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15 Of The Big Bang Theory's Real-Life Pasadena Locations

We've got maps, photos, and everything else you need to know about both the real and slightly fictionalized locations from the show.

An 8-Mile Street Party Is Closing Roads From DTLA To The Hollywood Bowl

Performers, street closures, maps! Here's everything you need to know about Celebrate L.A., happening this Sunday.

'Sexually Violent Predator' Bill Cosby Gets 3 To 10 Years In Prison

The man who built his career on a family-friendly image is being sent to prison for drugging and sexually assaulting a woman.

5 New TV Shows Starring Los Angeles

Yes, the fall TV season is still a thing. Check out five shows shining a light on pieces of L.A. life.

SNL's Newest Cast Member, Ego Nwodim, Cut Her Teeth In LA's Comedy Scene

She graduated from USC with a degree in biology but went into acting and comedy instead.

The Goonies Live: How They're Making This '80s Classic Less Problematic

Goonies never say die -- and now a new generation of gender-swapped, race-swapped actors are taking on that challenge for a live reading.

SoCal's Roadkill Danger Zones -- Where You're More Likely To Hit An Animal

We have a map of hotspots and a list of the most dangerous freeway sections in the area.

Today In Gaming The Red Carpet: The Getty Images Purse From The Emmys

How do you ensure that your red carpet walk gets covered? Get the photo service's name printed on your bag.

What It's Like Trying To Be America's Next Kids TV Host

Mike Rylander joined thousands of others in the open call to become the host of the rebooted "Blue's Clues" -- and he got a callback.

You Can Buy Robin Williams' Prized Possessions, Including His Golden Globes

From a Golden Globe to props from Williams' movies, it's all up for auction.

Comedy Twitter Takes Shots At The Guns And Drugs Found At Hollywood's Abandoned iO West Theater

iO West shut down earlier this year. Today: an early morning raid on the building that once housed it -- and a barrage of jokes from former students.

This Is Halloween... At Disneyland. Here's What It Looks Like Now At The Spookiest Place On Earth

It's time to face the deep, blood-curling horror of... oops, got that mixed up with what SoCal's other theme parks are doing. It's Halloween at Disneyland! Fun!

What 9/11 Was Like In Los Angeles

The tragedy was felt in Los Angeles as it was around the world, and like other major cities across the country, L.A.'s emergency services had to swing into action.

Katy Perry's Playing An LA Concert, But It's Only For Fans With A Certain Credit Card

Katy Perry's playing the Ace Hotel, but the only way into this sold-out teenage dream was with a Citi card.

We Tried Out 2 Halloween VR Experiences And Survived (After Some Screaming)

The Void combines virtual reality with actual physical objects to make you a Ghostbuster, a 19th century magician, and more.

Oscars Pulls Popular Movie Category, Decides To Just Keep Awarding Good Movies Instead

It's not a complete about-face, but they say the popular film category needs "further study."

Teen Racism Meets Supernatural Horror In LA Comic Book Writer's 'Border Town'

It's about racism near the border, starting at a new school, and supernatural Mexican horror.

PaleyFest Fall TV Previews Are Here To Help You Decide Which New Shows Are Worth Your Time

Get your fall TV shows, fresh out of the editing room -- sometimes before they're even fully completed.

Before Jurassic Park Roars Out Of Universal Studios, This Superfan Takes One Last Ride

After more than two decades, extinction has arrived. But life finds a way.

Fleet Week Brings Jack Ryan And The Beach Boys To The Port Of LA

The annual celebration of the military's Sea Services, aka the Navy, the Marines and the Coast Guard, returns to the Port Of L.A.

Angel City Roller Derby Heads To International Playoffs, And The Skaters Are Paying Their Own Way

Competitors are self-funded, but the challenge, inclusivity and community make it an attractive sport to women like team captain Tui Lyon.

LA Man Arrested For Allegedly Threatening To Shoot Boston Globe Journalists

Robert Chain was unhappy that the newspaper coordinated editorials responding to President Trump's attacks on journalists.

Dear LAist: Is The Alamo Drafthouse Ever Going To Open In LA?

Tick tock, tick tock. It's been four years. When they say it's gonna happen "soon," when exactly do they mean?

Why Jonas Never's Ventura Boulevard Mural Is Just A 'V' -- And Faces An Uncertain Fate

It all comes down to a fight over where Jonas will stand while painting the mural.

Dear LAist: Why's There That Half-Finished Target At Sunset And Western In Hollywood?

The husk of an unfinished Target has remained, frozen in time, for years.

Beat It, Thriller. The Eagles Now Have The Best-Selling Album Of All Time Because Of New Math

This is no monsters-dancing-in-the-street horror movie-esque interlude -- this is real life.

Natalie Morales Is Trying To Hold A Non-Political Anti-Gun Violence Variety Show

"This is not a partisan event. I don't care who you vote for -- I just want you to have a good time, and to register to vote." And she's using Ed Helms, Bradley Whitford, Jon Cryer and many more to get you to do it.

David Cross Still Loves Stand-Up, Hates LA Weather, And Learned A Lot From #TimesUp

He told us about his own experiences with the nightmares of L.A. life -- and how he took the criticism from that New York Times interview.

Panic! At The Disco Is Bigger Than Ever (Even Though It's Just One Guy Now)

They just had their second number 1 album in a row and sold out Staples Center-- thanks to the continuing power of the now-one-man band.

Remembering Aretha Franklin And The LA Performance She Didn't Want You To See

She made her home here in the '70s and early '80s, but there's one piece of her L.A. life that's been kept hidden from view for decades.

The Hollywood Sign Was Torn Down 40 Years Ago And Completely Replaced

The Hollywood Sign's been through some stuff -- including being completely torn down and replaced, leaving L.A. without a sign for three months.

8,500 Starbucks Are Playing Whitney Houston All Day -- Listen To The Playlist & Watch Her Videos Here

We're getting so emotional about the chance to combine "I Wanna Dance With Somebody" with a double espresso.

HBD To Mary G. Ross, The Engineer Who Broke Barriers On Gender, Race, And To Space -- From Burbank

She was the first female Native American engineer, one of the founding members of the ultra-secret Skunk Works think-tank -- all before the civil rights legislation of the 1960s.

Canada Is The New Hollywood, At Least According To FilmLA's New List

Watch out for more maple-syrup farms in the backgrounds of hit movies.

The Oscars Are Making An Award For Movies People Really Like, Moving Other Awards To Commercials

Could the Oscars go from awarding Moonlight and the Shape of Water to Mission: Impossible -- Fallout and Avengers: Infinity War?

The Arclight Isn't Enforcing 'Eighth Grade's' R Rating On Wednesday Night

It's a one-time-only special screening so that actual teens can go see this movie, without (or with, you do you) their parents.

WeHo Wants To Dump Trump's Walk Of Fame Star, But It's Not Up To Them

They don't have any power to get rid of it, but they're telling the people who do that they should do that.

Alexa Meade Turns People Into 2D Art By Painting On Them, And You Can Watch Her Do It Live

She can take a photograph of her subjects from any angle -- and they'll look flat. You can even be part of the art yourself.

Hollywood Movies Are Failing At Diversity. Here Are 9 Ways To Fix That

Progress is slow, but researchers say tactics like inclusion riders and adding just five women (even in small parts) to movies can create meaningful change.

MoviePass Might Not Get You Into Your Movie

Looking to use your MoviePass card this week? Prepare yourself for disappointment.

Video Lunch: It's The Anniversary Of Prince's Purple Rain, All Hail The Purple One

Prince blew minds in theaters on this day, 34 years ago.

Disney And Fox's Shareholders Just Approved Them Becoming One Big Giant Thing

Mickey's dropping $71 billion -- and making a lot of people super rich.

Most Female Screenwriters Have Been Sexually Harassed

64 percent of women who responded to a recent survey from the Writers Guild have been harassed.

Chris Hardwick Welcomed Back To AMC Following Sexual Assault Allegations

He's been laying low since allegations dropped in June. Now AMC says that, following an investigation, they're bringing him back.

Warner Bros. Just Opened A Billion-Dollar Theme Park! And It's Air-Conditioned! (But It's In Abu Dhabi)

Abu Dhabi's even hotter than SoCal -- but they air condition their theme parks. No fair.

'Suicide Squad' Spinoff Among 19 Movies Getting Millions In Tax Breaks To Shoot In California

Los Angeles, not Toronto, gets to play Gotham City -- with some money to grease the wheels.

13 Reasons To Be Hyped About Comic-Con

From Deadpool to Dr. Horrible, Wonder Woman to 2001, it's all happening at Comic-Con. Here's everything you need to know.

Mazel Tov! The Getty Lands A 700-Year-Old Torah

It's from 1296, it's beautiful, and it's one of the most important Hebrew Bibles in existence.

8 Ways To Harry Potter Your Summer At Universal (Including Butterbeer Ice Cream)

We went to check out their newest touches for the summer -- here's what's new and everything else Harry Potter you need to see.

Emmy Nominations 2018: What We Learned From Reading Everyone Else's Emmys Articles

We've digested and processed so much coverage. Here's what you need to know.

Video Lunch: Donald Glover Drops Childish Gambino Summer Vibes

He's got two new songs -- including one talking about our hot, running-out-of-water future.

Warner Bros. Plans To Take Over LA's Skies (With A Hollywood Sign Sky Tram)

They want to build an aerial tram, dubbed "the Hollywood Skyway," from their Burbank headquarters up to the Hollywood sign.

Why There's So Much Love For 'Gawjuss Gay Icon' Tab Hunter

He was one of the biggest heartthrobs of the 1950s -- and spoke openly about his sexuality in his 2005 memoir. He passed away unexpectedly last night.

Clipper Darrell Shows New True Colors -- And They're Lakers Purple And Gold

Get ready for Benedict Darrell -- he's lending his talents to The Other Team after decades of Clippers superfandom.

Nice Day To Swim -- But There's Also A High Surf Advisory, So Watch Out

During a similar weather system last year, SoCal lifeguards rescued a thousand people.

Anime Expo 2018: Everything You Need To Know About AX And Its 100,000 Fans Heading To DTLA

Get ready for your power levels to go over 9,000. Time to make speed lines to the L.A. Convention Center.

Barbie Wants To Build You A Robot

Her new Dreamhouse is maybe Caltech? The ageless doll of El Segundo just started a new career in robotics engineering.

How California Stole 2 TV Shows From New York And Atlanta

Hint: tax incentives. The program was recently extended for another five years.

What's Cheech Doing With The $9.7 Million California Gave Him?

Cheech will always be known for turning stoner comedy into (ahem) high art with partner Tommy Chong, but he's about to set a serious fine art footprint down.

Fans Mourn Sci-Fi Legend Harlan Ellison

He wrote numerous acclaimed short stories, teleplays, and novels, and was widely acknowledged as cantankerous but a genius.

Michael Jackson's Dad Joe Jackson Died And People Are Conflicted

He allegedly abused his children on their way to international superstardom.

This Architect Designed LA City Hall -- And Most Of DTLA's Other Famous Buildings

Ever been to City Hall, Union Station, or the USC campus? Say thanks to John Parkinson, the architect behind more than 50 buildings in downtown L.A.

Seth MacFarlane Likes Us, He Really Likes Us!

Actor/writer/everythinger Seth MacFarlane tweeted this weekend about how upset he was with Fox News's Tucker Carlson criticizing all non-Fox News media. Now he's followed that up by making a large donation to NPR and, um, us.

9 Museums In LA You Probably Haven't Been To Yet

Here are some museum gems that don't always grab headlines, but are still waiting to blow your mind.