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In Los Angeles And Beyond, Oxygen Is The Latest COVID Bottleneck

The oxygen delivery infrastructure is crumbling under pressure in Los Angeles and other covid hot spots, jeopardizing patients' access to precious air and limiting hospital turnover.

COVID On The Menu: How Failed Contact Tracing Leaves Diners in the Dark

Public health researchers believe restaurants are among the most common places to get infected with COVID-19 but contact tracing has been so lackluster that few health departments have been able to link disease clusters to in-person dining.

The Mysterious White House Testing Scheme That Did Not Protect Trump

President Donald Trump's COVID-19 diagnosis is raising fresh questions about the White House's strategy for testing and containing the virus.

Lights, Camera, No Action: Insurance Woes Beset Entertainment Industry Workers

Many actors, directors, backstage workers and others in the entertainment industry are often eligible for health coverage through their unions, a model that some experts promote for other gig workers. But coverage is determined by past employment, and many of these professionals aren't working because of the coronavirus.

Less-Lethal Weapons Blind, Maim and Kill. Victims Say Enough Is Enough

For years, activists and civil libertarians worldwide have urged police to ban less-lethal projectiles from use for crowd control.

Police Using Rubber Bullets On Protesters That Can Kill, Blind Or Maim For Life

Police in multiple cities are using supposedly "nonlethal" crowd-control methods from rubber bullets to tear gas bombs to pepper-spray projectiles.

California's Sobering Coronavirus Testing Dysfunction. Every Lab -- And County -- For Itself

A mix of commercial and public labs are responsible for testing in California, and supply chain limitations have plagued them all.

CDC Sent Same Size Coronavirus Test Kits To Large Cities, Small Towns

Each kit contained material to test a mere 300 to 400 patients.