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Senate Passes $1.9 Trillion Coronavirus Relief Package -- Includes $1,400 Direct Payments For Some

The package delivers a new round of financial assistance to Americans grappling with the impact of the pandemic. The House will need to vote on the final version.

Biden Says U.S. Will Have Vaccine Supply For All Adults By May, Prioritizes Teachers

President Biden moves his timeline up by two months, while directing all 50 states and the District of Columbia to move school workers up in line for vaccinations, beginning next week.

FDA Authorizes Johnson & Johnson's One-Shot COVID-19 Vaccine

Direct comparisons to the two-dose vaccines already in use are challenging because of differences in the clinical trials and emergence of new strains of the coronavirus.

Capitol Insurrection: Who Joined The Mob And Why? Here's A Look

The government has now identified more than 240 suspects in the Jan. 6 rioting, which ended with five people dead, including a U.S. Capitol Police officer.

Moderna Increases COVID-19 Vaccine Shipments While Pfizer Lags Behind

Each company is responsible for supplying the U.S. government with 100 million doses of the vaccine by March 31.

Combating Misinformation When A Loved One Is Caught In A Web Of Conspiracies

The recent attack on the U.S. Capitol is a reminder of the potentially deadly impact of disinformation that is spreading online. Experts say there are several possible strategies for dealing with it.

'The Separate And Unequal Health System' Highlighted By COVID-19

A South Los Angeles hospital has long provided for an underserved community where private insurance is scarce and chronic illnesses can flourish. And then came a devastating coronavirus surge.

Biden Suspends Deportations, Stops 'Remain In Mexico' Policy

Under the new administration, the Department of Homeland Security looks set to roll back several Trump-era immigration policies and to establish a path to citizenship for immigrants.

'The Hill We Climb': Watch Poet Amanda Gorman Recite Her Poem At Biden's Inauguration

The 22-year-old composed a poem, "The Hill We Climb," that acknowledges the recent insurrection attempt, but turns resolutely toward hope. "The new dawn blooms," she writes.

Trump Pardons Steve Bannon, Lil Wayne In Final Clemency Flurry

The lengthy list of 73 pardons and 70 commutations landed after midnight.

Biden's Inauguration Is Going To Look Very Different. Here's What To Know

There will be no throngs of people massed beneath a platform at the Capitol. Also absent will be President Trump, who's skipping town early.

'History Has Its Eyes On Us.' LA Poet Amanda Gorman Seeks Right Words For Inauguration

At 22 years old, the Los Angeles native will become the youngest poet in recent memory to deliver a poem at a presidential inauguration.

House Votes To Impeach Trump, But Senate Trial Before Jan. 20 Unlikely

Voting yes: 10 Republicans voted with 222 Democrats. 197 Republicans opposed. Trump is now the only president to be impeached twice.

'Will Not Be Intimidated': After Insurrection, Congress Blocks State Objections

The Capitol became engulfed in turmoil, as supporters of President Trump, responding to his call to head there, breached the complex, resulting in violence in the seat of America's federal government. By the end of an exhausting day that stretched well into the early morning hours, lawmakers had rejected all challenges to what is ordinarily a ceremonial acknowledgement of the presidential election outcome.

Biden Wins Presidency, According To AP, Edging Trump In Turbulent Race

Former Vice President Joe Biden has been elected the 46th president of the United States, narrowly emerging victorious from a contentious White House campaign that stretched days past election night. The Associated Press called the race for Biden on Saturday when it said that Pennsylvania's 20 electoral votes put him over the 270-vote threshold needed to win the Electoral College.

LA's Latinos Mark El Día De Los Muertos In 'A Nightmare Year' Of Loss

The message of honoring the dead is especially poignant this year.

'Dude, I'm Done': When Politics Tears Families And Friendships Apart

If you find yourself fighting with a friend over politics, or frustrated and furious with your nearest and dearest over who they're supporting for president, you're hardly alone.

WATCH: 2nd Presidential Debate With Fact Check And Analysis

President Trump and Democratic nominee Joe Biden are holding a final debate Thursday in Nashville, with Kristen Welker of NBC News moderating. Follow live updates and analysis, and watch the debate starting at 6 p.m.

White House Reverses Decision And OKs Wildfire Aid For California

Fires have ravaged nearly 2 million acres in California and the state has asked for federal assistance to recover from them.

How Bad Will Coronavirus Be This Winter? Model Projects 170,000 More US Deaths

Cases are surging in many places around the country. As we head into winter here's what public health forecasters think we can expect.

Supreme Court Allows Trump Administration To End Census Early

The latest turn in a roller coaster of a legal fight over the timeline for the count.

Vice Presidential Debate: Fact Check And Analysis

Who said what and what was accurate.

Eddie Van Halen, Guitar Hero, Dies At 65

His son wrote: "He was the best father I could ever ask for. Every moment I've shared with him on and off stage was a gift."

What We Know About President Trump's Medical Treatment

The president is a few days into his diagnosis with COVID-19, a novel disease that doctors are still learning how best to treat. And, medical experts say, he may still be in a danger zone.

3 Scientists -- Including UCLA's Andrea Ghez -- Awarded Nobel Prize In Physics For Discoveries Related To Black Holes

The prize goes to Roger Penrose, Reinhard Genzel and Andrea Ghez. Ghez says she hopes it will inspire young people, and particularly women, to pursue careers in science.

President Trump Tested Positive For COVID-19. What Might Happen Next?

It would be "very difficult" to pull President Trump's name from the November ballot, says John Fortier, who led the Continuity of Government Commission. But that's just one hypothetical.

After 'Egregious' Violation, Judge Orders Census To Count Through Oct. 31 For Now

The latest ruling comes after days of confusion sparked by a one-sentence tweet from the Census Bureau that the judge called "[perhaps] the most egregious violation" of the preliminary injunction order she issued last week.

Kentucky Grand Jury Indicts 1 Of 3 Officers Involved In Breonna Taylor's Killing

The grand jury did not announce charges against the other two officers involved. The officer has been charged with three counts of wanton endangerment for shooting into neighboring apartments.

Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Champion Of Gender Equality, Dies At 87

Ginsburg, the second woman to serve on the Supreme Court, died from complications from cancer. Her death will set in motion what promises to be a tumultuous political battle over who will succeed her.

Federal Judge In California Orders Census Work To Press On For Now

The temporary restraining order comes after challengers led by the National Urban League filed an emergency request as part of a federal lawsuit.

Trump Admits To Opposing Funding For Postal Service To Block More Voting By Mail

Voters in California who have their ballots postmarked on or before election day will have their votes counted under state law -- as long as they arrive within 17 days.

'Not Enough Time': Census Workers Fear Rushing Count Could Botch Results

Already hampered by the coronavirus, Census Bureau workers are now scrambling to visit households that haven't filled out a 2020 census form, trying to finish a count that's been cut short by a month.

California Judge Orders Uber And Lyft To Consider All Drivers Employees

Uber and Lyft have been fighting California over whether drivers are employees, entitled to benefits, or independent contractors. A state judge ordered them to consider all those drivers employees.

Census Door Knocking Cut A Month Short Amid Pressure To Finish Count

NPR has confirmed the Census Bureau will end door knocking at unresponsive homes on Sept. 30, amid growing concerns the White House is pressuring the bureau to stop counting soon. That could lead to a major undercount of people of color.

With No Final Say, Trump Wants To Change Who Counts For Dividing Up Congress' Seats

A White House official said the "action will clarify that illegal aliens are not to be included for the purpose of apportionment of Representatives following the 2020 Census."

LA Times To Settle Suit Over Race And Gender Bias, As Editor Promises Change

The lead complainants include journalists who have contributed to Pulitzer Prize-winning coverage at the LA Times, such as Greg Braxton, who covers television, and Bettina Boxall, a leading environmental writer. Both allege they earn far less than white and male peers with less experience.

Supreme Court Upholds DACA, Protecting 'Dreamers' (For Now)

The Supreme Court decision has been highly anticipated in California which has the most DACA recipients of any state -- about 200,000.

The Rich Have Stopped Spending And That's Tanked The Economy

While retail sales bounced back in May after a deep drop in March and April, the wealthiest Americans are not spending as freely as they did before the pandemic. And that could limit the recovery.

'We're Running Out Of Time': California Lawmakers Lead Effort To Extend Census Deadlines

One California congressman says: 'If we don't get our act together, the states are going to have some serious problems moving forward.'

One Doctor Calls The Public Restroom A 'Bio Weapons Factory.' You're In Good Company If You Are Afraid

Why some people are finding an alternative if they can't make it home when they need to go.

Quarantine Fatigue Is Real. 5 Tips To Power Through And Still Find Joy While Social Distancing

The isolation that comes with social distancing carries serious physical and mental health risks. Here's how to forge new connections and nurture friendships, without leaving home.

Latino Prosperity Was On A Historic Wave. That's Now Threatened By Devastating Job Losses

In the span of just two months, millions of jobs have evaporated, particularly from businesses that employ a large number of Latinos -- hotels, restaurants, bars, building services.

White House's Social Distancing Guidelines Will Be 'Fading Out,' Trump Says

The administration said the existing social distancing recommendations are being incorporated by governors into their new future plans.

Bad News For One Path To LA Reopening: WHO Finds 'No Evidence' Recovered COVID-19 Patients Are Immune

L.A. Mayor Eric Garcetti had mentioned establishing who is immune as one possible facet of a reopening strategy.

Trump: 'We Are Getting Through This Challenge'

At a short briefing Friday afternoon at the White House, President Trump touted the federal government's "aggressive strategy."

White House Coronavirus Task Force Briefs Amid Historic Job Loss

More than 4 million more people filed for unemployment, according to statistics released by the Labor Department, bringing the approximate total of Americans out of work to around 26 million.

20 Attorneys General, Including California, Want Rules On Gay Men Blood Donors Eased

They're calling on the agency to further ease rules on gay and bisexual men donating blood.

Census Bureau Wants To Track Coronavirus Impact With An Emailed Survey

The federal government's largest statistical agency is still scrambling to salvage the constitutionally mandated 2020 census.

White House Coronavirus Task Force Briefs Public As Political Wars Simmer

Trump and his advisors are still fighting over the dividing line between the power of the president and the powers of the states.

White House Defends Testing Capacity, Even As Governors Ask For More Tests

President Trump tweeted that he is "right on testing" and that governors "must be able to step up and get the job done."

White House Unveils Coronavirus Guidelines On Path To Reopening The Country

Trump has said he believes many states could begin to re-open even before the federal guidelines for social distancing and mitigation expire on May 1.

What If We Aren't All In This Together? What Coronavirus Exposes About America's Political Divide

The virus is affecting everyone, in one way or another, but in terms of actual sickness and death, it is disproportionately afflicting people of color.

CDC Data Finds African Americans -- 13% Of U.S. Population -- Account For 33% of COVID-19 Hospitalizations

The study of about 1,500 hospitalized patients in 14 states underscores the long-standing racial disparities in health care in the U.S.

Setting The Record Straight: 5 Fact Checks Of Trump And Coronavirus This Week

Mixed in with inconsistency has been a host of claims and suggestions that have been exaggerated, misleading or lacking in full context.

U.S. Lost 701,000 Jobs In March; Much Worse To Come

An unprecedented shutdown has already pushed some 10 million people out of work, according to initial claims for unemployment filed in the last two weeks.

What You Need To Know About The $350B In Loans Now Available To Small Businesses

Some basics on how the program will work and what business owners can expect.

FDA Loosens Restrictions On Gay Blood Donors Amid 'Urgent Need' Caused By Coronavirus

The changes come as the country confronts a severe drop in the U.S. blood supply that officials described as urgent and unprecedented.

Census Field Operations Further Delayed Until April 15 By COVID-19 Pandemic

The timeline shift is the latest in a series of changes the bureau has made to salvage plans for the constitutionally mandated count of every person living in the U.S.

Senate Strikes Deal For $2 Trillion 'Wartime Level Investment' To Rescue Economy From Pandemic

The plan marks the largest rescue package in American history.

Fact-Check: 5 Times President Trump's Statements On Coronavirus Were Off The Mark

Trump has made a lot of promises about actions that his administration is taking to fight the coronavirus pandemic. Here's a reality check.

An ER Doctor Wonders If California's Stay At Home Order Is 'Too Little, Too Late'

It's a question ER doctors contemplate as they watch the Italian hospitals buckle under the demand of the fast-spreading virus.

Your No-Panic Guide: Am I Doing Social Distancing Right?

So what is and isn't OK in our new world of social distancing? Can I have people over or go visit grandma? Here's what the new CDC guidelines and other health experts have to say.

Flattening A Pandemic's Curve: Why Staying Home Now Can Save Lives

From school closures to event cancellations, the disruptions are real -- and vital. It's all to slow the spread of coronavirus so hospitals don't get so overwhelmed that they can't treat the sickest.

Your No-Panic Guide: What We Do (And Don't) Know About The U.S. Medical Stockpile

Almost everything about the stockpile is secret, for security reasons, although the broad outlines of its holdings are known.

Fact Check: 6 Claims President Trump Made About The Border Wall In His Speech

President Trump used his first prime-time address from the Oval Office to make the case for his controversial border wall. We check some of the arguments he made.

Fallen Officer Made 'Ultimate Sacrifice' In Confronting Thousand Oaks Shooter

He told his wife he loved her and hung up the phone to respond to the call. Within minutes, he arrived at the hellish scene at the Borderline Bar & Grill.