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Police Shot And Killed A Member Of This Skid Row Community, So They Made A Play

The show was inspired by the death of a homeless man known as Brother Africa.

Watts Residents Explore #BlackLivesMatter And Gun Violence In 'Gunshot Medley'

Watts residents have joined forces with the Collaborative Arts Bloc in creating a play that sheds light on police brutality and gun violence in predominantly black communities

Not Religious? This Sunday Service In Silver Lake Worships Theater And The Arts

For secular folk interested in the community benefits of religion, Secret City offers Sunday worship of the arts and all things creative.

Outdoor Play 'Hole In The Sky' Turns A Real Horse Ranch Into Environmental Drama

The new play seats theatergoers at a horse ranch outside L.A., confronting them with the problems caused by climate change -- from drought to fire.

2 Street Art Exhibitions Want To Spray-Paint Chinatown Red

Street art's getting the gallery treatment in Chinatown. Just don't tag the buildings with these exhibitions in them.