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Nearly 2,000 Visit The California Desert To Remember A Dark Chapter In American History

Many see parallels between the xenophobia that met Japanese Americans during World War II and the way immigrants and refugees are treated today.

The Next Big Asian American Rom-Com Is Coming. Here Are 8 Others To Watch Before Then

Asian American Rom-Coms: You can literally count them on both hands.

We Visited The Set Of 'Fresh Off The Boat' -- The First Asian American Sitcom To Hit The 100-Episode Milestone

TV's longest-running show with an Asian American lead cast is waiting to hear about a sixth season. No other show with an Asian American lead cast has made it this far

The Other LA College Cheating Scandal -- The One You Might Have Missed

Feds say the defendants, mostly former or current UCLA students, have been charged with using fake passports to impersonate their Chinese clients at language testing centers.

You've Seen Those Shen Yun Ads All Over LA. Here's What The Show Is Really About

That sense of being stalked by the ads is seemingly universal. But much less understood is the dance troupe's origins in a controversial spiritual movement.

Not Just Dragon Dancing. The History Of LA's Chinatown Parade You Might Not Know

The origins of Chinatown's popular Golden Dragon Parade go back more than 100 years to a multicultural event called La Fiesta de Los Angeles.  The Chinese were invited because organizers thought they could bring "spectacle."

LA's Leading Public Radio Newsroom Is Getting A New CEO

Herb Scannell sought the job because audio is experiencing a "renaissance." He said KPCC, through its broadcast and digital journalism, is filling an increasingly important civic role as many print outlets struggle.

Striking Mandarin-Language Teachers Held A Rumor Control Rally In Chinatown

Some Chinese-speaking families think teachers are getting paid as kids miss out on schooling.

LA Jews Might Be Kibitzing With You On The Phone About Bail Reform

Senate Bill 10 has become the leading cause for some local Jewish organizations.

They Thought Religious Groups Would Open Their Parking Lots To The Homeless. They Were Wrong

The founders of Safe Parking L.A. had a simple idea -- match people living in their cars with safe places to park overnight, let them sleep without disruption. So why has been so hard to find religious groups to open up their parking lots?

Why A Group Of Young, Local Pastors Went To A DTLA Workshop On Immigration

"Faith leaders have the moral imperative to be the conscience of this country," said CLUE trainer Guillermo Torres.

She's A 'Dreamer.' And A Priest. And Might Need Sanctuary At Her Own Church

"We have allowed our faith to be hijacked by domestic terrorists hiding behind three-piece suits and the Bible," said Rev. Nancy Frausto, perhaps the only female "Dreamer" priest in the U.S.

Backlash Is Brewing In Inglewood Over Proposed Stadium For LA Clippers

Housing activists in Inglewood are suing the city, claiming that officials are putting construction of the proposed L.A. Clippers stadium ahead of residents’ housing needs.

Compton Has A Muddy Water Problem. Here's What It'll Take To Fix It

A troubled water district serving 1,600 ratepayers in Compton and Willowbrook is fighting for its existence, after complaints of discolored water coming out of taps have led to calls for its dissolution.