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Torrance Man Torches His Ex's Apartment With Toddler Son Inside [UPDATED]

A 19-year-old Torrance man is on the loose after allegedly setting his apartment building on fire—with his 2-year-old son inside—after an argument on Christmas Day.

Kanye Sued By Soul Singer For Stealing Key Sample For 'Bound 2'

A note to all aspiring artists looking to use samples in their songs: make sure the original artists of the songs you're sampling aren't willing to sue the pants off of you.

Sheriff Baca Will Hold Christmas Mass At Men's Central Jail Amid Abuse Allegations

L.A. County Sheriff Lee Baca, along with Archbishop Jose Gomez, will be holding an annual mass at Men's Central Jail on Christmas morning.

Photo: Eminem Wishes You A Merry Christmas By Humping A Reindeer

If there's anyone here who truly knows how to ring in the holiday season, it's Marshall Mathers.

Video: Man Killed In Brutal Jefferson Park Stabbing

The LAPD has released a video of a vicious stabbing in Jefferson Park that left a man dead.

Vintage Photos: A Heartwarming Look At Angelenos Helping Those In Need

Angelenos have a great reputation for helping the less fortunate on Christmas.

Vin Diesel Reveals 'Fast & Furious 7' Will Be Released In 2015

After weeks of speculation, 'Fast & Furious 7' is finally getting a release date: April 10, 2015.

Video: Tila Tequila Adopts A Weird British Accent In Her Sex Tape

Tila Tequila's sex tape, which is set to be released sometime before Christmas, apparently reveals her British alter-ego, who she calls 'Ashley.'

It's Going To Be 80 Degrees In L.A. On Christmas

This Christmas is poised to have the kind of quintessential L.A. weather that would be deemed by outsiders as cliche.

Charlie Sheen Has Some Choice Words For The 'Duck Dynasty' Guy

No response to Phil Robertson's comments can come close to what Charlie Sheen wrote on Twitter today.

Iraq War Veteran Kills Man, Rants About Obama And Hitler [UPDATED]

A Reseda man was taken into custody after shooting two people, killing one, and charging at officers while covered in blood and ranting about Barack Obama and Hitler.

UCLA Sued By Rights Group For Not Disclosing Animal Testing Information

An animal rights group is suing UCLA to force the university to divulge information regarding animal testing.

3 LAPD Officers Who Fatally Shot Car Chase Suspect Put On Leave

Three LAPD officers who fired the shots that killed Brian Beaird, the Corvette driver who led police on a chase last Friday, were temporarily put on leave while the shooting is investigated.

'Speed And Speed Alone' Killed Paul Walker, Investigator Says [UPDATED]

Speed was the only factor in the crash that killed Paul Walker, according to a law enforcement source.

Video: Man Viciously Beaten In Unprovoked Attack In Venice [UPDATE]

Horrifying video has emerged of a man being brutally beaten in Venice last Friday.

Photos: Beverly Hills Estates Decked Out For Christmas In 1938

These beautiful photos of stately Beverly Hills homes adorned with Christmas decorations offer a glimpse of how SoCal's more affluent residents celebrated the holidays.

L.A. Sheriff's Sergeants Taped Themselves Threatening FBI Agent

Two sheriff's sergeants secretly recorded themselves threatening to arrest an FBI agent outside her home, prosecutors allege.

Corvette Driver Killed By Police After Chase Was Schizophrenic, Friend Says

A friend of Brian Beaird, the driver of a silver Corvette who was killed by police after a wild pursuit, says that Beaird was suffering from schizophrenia.

Awful Wedding Photographer, Who Spied On Undressing Women, Gets Prison Time For Child Porn

A Fountain Valley man who held down a job as a wedding photographer was sentenced to 70 months in prison on two child pornography counts.

Serial Prankster Who Faked Job Offers To USC Slapped With Eavesdropping Charge

The law has caught up with a Los Angeles man who has made a career out of pranking people across the country.

Overheard In L.A.: Our Eternal Struggle With The Color White

This week's edition of Overheard in L.A. features bits of overheard conversation from Brentwood, Silverlake, West Hollywood and allllllll the way over in Pasadena.

Joan Fontaine, Iconic Actress Of Hollywood's Golden Age, Dies At 96

Actress Joan Fontaine, who was one of the legendary Hollywood stars in the "golden age" of the film industry, died today at 96.

2013 May Be The Driest Year In Downtown L.A.'s History

We all know that rainfall is fairly uncommon in Los Angeles, but new figures have suggested that this year had the least amount of rainfall in Downtown's history.

Woman Gets A Lenient Sentence Because She Bore Three Of Her Father's Children

The opposite of 'Affluenza': a woman convicted of burglary was given a lenient sentence because of the horrifying sexual abuse she suffered at the hands of her father.

Vin Scully Shares His Favorite Holiday Memory On Twitter

Dodgers broadcaster and living legend Vin Scully commandeered the Dodgers' official twitter account this morning to answer questions from fans.

Somebody Dropped Off A German World War 2 Rifle At A Gun Buyback

The LAPD's gun buyback events are always good for seeing what types of crazy weapons people drop off. This weekend's special holiday edition was not a disappointment: apparently someone dropped off an assault rifle used by the Nazis in World War 2.

Vintage Photos Of Hollywood Dressed Up For Christmas

These vintage pictures, courtesy of the Los Angeles Public Library, show us what Christmas was like for residents and visitors of Hollywood during the 1930s and 1940s

Photos: Protesters Rally Against Proposed Homeless Feeding Restrictions

Protesters gathered on Hollywood and Vine this evening to rally against a proposed ban on feeding the homeless in outdoor areas.

Photos: SantaCon 2013 Stumbles Its Way Around L.A.

If you were out and about in Los Angeles yesterday, you might have noticed something a little strange: scores of sloshed Santas stumbling around town and spreading their Christmas cheer.

Peter O'Toole Dies At 81

Peter O'Toole, the legendary actor best known for his star-making role in 'Lawrence of Arabia,' died Saturday at a hospital following a long illness. He was 81.

South L.A. Residents Want To Shut Down Battery Plant Over Health Concerns

Residents and local activists attending a forum at Cal State Los Angeles yesterday urged the complete shutdown of a Vernon battery recycling plant over health concerns.

Video: Foo Fighters Rock Out At A SoCal Pizzeria

An amazing video has surfaced of Foo Fighters, one of the biggest bands in rock music today, performing at a pizza parlor like they're just starting out.

Today In Irony: Security Guard Arrested For Stealing Lakers Championship Rings

A security guard hired to protect valuables at the Lakers practice facility in El Segundo was arrested Tuesday for stealing two championship rings.

Five People Die In Two Separate Police Pursuits [UPDATES]

Last night, two separate pursuits had deadly conclusions that resulted in five deaths.

$75,000 Reward Offered For Info In Reality T.V. Director's Murder

Detectives are offering a $75,000 reward for information leading to the prosecution of James Marcus Howe's killers.

Los Angeles May Relax Flat-Topped Skyscraper Policy [UPDATE]

The skyline of Los Angeles may get a little more interesting, if Jose Huizar has his way.

Cinefamily's Fantastic Elastic Telethon Will Feature Jena Malone, Anjelica Huston, Tim And Eric

The Cinefamily, the ever-important arthouse film collective, is having its annual Fantastic Elastic 24 Hour Holiday Telethon this weekend, featuring an incredible lineup that will include Anjelica Huston, Jena Malone, Father John Misty, Tim and Eric, Miranda July, Mike Judge and much more.

Get Ready For Another Daily Newspaper, Los Angeles

In an age where traditional newspapers are constantly announcing their imminent demise, laying off employees and cutting back on circulation, at least one local paper is looking to expand.

Striking Social Workers Cut A Deal With The County

Striking county social workers are claiming victory today after a tentative deal was reached with L.A. County to increase new hires and decrease work loads.

Comedian Bakes iPhone Cookies To Trick The Cops [UPDATE]

A Los Angeles comedian has thought of one of the most incredible ideas ever: baking cookies that look like iPhones and trolling cops into pulling him over.

Videos: Seven Striking Social Workers Arrested During Protest

Seven social workers were arrested today after sitting down on a downtown corner during a planned protest.

Man Burns To Death While Trying To Steal Gas

A South Los Angeles man apparently burned to death inside of his van while trying to illegally siphon gas from a service station.

Sierra Madre's Tap Water Is A Disgusting Shade Of Yellow

The color of the tap water in Sierra Madre has been off-puttingly yellow in recent months, and residents are sick of it.

Video: Tom Hanks And Wiz Khalifa Make One Woman's Christmas Unforgettable

So when he appeared on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live' to promote his newest film, 'Saving Mr. Banks,' he decided to ring in the holiday season the best way he knows how: by making a Christmas card with Wiz Khalifa and one lucky audience member.

Man Murders Wife, Sister In Apparent Mercy Killing

In a heartbreaking incident that ABC 7 is calling a mercy killing, a 60-year-old man allegedly shot and killed his wife, who was suffering from dementia, then drove to a North Hills nursing home and killed his comatose sister.

Srirachapocalypse, Now: California Stops Shipments Of Hot Sauce [UPDATE]

The great Srirachapocalypse of 2013 continues to get worse: now, the California Department of Public Health has issued a 35-day freeze on shipping out the popular hot sauce.

The Most Shocking Allegations To Come Out Of The FBI Crackdown On L.A. Sheriff's Department

The FBI announced this afternoon that it was going after eighteen current and former officials of the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department.

Barkowski Is The Charles Bukowski-Themed Bar Nobody Needs

A Charles Bukowski-themed bar, appropriately named Barkowski, is set to open this Friday in the obviously dark and dingy streets of Santa Monica.

Advocates Will Protest Ban On Feeding Homeless In Public

A mass feeding of the homeless is planned for this Saturday in Hollywood to protest a motion filed by two city councilmen that would ban the practice in public spaces.

Photos, Videos: Thousands Of Fans Gather To Remember Paul Walker

Thousands of fans traveled up to Santa Clarita today for a memorial and car show to remember Paul Walker, the 'Fast and Furious' actor who was killed last week in a car accident.

Dozens of L.A. Sheriff's Officials Expected To Be Arrested After Hiding FBI Informant [UPDATED]

Three Los Angeles County Sheriff's officials were arrested today on obstruction of justice charges after hiding an informant from the FBI, and at least a dozen more arrests are to come. The arrests come after at two-year investigation by the FBI regarding the treatment of the informant.

Heads Up, Santa Clarita: Thousands Expected Today For Paul Walker Memorial

A week after the tragic death of actor Paul Walker in a fiery car wreck, thousands of car enthusiasts will convene in Santa Clarita today at noon for a 'memorial meet.'

Five Teenage Girls Injured After Car Careens Off Road

A car full of teenage girls wiped out, careened down an embankment and crashed into some trees last night in Rancho Santa Margarita, possibly due to the slick roads brought on by yesterday's rain.

Photos: It Snowed Once Or Twice In Los Angeles

These vintage photos, courtesy of the L.A. Public Library, offer a glimpse of how early Angelenos reacted to two snowfalls, one in January of 1932 and another in January of 1949.

The Lohans And The Hiltons Are Fighting Again

A war has erupted between the Clan Hilton and the Clan Lohan.

Grammy Nominations: Notes, Snubs And Surprises

The nominations for the 56th Grammy Awards were announced at the Nokia Theater last night, providing fans with a glimpse of just who may run away with that golden gramophone this coming January.

Oh No, Rebecca Black Released A Sequel To 'Friday'

Rebecca Black, the tone-deaf teen who shot to fame with her devastating viral hit "Friday," released her sequel to the much-maligned song today, just in time for the anniversary of Pearl Harbor.

Speeding BMW Crashes Into Light Pole, Killing Four

Four people were killed when a BMW careened down a street and crashed into a light pole and palm tree in San Clemente last night, and authorities are saying that alcohol is a factor in the wreck.

Drinking Water At LAX Has 'High Levels Of Bacteria, Particles Of Copper, Rust'

A report out yesterday by the Los Angeles Times unveiled a startling story that highlighted the abysmal conditions of drinking water in the Tom Bradley International Terminal at LAX.

1,464 Unclaimed, Cremated Bodies Buried In Mass Grave

Thousands of remains that were at both the L.A. County Coroner's Office and the county morgue for up to a year were buried in a mass grave today during an annual event that highlights the depressingly high number of bodies that lay unclaimed each year.

Autopsy Reveals Details About How Paul Walker Died

The official autopsy released by the Los Angeles County Coroner's Office today shows that Paul Walker died from both the crash's impact and the subsequent fire.

Los Angeles Wants To Treat E-Cigs Like Regular Cigarettes

In an effort to regulate the burgeoning e-cigarette market, the Los Angeles City Council voted 15-0 today on two separate ordinances: one bans the sale of e-cigs to minors and another treats e-cigs in the same vein as traditional cigarettes

Thousand-Dollar 'TipsForJesus' Tipper Reportedly A Former PayPal Exec (And Not A Jesus Freak)

The identity of the mysterious thousand-dollar tipper behind the @tipsforjesus Instagram account may have been revealed.

Sriracha Factory Protests Shutdown With Snarky Banner

The war between Huy Fong Foods, makers of the uber-popular Sriracha Chili Sauce, and the city of Irwindale, heated up yesterday when the sauce makers erected a banner in front of their factory that reads "No tear gas made here."

Video: Vin Diesel Gives Emotional Speech At Candlelight Vigil For Paul Walker

Vin Diesel made an appearance at Paul Walker's makeshift memorial at the scene of his fatal accident to deliver a heartfelt message to fans who had gathered to mourn the late actor.

Five Students Sent To The Hospital After Science Project Explodes

A school science project apparently exploded at a Watts charter high school this morning, sending five students to the hospital.

L.A. Has Finally Legalized Murals On Homes (In Some Neighborhoods) [UPDATE]

A plan allowing murals to be placed on homes in Northeast L.A., Boyle Heights and South L.A. received a 14-1 vote by the City Council today, a hair's breadth away from approval.

RZA Creates Touching Tribute To Paul Walker

Only two days after the tragic death of Paul Walker, Wu-Tang Clan member RZA has already released a song honoring the late 'Fast and Furious' actor.

The Nikki Finke/Jay Penske Drama Gets The Blockbuster Trailer It Deserves

Funny or Die has brilliantly crafted the Deadline drama between Nikki Finke and Jay Penske like a blockbuster thriller.

Mystery Diner On Instagram Leaves Thousands Of Dollars In Tips

In an incredible case of generosity, someone behind an Instagram account has apparently been traveling across the country and leaving massive tips on restaurant checks, including a few here in L.A.

Roseanne Lashes Out On Hollywood During 'Drunk Tweeting' Session

Comedian Roseanne Barr took to Twitter last night and launched into a tirade of tweets aimed at television producers who apparently have been giving her the go-around for more than a year as she attempted to develop a show.

Hollywood Christmas Parade: Streets You Should Avoid

Get ready for the traffic headache, Hollywood: the annual Hollywood Christmas Parade will begin at 6:30 this evening. The city has a list of freeways and streets that will be closed during the festivities.

[UPDATED] Paul Walker's Scenes In 'Fast And Furious 7' Were Scheduled To Film This Tuesday

Important scenes in the upcoming "Fast and Furious" film that involved Paul Walker were scheduled to shoot in Atlanta this coming Tuesday, TMZ has learned

Report: Sheriff's Department Hired Criminals

A Los Angeles Times investigation into the L.A. County Sheriff's Department, specifically the hiring of employees in 2010, reveal that over 280 applicants who were hired by the department had questionable histories and allegations of misconduct at other departments.

Burning Death Of Man Chained To A Fence May Have Been Suicide

The death of a possible transient whose badly burned body was found chained to a fence might have been a suicide, according to authorities.

Armed Man Commits Suicide After Barricading Himself In Cell Phone Store

A man who previously robbed a La Crescenta Rite-Aid committed suicide after barricading himself in an adjacent cell phone store, the L.A. Times reports.

Nigella Lawson's Ex-Husband Has 'Never, Never Seen Any Evidence' Of Drug Use

The ugly allegations of rampant drug use against celebrity chef Nigella Lawson have taken another interesting turn: now her ex-husband is denying any evidence of Lawson's drug habit.

Authors Volunteering At Local Bookstores During First Annual 'Indies First Day'

As this year's Black Friday melee becomes more distant in our rear-view mirror, local independent bookstores are in the middle of the first annual "Indies First Day," in which authors across the country volunteer as temporary employees at bookstores across the country.

Good Samaritan Drowns Trying To Save Cabrillo Beach Fishermen

A 36-year-old good Samaritan died this morning after diving in to save two fishermen who were swept away by breakwater on the Cabrillo Beach jetty in San Pedro.

Jailed Man Accused Of Going On Homeless 'Serial Thrill Kill' Dies After Ingesting Cleaner [UPDATED]

Itzcoatl Ocampo, A former marine who was awaiting trial in the deaths of six people, including four homeless men, died Thursday after coming down with an undetermined illness.

Weekend Planner: 7 Events For Your Post-Thanksgiving Recovery

Don't let the debilitating food coma from all that Turkey consumption stop you from enjoying these awesome events happening across the city this weekend.

Photos: How Los Angeles Celebrated Thanksgiving In The 1950s (Yes, There Are Bikinis Involved)

From feeding the homeless and serving the needy to posing in a bikini with an about-to-be condemned turkey, the citizens of Los Angeles have always known how to to celebrate Turkey Day.

Gimmicky Artist Who Says He Invented 'Cosmic Extensionalism' Accused Of Rape

Jack Armstrong, a self-proclaimed 'cosmic artist' who has priced pieces of his art into the millions, was arrested Friday on suspicion of raping a woman while she was unconscious.

Cheesy Marriage Proposal Fills The Skies Of West L.A.

West L.A. got a little sweeter for a few minutes today as a marriage proposal filled the midday skies.

Prominent Black Judge Says He Was Roughed Up By UCLA Police

A Los Angeles superior court judge, who just happens to be black, has filed a complaint against the UCLA Police Department for excessive force after he was roughed up during a routine traffic stop.

Drunk Passenger Causes Tragic Crash When He Grabs The Wheel, Steers Into Tree

A 7-year-old child and a drunk passenger were killed last night when the passenger grabbed the wheel of their SUV, causing it to wipe out and crash into a tree.

Brave Souls Already Camping Out For Black Friday On Monday

Proving that it's never too early to miss out on a cheap laptop, shoppers are already lining up at a Best Buy in Burbank to be the first to snag a sweet deal.

Family Fight Over Alcohol Leads To Shooting

Proving once again that booze has the power to ruin the closest relationships, an apparent fight over alcohol between family members in Palmdale has led to one man being shot in the head and another man in custody.

Medical Marijuana Dispensaries May Be Coming To Santa Monica

Get ready, Santa Monica: a proposed bill may open the door for two medical marijuana dispensaries to open in the city sometime next year.

Two Men Steal Beer, Scale Down Side Of Hotel To Avoid Cops

Two beer thieves in Santa Ana channeled their inner daredevils last night when, in an apparent attempt to outwit and outrun the cops, they scaled down the side of a ten-story hotel.

Man Set To Testify In Celebrity Burglary Case Found, Claims He Was Kidnapped

The strange saga of Darwin Vela, who was found on the Westside after disappearing while walking his dog four days ago, is raising more questions than answers as Vela now claims he was kidnapped.

Another Trendy DTLA Hotel Opening In January

Hipsters rejoice! Furthering the hip revitalization of Downtown Los Angeles, the Ace Hotel is set to open its newest location in the old United Artists building in January.

Wanda Coleman, Legendary L.A. Poet, Dies At 67

Wanda Coleman, known as the unofficial poet laureate of Los Angeles, passed away after a long illness yesterday. She was 67.

Man Posing As Rep For Nick Cannon Steals Jewelry From Fred Segal

In one of the weirdest (and, admittedly, a little ingenious) jewelry heists to come out in recent memory, a man claiming to be a representative of entertainment everyman Nick Cannon managed to steal thousands of dollars worth of jewelry from a representative at Fred Segal.

Protesters Line Up Along Abbot Kinney During GQ Event

Protesters congregated in front of the Brig on Abbot Kinney Boulevard in Venice today to rally against the creeping gentrification of the neighborhood.

Studio City Woman Offers $5000 Reward For Stolen Dog

A Studio City resident returned home to something she described as "unfathomable:" her beloved Maltese dog, Jack, was missing.

Police Fatally Shoot Gun-Wielding Man In Bel Air

An officer-involved shooting in Bel Air has left one man dead and investigators trying to piece together what exactly happened.

Photo: Hollywood Cougar Ready For Her Close-Up

This breathtaking image comes to us from National Geographic's Steve Winter, who has been tracking the feral feline, named P-22, for a year.

Gang Shooting Interrupts 'House Of Lies' Shooting

A gang shooting apparently broke out on Friday while the cast and crew of 'House of Lies' were in the middle of filming.

San Pedro Man Catches Neighbor Having Sex With His Dog

A San Pedro man who put up surveillance cameras to catch burglars stumbled upon something infinitely more awful: a neighbor had been breaking into the man's backyard to have sex with his dog.

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