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Sheriff Calls Coroner's Inquest About Andres Guardado A 'Circus Stunt'

The sheriff also dismissed the County Board of Supervisors' decision earlier this week to explore the legal options for removing or impeaching him, calling it "a power grab."

The Ultimate Mental Health Distraction Worksheet For Election 2020 (And Beyond)

You want rabbit holes? We got rabbit holes. Jump in. The water's fine.

A Step-By-Step Guide To Getting The Most Money Possible From Your Unemployment Benefits In California

This is not a drill. Changing rules. Changing payments. Changing qualifications. And millions of people trying to figure out a system that was inscrutable to begin with.

Is It Safe Out There?

If you're getting mixed signals and confusing messages it's because of the mixed signals and confusing messages. See more at "How To (New) LA" -- our special edition series of practical guides for navigating Los Angeles.

What's Open, And What Are The Rules?

California's reopening rollercoaster belongs in a 1980s New Jersey theme park. See more at "How To (New) LA" -- a special edition series of practical guides for navigating Los Angeles.

How To (New) LA: Practical Guides For Navigating The Day-To-Day As It Changes Minute-By-Minute

Up is down. Day is night. High is low. Left is mustard. This is the world right now. Hundreds of news briefings, thousands of audience questions, and an entire newsroom of reporting has gone into this special edition of our L.A. handbook series.

An OC Barbershop Says Choice Was 'Open, Or Let Our Dream Die'

How can you keep a six foot distance while cutting hair? You can't.

LAist Is Facing A Financial Crisis. We Need Your Help

We're now bracing for an expected 25% drop in our revenue -- a frankly terrifying forecast for our mission-driven newsroom.

LA Expands Free Coronavirus Testing To Taxi, Public Transit, And Rideshare Drivers

Mayor Garcetti said drivers can get the free test even without having symptoms.

Take Your Child To Work Day Is Maximum Quarantine Gaslighting

I once saw a butterfly fight a bird. This "holiday" was worse.

LAUSD Will Not Reopen Its Campuses This School Year

Superintendent Beutner said students and teachers will continue "in the current, remote fashion, and we will hold summer school in a similar manner."

Randy Newman Wrote A Quarantine Song For Us And Humanity: 'Stay Away From Me'

"Stay away from me. Words of love in times like these."

Nothing Is Awesome Except For This Game We Made Up About Groundhog Day

It's not even a game. But at least it's a momentary break from the news.

Former City Councilman Mitch Englander Surrenders To FBI -- Indictment Cites Female Escorts, Cash Payouts In Bathrooms, Thousands On Alcohol

In 2018, Englander -- who represented L.A.'s 12th city council district -- stepped down in the middle of his term to take a private sector job with an entertainment and sports facilities company.

Carson Refinery Fire: What We Know So Far And What It May Mean For Gas Prices

The cause of the fire is under investigation but officials say it appears there was an explosion in a cooling tower. Officials say the fire is contained and under control and no injuries have been reported.

Amoeba Music Will Shape Shift To A New Location In Hollywood

It'll be the same "music, movies and memorabilia"/"buy, sell, trade" business, just a few blocks away.

How To Dress Like LA For Halloween -- Your Last-Minute Costume Guide

Come out to the coast, put on these costumes, have a few laughs.

Ask Us Your Questions About Climate Change. It's Better Than Screaming Into The Void

Whether you're paralyzed by fear, inspired by science, fired-up to take action, or something in between, we want to hear from you.

It's Mueller Report Day. Here Are Some LA Bars That Open At 6 AM

For those seeking a quiet scrolling place to watch Twitter combust.

The Slowest Freeway In LA Is Not All Of Them. Here's The Real Answer

A group of L.A.-based journalists and data scientists have calculated which freeway is actually, really, truly, for real, no joke the slooowwwwwwest.

It's Daylight Saving Time Again. Your Oven Clock Isn't Going To Reset Itself (Probably)

A friendly reminder to change your non-robot-controlled clocks before bed on Saturday night.

What Christmas In LA Looks Like Across Space And Time

You're busy ripping open presents. We're busy ripping open the space-time continuum. Join us for a photo journey through the ages.

Michelle Obama Went To A DTLA School And Crushed Storytime

The former First Lady was here as part of her Becoming book tour, but if you asked the kids they'd probably tell you she was here to read them The Gruffalo.

The Chillest Halloween Playlist That Absolutely Will Not Scare You

This is for the Halloween homebodies. May it help pass the awkward silences between strangers demanding candy.

HGTV Just Bought The Brady Bunch House -- But Will The Restoration Include This Room?

This pending purchase of the Sherwood Schwartz sitcom exterior has not been without pop star controversy. Because why would it be?

Heat Hacks: How To Stay Cool Without Air Conditioning

Hot hot help. It's a heatwave and we've got zero chill about finding you a cooling center. Here's a list of local resources and DIY tips from formerly warm people.

The Walkman Waketh: 3 Songs To Start Your Day

Happy birthday to a revolutionary rectangle.

You Definitely Have Questions About Housing. Ask Them

What do you want to know about this special hell known as the California housing market?

Morning Music That's Good For Your Soul(stice)

Please enjoy these pool-ready anti-jams.

Your Breakfast Sing-A-Long With The Sherman Brothers

On the menu: swinging Parisian cats, London's enchanted chimneys and the bold interiors of 1960s California ranch life.

TFW You Relaunch A Website And You Hope Someone Notices

This was almost a playlist of Julie Andrews and The Kinks. Maybe tomorrow.

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Desperately Seeking DNA: D.A. Wants Review Of Collection Ban

District Attorney Steve Cooley announced today that he sent a letter to CA Attorney General Kamala Harris urging her to seek a state Supreme Court review of the appellate ruling earlier this month that prohibits officials from collecting arrestee DNA samples, according to a news release.

Husband Of 'Real Housewifes Of Beverly Hills' Armstrong Found Dead Of Apparent Suicide

Russell Armstrong, the estranged husband of "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" star Taylor Armstrong was found dead Monday evening at his home on Mulholland Drive, reports NPR. A spokesman from the Los Angeles County coroner says the cause of death was hanging and no suicide note was found. Armstrong was pronounced dead at 8:16 p.m.

Houston We Have A Refund: Tom Hanks Reportedly Pays Ticket Cost For 2 Unhappy 'Larry Crowne' Viewers

Allegedly, while filling up his car at a Pacific Palisades gas station, Hanks came face to face with a man and a woman who, "expressed disappointment at his latest film," according to the National Enquirer says the The Guardian.

No Carat Left Behind: Jewelry Dealer Robbed On The Way Home

Tustin police detectives are searching for a pair of jewel thieves who snatched $260,000 worth of sparklies from a jewelry dealer on the evening of June 9, according to KTLA.

Trying To Get To You: Elvis Presley Finds His Way Home At The '68 Comeback Special

Today's video lunch sends a big Aloha from Los Angeles to the pelvis that shook the world. Elvis Presley was found dead on this day in 1977 at the age of 42.

Santa Monica College, KCRW Lockdown Lifted After Report Of Gunman

After receiving a report of a gunman on campus, school officials at Santa Monica College locked down the campus, including the KCRW studios, for about one hour on Tuesday, according to NBC LA.

Extra, Extra

Tonight in Extra, Extra! A suspect thought to be armed and dangerous, has been named in the Chatsworth double murder. Also, a shooting star photo taken in outer space. Plus: Keep up with us on Facebook, and follow us on Twitter: @LAist @LAistFood @LAistSports.

Double Murder Manhunt: Chatsworth Suspect Believed Armed & Dangerous, Family Makes Plea

A manhunt continues for 43-year-old Brent D. Zubek, the suspect named in the Chatsworth double murder discovered by authorities in the 20400 block of Lassen Street, according to LA Now.

Prehistoric Vandalism: Elaborate Dinosaur Diorama Surrounds Cardiff Surfer Statue

Over the weekend, a Cardiff-by-the-sea statue named “Magic Carpet Ride,” -- informally referred to as the "Cardiff Kook" -- underwent another in a series of unapproved transformations at the hands of jokers or vandals or guerrilla artists or Miss Baker's 4th grade science class.

Like A Motherless Child: Richie Havens Opens Woodstock 42 Years Ago Today

Man, it was just like Woodstock. On this day in 1969, Max Yasgur rescued the future by allowing the Woodstock Music Festival to be held on his 600 acres in Bethel after permits in Woodstock (about 50 miles away) were denied. 50,000 people turned into 200,000 people that turned into nearly half a million people. You know the rest. Richie Havens started the rock rolling with the very first set around 5:00 p.m. Today's video lunch is going back to the garden.

Change For The Parking Meters: DTLA Parking Experiment Is Watching You

In an effort to improve the parking situation downtown, transportation officials have created an experimental "dynamic pricing" program called ExpressPark. The pilot program, approved Friday by the City Council, "seeks to impose some logic and radically change the way meter prices are set for more than 500,000 people who work or shop each day in the city's center," according to the L.A. Times.

Zsa Zsa Gabor Wears Pink Dress & Tiara For Her 25th Wedding Anniversary, Watches Party From Bed

Making good on his billboard invitation, Frederic Prinz von Anhalt threw his wife of 25 years a celeb-attended wedding anniversary party that she couldn't attend. Instead, Zsa Zsa Gabor, reportedly in a pink dress and tiara, watched the party from bed, says the Hollywood Reporter.

Airport Commissioner Found Dead In A Backyard Lounge Chair

A longtime commissioner of the Burbank-Glendale-Pasadena Airport Authority was found dead on Monday, "reclining in a lounge chair in the backyard of his Burbank home," according to the Valley Sun

Capybara Caper! The Bigfoot Of Rodents Spotted In California

A capybara, the world's largest rodent, was spotted at the Paso Robles Wastewater Treatment Plant. "After surviving in the wild for years, including a run-in with a shotgun, the world's largest rodent is becoming somewhat of a legend in a Central California city," says NBC LA.

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Tonight in Extra, Extra! iam8bit in Echo Park, a bathrobe on fire and a bear in Glendale. Plus: Keep up with us on Facebook, and follow us on Twitter: @LAist @LAistFood @LAistSports.

Get Out: Roots Roadhouse 2, Ventura County Fair, Lucha Libre

Get Out! You've got your choice of masked wrestlers for free, a rodeo and fried food or an all day music fest in Echo Park.

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'Anonymous' Hackers Threaten To Show Fullerton PD 'As Much Mercy As Was Shown Kelly Thomas'

Hacker-activist group "Anonymous" has threatened retaliatory cyber attacks against the Fullerton Police Department over the death of Kelly Thomas, according to LA Now.

Motorist Shot Last Week In Silver Lake To Be Taken Off Life Support, Organs Donated

Juan David Vasquez Loma, the 25-year-old former employee of El Chavo and Garage Pizza who was shot in the head while driving on Silver Lake Boulevard last week, will be taken off life support and his organs donated, according to Echo Park Patch.

Spat Between Friends Turns Into A SWAT Standoff In Pasadena

An arguement between friends spun out of control at a Pasadena home early Sunday morning prompting a SWAT team intervention, according to CBS Local.

LA Story vs Bowfinger: I'll Have A Double-Decaf Cappuccino

We're serving a double stack of Steve Martin for today's video lunch in honor of the big guy's 66th birthday. Here are two uniquely Martinesque dead-on-balls-accurate documentary films about Los Angeles. PS if you're not regularly reading the banter between Steve Martin and Albert Brooks on Twitter, you are missing out.

Walking Green: LA Designer Creates $18,000 Flip Flop That Saves The Rainforest

Exciting and unaffordable news from the world of eco-fashion comes from LA-based Chipkos, a company that's boasting "the world's most expensive flip flop."

Art Heist! The Ritz-Carlton Robbed Of $250,000 Rembrandt In Marina Del Rey

A pen-and-ink drawing by Dutch artist Rembrandt Harmenszoon van Rijn estimated to be worth approximately $250,000 vanished from the Ritz Carlton in Marina Del Rey on Saturday, said an LASD spokesman, according to LA Now.

Another Fatal Crash On Angeles Crest Highway, Death Toll = 4

Saturday afternoon's fatal car accident along a stretch of Angeles Crest Highway is the fourth death since the road reopened in June following repairs from the Station Fire, says LA Now.

Unholy Guacamole: Layer Dip Recall For Potential 'Avocado Pulp' Contamination

Don't dip! Fresh Food Concepts, Inc. is voluntarily recalling a variety of Layer Dip products containing guacamole over concerns that the avocados used may be contaminated with Listeria monocytogenes, according to the FDA.

Week Around The Ists

Check out links from across the ists-a-verse, from fence jumpers at Lollapalooza to porn of Jimmy "The Rent Is Too Damn High" McMillan to Shanghai's most vicious bus driver.

Anonymous Is Busy: BART & CA Traffic Safety Websites Hacked, Fullerton PD & Facebook Threatened

Though not exactly as expected, Anonymous, the organization that earlier threatened the Fullerton PD, came through on a threat to compromise the Bay Area Rapid Transit System (BART) website on Sunday, says CNET.

Get Out: Pacific Festival, All-Night Cinespia, The Hudson Block Party, Craft Beer Crawl

The TV is broken so you best GET OUT! There's an all day brunctastic block party in WeHo, an all day dance fest in the OC, an all night movie marathon in the cemetery, and beer.

Burning Sensation: Prostitution 'Sting' Nets 16 Arrests In Castaic

Castaic, known for its beautiful lake, its proximity to Six Flags, and its ongoing prostitution problem, has hosted another Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department "John" sting around a heavily-trafficked area on Castaic Road, according to a LASD statement.

The Game May Not Be Having Fun: Rapper's Tweet Jams Sheriff Station Lines Causing Emergency Response Delays

Claiming a music internship opportunity, Charles Louboutin, The Game, tweeted the public help line number for the Compton Sheriff's Station of the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department to his nearly 580,000+ followers at 5:23 p.m. on Friday night prompting hours of calls and delaying emergency response service for incidents including "a missing person, a spousal assault, two robberies and a stolen car," according to a LASD statement.

TWIST! A Collection Of Alfred Hitchcock Cameo Appearances

The Master of Suspense celebrates his would-be birthday today and to honor the prince of psychological thrillers and the granddaddy of twist endings, today's video lunch is a delectable cornucopia of Alfred Hitchcock's legendary cameo appearances.

LAFD Responds To Morning Fire At L.A. Live Center

Firefighters and police responded at 10:30 a.m to a small fire set by a man on Saturday on the third floor the Marriott Hotel at the ‘L.A. Live’ center, according to CBS Local.

Double Murder In Chatsworth, Bodies Found Inside Home

Police are investigating two deaths in Chatsworth after the bodies of a man and woman were found inside a Chatsworth home on Saturday, says the Daily News.

Eat Brains: 4th Annual Charity SoCal Zombie Walk

Non-zombies, protect your brain bits Saturday! Hollywood Blvd is home court for the latest SoCal Zombie Walk. Zombies will be gathering in the courtyard of parking structure up the block from Geisha House at 1718 N.Cherokee Ave at 5:30 p.m. The march of zombification begins at 6:30 p.m.

A Tropical Dance Party In MacArthur Park

For the dance ready who aren't looking to haul their cookies all the way to the OC for Pacific Festival, or for those who simply prefer an urban park in which to boogie, this Saturday, dublab presents…HEATING UP: A TROPICAL DANCE PARTY at Levitt Pavilion in MacArthur Park from 6:30- 8:30 p.m.

Where The Cliffs Have No Homes: U2's The Edge Sues Over Malibu Mansions

U2's guitarist, The Edge (aka David Evans), has joined other property owners and is suing state regulators "after they rejected a proposal to build a cluster of mansions in Malibu," reports ABC Local. The National Park Service is also opposed to the project saying the development would "scar the expansive ridgeline

Toro! Red Bull Bandit Suspect Arrested In South Pasadena

South Pasadena police arrested suspected "Red Bull bandit" 21-year-old Eric Petrossian on Thursday believing he may be connected to a string of energy drink thefts in neighboring areas, according to Pasadena Sun.

LA Bus Stops & The Case Of The Disappearing Benches

You're not imagining things. The bus benches are disappearing. Norman Bench Advertising, the company that has provided and managed approximately 6,000 bus benches around Los Angeles for the past decade, began removing them last week when they were not awarded a new contract, according to the L.A. Times.

Graveyard Rocks: Harper Simon To Moderate Q&A During Cinespia 'Movies Til Dawn'

Cinespia goes all night Saturday, August 13 at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery with dusk 'til dawn screenings of the D.A. Pennebaker directed Monterey Pop, Jimi Hendrix: A Documentary, rare concert footage, psychedelic animation, short documentaries and other trippy sights and sounds from 60s and 70s.

U Can't Touch This: MC Hammer Dances His Way To Safety At The Gathering Of The Juggalos

Put on your parachute pants for today's video lunch. Faring better than Tila Tequila who faced an assault of rocks and bottles during her performance at the Gathering of the Juggalos last year, MC Hammer both survived the show and did the Hammerdance last night essentially gyrating the crowd into submission. The signs were trying to tell us.

SSMF: Street Fest Set Times Announced, Mötley Crüe To Feature Tommy Lee's '360' Vertical Drum Roller Coaster

Sunset Boulevard will be shut down to traffic on Saturday August 20 between Doheny Drive and San Vicente Boulevard to accomodate the immense rock of the Sunset Strip Music Festival.

Teen Choice Awards 2011: Vampires, Surf Boards, Earplugs, Bieber

Gibson Amphitheater in Universal City was ground zero for the underage set yesterday as (a surprising number of celebrities and) teen idols turned up to walk the to blue carpet to an awards show that registered over 100,000 million votes. Ashton Kutcher stopped by on his way to go fishing, Justin Bieber showed how much he needs a belt, wore a plastic head piece that looked exactly like his actual hair and so. much. screaming. happened. for. vampires.

Last Gay Holocaust Survivor Has Died

Rudolpf Brazda, the last surviving man "to be sent to a Nazi concentration camp because of his homosexuality", has died at the age of 98, according to the Jewish Journal.

Who Else Wants To See A Terrifying Map Of Pedestrian Deaths In Los Angeles?

The advocacy coalition Transportation for America has analyzed and mapped almost ten years of pedestrian death data across the country and released a report, Dangerous By Design 2011, that ranks Los Angeles the 27th Most Dangerous metropolitan area for pedestrians.

LAPD 'Significantly' Expands Search For Grim Sleeper Victims, 230 Unsolved Cases Being Reviewed

In an effort to identify additional victims of the Grim Sleeper serial killer, Los Angeles Police Department detectives "have significantly widened the number of cases they are reviewing", and are currently examining 230 unsolved killings and missing persons cases dating back to the 1970s, says the LA Times.

A Sad Collage Of Missing Cats In Echo Park

Recently, Flash went missing, and after an exhaustive search and thorough postering of the area, the "gruesome discovery" of Flash's leg was found in the street by a neighbor. Coyotes.

Phish Debuts '50 Ways To Leave Your Lover' Cover At The Hollywood Bowl

It will be hard not to inhale today's video lunch. In their first Los Angeles show since 2003, Phish held a curfew-conscious concert at the Hollywood Bowl on Monday night. It was both their venue debut, and the debut of Paul Simon's "50 Ways To Leave Your Lover" cover featuring Jon Fishman on lead vocals and drums from his front & center mini-kit setup. Also there was a moment of feedback. Another first at the Hollywood Bowl (at least for this concert-goer).

'Kid' From Kid n' Play Arrested By LAPD?

47-year-old Christopher "Kid" Reid, the hi-top fade half of the 80s and 90s hip hop duo Kid n' Play, was reportedly arrested Tuesday morning at his home in Los Angeles, says TMZ.

Smuggler's Capsized Panga Washes Ashore In Palos Verdes

It's a big week for smuggling and it's only Tuesday. The discovery of a capsized "smugglers' boat" in the surf near Palos Verdes Estates has prompted an investigation, says the Daily Breeze. On Sunday, three suspected smugglers were arrested on a small boat off Newport Beach after hurling packages into the ocean.

Elmo Tells Dudamel How To Get... How To Get To Sesame Street

Charo, look out. The guest star of honor getting all the attention today is LA Philharmonic Music Director Gustavo Dudamel who will be making an appearance in the upcoming 42nd season of Sesame Street.

And The Wooden Gavel Goes To... Golden Globes Rights Case Goes To Trial

This morning, a U.S. District Court Judge ruled that the dispute between the Hollywood Foreign Press Association and long-standing Golden Globes producer, Dick Clark Productions, should go to trial over "the issue of rights to the Golden Globes franchise," says Deadline Hollywood.

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Tonight in Extra, Extra! There may be saltwater on Mars. Don't forget your special clock! Plus: Keep up with us on Facebook, and follow us on Twitter: @LAist @LAistFood @LAistSports.

Boat Bust: Suspected Drug Smugglers Toss Packages In Ocean Near Newport Beach

Three Mexican nationals suspected of drug smuggling were arrested aboard a boat off Newport Beach on Sunday after being spotted by lifeguards, according to authorities. The 25-foot panga, reported stolen in Mexico, was reportedly headed to Huntington State State park when it was seized by police, according to ABC Local.

New Inmate Dies After Falling Ill, Autopsy Pending

A recent inmate who fell ill at the Men's Central Jail in downtown Los Angeles and was taken to County-USC Medical Center, has died. An autopsy is pending, according to the LA Times.

Driver Shot In Silver Lake Worked At 2 Local Businesses, Road Rage Likely Motive

The motorist shot in the face around 5:00 a.m. Sunday while driving in the 1400 block of Silver Lake Boulevard, has been identified as David Vasquez, a delivery man for Garage Pizza and also an employee of El Chavo, according to KTLA.

LA Vintage Footage: Bad Boys In The 1950s

Today's video lunch is a strange footage feast of anti-climactic 'bad' behavior. Although the clips go nowhere and nothing 'bad' really seems to happen it's more than worth the watch for the local landscape, cars, hairdos and, of course, gas price signage.

Arnold Schwarzenegger Wears 'I SURVIVED MARIA' T-Shirt Out For A Bike Ride

Arnold Schwarzenegger finally answered a big one. Question: When does a fashion faux pas become a fashion F-you? Answer: When a husband wears a t-shirt out in public that says "I SURVIVED MARIA" with the dates of their marriage written on the back while attempting to settle divorce proceedings with his betrayed wife who discovered he fathered a child with another woman.

West Nile Virus In LA County Confirmed, 2 Men Hospitalized

The first human cases of West Nile Virus in LA County this year have been confirmed by health officials. Both victims, described as "middle-aged males who have preexisting health conditions", have been hospitalized and are recovering, according to the Department of Public Health.

Angeleno Heights Sees First Million Dollar House Sale Since May 2010

A 123-year-old Victorian in Angeleno Heights at the corner Kellam Avenue and West Edgeware Road has joined the neighborhood's "million dollar house club," with a $1.1 million sale last month, according to The Eastsider LA.

LA Bands Say Goodbye To Lollapalooza 2011: Best Coast, Cold War Kids, Daedalus, Lord Huron, 12th Planet

Lollapalooza 2011 saw a rainy end to the festival on Sunday August 7. LA artists Best Coast, Cold War Kids, Daedalus, Lord Huron, 12th Planet, and Little Hurricane braved the inclement weather to give a damp, yet hearty, adios to Chicago.

Extra, Extra

Tonight in Extra, Extra! 'Athletes' party turns violent, opportunities on N. Figueroa, and tainted spinach recall. Plus: Keep up with us on Facebook, and follow us on Twitter: @LAist @LAistFood @LAistSports.

Get Out: Taste Of San Pedro, OC Fair Blues, Teen Choice Awards

Get Out! There's a celeb-heavy televised teen invasion at Universal, fancy beer horses and the blues at the OC Fair and take the last bites of the Taste of San Pedro.

Driver Shot In The Face On Silver Lake Boulevard

At about 5:00 a.m. Sunday in the 1400 block of Silver Lake Boulevard near Scott Street, a motorist in his 20s crashed his truck into a parked car after he was shot in the face through the driver's side window of his vehicle, according to KTLA.

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