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Jamie Oliver on Food Revolution Day in L.A., Pink Slime, and How LAUSD is Doing With School Food These Days

When Food Revolution Day brought Jamie Oliver back to LA with his "Big Rig" on the UCLA Medical Center's campus, it was time to check in with him to see where he felt things stood in L.A.

USDA To Go All Local? That's Loco!

In Washington DC the USDA's Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack and locavore darling Deputy Agriculture Secretary Kathleen Merrigan take to the internets today at 10 a.m. local time (yep, now) to launch the USDA's new Know Your Farmer Know Your Food Compass.

Frolicking Pigs & Willie Nelson Covers Coldplay: Chipotle Goes Back to the Start [UPDATED]

Did you catch the 2 minute animated "commercial" for Chipotle, starring some happy pigs, rainbows, and Wille Nelson covering "The Scientist"?

Food Year In Review: Wall Street, You Suck!

While Time Magazine has declared 2011 as the "year of the protester," what gets lost in that hoopla are the origins of the protest. And those origins point back to what is, or what is not, on our collective plates.

Food Critic Rush Limbaugh Weighs In On LAUSD School Lunch

Nearly a year after chef and activist Jamie Oliver visited LA and our schools' lunchrooms none other than Rush Limbaugh weighs in on our kids and their eating habits at LAUSD. Sounding more like Jonathan Swift sans irony, Limbaugh has responded on air to this weekend's LA Times piece on the new menu fail at the country's second largest school district.

The LAPD, Obama, and the National Defense Authorization Act: WTF?

"Shut your fucking mouth! We can lose you in here" becomes even more poignant as the constitutionally challenged National Defense Authorization Act for 2012 sits on President Obama's desk. As it currently stands, spokespeople for Obama have stated he would not veto it.

From Farm to Occupy LA: High School Students Feed Protesters

While we love Santee High School's culinary students because they can rock a chile relleno stuffed with corn, beans and squash for the likes of Artisanal LA, but this week they have been rocking the same high school/high end cuisine for the venue known as Occupy LA.

5 Questions for Green Festival Organizer Laurie Kaufman

San Francisco, Seattle, Chicago and New York have all had one (or two) and this weekend it's L.A.'s turn for the Green Festival. What may sound like a crunchy, west-of the-405-Earth-Day-redux is actually a bit of an organic-occupy-wall-street-social justice-in-bougie-hemp-fabric-neighborhood-gathering... at the LA Convention Center.

It's Food Day in L.A. So What Does That Mean?

It's Food Day! But wait, we eat every day so why an actual "Food" day? According to the non-profit that is sponsoring this day as dialogue they have some fairly straightforward (okay, awesome) goals. Plus, a few ways for you to get involved in the local "good food" movement.

Garden Council Welcomes Gardeners, Home-Canners, Foodies, All Gurus of Doo Doo

The Los Aangeles Community Garden Council hosts its 5th Annual picnic/training/workshop thing today (hey, now) at the Loma Alta Park and Community Center in Altadena.

Occupy LAUSD: What Does 'The Man' Have to Do With L.A.'s Educational Woes?

Occupy Wall Street has beget Occupy L.A. has beget Occupy LAUSD. The movement states "This is a call out to the 99% in the Los Angeles Unified School District. It is time we Reclaim Our Schools from the 1% wealthy." But what does "the man" have to do with huge class sizes, dirty classrooms, empty libraries, fallow gardens and laid off teachers?

Occupy Dirt: Slow Food Meets Wall Street in SF, Where We Talk to L.A. Growers About What They Need

Throw 400 growers and producers from 50 states with another 400 "investment" types onto the warehouse event space that is Fort Mason in SF and you get the third annual Slow Money Conference. Here's what some of our L.A. growers, yep Angelenos, are seeking.

Slow Money Brings Money Back Down to Earth With Its 3rd National Gathering

Today marks the beginning of the 3rd National Gathering of Slow Money. Slow what? Think slow food first. Now think of the farmer that needed the loan to fix the barn where he milked the goats. Can you picture the farmer explaining artisanal goat cheese at the local Bank of America with Blossom and Buttercup in the lobby? Yeeeeah. Not so much?

Mourning Wangari Maathai: A Loss in the Global Battle for Green Space

Nobel prize winner and African Greenbelt Movement founder Professor Wangari Maathai, died this weekend while undergoing treatment for cancer. She was 71.

What is the Good Food Festival, and Why Should You Go Check it Out This Weekend?

We talked with Good Food Festival producer Jim Slama about what the event is and what you can experience at the various demos, talks, and gatherings that are part of a celebration of the Santa Monica Farmers' Market and a larger dialogue about improving L.A.'s foodscape.

Beefing Up the Veggies, Banning the Candy Milk: Is the LAUSD Actually Saving School Food Today?

A couple of the little customers the LAUSD would not allow LAist to interact with today during their press event (Photo via KFINews/Twitpic) After months of kerfuffle with Jamie Oliver and local, community food and environmental activists, today the LAUSD board takes action on the dreaded pink milk. While pink milk is an atrocity (it has more sugar than Coca-Cola) in a school district with a childhood obesity epidemic, it calls into question the...

What the Spork? Jamie Oliver & the LAUSD Make Nice on Late Night TV

In a low-profile attempt at armistice, newly appointed Los Angeles Unified School District Superintendent John Deasy joined food revolutionary Jamie Oliver on Jimmy Kimmel's show last night. Before the show even aired, the local "Revolution"-aries were cheering the end of flavored milk in L.A.'s public schools. However, that's not a done deal, and we're still wondering what's up with this sudden change of heart from the new head of the nation's second largest school district....

All The School Board President's Men: The LAUSD's Spin Control Machine Gets an "F" for Food Services

A couple of the little customers the LAUSD would not allow LAist to interact with today during their press event (Photo via KFINews/Twitpic) This morning the Los Angeles Unified School District put on a Food Service Division dog and pony show intended as an obvious response to the criticisms levied against them in last night's Season Two Premiere of the Emmy-award winning "Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution." Major television press outlets, English and Spanish speaking,...

A Garden Grows on a Rooftop of a "Wellness" Center in South Park... Not

Shaded from the sun and 90 degree heat, about 300 gathered this afternoon under a sea of rain umbrellas for the "ground breaking" of California Medical Center's Hope Street Family Center. Billed as much-needed recreation space and home for wellness programs in the "underserved" neighborhood of South Park, the proposed project already has community engagement--at least judging by the excitement at the launch. The volume-knob-friendly DJ, the juice boxes, the face painting and even the...

Trees, Seedlings Get Homes All Over Town; You Get to Canele Tonight and Help a Garden Grow

The Milagro Allegro community garden at Avenue 56 and Figueroa hosted a garden giveaway this weekend. Advertised to start at noon, by 12:30 some 500 people had made a line that stretched down the block and around the corner. By 12:45 the trees were gone. That left 50,000 vegetable seedlings to make sure everyone ended up with something to plant at their school garden, in their neighborhood or yes, their backyard. According to Milli Macen-Moore,...

Garden Plotting: Councilman Bill Rosendahl Rocks the Mic

Anyone who's spent anytime with Westside City Councilman Bill Rosendahl knows that once he gets the mic...he's going to be rocking it awhile. When I asked his staffer, Tony Arranaga, to put together "just a list of his 2011 garden plans" I shouldn't be surprised that Bill added his own commentary... and pictures... and philosophy... and CHICKENS! So yes, he's grabbed the mic on me again, this time on the "internets" and has up and...

Garden Plotting: For Your Martha Stewart Recipes & the Local Food Pantry Alike

Last year I traveled to Washington DC for the People's Garden Summit. Nothing odd in that: school bureaucrat on a trip to the nation's capitol to meet with federal bureaucrat and talk about "bureaucrat things." I was going on behalf of my school groups and the National Gardening Association, a great group that gets kids all across the country outside and in the garden. Great right? But what makes this unusual is that the second leg of my flight from Philly to DC - canceled.

Garden Plotting: Cool Kid Orren Fox

Some of us were cool kids. Some. Me? No, except to my dungeon master a la Patton Oswalt. Oh god, junior high? Painful. Yes, most of us were not anywhere near the cool table. Few of us had anything figured out in our tweenish awkwardness, let alone sustainable agriculture systems and our "food shed." College was when we are supposed to "get it together?" So when this food justice-y, dahlia growing, school garden building writer...

Garden Plotting: Go Ahead, Kiss My Aster!

At Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, one of our state's greatest Agriculture schools, they teach "Learn by Doing." That's when you get a bunch of type-A, 3.9 GPA college-y kids not used to failure and you get them out there and make them start shoveling shit (that is the word, it's not compost straight out of the cow). They learn "organic means lots of extra work" that way. Chemicals work too, but organic often mean...

Garden Plotting: Tarheel Tips for SoCal Seed Sowers

It's 83 degrees where I've parked myself and the laptop. It's a little muggy from a marine layer burn off--this could be a sleepy version North Carolina with bad bar-b-que. But it's So Cal. We can pretend awhile with the next invited garden writer and her 2011 planting list favorites. It's Helen Yoest [Twitter] of Tarheel Gardening. She generously shared her must-haves from her own backyard planting scheme. I noticed Eschsholzia california right away, and...

Garden Plotting: City Dwellers Get Country

Photo courtesy Shawna Coronado It's the third day of 80 degree-weather in Los Angeles and you may be feeling like we missed spring. Spring is planting time and that takes the right seeds. I've written about companies that offer really great product, but nothing is better than the experience of friends. Their favorites might be your favorites too. Seeing that there is no "Yelp" for backyard gardens, I rely on my cadre of gardeners,...

Found in LA: City Council Prez Gets Down, Gets Dirty

Photo via Facebook It's our ever-active City Council President, Eric Garcetti, getting down and dirty this morning for all us Angelenos on an inspection of the city's now rain-taxed sewer system. This is Garcetti's way of kicking off his Shorty Awards campaign for excellence in social media on the subject of--gasp!--politics. You can give him a nomination via Twitter and see that LA defeats the equally Tweet-a-licious, snow shovel-wielding Newark, NJ Mayor Cory Booker....

Plant F-ing: Yo, Where My Genetically Modified Seeds At?

It could be my laziness, my deeper interest in the distracting end-products of “Cocktail Gardening” and its logical basil-infused cocktail hour or the simple fact that almost no major or minor home garden seed companies advertise Genetically Modified Organism products, but I haven’t been able to find any GMO products in the local garden center aisles. I’ve really, really tried.

Plant F-ing: Time to Think About Planting Your Seeds

We will be in the “heat” of spring in just over two months. The days will be lengthening as we pass the December 21st Solstice; you hippie freaks will undoubtedly be worshiping the Mother, and I’ll be looking at new varieties of available seed to put in her. Here are some of my fave vendors whose catalogs that I have dog-eared and love to support.

Plant F-ing: My Dahlias Have Jock Itch

I’m not going to wait until one of you gets your compost together to ask me an important question. I’m not going to hear the 4th query on “why do I suck at gardening?” (A: worms hate you). This column needs to be responsive, sure… but let me ask a question that you should be asking: Why do my dahlias have jock itch?

Plant F-ing: It's Never Too Late for Tomatoes!

Photo by nicadlr via the LAist Featured Photos pool on Flickr Plant F-ing is a new Ask LAist series about growing food and flora at home--especially for those renters who do not have access to the luxuries of a yard and only have windows and patios to work with. If you've got a question, please send it to editor[@] and our in-house garden guru, aka Hand of Gardener, will answer. Everybody seems to be...

Plant F-ing: Pesto on Your Porch

Basil on a south facing window | Photo by Zach Behrens/LAist Plant F-ing is a new Ask LAist series about growing your food at home with an emphasis on renters who do not have access to the luxuries of a yard and only have windows and patios to work with. If you've got a question, please ask and send it to editor[@] and our in-house garden guru, aka Hand of Gardener, will answer. Today...

Britney Spears Is Not an Heirloom Tomato but German Johnson Is

Even the tomatoes are smiling! Photo by the Hand of Gardener/LAist LAist's own Green Thumb is here to help you get into gardening...So, as he says: "Get down on your knees and start planting." Speaking with garden conspirators in the Bay Area this week I discovered it was “hot” this short, spring. Damn, winter is gone. Hello summer. It turns out that 72 degrees counts as hot in Berkeley. I guess Alice Waters can...

In the Garden: Frozen African Blue Basil?

Los Angeles is cold. It's too cold for this Midwestern escapee's comfort even if it is Christmas. Humbug. Yes, God gave us Jesus and a really great climate in SoCal, so it's not supposed to freeze. We don't really freeze that much, but Jesus and a frost show up once or twice. It happens; my Yahoo Weather report says expect the low 30's. It says Buffalo. It says Dayton. Every year I tell myself to...

Starry Decisis: LAX Confidential

In the days before 9/11, the biggest hassle in airport travel was having to turn down the pleas of the old women in nurses costumes standing by the escalators. Now, after 9/11, the fake nurses are still there, but they move down the long security lines that line the curbs. In this age of strict airport regulation, it's surprising that airport solicitors and proselytizers didn't get the steel-toed boot a long time ago. Instead,...

Starry Decisis: Our Bodies, Our Cells

As anyone who's seen Doc Hollywood knows, Los Angeles has a fairly secure footing in the medical community, or at least the cosmetical medical community. The city is also home to one of the world's premiere research hospitals, the UCLA Medical Center, which recently benefited from a $200 million donation by David Geffen. Last year, the hospital suffered a PR blow when one of the workers in its morgue was arrested for selling body...

Starry Decisis: The Ex Files

Cynics of the world will not be surprised to find out that divorce became a whole lot easier thanks to a Los Angeles case. Citizens of this city of exes have a bad rap for treating marriage like, well, a bad wrap - chucking it easily into the nearest trash can. Yet, the legal decision that makes divorce doable evinces nothing but the highest respect for institution of marriage. It's a case worth revisiting,...

Starry Decisis: Los Angeles's Lusty Legal History

This column is the first in a series of articles on important Supreme Court cases that have developed out of events in Los Angeles. "Stare Decisis" is the guiding principle of the American legal system - the court should "let the decision stand" and respect precedent for the sake of the rule of law. Even though it is known for shaping American pop culture, Los Angeles has shaped American legal culture in more ways...

Yahoo! Picked LAist

We're proud to announce that LAist was a Yahoo! Pick of the Day last week! We hope any new readers enjoy our take on life in LA......

Letter from the Publisher

Today marks the beginning of public beta for If all goes well, after a week or so we'll take off the beta label and launch the site officially. We're thrilled to be bringing the Gothamist brand of optimistic, city-centric blogging to the West Coast. Los Angeles means a lot to Gothamist- in fact, we're moving the whole Gothamist operation over to LA for two weeks in August, when one of us will be getting...