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You Leaned On LAist To Get Through 2020. Now We're Asking For Your Help

Quality local journalism isn't cheap. We are asking for your support to keep the LAist strong.

Your No-Panic Guide To LA Life, And The New (And Changing) Coronavirus Rules

We're committed to being your long-term guide to the new normal in Los Angeles and Southern California.

LAist Needs Your Help. Rise To The Challenge

Millions of readers have sought out LAist in recent weeks for our top-notch coverage but very few -- so few it's statistically irrelevant -- have donated to support us. We need your help.

A Reader Asks: How Can A Survey Of Just 2K People Represent All Of LA?

One of our supporters asked us: 'Why is LAist writing an article citing a study where a mere 0.02% of Los Angeles county was polled and telling us that opinion represents Los Angeles?' So we answered.

COVID-19 Map: Tracking Worldwide, U.S. And Local Coronavirus Cases

Tracking the spread of COVID-19 in Southern California, the U.S. and the world.

Your No-Panic Guide To The Coronavirus In LA

One very important way we can all combat fear is to get prepared.

'Decades Of Neglect': 6 Key Takeaways From Our Investigation Into A Real Estate Empire

What we learned was alarming, exposing a dark side of the Southern California rental market, one often missing from conversations about the housing crisis.

L.A. Fire Officials Say 19-Year-Old Man Injured In High-Rise Fire Has Died

The fire broke out Wednesday morning in the 11000 block of Wilshire Boulevard. It was the building's second significant fire in seven years.

LeBron James Goes Off-Script To Speak To Laker Nation At First Game Since Kobe's Death

"I want to continue his legacy not only for this year but for as long as we can play the game of baseball," James told the crowd.

Massive Crash On The Grapevine Closed I5 For Hours; Critically Injured Toddler Dies Days Later

A massive car crash Saturday on the I-5 south near Gorman involved 30 vehicles and brought the top of the Grapevine to a complete shut down for hours. Multiple collisions took place amid heavy fog in the area.

LAist Joins Newsrooms Across California To Shine Light On Long-Secret Police Records

So far partners in the California Reporting Project have filed more than 1,100 public information requests under SB 1421 with requests going out to 675 agencies across all 58 California counties.

OK, It's No Polar Vortex But The Weather Outside In SoCal Is Still Frightful

Dear Southern California: It's not nice out and we have the images that prove it.

It Was Supposed To Be Easier To Get Out Of Jail In LA. But Bail's Not Dead Yet

The bail bond industry has found a way to put a hold on a California law that would have put bondsmen out of business.

Beloved LA Food Critic Jonathan Gold Dies At 57. 'He Was Los Angeles In Many Ways'

Pulitzer-Prize winning food critic Jonathan Gold, who wrote lyrically and passionately about everything from taquerias to the world's finest restaurants, has died.

Woman Killed During Standoff With Gunman At Silver Lake Trader Joe's

Authorities are warning people to stay away from a Trader Joe's store in Silver Lake where shots were reported following a police chase that ended nearby. There are reports of hostages still in the store and now reports of an officer-involved shooting near that same location.

#LABron Is Happening! Here's How LA Is Welcoming LeBron James To The Lakers

LeBron James is coming to the Lakers in a four-year $154 million deal. So are people excited? Uhmmmm...just a little bit

Find Out How Your Neighbors Voted Thanks To These Election Data Nerdery Tools

New tools let you easily explore the demographics, including age, income and country of origin, of all 53 California congressional districts, as well as recent voting history.