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Rock-A-Bye Baby: Wee Hours 3.1 Magnitude Mini Quake To Soothe You To Sleep

A shallow 3.1 magnitude earthquake may have shaken up parts of northern LA County when it hit at 2:16 a.m. on Sunday, according to the USGS.

Drunk Driver Crashes SUV On Freeway, Overturns Horse Trailer Trapping Two Animals

Officials say a drunk man was arrested Saturday after crashing his SUV on 60 Freeway, according to ABC Local. The man was towing a horse trailer at the time of the crash causing it to overturn, trapping inside two horses.

Motorist Flees DtLA Scene After Crashing Into Three Pedestrians

More deplorable behavior on the roadways comes in the form of a suspected hit-and-run driver that stuck "three pedestrians and a parked car in Downtown Los Angeles Sunday morning, said authorities," according to NBC LA. The accidents began around 3:00 a.m. near 11th Street and Hill Street. Responding firefighters found the victims in an alley at the scene.

Only Bad Witches Are Ugly: Happy Birthday Billie Burke

Billie Burke, known to many as Glinda the Good Witch of the North from the Wizard of Oz, has taught us many valuable lessons. Today's video lunch is a reminder that sometimes witches are cryptic, sometimes they have answers they won't tell you, and sometimes they condone murder as long as you get a rad pair of shoes.

Coast Guard Suspends Search For Missing Kayaker

Marc Cross, an experienced 53-year-old kayaker, set out from Newport Beach on Wednesday and did not return. On Saturday night, the Coast Guard suspended its search along the SoCal coast, according to LA Now.

LA Bands Bust Up Day 2 At Lollapalooza 2011: Fitz & The Tantrums, Local Natives, Grouplove, Glitch Mob

Lollapalooza 2011 kept on trucking Saturday August 6 with another big day for LA homegrowns and transplants including Fitz & The Tantrums, Local Natives, Glitch Mob and more. Today's video lunch is a little bitty dance party for your digestion.

Ed Begley Jr. Attempts To Build 'No Impact' Home In Studio City

Although he proved he could turn a 1936 energy vortex into a green paradise, new challenge await at his new location near the Los Angeles River. First Begley is going to take down the existing home, and then start from scratch to achieve a "net zero", LEED-platinum dwelling.

3.2 Magnitude Earthquake Hits Off PV Coast

Another small earthquake rattled today, measuring 3.2 magnitude and a little bit closer to home. The latest shake happened at 12:25 on Sunday of the Palos Verdes coast in the Channel Islands region, according to the USGS.

Week Around The Ists

Check out what's happening at the other -ists from Chicagoist's look at Lollapalooza, DCist thinks about the repercussions of sidewalk cafes and what Chinese Valentine’s Day is all about.

Get Out: HARD Summer, Historic Filipinotown Festival, Korean BBQ Cook-Off

Get Out! Today is all about feeding your senses (and stomach) in anticipation of a nearly all-night dance party downtown.

Why It's Dangerous To Use Gasoline To Clean Things: OC House Explodes

Six people were hospitalized and ten others displaced after an explosion and fire in Stanton on Friday night, according to ABC Local. The single-story home on the 10000 block of Sycamore Street was "engulfed in flames and smoke" when Orange County Fire Authority units arrived at the scene.

Another Sand Tunnel Collapses, Boy Buried Alive At OC Beach

Another boy has been buried alive at an OC beach, "but he's expected to be OK," according to ABC Local. The 10-year-old boy had been digging at Sunset Beach when the tunnel caved in.

Body Of Hormiz David Found, Rangers Continue Search For 2 More Yosemite Falls Victims

Rangers at Yosemite National Park have recovered the body of Hormiz David, a 22-year-old from Modesto, who died after being swept over a 317 foot waterfall with two other hikers on July 19, according to a National Park Service news release.

LA Bands Break The Seal At Lollapalooza 2011: Foster The People, Delta Spirit, OK Go, Skrillex, A Perfect Circle

Chicago's Lollapalooza 2011 kicked off three days of rock revelry on Friday, August 5 with a huge showing by some of LA's hottest homegrowns and transplants including Foster The People, OK Go, Delta Spirit, Skrillex, A Perfect Circle and more. Today's video lunch buzzes, tinkles, claps, whammies, and goes wub wub wub all the way home.

Chief Called To Resign, Hundreds Protest At Fullerton Police Station Over Homeless Man's Violent Death

Hundreds of protesters swarmed the Fullerton Police Department on Saturday to express public outrage over the death of 37-year-old Kelly Thomas, a homeless man who died "after an altercation with six police officers," says LA Now.

Waterfall Warning: Hiker Dies In Eaton Canyon Accident, Second Fatality This Week

Emergency crews responded Saturday morning to another hiker who fell near a popular waterfall in Eaton Canyon, according to KTLA. This is the second second fatality this week in Eaton Canyon.

Happy Birthday To The World Wide Web! Only One More Year 'Til You Can Drink Legally

Happy 20th Birthday, Web! On August 6, 1991, MIT professor, computer scientist and physicist Tim Berners-Lee posted a brief summary of his World Wide Web project on the alt.hypertext newsgroup, essentially going public with the schematics for the flux capacitor which makes time-travel possible in this DeLorean we now know as the Internet.

A Day In California: Husband And Wife Shoot 10,000 Photos For Tilt Shift / Time Lapse Video

10,000 photos + 1.5 years = A Day in California. Filmmaker Ryan Killackey and his wife photographed Southern California's lakes, oceans, mountains, deserts, hot air balloons, trains, freeways, skylines, city lights, water parks and waterfalls to compose a beautiful time lapse / tilt shift short film.

Reach Out And Touch No One: Phonehenge Demolition Begins

The "ornate maze" of buildings in Acton was ordered to come down by a judge, and for violating a dozen or so building codes, the development's eccentric visionary, Alan Kimble Fahey, may be required to perform community service.

Stabbing Death On A South Gate Bike Trail, Suspect Sketch Released

The body of 50-year-old Francisco Rivera was found stabbed to death on a "popular and well travelled" bicycle trail along the LA River in South Gate, and investigators are asking the public for help in locating the suspect, according to a LASD news release.

Nature vs. Domesticated Nature: Coyotes Kill Dog Near Braille Institute

There have been several coyotes sightings by area residents who are concerned about the safety of their children, local blind students, and pets. Teachers at the Braille Institute are worried that coyotes may "clash with guide dogs."

Mine, Mine, Not Mine: Burglary Victims Find Stolen Stuff Listed On Craigslist, Deputies Find Drugs Inside Seller's Home

A firearm, computers, and tattoo equipment were stolen from a Lancaster home during a burglary in late June. About a month later, the burglary victims, while browsing Craigslist in an attempt to replace their missing goods, saw what they thought to be their stolen tattoo equipment for sale, according to a news release.

Hissy Fit: Mattel Ordered To Pay $309M In Bratz Doll Debacle

Trade secrets. Hired gumshoes. Spying. Lying. Stealing. Millions of dollars. Dolls. Welcome to the ongoing battle of Barbie vs. Bratz, or, more legitimately, the war between MGA Entertainment and Mattel Inc.

There Is A Light That Never Goes Out: 'LA Light' Stunning Time Lapse Video

It's important to slowly and mindfully chew today's video lunch for full digestion benefits. Los Angeles is quietly commandingly and beautifully soothing in this time lapse video shot with multiple cameras and lenses and "various DIY contraptions" according to filmmaker Colin Rich.

LAPD Hosts 'National Night Out' Events Across The Region

National Night Out (NNO), the country's annual nighttime anti-crime time, has been a community-based national effort in crime prevention since 1984. What started as 2.5 million people in 400 communities across 23 states has grown into 37 million people in 15, 100 communities from all 50 states by last year's count.

Tesla Teases With Video Of Pre-Production Model S

The electric car super geniuses at Tesla Motors have released a sneak peek video of its pre-production Model S Alpha having a go around a test course. Tesla teases with test footage showing showing little more than sleek sportiness silently skimming the surface of the track, reports Auto Week.

2 Hurt In Accident At Amtrak Train Yard

Two workers were injured at an Amtrak train yard near downtown Los Angeles early Tuesday, according the the Associated Press. The workers were reportedly "on a rolling work cart that got caught between two moving trains. The cart was destroyed."

Hair Supply: 1st LA Beard And Mustache Competition Is Accepting Applications

Oh thank goodness. Competitive facial hair finally has a forum. Calling all cool guys, cro-mags, waxy twirlers, office sharks, solo stashers, boy band close shavers, and creepy crawlers, the 1st Los Angeles Beard and Mustache Competition in now accepting applicants for the August 14 "face-off" to be held at Federal Bar in North Hollywood.

TIME Asks 'Can Downtown Los Angeles Be Manhattanized?'

Slowly, the rest of the country is catching on that Downtown Los Angeles is no longer a post-sunset ghost town of tumbleweeds and closed businesses.

Delta Dumps On Slash During A Flight From Minnesota To LAX

It was sad and gross times for Slash and the rest of the passengers on a Delta flight last evening when a toilet backed up in the air, according to TMZ.

Whale Tails: New CA License Plate Looks A Lot Like Old CA License Plate

The California Coastal Commission has unveiled a new "Whale Tail" license plate that looks uncannily like its retired replacement. The new design, however, features a more lifelike whale instead of a rendering from Laguna Beach artist Wyland.

Criminals Love The History Section: Homeless Man Arrested For Laptop Theft In Library Sting Op

43-year-old Brian Natonski of Los Angeles was arrested on Thursday in a sting operation at the Central Library for allegedly stealing a laptop left intentionally unattended by detectives, according to LA Now.

A Most Dramatic Garage Sale: Theater Company Purges 19 Years Of Props, Scenery, Costumes, Furniture, Lighting & More

In anticipation of their move to Pasadena, A Noise Within, a Southern California classical repertory theater company based in Glendale, is cleaning house and purging the property of 19 years worth of scenery, props, costumes, wigs, furniture, lighting, curtains, fabric, seating and more.

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Tonight in Extra, Extra! Rallying for Rally Cross, hospital workers face violence, Harrison Ford settles a feud with Chewbacca. Plus: Keep up with us on Facebook, and follow us on Twitter: @LAist @LAistFood @LAistSports.

Debt Ceiling Dealings: President Obama Addresses The Nation, Agreement Reached, Spending To Be Cut By $1 Trillion

Debt Ceiling dealings took to the television at 5:40 p.m. on Sunday when President Barack Obama addressed the nation to say that congressional leaders in both parties had reached an agreement on a deal that would reduce the deficit and avoid U.S. default.

Waves Gone Wild: US Open Of Surfing Takes Over Huntington Beach

Opening weekend of the Nike U.S. Open of Surfing paddled off to a wild start in Huntington Beach with crowd density and traffic usually reserved for finals weekend, according to the Orange County Beach Blog.

Elderly Blind Woman Choked & Robbed By Mugger In Little Tokyo, LAPD Releases Video

A shocking video was released today by Los Angeles detectives of a daytime robbery that occurred on 1st Street between Los Angeles Street and San Pedro Street in Little Tokyo on June 24. A man is seen choking an elderly blind woman and robbing her of a gold chain and jade pendant, according to a news release.

The Truth Is Out There: UFO Conference In Irvine Urges Scientific Methods

A UFO convention held this weekend Irvine had a decidedly scientific message. The Mutual UFO Network symposium emphasized the need for researchers and investigators to keep an open mind, but to implement higher standards of precision and scientific method into their field of study, according to the L.A. Times.

From Captain Chaos To Bernie The Agent: A Birthday Celebration Of Dom DeLuise

Today's video lunch is a celebration of the beloved actor, comedian, cartoon voice and chef, Dom DeLuise, who died in his sleep at age 75 in Los Angeles in May of 2009. Bernie the Agent, Entourage has nothing on you. Captain Chaos, you could take Captain America any day. RIP and happy birthday.

Dehydrated In Dallas: Kings Of Leon Cancel Entire U.S. Tour

Kings of Leon are having band problems bigger than not drinking enough Gatorade. Lead singer Caleb Followill walked off stage during a performance Friday in Dallas prompting a cancellation of the entire U.S. tour.

Accidental Compost: Garbage Truck Crashes On Its Side In Front Yard Of Home

A sanitation truck apparently crashed near a home and tipped over on someone's unfortunate lawn on Monday, according to ABC Local. The truck's brakes reportedly failed, causing it crash into or near a house at the intersection of Minnesota and Johnston streets in Lincoln Heights. It was unclear if anyone was home at the time. One person was transported from the scene with minor injuries, says LAFD.

Upside Down At X17: Photos From The X Games In DtLA

X Games X17 comes to a close in Los Angeles. Figueroa Street, no longer a RallyCross course, will return to it's regularly scheduled congestion and similarly questionable driving.

MTV Turns Dirty 30, Is Interested In Pregnant 16 Year Olds

MTV, a music network born of a Michael Nesmith idea for Nickelodeon called "Pop Clips" that was sold to Time Warner in 1980, turns 30 today. MTV began airing at 12:01 a.m. on August 1, 1981 with the words "Ladies and gentlemen, rock and roll" voiced over footage of the first space shuttle launch.

Extra, Extra

Tonight in Extra, Extra! Frenemies fall down, vandals vs. crustaceans, voting districts, and Kings of Leon dehydrate. Plus: Keep up with us on Facebook, and follow us on Twitter: @LAist @LAistFood @LAistSports.

Get Out: Unique LA, Oxnard Salsa Festival, English Beat At Hermosa Pier

Get Out! And stay out. There's so much to do today! Get your fill of all things spicy, do all your shopping for the next six months and rock out for free by the water.

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Shark Week Dominates The Entertainment Food Chain, Begins Sunday At 9 PM

Shark Week distends its mighty jaw and gobbles up the Discovery Channel beginning Sunday night at 9:00 p.m. with a Shark Week series of bloody spectacular sea shows.

Toxic Tap: CA Issues Nation's First Hexavalent Chromium Goal

The California EPA has issued the first U.S. public health goal for minimizing the cancer-causing metal hexavalent chromium (or, chromium 6) in drinking water, according to the L.A. Times.

A 'Video Lunch' With Bite: SNL Land Shark, Card Sharks Game Show, 30 Rock Motivational Shark Advice

In celebration and anticipation of the forthcoming carnage of Shark Week, please enjoy today's themed video lunch. Knock knock. Who's there? Candygram.

'Distraught' Man Jumps From Skid Row Building, Misses Inflatable Mattress

A man "distraught over personal issues" was seriously injured just before 9:00 a.m. on Sunday when he jumped from the third-story fire escape of the Jonah Project building on skid row, said authorities, according to LA Now.

ABC7 Reporter Shot With BB Gun Fire During Live Broadcast

Reporter Leanne Suter was injured Saturday when she was shot in the hand with BB gun fire during a live weather broadcast near Summit Avenue and the 15 Freeway in Fontana, according to ABC Local.

From Deadly Crime Scene To Sunday Sermon At Boyle Heights Church

A nearly century-old church in Boyle Heights returned to a normal day of piety just hours after LAPD cleared out following a deadly standoff in one of the building's hallways, according to The Eastsider LA.

Week Around The Ists

Check out news from across ists-a-vere, from same sex marriages in New York to the Chicago Cubs' realization that one-third of all game attendance is tourism related.

Get Out: X Games, LA Rising, Frozen Dinosaur Attack

Get Out! This Saturday you can tempt fate in a variety of extremely exciting ways. See what's up (or upside down) at the X-Games, pilgrimage to the Coliseum for LA Rising with Rage Against the Machine and Muse or watch a Neanderthal man battle a frozen dinosaur that comes back to life and attacks an island. Choose wisely.

Summer Rain Possible In Parts Of LA This Weekend, Flood Warning Issued

It's summer! Grab your umbrella. Los Angles is readying for a potential pounding in the mountain areas with temperatures dropping and the possibility of rain, thunderstorms and flooding in some areas, according to the National Weather Service.

Night Hikers Discover Dead Man's Body In Rancho Palos Verdes

Sheriff's Homicide Detectives were called near the 5600 block of Palos Verdes Drive to "investigate the circumstances surrounding the shooting death of a man," according to a LASD news release.

Sleeping Sports Car Driver Slams Into Squad Cars, Injures 4 LAPD Officers

Four LAPD officers responding in West Hills to a "party call" were injured early Saturday morning when a sleeping woman in a late-model Jaguar slammed into two parked police cars striking the officers standing nearby, according to LA Now.

ThunderCats Snarfs Its Way Into A Reboot - Ho!

ThunderCats is back with a series reboot that was very close to not being the ThunderCats you remember. There was almost no Snarf. True story. Read it here. The new model Cats Ho!!!-ed into action last night on Cartoon Network and we salute the fighting felines in today's video lunch tribute to the nearly scrapped Snarf.

Hideki Irabu Remembered By Teammates, Honored With Moment Of Silence

Hideki Irabu, the former New York Yankees pitcher found dead of an apparent suicide on Wednesday in Rancho Palos Verdes, was remembered Friday night by his famous teammates and honored with a moment of silence at Yankee Stadium before a game against Baltimore, notes the Associated Press.

Fatigued Officer Dies Following SWAT Fitness Test

31-year-old Buena Park police officer Daniel Ackerman died on Saturday after being rushed to an Orange County hospital during a SWAT fitness test Friday morning. Ackerman, an Irvine resident, reportedly exhibited signs of fatigue during the training exercise said authorities, according to LA Now.

Radar Love: Late Night Porsche Chase Ends At Echo Park Mini Mall

An ivory-colored Porche being pursued by the California Highway Patrol took a scenic, albeit quick, tour of Echo Park last night as it raced northbound on Glendale Boulevard around 10:30 p.m., according to The Eastsider LA.

Even Too Much Sitting Can Kill: Xbox Addict Dies From Blood Clot After Marathon Gaming Session

A sad warning comes today by way of 20-year-old "Xbox addict," Chris Staniforth who was killed by a blood clot after a marathon gaming session in England, according to the NY Daily News.

Heated Testimony & Altercation During Trial Of Teen Charged In Killing Of Gay Classmate

An altercation between the family of slain gay student Larry King and the family of a teacher giving testimony, took place this week during the murder trial of former fellow classmate Brandon McInerney, according to the LA Times.

Would I Lime To You? Papaya Recall Prompted By 97 Illnesses

A salmonella outbreak linked to papayas has prompted a recall, and consumers are being warned about the contaminated that fruit that sickened 97 people, including 10 hospitalization, in 23 states, according to the FDA.

The Prince Says 'Happy Anniversary' To Zsa Zsa With A $68,000 Billboard That She Can't See

Invitations can be SO pricey. Instead, Frédéric Prinz von Anhalt told TMZ that for a for a mere $68,000 he purchased a 44-foot billboard to rule over Hollywood for one month in anticipation of his 25th anniversary to actress Zsa Zsa Gabor on August 14.

Like I'm So Sure, Purse Snatching Is On The Rise At Malls

A rise in purse snatchings at malls and grocery stores in the Santa Clarita Valley has prompted a warning to shoppers, according to KTLA. With the recent increase in grabby hands, women are being asked to pay extra attention.

Naked Nuisance? Nudists Claim Harassment In San Onofre

Nudists are claiming that they are being harassed by park rangers in San Onofre, according to KTLA. In the buff beachgoers were banned from San Onofre State Beach and have since migrated their parts to other area sands.

When Tattoos Aren't Enough: Kat Von D Announces Jesse James Break-Up On Twitter

Painted lady Kat Von D and fascist-loving philanderer Jesse James have shockingly called off their engagement. Naturally, 29-year-old Von D announced news of the break-up on Twitter.

And Like That, He's Gone: A Kevin Spacey Birthday Flashback

The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn't exist. For today's video lunch we're wishing a happy birthday to Kevin Spacey / Verbal Kint. PS: SPOILER ALERT for the video if you haven't seen The Usual Suspects.

Burning Man 2011 Has Sold Out. Of Tickets.

For the first time in Burner history (25 years), tickets for Burning Man have sold out, according the official blog. "The Bureau of Land Management (BLM), which oversees the Black Rock Desert National Conservation Area, requires us to manage growth in line with the previous year’s population in order to comply with our use permit. As a result, Burning Man has exercised its oft-stated right to cap ticket sales."

Jim Henson's Lost Script To Become A Graphic Novel Series, Comic Book Prequels For Dark Crystal & Labyrinth

Archaia Entertainment and The Henson Company have announced they will be joining forces to bring to life the lost Jim Henson screenplay, "A Tale of Sand," in graphic novel form, according to Deadline.

Border Agent Was Killed For His Night Vision Goggles

Emilio Samyn Gonzales-Arezenas, one of the men responsible for the robbery and killing of a Border Patrol agent near Campo in 2009, said the victim was targeted in an effort to steal his night vision equipment, according to KTLA. Five men lured the agent, 30-year-old Robert Rosas Jr., into a trap by leaving footprints in the dirt while he was on patrol.

Extra, Extra

Tonight in Extra, Extra! Jim Henson's lost script comes to Comic-con, Culver City homeowners anticipate October, Smurf Week takes on Navy Week, and all aboard The Weezer Cruise. Plus: Keep up with us on Facebook, and follow us on Twitter: @LAist @LAistFood @LAistSports.

Anti-Semitic Graffiti Found On Northridge Walls, Sidewalks

Hate graffiti and anti-semitic iconography was found painted on sidewalks and walls in Northridge this weekend, according to ABC Local. Authorities believe it was likely done by teenagers affiliated with a white supremacist group, but "it was unknown who sprayed the hate messages," said LAPD.

Fire Count = 18: LAPD, LAFD Continue Search For Noho Arsonist

The serial arsonist setting North Hollywood ablaze is still on the loose. "The Los Angeles Fire Department’s Arson/Counter-Terrorism Section has now been called is working closely with officers from the Los Angeles Police Department's North Hollywood Community Police Station in an active, ongoing investigation," notes a news release.

Bleeding Out: California Lost More Than A Million Jobs In The Last 5 Years

California is #1!!! In losing jobs. Our state has lost 6.7% of its jobs (= just over a million), more than any other state in the country, in the past five years, according to Los Angeles Business Journal.

'I Bleed' - The Pixies w/ Weird Al Yankovic @ Echoplex

Not much can be said about this video lunch that it doesn't say for itself. Inspired collaborations make for delicious flashbacks. Too bad it wasn't followed it up with a rendition of 'Eat It.'

'Michael Forever - The Tribute Concert' Announced: Four Siblings Approve, Two Oppose

Katherine Jackson, Michael Jackson's mother, along with siblings La Toya, Marlon, Jackie and Tito, held a conference today at The Beverly Hills Hotel and announced plans for "Michael Forever - The Tribute Concert" scheduled to take place Oct. 8 at Millennium Stadium in Wales, according to the Associated Press.

Time Is On My Side: Another 24-Hour Screening of 'The Clock' Comes To LACMA

Like sand through the hourglass, another 24-hour screening of artist Christian Marclay's The Clock is set to wind up beginning Thursday, July 28 at 5:00 p.m. and ending Friday July 29 exactly 24 hours later in LACMA's Bing Theater. The piece, a "melding of video and reality," uses hundreds of sampled clips sourced from the far reaches of genre, culture and era.

This Just In: Cranberries Are Not As Effective As Antibiotics

Urinary tract infections (UTIs), a delightful treat for nearly half of all women, call for many traditional and untraditional remedies, including cranberry products. ABC Local is reporting that, according to experts, utilizing cranberry whatever "doesn't work better than antibiotics."

(NSFW) Just What It Sounds Like: 'Topless Day' Returns To Southern California On August 21

Sometimes an event is so compelling that it's capable of converting even the most freewheeling, non-planners into a type-A time watchers. Buy a calendar and write this down. Sunday, August 21 is Topless Day.

Extra, Extra

Tonight in Extra, Extra! Bob Dylan's grandson is a rapper, the man who created Hot Wheels has died and what 10,000 pounds of catfish don't know, might hurt them. Plus: Keep up with us on Facebook, and follow us on Twitter: @LAist @LAistFood @LAistSports.

Get Out: Venice Summer Fest, Wanderlust Yoga In The City, Global Soul

Get Out! (We mean that in the nicest way possible.) Another fine LA day greets you with free community yoga, a Venice Beach festival and soothing soul music from around the globe.

Firestarter: NoHo Arsonist Set 14 Fires In 2 Days

An arsonist is being hunted in connection with "at least 14 car, mobile home and apartment fires" in North Hollywood over the past two days, says CBS Local.

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Pretty, Purple, Poisonous: Don't Pet The Poodle-Dog Bush

It's pretty, it has lavender flowers, it grows in areas of scorched earth, and it will totally ruin your big plans for the next few weeks if you touch it. Meet the poodle-dog bush. Available now in parts of the Angeles National Forest and other local areas recovering from wildfires.

Amy Winehouse in Echo Park, Around LA: 'Tears Dry On Their Own' Video

Sad news spread quickly yesterday of Amy Winehouse's membership into the 27 club when she was found dead in her London home. The music video for her heart-aching Back To Black track "Tears Dry On Their Own" was shot in Los Angeles, and "directed by David LaChapelle on 22 May 2007," according to Wikipedia. Clearly she's prancing Hollywood Blvd in addition to "footage of Winehouse making her way through Echo Park and in a dim hotel room...Grand Hotel at 1479 S La Cienega Blvd."

Photo Of The Day: Call The Sassy Police, Someone Lost Their Cupcake Chapstick In Burbank

A smart alec has defiled this heartfelt plea for LOST sunglasses in Burbank. Oh cruel world.

Corona Plane Crash Investigation: Extensive Damage, Two Fatalities

The NTSB is investigating a small plane that crashed in Riverside County near Corona on Saturday, killing two people, according to ABC Local.

Ski-Masked Gunman Opens Fire In Front Of Little Tokyo Nightclub

Two men were shot by a ski-masked gunman early Saturday morning "as they stood in front of The Vault XXI, a boutique lounge club in Little Tokyo," according to a LAPD news release.

Week Around The Ists

Check out links from the other -ists, from the National Zoo's sad panda news about Mei Xiang to the NY woman too busy fighting a stranger to notice her baby roll from the subway car in a stroller.

Get Out: Bloomfest LA, Tonalism, Monster Movie Matinee

Today in Get Out.... GET OUT! It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood with Bloomfest LA in the Arts District, Monster Movies for your matinee, and an all-night musical happening in Eagle Rock.

New Details Arise In Penis Chop Case

New details have surfaced in court papers in the case of the woman who severed her husband's penis and mangled the hacked off unit in a garbage disposal after allegedly poisoning his tofu dinner and tying him to a bed earlier this month, says L.A. Now.

Dead At 27: A Deliciously Cursed 'Video Lunch' Of Perilous Popular Mythology

The curse of 27 claims another soul, adding to the perilous popular mythology that 27-years-old is the age that separates the boys from the men, the lost from the found, the dead from the living and the higher auto insurance rates from the lower auto insurance rates. Today's video lunch is a heavy one. Ironic, considering how much never even made it to the plate.

A Horrifying, Neck-Stabbing, Pool-Drowning, Chatsworth Crime Scene

In what police believe was an attempted murder/suicide, a man stabbed his wife in the neck early this morning at the couple's Chatsworth home and then drowned himself in the swimming pool, according to the Daily News.

Operation Caddyshack: Police Nab Grand Theft Club Stealer n' Weed Dealer Near Golf Course

Deputies from the Parks Bureau Special Problems Team arrested a man for Grand Theft, Possession of Marijuana for Sale, Possession of a Firearm with the Serial Number Removed, and Possession of Stolen Property adjacent to Alondra Park Golf Course on Friday, according to a news release.

Penis Tongs, When Masturbating Is Just Too Exhausting

A FDA-approved, tong-like vibrator for men now exists. And while the word 'tongs' has always been a little gross, after watching the video on Gizmodo, you will likely feel the strong urge to grab burgers off the grill with your bare hands from now on.

Overboard: Boat Capsizes In Los Angeles Harbor, Three People Rescued

A 14-foot sailboat capsized in Los Angeles Harbor on Saturday prompting the rescue of three individuals by firefighters and lifeguards, according to CBS Local.

Manhunt In The Marina: Woman Robbed Then Shot In Parking Structure

A suspect is still at large after a reported shooting and robbery inside a parking structure in Marina Del Rey. "Deputies found a 44-year-old White female lying face down near a pool area in Marina Del Rey Thursday night, with a gunshot wound to her lower back," according to a LASD news release.

It's Not The Size Of The Rainbow, It's How Sony Uses It: Wizard Of Oz Public Art Finds A Home

Somewhere over the rainbow has been discovered. It's a magical place called Culver City. Dodge the poppies and be mindful of apple-throwing trees as you make your way to Sony Pictures Entertainment where a 94-foot tall sculpture of a rainbow will be installed on the lot, according to the Daily Breeze.

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