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Was Fracking To Blame For Monday's Shamrock Shake?

An earthquake isn't anything new in the Southland, but yesterday's 4.4 shaker has some environmentalists and local politicians wondering whether fracking might have played a role.

Robot Journalist Broke The Earthquake Story Before Everyone Else

An algorithm created by a Los Angeles Times journalist may be the most interesting thing about yesterday's Shamrock Shake.

Josephine Serrano Collier, First Latina LAPD Officer, Dies At 91

Josephine Serrano Collier, who became the first Latina LAPD officer when she joined the force more than 60 years ago, has died at the age of 91.

Man Survives For 36 Hours In Truck That Rolled Down 250 Foot Cliff

39-year-old Alvaro Avila was stranded for 36 hours in a truck that rolled down a cliff.

Dorian Satoshi Nakamoto Lawyers Up, 'Unconditionally' Denies Creating Bitcoin

Dorian Satoshi Nakamoto, the Temple City man who became the center of a media firestorm after being unveiled as the supposed father of Bitcoin in a Newsweek story, has officially denied his involvement in creating the digital currency.

Spike Lee Rubs Phil Jackson's New Knicks Job In Our Faces

As many Lakers fans lament the departure of Phil Jackson to New York to run the Knicks, Spike Lee wants to make sure that things are looking up in Gotham now that the Zen Master is in charge.

Video: Kid From 'Two And A Half Men' Resurfaces As A Preacher With A Gross Beard

Angus T. Jones, the kid from 'Two and a Half Men,' is back and more bearded than ever.

Larry King Talks About The Dodgers And His New Sports Program

Larry King, reigning monarch of the interview, will be making his debut in the sports world next week.

Celebrity Beautician Accused Of Hiring Hitman After Being Cyber-Stalked

A skin care expert with a client list full of celebrities such as Nicki Minaj and Alicia Silverstone has been arrested after attempting to hire a hitman to kill a guy she thought was cyber-stalking her.

Man Shot To Death On 210 Freeway Was Road Rage Victim, Police Say

A man was found dead in his car along the 210 freeway near Sylmar late last night and cops are saying that road rage may have been a factor.

Pinkberry Co-Founder Gets 7 Years In Prison For Beating Homeless Man With Tire Iron

A judge sentenced Pinkberry co-founder Young Lee to seven years behind bars for beating up a homeless man with a tire iron.

Video: Adorable Baby Gorilla Born At San Diego Safari Park After Difficult Birth

The cutest baby gorilla in the world was born in an emergency c-section the other day at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park.

It's Not Anti-Gay To Arrest A Man For Wearing A Leather Loincloth, Judge Rules

San Diego cops who arrested a man for wearing a leather loincloth were not anti-gay, according to a federal judge who tossed the man's civil rights lawsuit.

New App Will School You On L.A.'s History While You Hike Around The City

The geniuses at UCLA have teamed up with the Los Angeles State Historic Park to develop a wonderful new app that strikes a perfect partnership between exercise and history.

Cop Accused Of Sexually Assaulting Woman During Routine Traffic Stop

A former Irwindale police officer was arrested Monday on suspicion of kidnapping and sexually assaulting a female driver during a seemingly routine traffic stop.

Hal Douglas, The Gravelly Voice In Countless Movie Trailers, Dies At 89

Hal Douglas, whose epic voice was lent to thousands of trailers over the years, has died at the age of 89.

It Is Going To Be So Wonderfully Warm This Weekend

Bust out the beach towels and sunblock, Los Angeles: a near record heatwave is on our way for the weekend, with temperatures expected to skyrocket to 15-20 degrees above normal.

Dude On Twitter Arrested After Offering To Shoot People For 100 Retweets

The LAPD arrested a man yesterday after he posted a picture of himself aiming a gun with the caption '100 RT's and I shoot someone walking.'

California DMV May Be First To Set Standards For Self-Driving Cars Of The Future

The DMV conducted its first public hearing on what to do with self-driving cars.

Feds Raid Four Dispensaries, Two Beverly Hills Homes In Case Against Pot Shop Owner

Four pot dispensaries owned by the same man, along with two Beverly Hills homes, were raided by the feds yesterday.

Photos: The Dunphys' House From 'Modern Family' Can Be Yours For $2.35 Million

If you've ever wanted to live in a house that was made famous by one of the most successful sitcoms of the decade, plus you have a couple million dollars lying around, have we got the opportunity for you.

Video: Jimmy Kimmel And Seth Rogen Get Bromantic In 'True Detective 2' Spoof

As all the theories and opinions on the crazy season finale of "True Detective" have started to simmer down, Jimmy Kimmel has provided us with a "sneak preview" of the second season of the popular HBO show.

Toxic Lead From Battery Plant Contaminates Soil In Nearby Homes

The Exide battery recycling plant is still contaminating everything around it.

It's Actually Illegal To Play Ball On The Sidewalks And Streets Of L.A.

How's this for a ridiculous law: the city of Los Angeles actually prohibits playing ball in the streets.

Video: Justin Bieber Acts Like A Total Jerk During Deposition

Justin Bieber sat through a deposition last week in Miami, and man was it a doozy.

Man Arrested On Suspicion Of Leaving Boyfriend's Severed Head Near Hollywood Sign

Nearly two years after Hervey Medellin's severed head was found by dog walkers near the Hollywood sign, his former boyfriend has been arrested in connection with his murder.

Stanley Kubrick's Daughter Shares Cool Photos Of Herself Working On Dad's Old Sets

Vivian Kubrick, the reclusive daughter of film legend Stanley Kubrick, shared a treasure trove of priceless pictures of her while she hung around the sets of her father's most famous films.

Cook At Henry's Tacos Loses Family In Suspicious House Fire

There has been a sad development in the South L.A. fire that claimed the life of a mother and two-year-old child. The victims in the fire were the wife and son of Oscar Reyes, the longtime and beloved cook of Henry's Tacos in Studio City.

Video: 'Jurassic Park' Velociraptors Replaced With Cats

It seems like anything can become cute if cats are involved, even the horrifyingly tense kitchen scene from Jurassic Park.

Two SoCal Universities Rank Among The Best In The World

The yearly report from the London Times Higher Education's World Reputation Rankings is out, and two Los Angeles-area universities made the top 10—CalTech at number 9 and UCLA at number 10.

Officer Who Shot Unarmed Man Did Not Use Excessive Force, Jury Says

A federal grand jury ruled that a cop who gunned down an unarmed Anaheim man did not use excessive force, rejecting a $5 million wrongful death claim by the man's family.

'Judgmental' Map Labels Every Part Of Los Angeles Area

Well, here it is: another map that dishes out labels to all parts of Los Angeles.

LAPD Officer Killed After Patrol Car Collides With Dump Truck

An LAPD officer was killed and another seriously wounded when their police car crashed into a dump truck in Beverly Hills this morning.

Blind Man Miraculously Survives After Metro Red Line Train Runs Him Over

In a scene right out of many subway commuters' worst nightmare, a blind man was run over by a Red Line train after he fell onto the tracks. Miraculously, he survived largely unharmed.

Three Latino Police Officers Awarded $3.5 Million Over Racial Discrimination

Three police officers were awards $3.5 million after alleging that they were passed over for promotions and called derogatory names because they were Latino.

LAPD Steps Up Traffic Enforcement For 2014

Take note, Angelenos: the LAPD is putting a greater emphasis on traffic this year.

Los Angeles Puts The Brakes On Marathon Crash Race

The Marathon Crash Race, a pre-dawn bike event that takes place on roads already closed for the L.A. Marathon, has been abruptly shut down after the city threatened its organizers with legal action.

Streets To Avoid For Sunday's LA Marathon

The LA Marathon is happening this weekend, and with it comes temporary street closures stretching from Dodger Stadium to Santa Monica.

Health Experts Don't Buy Into L.A.'s E-Cigarette Ban

There have been impassioned pleas from city officials about how vapes can be nearly as harmful as regular cigarettes. But some health experts think L.A.'s brand new regulations are bunk.

Two Academy Members Didn't See '12 Years A Slave' Before Awarding It The Best Picture Oscar

Two Academy members revealed to the L.A. Times that they didn't even see the film, claiming that it would be an uncomfortable film for them to watch.

Rob Ford, Toronto's Crack-Smoking Mayor, Hangs Out At L.A. City Hall For Some Reason

Crack-smoking Toronto mayor and political punchline Rob Ford isn't finished with his Los Angeles experience. Today, he paid a fun little visit to City Hall.

Streets You Should Avoid When Israel's Prime Minister Comes To Town Today

Another foreign dignitary—this time it's Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu—is coming to the Westside, which means there will be another round of street and freeway closures in the mix today.

Rescue Group Gives Family's Runaway Pup To Another Family After Declaring Owners Unfit [Update]

In one of the saddest stories you'll read today, a family is heartbroken after their lost dog was adopted out by a rescue group because they were deemed unfit to keep the pup.

Elisa Lam's Mysterious Death At The Cecil Hotel Gets Horror Movie Treatment

A script for a horror film based around Lam's mysterious demise was just picked up by Sony Pictures.

The Academy Confuses Penelope Cruz For Salma Hayek

Looks like the Academy will have some explaining to do.

Body Found In L.A. River Underneath Spring Street Bridge

An unidentified body was found in the L.A. River early this morning in Lincoln Heights.

Disney Cuts Off Boy Scout Funding Over Gay Troop Leader Ban

Looks like the Boy Scouts' awful ban on gay scout leaders has cost them the support of another big-pocketed backer.

Missing Student Who Turned Her Phone Off Just 'Wanted Some Alone Time'

Adiline Munguia disappeared for a few days because 'she wanted some alone time.'

Pop Singer Nicole Atkins Talks About Her New Album And Writing Music In A Porn Studio

Pop singer Nicole Atkins talked to us about starting a record label, discovering Peter Gabriel while living above a porn studio and how Hurricane Sandy shaped her music.

Rushing Rainwater Sweeps Homeless Man Down Canal For 30 Minutes

A man inadvertently went on a dangerous journey today when he was swept down a canal full of rainwater for close to a half hour.

You Can Now Look At Your Cell Phone Map While Driving, Court Says

It's now perfectly legal to use your cell phone map while driving, thanks to an appeals court ruling handed down today.

Badass Cook Chases Kidnapper Two Blocks To Rescue 4-Year-Old

A cook at a restaurant in Westchester heroically rescued a four-year-old boy after chasing down a man who kidnapped him.

Dude Sues McDonalds For $1.5 Million Because He Only Got One Napkin

It's the fast food lawsuit to end all fast food lawsuits.

Black UCLA Law Student Gets Racist Note After Criticizing University's Diversity Problem

Racially-charged acts against black law students at UCLA, including an ugly note put in a student's locker, are on the rise after a video was posted criticizing a lack of diversity.

Local Entrepurrneur Wants To Open L.A.'s First Cat Cafe

Catfe, a cat-themed cafe full of the fuzziest felines ever, might soon be coming to Los Angeles.

Local Heroes Are Taking L.A. To Court Over Excessive Parking Ticket Fines

The parking fines in this city have become thorns in the sides of many Angelenos. Now two men are bravely taking the city to court, calling those fines unconstitutional.

Photos: Look At These Adorable Mountain Lion Cubs Viciously Devour A Deer

These cute (but not for the squeamish!) photos of a mule deer being torn apart and devoured by mountain lion cubs come to us from the Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area.

Jim McDonnell Wants To Bring A 'Fresh Set Of Eyes' To The Sheriff's Department

The current Long Beach Police Chief and former LAPD Assistant Chief has never held a position within the sheriff's department, but he feels he has what it takes to be sheriff.

Body Found In The Trunk Of Burning Luxury Car

The body of a man was found in the trunk of a burning luxury sedan late yesterday night in an Arleta alleyway, and cops believe that the death may be gang-related.

Tow Truck Employee Sexually Assaults College Student Whose Car Broke Down

A towing employee is being sought by police after he allegedly sexually assaulted a woman in a Pierce College parking lot while helping her with her car battery.

Celebrity Tabloids (Mostly) Agree To Kristen Bell's Boycott Of Paparazzi Baby Pics

Dax Shepard and Kristen Bell's boycott of entertainment outlets that publish celebrity baby pictures just got two more high-profile supporters: People and Just Jared.

Get Ready For WiFi And Cell Phone Service On Metro Trains

Looks like we may finally be able to experience the beautiful luxury of using our phones on all parts of the Metro.

Pot Shop Goes Up In Smoke After Someone Hurls Molotov Cocktail

Part of a South L.A. medical marijuana dispensary went up in flames early this morning after someone chucked a Molotov cocktail into the building.

North Hollywood Landord Will Evict You If You DON'T Have A Pet

A kindly old landlord in North Hollywood has put an interesting spin on a common and annoying rental problem: if you don't have a pet, she won't let you rent in her building.

LAX Employee Killed After Being Run Over By Own Luggage Cart

An employee at LAX was killed this morning when he was run over by the luggage cart he was driving.

Andre Ethier Nearly Took Out Dodger Legend Sandy Koufax With Foul Ball

Dodger legend Sandy Koufax was nearly wiped out today by a foul ball from Andre Ethier.

Senator Caught Taking Bribes From FBI-Run Film Studio Faces 400 Years In Prison

The hammer of the law is finally coming down on State Senator Ron Calderon.

Dude Pissed About His 'Wolf Of Wall Street' Portrayal Wants Film Pulled From Theaters

The real-life version of Nicky 'Rugrat' Koskoff in 'The Wolf of Wall Street' is livid over his less-than-stellar portrayal and wants the film yanked from theaters.

Child In Car Seat Barely Escapes Injury In Drive-By Shooting

A child strapped to a car seat narrowly escaped injury in a Mid-City drive-by last night.

Metro Scores $669 Million To Finally Connect All Downtown Trains

Metro is now one crucial step closer to making a downtown rail map that actually makes sense.

Bahooka's Beloved Rufus Stays At New Restaurant, Supporter Says Plan Is Fishy

The drama over where Bahooka's famous pacu fish Rufus might end up has taken an unexpected turn: now the new owners have changed their mind and want to keep him.

Group Home Owners Accused Of Forcing Residents To Sleep Outside, Write Bible Verses

A group home in the Adams district has been described as a house of horrors by city officials. The owners are accused of keeping residents in horrid conditions, as well as punishing them for not attending church.

Average Sex Stamina For Californians Is Less Than Three Minutes, According To This Weird App

California is near the middle of the list when it comes to sex duration, according to a new map put out by Nerve.

Video: Look At This Crazy Robot Parking Garage Coming To WeHo

Good news for people who want robots to park their cars: West Hollywood is going ahead with building a futuristic parking garage that lets the machines take care of everything.

Photos: Talking About Trans Issues With Porn Stars At The Tranny Awards (NSFW)

Tucked away in a small theater deep within Glendale are the Tranny Awards, the premier event for transwomen, transmen, and their admirers in the porn industry.

Bob Casale, Founding Member Of Devo, Dies At 61

Bob Casale, one of the original founding members of classic alt-rockers Devo, passed away unexpectedly yesterday at the age of 61.

Surprise! Our Stretch Of The 5 Is The Most Congested In California

A new report from Caltrans says that the worst freeway for congestion in the entire state is the stretch of the 5 that passes through L.A. County.

Video: Ellen Page Comes Out As Gay, Says She's 'Tired Of Hiding'

Ellen Page came out of the closet today during a heartfelt speech at a Human Rights Campaign conference in Las Vegas.

The Case Against The Women Accused Of Killing Kim Pham

This past week has given way to a number of interesting developments in the case against two women accused of beating Annie Hung "Kim" Pham to death outside of a Santa Ana nightclub

Woman Offering 'Vampire Facelifts' Arrested After Customer Dies

A massage therapist who ran an unlicensed and creepy 'vampire facelift' operation in the back of a Long Beach salon was arrested yesterday after a customer's mysterious death.

Former NFL Player Drugged & Raped Women He Met At WeHo Club On Two Occasions, DA Says

Former NFL player Darren Sharper has been charged with drugging and raping two women in two separate incidents involving the same West Hollywood club.

Runaway Camel Bites Man, Terrorizes Cars

In today's edition of 'What's happening in the Antelope Valley,' a camel broke free from an animal sanctuary, biting a man and attacking cars before being taken in by sheriff's deputies.

Shepard Fairey and RISK Create First Legal Murals In A Decade

Take a big look, everyone: these are the first legal murals in the city of Los Angeles in a decade, and they were created by street art juggernauts Shepard Fairey and RISK.

City Owes $26 Million To Trash Workers Banned From Lunchtime Naps

The city's decision to ban trash truck drivers from taking naps has come back to bite them.

Porn Actress Sues BangBros Over Syphilis Exposure On Set

Porn production company BangBros is getting sued by a performer who was unknowingly subjected to the disease during a scene with Mr. Marcus.

Creator Of Salvation Mountain, An Epic Desert Monument, Dies at 82

Leonard Knight, the creator of Salvation Mountain, one of the most oddly beautiful landmarks in California, died yesterday at the age of 82.

Video: Billy Ray Cyrus' Achingly Bad Hip-Hop Sequel To 'Achy Breaky Heart'

A hip-hop sequel to Billy Ray Cyrus' 1992 hit "Achy Breaky Heart" was just released and it can only be described as hilariously terrible.

Sid Caesar, Legend Of Television Comedy, Dies At 91

Legendary comedian Sid Caesar, who delighted early television audiences in the 1950s with his Saturday night variety shows, has died at the age of 91.

Over A Third Of High-Rise Apartments In L.A. Don't Have Fire Sprinklers

60 high rise condos and apartments in Los Angeles, or 35 percent of all high-rise residences in the city, don't have fire sprinklers installed.

Racist, Sexist Flier Calling Asian Women 'C*nts' Ignites Outrage At UCLA, USC

A horribly racist flier denouncing Asian women as 'c*nts' and "only dating honkie white boy" has sparked outrage at UCLA and USC.

Video From 1937 Shows Shirley Temple Inaugurating L.A. Street Car Line

In remembrance of Shirley Temple, who passed away late yesterday evening, we've found an adorable video of the former child star/U.S. Ambassador in the prime of her Hollywood days.

Here Are Some Artists Shia LaBeouf Copied For His #IAMSORRY Project

At this very moment Shia LaBeouf is in a gallery at 7354 Beverly Boulevard in a tux with a paper bag over his head.

Video: Samuel L. Jackson Goes Off On KTLA Reporter After Being Mistaken For Laurence Fishburne

Well, this is probably the most uncomfortable thing to ever come out of the KTLA Morning News.

Inside Dumb Starbucks: Neighbors, Barflies And Patrons Discuss Their Theories

Ever since the mysterious Dumb Starbucks opened up in a tiny strip mall in Los Feliz, we've all been wondering who or what is behind the store.

California Wants To Put A 'Kill Switch' In Cell Phones

Every cell phone and tablet in California will be required to have an anti-theft 'kill switch' feature, if a state senator has his way.

Clint Eastwood Saves Buddy From Choking, Like A Boss

Clint Eastwood: Actor, director, life saver.

ACLU Says Cross In L.A. County Seal Favors Christianity

The fracas over a tiny cross placed inside the official seal of L.A. County is getting ugly. Now, the ACLU has filed a lawsuit against the county, saying that the cross favors Christianity over other religions.

Breathtaking Vintage Photos Of The United Artists Theater Before It Became The Ace Hotel

One of the most ornate and beautiful structures in downtown is the old United Artists theater.

PETA Passes Out Pamphlets To Children Containing Graphic Cow Mutilation

Parents at an elementary school in Woodlands Hills are livid after PETA was caught passing out pamphlets to children that contained graphic images of animal abuse at farms.

Here's Where You're Running, Los Angeles just debuted a fun map that tracks where Angelenos are running throughout the city.

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