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Downtown L.A. Is Officially A Boomtown (Again)

The dream of the 1890s is alive in 'DTLA.'

Man Shot By Cops After Brandishing Gun

It happened at around 9:45 p.m. in Commerce.

Sport Chalet To Abruptly Close All Stores 😞

This spells the end of a 50-plus years in Southern California.

Here's How Much Houses Are Selling For In L.A. These Days

Silver Lake joins the $1 million plus club.

Koreatown Residents Concerned About Hordes Of New Development

L.A.'s most dense neighborhood is growing denser.

Here's Why It Costs So Much To Live In California

No, you can't only blame transplants.

5 Myths About Los Angeles' Metro System

It turns out there's a gap between what some Angelenos think L.A.'s transit system does, and what it actually does. Here are some of the biggest myths, debunked.

Beverly Hills Proposes Robot Cars As Public Transportation

Imagine not owning a car, and calling the robo-Uber to take you to work.

Downtown L.A. Is Going To Get Two Fully Protected Bike Lanes 🚴🚴🚴

The lanes will be separated from traffic by a line of parked cars.

Mother, Daughter And Dog Struck And Killed In Crosswalk By SUV

While the younger woman and dog died at the scene, the mother died while being transported to a hospital.

Metro's New Gold Line Extension Is Bringing Thousands Of New Riders To Public Transit

The Gold Line Extension might reach its predicted annual ridership number in just two months.

Unionized Hotel Workers Make Less Than Non-Union Workers Because of "Labor Loophole"

All across California, unionized labor is exempt from higher minimum wages.

Elevated Blood Lead Levels Found In Children Who Live Near Shuttered Exide Battery Plant

Children living close to the plant were found to have lead in their blood nearly twice the rate of those who did not.

Metro To Boycott North Carolina Because The State Hates LGBT People

About 20 employees who would have visited Charlotte will no longer.

Here Are The Street Closures For Thursday And Friday's Obamajam

Live in Brentwood, Westwood or Bel Air? That's a bummer. (Not really, though)

Four Social Workers Charged With Child Abuse In Torture Death Of 8-Year-Old

Gabriel Fernandez was found with a cracked skull, fractured ribs, and with two missing teeth.

Almost A Third Of Angelenos Are Worried About Becoming Homeless Or Going Hungry

A stunning 31 percent of Angelenos surveyed said had worried about losing their home in the last few years.

Photos: When Los Angeles Had A Train To The Snowy Mountain Tops

Once upon a time, you could ride on the Pacific Electric Railway's Alpine Division.

Unarmed Man Disfigured By LAPD Shooting In Los Feliz Speaks Out In Video

"This complaint gives me a voice for the people who are weak," Walter DeLeon says. "There are hundreds who did not make it, who are no longer living. So I'm here for that purpose, to be heard and to bring change to the law enforcement departments as to how they go about enforcing the law."

Cyclist Struck And Killed By Truck In Studio City

The collision occurred very close to the intersection of Laurel Canyon and Ventura Boulevards.

L.A. Father Accused Of Murdering Son Because He Was Gay

The man's wife was also found dead at the scene.

Rent Control Evictions Are Skyrocketing Across City

Most are happening on the Westside.

Family Of Woman Who Died In Custody Says LAPD Is Lying To Them

Officially, 36-year-old Wakiesha Wilson died after hanging herself in her jail cell.

San Diego Uber Driver Charged With Raping An Intoxicated Woman

A spokesperson for Uber said the driver had passed the company's background check.

Airbnb Scams L.A. Out Of $41 Million Each Year, Study Says

There are also 42 percent more Airbnb units now than last year.

California To Raise Minimum Wage To $15

California will be the first state to raise the wage higher than $10

Notorious Palos Verdes Surfer Gang Gets Sued, Accused Of Sexual Harassment

The city of Palos Verdes Estates is also being sued for not doing anything about the Lunada Bay Boys.

Roscoe's House Of Chicken And Waffles Files For Bankruptcy

The largest debt is owed to a former employee who sued over racial discrimination.

CEO Of Company Responsible For Porter Ranch Gas Leak To Get $3 Million Bonus

Sempra Energy's president, executive vice president, chief financial officer, and general counsel are all also getting bonuses, amounting to about $3.9 million combined. 😠

Taco Stand Shooting Leaves One Dead

A stand employee shot a would-be robber.

Silver Lake Landlord Builds Fence Across Public Street To Keep Out "Crime"

It exists with a sort of "hope nobody sues" status.

L.A. Wants To Make Land Developers Pay For Parks

L.A. City is proposing a $5,000 fee on each new apartment unit.

School Bus Driver Arrested After Death Of Special Needs Student In Empty Bus

Hun Joon Lee was found dead after presumably being trapped aboard the bus for several hours.

Lots Of People Are Unhappy With Metro's $120 Billion Transportation Plan

For many, it looks like L.A. City gets all the goodies.

Here Are The Four Terrible New Names Proposed For Burbank's Airport

How does "Burbank Los Angeles Airport" sound to you?

New Study Shows Hollywood Writers Are Still Overwhelmingly White And Male

Male writers outnumber female writers in Hollywood almost 3-to-1.

Statewide $15 Minimum Wage Initiative To Appear On November Ballot

The ballot measure would raise it to $15 by 2021.

Santa Monica To Celebrate Expo Line's Opening With Open Streets Festival

Santa Monica's first open-streets event of its very own.

Almost All Homes Tested Near Exide Plant Are Contaminated With Lead

The total cost of cleanup is estimated to cost $176 million.

OC Register, Riverside Press-Enterprise To Be Sold To Digital First Media

A bid from the Tribune Company was blocked on Friday by a Federal Judge.

Man Gets Jailtime For Pointing Shotgun at Girl Scout Selling Cookies

Dodrill opened the door wielding a shotgun, and pointed it directly at the girl’s chest.

Former L.A. Mayor Villaraigosa Will Probably Run For Governor

"I have a lot of service left in me," the politician said.

A Terrible Person Abandoned Three Pregnant Border Collies In Pasadena

The dogs delivered a total of 14 puppies after rescue.

SeaWorld Says It Will Stop Breeding Killer Whales

The company will also halt killer whale shows by 2019 in all its parks.

Eagle Rock Gas Station Sold Bad Gas, Ruined At Least Eight Cars

The owners could face up to two years and six months in jail.

Griffith Park Mountain Lion Is The Primary Suspect In Zoo Koala's Death

Perhaps the Griffith Park Mountain Lion decided to experiment with some exotic taste, expanding his palate to include exotic Australian flavors not often found in what is probably his usual diet of housecats and rich Chihuahuas?

Shuttle Service Will Expand Throughout Griffith Park

Shuttles buses will ferry people from several free parking lots up to Griffith Observatory.

Thunderstorms Will Probably Ruin Your Friday Evening Commute

The workweek will end as the workweek began.

L.A. County Forced The Clouds To Make It Rain More On Monday

They used a technique known as "cloud seeding."

Glendale's Gorgeous Park Over The 134 Freeway Could Actually Happen

The first phase would add 24 acres of park-space to Glendale's downtown.

L.A.'s Juvenile Hall Is As Bad As 'Third World Country Prison,' County Report Says

L.A. County Spends $233,000 annually per incarcerated youth.

SoCal Air Regulators Weaken Smog Restrictions

The shift comes after Republicans gained a board majority.

It Now Costs $70K A Year To Attend USC

USC may very well be the most expensive school in the entire country now.

Revisiting The Rodney King Beating Video, 25 Years Later

What happened can be interpreted as one of the first nationally publicized encounters of police brutality against black Americans.

Violent Assault On Sikh Bus Driver Now Being Treated As A Hate Crime

Balwinder Jit Singh kept his foot on the bus’ brake during the attack, keeping the vehicle from drifting into traffic.

Giant Space Shuttle Fuel Tank To Trek Across The City In May

On May 21, it will begin its 16.5-mile, 18 hour long trek from Marina Del Rey to Exposition Park.

Driver Charged With Three Murders In 5 Freeway Street Racing Crash

Dealio Lockhart could face up to life in state prison.

O.C. Teen Says He Was Stabbed For Speaking Arabic, Vacationing Cop Among 3 Arrested

"He was like, 'What's up 'obamabam?' I don't even know what that means."

UCLA Student Died Of Ecstasy Overdose At Rave, Officials Confirm

The news comes as L.A. County considers new rules regulating electronic music festivals.

It's Going To Rain This Weekend ☔️☔️☔️

Expect rain on Monday too, just in time to wreck your commute.

Four New Zebras Now Call The L.A. Zoo Home

At least these transplants can't clog up the 405.

Second Case Of Zika Virus Confirmed In L.A. County

The virus may be linked to birth defects.

5 Freeway Closed After Massive Fatal Street-Racing Crash Flips Semi Truck

Investigators are still looking for the driver of a dark-colored Dodge Charger

Couple Killed By Inglewood Police Were Unconscious When Officers Arrived

A total of seven children survive the two victims.

Falling Boulder Nearly Takes Out Inmate Fighting Malibu Fire In Exchange For Time Off

The blaze erupted around 3 a.m., close to Mulholland Highway.

Man Dies After Powerful Waves Sweep Him Into Water Off Redondo Beach

The National Weather Service has issued a high surf advisory.

The Expo Line Will Open In Santa Monica On May 20th

Not since 1953 has a train connected Santa Monica to downtown L.A.

Photos: Visiting Amir's Garden, A Peaceful Oasis In Griffith Park

A 20 minute hike yields some wonderful, shaded views.

CarMax Salesman Killed During Test-Drive Crash With Alleged DUI Driver

Authorities believe the driver was under the influence of drugs.

'Scandal' Stars Selfie With Hillary During Fundraising Tour

Fittingly, she visited the set of 'Scandal.'

Super-Discount Grocery Store Aldi To Open 45 Stores In SoCal This Year

Most will open in the Inland Empire at first, expanding to L.A. later.

'That's So Raven' Star Arrested For Meth Possession And Assaulting Girlfriend

Orlando Brown starred in more than 100 episodes of the Disney Channel show.

Woman Who Drove Miles With Dying Man On Windshield Has Conviction Reversed

Ironically Sherri Wilkins was a drug and alcohol addiction counselor.

NIMBYs Hired An Actor To Represent Them At A City Council Meeting

Crowds On Demand was founded by a recent UCLA graduate.

Man Stabbed To Death Over Money On Hollywood Boulevard

Police apprehended a suspect a few blocks away.

Four Months Later, Porter Ranch Gas Leak Finally, Officially Over

Displaced households have one week to return home.

Here's What L.A.'s 2024 Olympic Logo Looks Like

The new slogan is simply "follow the sun."

L.A. Superior Court Judge Killed While Crossing The Street

Governor Brown appointed Daniel L. Brenner to the bench in 2012

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