park

Did you know Highland Park has cool vegan brunch places and midcentury modern furniture stores? Who knew!

Silver Lake's Botanica Is A Testament To California Produce

Botanica publishes recipes for its entire menu via their digital magazine.

New Renderings For The Lucas Museum Of Narrative Art Revealed

The $1 billion museum is designed by Chinese architect Ma Yansong.

Investigation Underway After Man Dies In Police Custody

Authorities were responding to a call by the man's family, who said he was refusing to receive treatment at a mental hospital.

#LARain And #LAThunderstorms Comin' At Ya Live This Weekend

But we'll see a return to highs in the 70s next week.

Los Angeles' Animal Shelters Are On Track To Become No Kill By Year's End

The city is hoping to reach a no-kill rate of 90% at city-operated animal shelters by December 31.

Thirteen-Year-Old Boy In Custody On Suspicion Of Fatally Stabbing Mother

The boy was discovered by police at a nearby shopping center.

Botanica's Gorgeous Silver Lake Market And Restaurant Has Finally Arrived

Silver Lake's most photogenic vegetable-centric eatery.

Judge's Ruling Crushes Hope (Again) For Hollywood's Half-Built Target Husk

The half-finished structure has been sitting dormant since 2014.

A Missile Capable Of Delivering A Long-Range Nuclear Payload Was Test-Fired From California For Second Time In A Week

The test launches come during a period of increased tensions over North Korea's own missile tests.

Bia Coffee Steeps Flower Petals For 3 Days To Make Their Gorgeous Rose Lattes

The flower-friendly Koreatown coffee shop also specializes in lavender items.

ICYMI: How Many More Years Until The Arctic Sea Is Devoid Of Ice?

Plus, the Trump Administration supports the return of Glass-Steagall, Daneil Dennett thinks consciousness is an illusion, and much more!

Gigi Hadid's Dad May Plead Guilty In Bel Air Building Violation Case To Avoid Jail Time

The city has been locked in legal proceedings with Hadid since 2015.

Um, There's Now A Linkin Park-Themed Menu At Plan Check

In the mood for kimchi-dusted fries as a "tribute to turntablist Joe Hahn's Korean background"?

City Of L.A. Added 42,000 People In 2016

California added about 335,000 people in that same period.

Los Angeles Times Kicks Off First Annual Food Bowl

We'll be treated to panel discussions, special menus, as well as pop-ups around the city.

Are Beyoncé And Jay Z Finally Settling Down In L.A. On This $120 Million Pile Of Dirt?

This is the third time in as many years the Carters have made an offer on a home in L.A.

Metro Formalizes Plan To Speed Up Purple Line's Completion

Phase 1 of the extension should reach La Cienega by 2023, with Phase 2 and 3 planned to finish by 2026.

Levitating Noodles & All The Other Things You Should Try At Smorgasburg LA

From oysters to bone broth, there's something for everyone.

Photos: The Life, Death, And Rebirth Of Bunker Hill

From the toniest neighborhood in L.A., to its seediest, and back again.

The Mother Of All Dessert Festivals Is Coming To L.A.

And early-bird tickets are now on sale.

There It Is, Take It: Water Will Begin Flowing Back Into Silver Lake Reservoir Tuesday

The water will begin flowing at the smaller Ivanhoe reservoir before filling the adjacent Silver Lake reservoir.

Street Closures And Large Turnout Expected For March Commemorating Anniversary Of Armenian Genocide

The Armenian genocide has never been officially recognized by the United States.

Gwyneth Paltrow And Night + Market's Kris Yenbamroong Made Noodles Together

Who knew Gwyneth Paltrow loves Thai street food so much.

Former Mrs. Orange County Convicted On Child Pornography Charges

Alt is accused of taking photos of her four-year-old female relative and soliciting cash and gifts online in exchange.

Former Teen Volunteer Sexually Assaulted By Police Officer Awarded $2.75 Million

Her abuser was accused of sexting with a second teenage girl.

ICYMI: So, Is It Safe To Eat Moldy Bread?

Plus, Russian meddling and low voter turnout could lead to populism in France, clothing retailer Bebe is shuttering, and much more!

ICYMI: How Much Severance Pay Is Bill O'Reilly Walking Away From Fox News With?

Plus, a distant galaxy bends the light of a supernova, a 102-year-old woman sees her younger self dancing for the first time, and much more!

Inside Marilyn Monroe's Brentwood Home, Now On The Market For $6.9 Million

Monroe bought the house in 1962, only a few months before her death.

Behold, The Beautiful Nobu Ryokan Malibu Hotel

The team behind the hotel includes Larry Ellison, Robert De Niro, and Nobu Matsuhisa.

MTV's VMAs Are Headed Back To L.A. From New York

The year's nominees will be announced in the coming weeks.

Our Favorite Times L.A. Was Featured In A Music Video

We're going on a tour of L.A. with Tupac, Randy Newman, Madonna, and more.

Garcetti Focuses On Homelessness And Affordable Housing In State Of The City Address

He also plans to equip the city with an extensive earthquake early-warning system by 2018.

Southern California's Trees Are Dying And The Effects Could Cost $36 Billion

"Catastrophic loss of our canopy would have consequences for human health."

ICYMI: Neil Gorsuch Had His First Day On The Supreme Court

Plus, AirBnB-ing Wiz Khalifa's crib, coeducation at America's colleges, and much more!

Dead Body Found In Car Parked In Filipinotown

The car is reported to have an Uber decal attached.

The Academy Museum Is Behind Schedule And $133 Million Over Budget

The museum's originally projected $250 million cost has already jumped to $388 million.

Coachella Style: People Wearing The Same Coachella Garbage Trends As Seen In Previous Years

The masses at Coachella danced away Easter in white and tropical colors.

Check Out These New Renderings Of The $600 Million LAX-Metro Connector Station

It will connect the Crenshaw and Green lines to LAX’s upcoming Automated People Mover.

Romanian Cuisine Is Front And Center At Highland Park's Parsnip

Chef Anca Caliman is turning her focus to her national cuisine.

Afghan Family Detained At LAX Receives Approval For Permanent U.S. Residency

The family was separated for over two days, and remained "incommunicado" for at least 40 hours.

Jackie Robinson Statue To Be Unveiled At Dodger Stadium Saturday

The statue will be unveiled on the 70th anniversary of Robinson's historic major league debut.

The Elysian Park Love-In Celebrates Its 50th Anniversary This Sunday

"Given the daily dose of seemingly insurmountable political and cultural violence heaped upon us on a daily basis, maybe a little peace and love wouldn't be such a bad thing."

ICYMI: Flying Drone Taxis Are Debuting In Dubai This Summer

Plus, the physics behind that Thor-Hulk punch, Ben Carson got stuck in an elevator, and much more!

Those Famous Strawberry Doughnuts Are Finally Back At Donut Man

From Oxnard, to Glendora, to your mouth.

The 7 Best Vegan Brunches In L.A.

In the mood for persimmons with red crisp grapes and watercress? Or quinoa tabbouleh?

Handsome Coffee's Tyler Wells Returns Downtown With Nice Coffee

Nice Coffee serves a variety of treats in addition to their brews.

If 'Annie Hall' Took Place In Modern-Day Los Angeles

Because a struggling actress and a comedy writer would be living in the City of Angels today.

L.A.'s Tap Water Is Officially As Clean As Bottled Water

The city has begun using UV light to treat our drinking water.

You Saw That Flash Explode In The Sky Last Night, Right?

The flash may have been caused by a bolide — or an asteroid breaking apart in the atmosphere — no larger than a tennis ball.

The LAPD's New Hybrid Cruisers Are Car-Chase Approved

The department could save up to $3,800 a year in fuel costs for each vehicle.

Iconic Randy's Donuts Is Coming To Century City Mall

There are also plans to bring Eataly and Din Tai Fung to the mall.

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