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Kinda I Want To, But Trent Says No: 'Ignore' Pretty Hate Machine Re-issue, Says Reznor

Trent Reznor is pretty much hating the the Pretty Hate Machine re-issue and took to Twitter to tip off fans about the latest catalog offering, according to

The Jam: Time-Lapse Video Of LA Derby Dolls Track Installation

Sometimes things look most awesome when sped up. Uploaded to YouTube by LA Derby Dolls Media Man LaddVinceWheel today's video lunch says bye bye to the LA Derby Dolls' old track and and chows down on the new assembly with, "five days of work condensed to 2 minutes."

How Honest Is Los Angeles? Hidden Live-Cam Spies On The Honest Tea Test In Weho

Los Angeles finished "dead last" in the honesty department during last year's Honest Tea Honesty Test. The test is back, and our (hopeful) redemption will be televised as this year's entrapment streams live online, according NBC LA.

And Your Little Dog Too: New Ordinance Gives 'Vicious' Designation To Dogs That Chase People

Under an ordinance agreed upon Tuesday by the Board of Supervisors, animal control officers have the power "to seize and destroy a dog" for chasing a person, according to KTLA.

Abandon Ship: LAUSD Teachers Quitting At 'Alarming Rate'

A new study from U.C. Berkeley found Los Angeles teachers quitting their jobs "at an alarming rate," according to CBS Local. The study notes that teachers working at Los Angeles Unified inner-city charter schools are "up to three times more likely to quit their jobs" than educators employed in other districts.

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Get Out: Bastille Day LA, NHM Dinosaur Hall, Little Tokyo Design Week

Get out in LA today! Check out the future on the last day of Little Tokyo Design Week or take a tour through the past at the brand new NHM Dinosaur Hall. Can't decide? Then it's Bastille Day in the park for you.

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Oh, Bloody Hell: Burbank Taxidermist Preserves Lady Gaga's Meat Dress For Museum Display

The job of preserving Lady Gaga's meat dress for display at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland was tasked to Burbank taxidermist Sergio Vigilato. Despite taking more than a month to complete the work on the bloody, 35-pound monstrosity, this was not his weirdest assignment to date, according to the LA Times.

We Survived! Carmageddon Is Over! 405 Freeway To Open Today

The end of the world has ended. Approximately 16 hours ahead of schedule, Carmageddon is over, said the mayor during news conference Sunday morning.

Coming Out Of Carmageddon: 405 Freeway Ramp Reopening Schedule

Remember a few minutes ago when Carmageddon officially ended? Wasn't that great?! Here's the re-opening sequence: The Northbound and Southbound lanes will open followed by the onramps.

Ready, Set, Freeway! James Bond Car Chase Montage To Get Your Motor Running

In the spirit of newly opened roads and treacherous villans, today's video lunch is an inspired car chase montage of James Bond getaways and bad guys in twisted metal fireballs. Be sure to wear your seatbelt.

Special Asthma & Respiratory Rooms, 40% More Bed Space At New Children's Hospital Building

Children's Hospital L.A. is unpacking boxes at the new Marion & John E. Anderson Pavilion after implementing with "military precision" the move of more than 200 critically-ill patients to the " new, massive hospital complex," according to ABC Local.

Wocka Wocka Crime Alert: Cat Burglar Robs Vet Clinic

A man was arrested by Sheriff's deputies after allegedly being seen on a surveillance video stealing "drugs, medical equipment and office supplies" from a veterinary center, according to KTLA.

Anaheim Xanadu: New Entrance, Pan Pacific-esque Turnstiles Debut At Disney California Adventure

Disney California Adventure debuted the first peek of its extreme makeover on Friday with a bank of shiny new, Pan Pacific Auditorium-inspired turnstiles to welcome roller skaters park goers from this weekend forward, according to the Disney Parks Blog.

Week Around The Ists

Take a look at what's happening at the other -ists, from an acrobat on the Williamsburg Bridge who wasn't entertaining police to a DC street artist thought to be the leader of a graffiti crew.

Long Beach Airport No Longer Flying Under The Radar: $90 Million In Upgrades Ordered

With a modernization effort expected to support more than 1,000 jobs through 2013, city officials have announced more than $90 million in large and small upgrades will be made to the Long Beach Airport, beginning with the completion on a 2,000-space parking garage, according to the Long Beach Press-Telegram.

Get Out: Renegade Craft Fair & Swap-O-Rama-Rama, Monkees Minus Nesmith, Lautner @ LACMA

Get out today in LA! For all those not racing jets, here are some fun things to do in your traffic-locked city of Carmageddon dreams.

A Challenger Rises: On Foot + Public Transit vs Jet Blue vs Wolfpack Hustle In Carmageddon Race

A new challenger has thrown himself into the intersection of the #flightvsbike Burbank to Long Beach Carmageddon race against gridlock -- @GaryRidesBikes it taking on Jet Blue and Wolfpack hustle... on foot. And public transit. Three cheers to the post-Carmageddon new-style Smokey and the Bandit world.

Dead Body In Open Field: 17-Year-Old Homicide Victim Found In North Hollywood

A 17-year-old homicide victim shot multiple times was found lying in a field on Friday around 11:10 a.m. to the rear of an apartment complex in the 7200 block of Laurel Canyon Boulevard in North Hollywood, according to a news release.

Sigalert Has Sense Of Humor, Makes A Funny

In these trying automotive times, even has a sense of humor.

Carmageddon Prophecies Are Coming True! Construction Ahead Of Schedule

Buzzkill red alert! Work on the 405 Freeway is progressing "ahead of schedule" Caltrans official report on Saturday morning as the first day of Carmageddon gets going, according to LA Now.

Kittens Playing On DJ Decks. The End.

Spotify what? who? Everybody knows that kittens are the real musical tastemakers. Kittens make the world go round. And subsequently, DJ decks make kittens go round. It's the circle of life, basically. Today's video lunch has nothing to do with freeway-fiasco-whose-name-shall-not-be-spoken and everything to do with small felines and spinning things. Happy non motoring.

Bikes Win! Wolfpack Hustle Flys Past Jet Blue In Carmageddon Race From Burbank To Long Beach

Perhaps its time to re-think leaving on a jetplane with a rolly suitcase and opt instead for some short pants, a fanny pack and your bicycle. Wolfpack wins! In my country there is problem. And that problem is transport. Re-live the whole exciting Carmageddon race drama on Twitter #flightvsbike.

Hellbent For Leather: USA's Only African-American Touring Rodeo Comes Rollin' Into LA

Originally created to "entertain" and educate the public about "the history of black cowboys and pioneers," the nation's only African-American touring rodeo, the Bill Pickett Invitational, is making a stop in Southern California this weekend, reports KPCC. The rodeo, around since the mid-80, appeals to "audiences of all kinds - city slickers included."

One..Hundred..Plants..& A Pot Bust In A Pearblossom Tree

Another day, another police raid of an illegal grow operation. A 30-year-old man in Pearblossom was arrested Friday for allegedly growing about 100 illegal marijuana plants, say authorities, according to CBS Local. The suspect, Cody Downs, was booked at the Palmdale Sheriff Station, according to the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department.

RIP At VIP: Valley Strip Club Shooting Leaves One Man Dead

An altercation inside the "adult entertainment" VIP Showgirls Club on Friday night, left one man dead, say authorities, according to KTLA. The suspect, 30-year-old Romanta of North Hollywood, reportedly fled the scene with his girlfriend, 22-year-old Anna Baez -- an employee of the club -- after allegedly producing a gun and shooting Thomas Valdez multiple times, say detectives.

Tequila Crawlageddon: Park Yourself In Echo Park

Tequila pub crawl? Okay. Twist my effing arm. Saturday in Echo Park is the 1st Real de Mexico Tequila Crawl hosted by "the Echo Park company of the same name" that's been "quietly providing local hot spots with family-produced, 'single estate' tequila," according to Echo Park Patch.

I'll Show You Mine: This Is My Los Angeles, Show Me Yours

"This is my Los Angeles, show me yours," is all the simple yet alluring Reddit link title says. And my how the people are revealing themselves. Well, not themselves (dirty mind), their special places. Okay, that still sounds dirty, let's try again.

Seawater, Nuclear Fusion, & You: A Guide To Powering The World

Once considered "science fiction", the collective fantasy of physicists to harness nuclear fusion -- the energy responsible for powering, well, the sun -- could be getting closer to earthly reality but will take "significant investment from the government at a time when spending on scientific research is under threat," according to an opinion piece in the New York Times.

Becker Attack: Woman Drugs Husband's Dinner, Cuts Off Penis, Throws It In Garbage Disposal

Well... a woman is under arrest in Garden Grove for allegedly drugging her husband's dinner, tying him to a bed, cutting off his penis and then throwing it in a garbage disposal (and turning it on) say police, according to KTLA.

Blame It On Sandal: Runaway Jaguar Rips Through Dr. Blue Jeanns

Photo by SixRevisions via Flickr Dr. Blue Jeanns in Sherman Oaks needed some professional help of its own on Monday after a driver's sandal "became caught up in the accelerator," causing a red Jaguar to crash through the front of the closed denim repair shop just after 4:30 p.m., said Los Angeles Fire Department spokesman Brian Humphrey, according to the Daily News. This was the second time in three years a car had smashed...

Time-Lapse Explosions In The Sky: No One Told Highland Park That Fireworks Are Illegal

Today's video lunch is a time-lapse wonder from this month's celebration of independence around the intersection of Avenue 52 and Irvington Place. "No one told the people of Highland Park that fireworks are illegal," notes the person who posted this treat to YouTube under the alias ChurchOfBK. The photos were taken between 7 p.m. and midnight on July 4, 2011, says ChurchOfBK, who goes on to explain how the images were shot.

Crying In Public Is Embarrassing: Jackson Browne w/ Dawes & Jonathan Wilson At The Satellite

Jackson Browne, the storied, Southern California songwriting idol, delighted in the gig remarking, "Didn't know if I'd have a chance to play here." Though delivered in an earnest deadpan, there was clearly an implied wink.

What Happens On Facebook Doesn't Stay On Facebook: Online Feud Bleeds Into Real World Stabbing, Teen Sentenced

17-year-old Michael Jason Wilson of Laguna Beach was sentenced to a year in jail and three years probation after pleaded guilty yesterday to "stabbing a rival in a feud that started with traded insults on Facebook," according to Laguna Beach Patch.

Died This Day In LA: Bugs Bunny (Mel Blanc)

The "Man of 1000 Voices," Mel Blanc was the lungs behind Bugs, Daffy, Porky, Yosemite Sam, Sylvester, Tweety, and hundreds more. Arguably the most influential voice-actor of all time, Blanc is buried at Hollywood Forever Cemetery where his headstone reads eloquently, "THAT'S ALL FOLKS."

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Planking To The Oldies: Richard Simmons Gets Low On An L.A. Sidewalk

Dressed in an swirly ribboned blouse, the fabulous 62-year-old fitness guru Richard Simmons stopped, dropped, and planked for the very first time on the streets of Los Angeles, according to TMZ. Not one to let a trend pass him by, Simmons then took his new moves to a class where he incorporating a team element to the horizontal outburst.

500 Days Of Putting Your Foot In Your Mouth: Zooey Deschanel Suggests Downtown Is The 'Worst Of LA'

While attending the black-tie BAFTA gala on Saturday with the royal honeymooners, Zooey Deschanel reportedly turned on her 500 Days of Summer locale, suggesting to USA Today that the surroundings of the Belasco Theatre left much to be desired.

Muscle Cars, Monster Trucks, Vintage Cruisers, American Classics, Import Oddities & A Van Tank: Welcome To The Desert Used Car Lot Of Dreams

Says the video-taker, "Driving through the desert in Los Angeles county (Hi Desert) & spotted this used car lot. It was worth pulling over and checking out. I want the white 1971 chevy short bed with the 350 combo or the red El Camino SS. The tank van runs, I like that too."

What's That Giant Red Line On This Terrifying Unemployment Chart?

Is this "the scariest unemployment chart ever?" the OC Register asks of Business Insider's claim. With Friday's sobering U.S. unemployment report painting an un-pretty picture, did anyone really think an actual picture would make them feel better? Cue the economists at Calculated Risk who, while looking for evidence an economic recovery, instead found all these terrible little lines. Especially the red one.

She & Her: 'I LOVE DOWNTOWN LA' Says Zooey Deschanel In Open Letter Response To Opinion Piece Blast

Skewered in a L.A. Times opinion piece, Zooey Deschanel has posted an open letter to Patt Morrison on Hello Giggles, accusing the journalist of launching a "misguided personal attack" and spinning a baseless caricature of the actress/singer by taking a quote fragment out of context.

LAPD Officer Arrested For Prescription Fraud, Engaged In 'Doctor Shopping'

A 22-year veteran of the Los Angeles Police Department surrendered this morning to agents from the California Department of Justice Bureau of Narcotic Enforcement and LAPD investigators after being indicted on nine counts relating to prescription fraud.

Please Unleash Godzilla Instead, Super Drug Resistant Gonorrhea Found In Japan

A superhero strain of the sexually transmitted infection, gonorrhea, has been discovered in Japan. Seemingly resistant to all recommended antibiotics, officials say the new strain, H041, could "transform a once easily treatable infection into a global public health threat," according to KTLA.

Get Your Gun: Man Sneaks Up Behind Deputy & Attempts To Steal His Firearm In Airport

The man arrested Friday for allegedly trying to take a deputy’s gun at John Wayne Airport has been identified, according to CBS Local. 31-year-old Leonardo Alvarez allegedly approached Sheriff’s Lt. Gary Strachan from behind and tried to grab his pistol in the airport’s departure gate area about 2:45 p.m. on Friday. No shots were fired and Alvarez was transported to the Orange County Jail. He could face several felonies, including but not limited to,...

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7-Eleven Free Slurpee Day Is Monday! Clear Your Schedule!

One day, a beach shovel and a drinking straw fell in love and had a baby. The moral of the story? It's FREE SLURPEE DAY tomorrow, July 11, at participating 7-Eleven locations!!

Time Machine Hitchhike: Driving The 1967 Sunset Strip

The retro obsessed at Vintage Los Angeles have done it again with an abduction-free hitchhike down the still rockin Sunset Strip of dreams, circa 1967. And don't worry about losing your video lunch if you tend toward motion sickness. These time travelers are very responsible behind the wheel.

Dribble Alert : Posh And Becks Welcome A Baby Girl To The Brood

Family Beckham welcomes baby number four -- a GIRL. Victoria Beckham gave birth to a healthy baby girl Sunday morning in Los Angeles, according to the Associated Press. A spokesman for hubby soccer icon David Beckham said "Happy and healthy she arrived at 7.55 am this morning at Cedars Sinai hospital in Los Angeles and weighed 7lbs 10oz." The family have yet to announce a name for the little girl, who was born the...

The Royal Tournenbaums: William & Kate Take It Out And Chop It Up On Their Last Day In LA

Prince William and Kate's Summer Tour 2011 comes to a Southern California end with the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge getting royally gritty during a downtown spin through Skid Row and a nearby school, according to the Associated Press. Prince William and his wife Catherine were welcomed to the Inner City Arts academy by six elementary-aged children holding a welcome banner while a crowd of about 150 people cheered and looked on, some waving British...

Huge Swatch For Mankind: Piece Of Moon Flag Fished From The Trash Being Auctioned In Los Angeles

A swatch of the famous moon-landing flag, thoughtfully fished from the trash in 1969, goes to auction today in Los Angeles, according to the Associated Press. The seven-inch strip of red and white fabric and a Neil Armstrong signed photograph are being auctioned by Tom Moser, a retired NASA engineer

Week Around The Ists

Elsewhere in the ist-a-verse, check out links from proposed curfews for Chicago kids 12 and under, to a dramatic kitten rescue on the Verrazano Bridge.

A Park a Day: Bellevue Park & Recreation Center

July is National Parks & Recreation Month, and all month long LAist will be featuring a hand-selected park a day to showcase just a few of the wonderful recreation spaces--big or small--in the Los Angeles area.

LAPD Officer Saves MILK Kitchen Worker From Knife-Wielding Attacker

(Photo by Julie Wolfson/LAist) An off-duty, non street-assigned, near-rookie police officer, Joseph Jarrett, intervened when a confrontation at MILK restaurant on Beverly Boulevard escalated to a life-threatening situation on July 1, according to NBC LA. A worker was confronted by a man (identified later as "her foe in a bitter custody dispute"), and the heated argument turned violent when he pulled out a 10-inch knife and cornered her in the kitchen. "It took a...

Mary Jane In The Land Of Mickey & Minnie: Kush Expo Lights Up Outdoors In Anaheim

Linear time is just like, your opinion, man. The 'second annual' Kush convention is rolling into the Anaheim Convention Center this weekend, a mere eight months after the first (a third expo has also been booked for Nov. 18-20), according to the OC Register.

Anjelica Huston As Captain EO Pre-Borg Supreme Leader

Third generation Academy Award winner and Santa Monica native, Anjelica Huston celebrates her 60th birthday today. Eleanor has always been the brains of Team Zissou. For today's video lunch, please enjoy her angelic (wocka wocka) transformation care of hip-liberating Michael Jackson.

Green Light For Flying Car: Transition Roadable Aircraft Gets Highway Ready

The car-plane cometh. On June 30th, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration granted the Transition Roadable Aircraft a series of special exemptions by that make the car operable in skyways and on byways, according to the L.A. Times.

Jackson Browne w/ Dawes & Jonathan Wilson: Surprise Show At The Satellite!

SoCal icon Jackson Browne will be surprise headlining the Satellite tonight joined by local foursome Dawes and Jonathan Wilson. This special show is a warm up of sorts -- Dawes and Wilson will be joining Browne this month in Spain. Tickets are $25 and go on sale at 10:00 a.m. Wednesday through Ticketfly BUY THEM HERE.

Road Rules: Three Deaths Prompt Safety Review For Angeles Crest Highway

Man Arrested for Using Car as 'deadly weapon' Against Cyclists on Angeles Crest Highway / Read the story here. Prompted by the deaths of three motorists killed in unrelated incidents within weeks of reopening of the lower portion of Angeles Crest Highway in June, state transportation officials have launched a safety investigation, according to the Glendale News Press. Officials will take a closer look at the factors involved in those deaths, including speed, location,...

SoCal Teen Brandon McInerney Faces Trial In Gay Classmate Killing

Opening statements in the first-degree murder trial of Brandon McInerney begin Tuesday in Los Angeles for a Southern California accused of "gunning down a gay classmate" in front of other students at a Ventura County middle school in 2008, according to the Associated Press. McInerney, who was 14-years-old when 15-year-old classmate Larry King was killed, is being tried as an adult "on charges that include lying in wait and a hate crime." If convicted,...

Police Officers As Tour Guides: New LA 'Crime Scene Tours' Opens

Photo by VeryBadLady via Flickr A new Los Angeles tour business opened last week offering crime scene tours led by law enforcement personnel who "offer personal perspectives on the crimes," according to Studio City Patch. Crime Scene Tours creator Lonnie M. Levine worked with the LAPD for eight years as a civilian detective and wanted to offer people a view of police work that is "rarely presented." Los Angeles Police Officer Ramon Muniz led...

How To Shoot A Music Video In Los Angeles Using A Stool & Bubbles

Bye bye green screen. Buildings, trains, beaches, parks, streets, bridges, and dozens more down-home locations were made video-ready with the help of one prop and some bubbles. Jackie Tohn's sweetly simple (and accidentally filthy) song, "I Got It In Me" was given the heavy Los Angeles treatment by Phil Mucci who directed, shot, and edited by video. The Silver Lake songstress and Bravo Platinum Hit competitor spent about a month shlepping around LA to each of these locations. Can you figure out where they are? How many can you count?

Dogs For Freedom: Photos From The 'Independence Paw'rade'

In an effort to promote pet adoption and raise awareness about puppy mills and pet stores, Los Angeles dog owners dressed their pets up like Bootsy Collins this weekend. The Best Friends Animal Society's "Independence Paw'rade" took place in Studio City with an adoption event and prizes for Best Dressed Dog & Best Dressed Human....

Soft-Serve Sanrio! Yogurtland Announces Hello Kitty Partnership

Keroppi at Sanrio's 50th Birthday Bash at the Barker Hangar (Photo by Lisa Brenner / LAist) Anaheim-based frozen yogurt chain Yogurtland has announced it will partner later this month with Sanrio, home of Hello Kitty, Keroppi, Chococat, Badtz-maru, Deery-lou and pretty much everything else cute in the universe. Expect Hello Kitty spoons and cups in stores later this month in some Yogurtland's 130 locations as well as featured Hello Kitty merch, according to the...

Carmageddon Dress Rehearsal: Big Rig Catches Fire On 405, Shuts Down Lanes In Sepulveda Pass

Photo by GarySe7en via LAist Featured Photos pool on Flickr Southbound lanes of the 405 Freeway were closed through the Sepulveda Pass Tuesday afternoon when a big rig caught fire, officials said, according to LA Now. The California Highway Patrol was notified at 1:17 p.m. that a big rig on the right shoulder of the freeway near Skirball Center Drive was “fully engulfed” in flames. Firefighters and officials responded on the scene closing a...

Snap! Snap! Jail! LAPD Puts Hancock Park On Paparazzi Lockdown During Royal Visit

Will & Kate plus 8 million paparazzi means that a plan for the pushy photogs needed to be implemented in anticipation of the arrival of the royal newlyweds. Ambitious paparazzi hoping to take shots of the royal couple in certain parts of Hancock Park could face a potential jail stay, according to the L.A. Times. No-trespassing letters have been secured by LAPD from residents who live in seven homes around the British consul general's June...

People Are Strange: LA's Leather-Pantsed Lizard King Jim Morrison Died 40 Years Ago Today

Jim Morrison, the leather-pantsed lizard king of Venice Beach and lead singer of The Doors died this day in 1971 in Paris, France. The Doors, though perfectly audible and resonant the world over, sound just a little clearer when played within limits of Los Angeles.

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Tourist Boat Capsizes Off Baja, 1 Dead, 8 Missing

Photo by VoodooDahl via LAist Featured Photos pool on Flickr The nationality of the one fatality was not known, however seven of the eight people missing after a tourist boat capsized off Mexico's Baja California peninsula are American, according to CNN. U.S. and Mexican authorities were scouring the seas Monday for eight people -- seven of them Americans -- missing more than a day after their tourist boat capsized off the east coast of...

Character Building: Photo Transmissions From The 2011 Anime Expo

Greetings from the 2011 Anime Expo at the Los Angeles Convention Center.

Bill Pullman's Independence Day Speech: The Real & The Lucky Charms Versions

On this, our Independence Day, Bill Pullman unites the country against aliens and stealers of Lucky Charms. Both versions of this inspirational video lunch will feed your pride in America.

A Licky Boom Boom Down: Music To Explode Fireworks To

Explosions in the Sky might make you swoon but when it comes to real fireworks these songs got the gusto. And by that I mean they really like the word "boom." Stay safe with them those there fireworks and don't fall for the old hold-this-roman-candle-I-just-quick-have-to-send-a-text maneuver. Happy 4th of July!!

Spider-Man Has A Beer Gut & Other Hollywood Boulevard Revelations

Flipped off by Superman, glitter guy is all smiles, Catwoman seems to be hiding something and is beer belly Spider-Man flashing an arachnid gang sign? Just whatever you do, avoid the Jack Sparrow, Tinkerbell, Elvis love triangle. Someone please go rescue that girl. Also, the Viking lady is in Santa Monica. Couldn't resist....

Sometimes I Like To Roll, But Also, I Like To Rock: KCRW & The Hammer Present Free Music Every Thursday In July

KCRW and the Hammer Museum are rekindling their warm weather romance to present the 2011 Summer Night's Music Series Also I Like to Rock beginning July 7 and continuing every Thursday this month.

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Get Out: Boyle Heights Carnival, Twin Peaks Marathon, Hall & Oates & Fireworks, Stop Making Sense

Get Out! And into the swing at the Boyle Heights Carnival, get creeped at the Twin Peaks marathon, The Egyptian Stop(s) Making Sense, & sport Red, White, & Blue-eyed soul at the Hollywood Bowl with Hall & Oates & Fireworks.

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Reefer In The Reef: Sinking Boat Was Carrying 200 Pounds Of Marijuana

Photo by lowjumpingfrog via Flickr Federal agents are investigating a 25-foot boat carrying 200 pounds of marijuana that was found sinking near Rancho Palos Verdes on Friday, according to the Daily Breeze. The boat, not registered in the United States and with no passengers aboard, was spotted by a hiker around 10:30 a.m. as it was sinking in a fishing cove near the Point Vicente Interpretive Center and Terranea Resort. One bale of marijuana...

Skinheads Allegedly Threaten, Intimidate Latino Teens In Ojai

Photo by D. Anne via LAist Featured Photos pool on Flickr Two suspects were arrested on suspicion of criminal threats and committing hate crimes after the parents of two Latino teenagers called authorities followin an incident allegedly involving skinheads "taunting and threatening" their kids in Ojai on June 30, according to LA Now. Ventura County Sheriff's Department officials said the two suspects, Daniel Dockery and Shauna Criner, drove up to two Latino teens and...

Los Angeles Vintage Restaurant Exteriors, Circa 1940

Take a trip down food memory lane with a bite of some back-in-the-day establishments for today's video lunch. A new compilation of footage by Vintage Los Angeles has just been posted featuring LA restaurant exteriors from the 40s and 50s.

Photo Of The Day: A Bear In Uncle Sam's Clothing

A bear in his natural habitat, a Studebaker Griffith Park. Nothing says independence quite like dressing up a statue in flag garb and a fake beard. Please let's all take this moment to appreciate the splendor of freedom.

6-Year-Old Molested In Pico Rivera Park Bathroom, Tattooed Suspect Fled In White Van

Photo by ElvertBarnes via LAist Featured Photos pool on Flickr Unfortunately today brings more horrible news involving soccer and molestation. A 6-year-old boy at a Pico Rivera park for a soccer match was sexually molested in a public bathroom on Saturday, say officials, according to LA Now. The boy reported being molested at 2:37 p.m. in a stall of the restroom at Rio Hondo Park, where he had come for a soccer match, according...

Bring Your Raft To School Day: 13 Classrooms Flooded In South LA

Photo by Maggiejumps via Flickr A water sprinkler malfunction on Saturday at Loren Miller Elementary flooded 13 classrooms, ruined countless books and destroyed two dozen computers, reported school officials, according to LA Now. Firefighters arrived at the South Los Angeles school on West 77th Street about 1:30 p.m. and after finding no flames, worked alongside school district employees and contractors to sweep water out of the one building where most of the flooding occurred,...

Take This Job And Strum It: LA Mariachis Form A Union To Fend Off 'Pirates'

Photo by East of West LA via LAist Featured Photos pool on Flickr With performance opportunities down more than 50 percent in the last two years and competition at Mariachi Plaza so ferocious that it devolves periodically into fighting, a group of plaza veterans have joined forces to form a type of labor union in an effort to stop "what they call 'mariachi pirates' from slashing prices to half the going rate," according to...

Week Around The Ists

Elsewhere in the ist-a-verse... Art was banned in SF for being "too serious", bartering virginity for iPhones in Shanghai, DC examines their status as a tattoo mecca and Austin considers the proposed confederate license plate.

Get Out: Cactus & Succulent Show/Sale @ Huntington Gardens, 7th Voyage Of Sinbad At LACMA Monster Matinee, Pirate Festival, Anime Expo

Get Out! And Get thee to a garden, an air conditioned theater or to the ocean. Pirate battles, giant monsters and beautiful plants await at every turn today. Independence rules.

Cops Crash The Cruiser In Early Morning Swerve Maneuver

Police on patrol crashed a cruiser in Van Nuys early Saturday morning, according to the Daily News. The LAPD officer behind the wheel and his partner were being "checked out" following the crash but were not believed to be seriously injured. The accident occurred at Fulton Avenue and Erwin Street just after 2:00 a.m. as the officer reportedly "swerved to avoid something in the road," according to Sgt. Marlon Lindsey of the Van Nuys...

The New Laws Are Here! The News Laws Are Here! Push-To-Talk Cell Phones, Food Safety, Vaccinations, MORE!

Photo by D.H. Parks via Flickr Here's a quick recap of some of the new laws that went in effect on July 1, according to the L.A. Times. How many have you broken already? Tsk tsk. Ban On Plastic Bags: Unincorporated areas of Los Angeles County, we're talking to you. Pharmacies and supermarkets may no longer use plastic bags for carryout items (except for fruit, veggies, raw meat). Paper bags will cost 10 cents...

Two People Critically Injured In Hollywood Shooting

Photo by Tony Webster via Flickr A shooting near the 101 and Normandie early Saturday morning left a man and woman critically wounded, according to LA Now. The incident occurred about 4:05 a.m. on the 600 block of North Normandie Avenue near the 101 Freeway. According to police, the victims were reportedly standing outside of a building when a man got out of a vehicle and shot both of them. Both were transported to...

Wishing A Pretty, Pretty, Pretty Happy Birthday To Larry David - Curb Season 8 Debuts July 10

Birthday boy Larry David will continue his cringeworthy legacy as Curb Your Enthusiasm goes reverse coastal for its 10-episode, 8th season set to debut on HBO on July 10.

Editor-In-Chief Of Breitbart's Big Hollywood Hates LA, Tells Paul Haggis To Go To Hell, Leaves Town

With a middle finger to Paul Haggis and a hate-on for LA, John Nolte, the Editor-In-Chief of Andrew Breitbart's Big Hollywood website, is leaving Angel City after eight years, noting, "There is very wife and I will miss about the city itself."

Villaraigosa Orders 1,680 Miles Of Networked Bike Paths, Construction To Increase Fourfold

With an end-game of every Angelenos having access to a bike path within one mile of their home, Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa ordered department heads on Friday to take immediate action in a coordinated effort to "build a 1,680-mile bikeway system and make the city more bike-friendly," according to the Daily News.

If A 400-Year-Old Oak Tree Falls In The Valley... Why The Ancient Wood Collapsed In Canoga Park

Photo by Aidras via Flickr Shaking awake the neighborhood, a huge, centuries-old oak tree toppled in Canoga Park "barely missing the home that sat under its canopy," according to the Daily News. Estimated to be between 300 and 400 years old, the massive wood crashed to earth at about 10:30 p.m. Thursday at Chase Place and Ponce Street covering both the front and side yard of the house. Said homeowner Frances Arrieta, "It was...

Pencils Down: L.A. Unified Board Approves Final Budget With Pay Cuts & 3000 Layoffs

Photo by Sister72 via Flickr In the face of a $408-million shortfall, the Los Angeles Board of Education approved its final budget on Thursday, "bridging a multimillion-dollar deficit in the state's largest school district with pay cuts and the layoffs of about 3,000 people, including some teachers, counselors and office workers," according to the LA Times. Members said they had no choice but to order the cuts because of declining revenue from the state...

Anime Expo 2011 Special Guest Appearance: The LAPD Bomb Squad!

Photo by samproof via Instagram I mean really. Have you ever met a package that wasn't suspicious? Day two of the Anime Expo got animatedly dramatic on Saturday when the Los Angeles Police Department bomb squad cleared out the costumed from the South Hall lobby of the Los Angeles Convention Center. Reports of a "suspicious crate" were investigated by officers around 10:45 a.m. and "ultimately determined to be a basket belonging to a homeless...

After 27 Years, LAX May Be Rejoining The Jetset With $4 Billion In Improvements

Photo by Mark Luethi via LAist Featured Photos pool on Flickr After a prolonged political purgatory and departure into disrepair, LAX, with aspirations of again becoming the west's best international airport, is looking to spend $4 billion to upgrade utilities, expand taxiways for wide-bodied aircraft already in service, and make modernization improvements to the Bradley International and several domestic terminals. These improvements would mark the "first major expansion of passenger facilities since the Tom...

Frontin & Maxin: Summertime Hits The Sunset Strip With A Pop-Up Craft Beer Garden And 100,000 Record Swap

The Sunset Strip Best friends of summer, beer and music, are coming out to play next weekend as The Sunset Strip says hello to summer fun with two new outdoor events: ColLAboration Pop-Up Craft Beer Garden and The Sunset Strip Record Swap. On Saturday, July 9, LIVE! On Sunset will host a record swap in the former shrine of Tower Records. To satisfy your listening and DJing desires, the event will run from noon...

Jefferson Boulevard Crash Corner Gets Bike Lanes, Raised Median, Pedestrian Signal, Crosswalks

Photo by mjmonty via Flickr The Baldwin Hills Conservancy has awarded Culver City $570,000 to make improvements to the intersection of Jefferson Boulevard and Hetzler Road, the site where a motorist plowed through a group of Midnight Ridazz in the wee hours of June 16, according to LA Streets Blog. The improvements include the installation of a raised median near the intersection to differentiate the area surrounding the Scenic Overlook and the rest of...

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