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Reclaiming Public Space: Modular Synth Music Along The L.A. River

The monthly event takes place somewhere along the L.A. River.

Meet Milt Larsen, The Man Behind Hollywood's Magic Castle

The founder of the Magic Castle talks growing up in a family of magicians and old Hollywood.

'White Men Only': The Troubled Past Of Studio One, A Historic Gay Disco

The ongoing preservation efforts largely overlook Studio One’s racist past.

Why Trump Is A Terrible Negotiator, And Why Mark Wahlberg Is The Best In Hollywood

"For all intents and purposes, Mr. Trump does not have any allies. He only has the enemies and the conquered."

Meet The Woman Who Helps The Beastie Boys, Beck And The Avalanches Clear Their Samples

Pat Shannahan is the shadowy figure working behind the scenes on some of the most innovative and legendary albums.

The 9 Best Web Series About Living In Los Angeles

Here are some of the scripted series that speak to what a wonderful, diverse, imperfect, mind-boggling, neurotic and sometimes terrible place Los Angeles can be.

Man Arrested After Burning Two Homeless People

The suspect is being held on $1.27 million bail.

Battle Over L.A. Billionaire Sumner Redstone's Trust Gets Messier

The future of Viacom and CBS Corp is up in the air.

Video: Jay Duplass, Maria Bamford Eagle Rock The Vote

Eagle Rock Neighborhood Council Elections, now with more pie.

Top 10 List: These Are The Richest People in L.A.

These are the people who own Los Angeles.

Bruno, The Anaheim Police Dog Shot In The Face, Has Died

He died due to complications from being shot on duty two years prior.

L.A. Rams' T.J. McDonald Arrested For DUI After Crashing Into Parked Car

An L.A. Rams player catching some early pre-season hard knocks.

LADWP Doesn't Know Where To Get Water To Refill Silver Lake Reservoir

Will the Silver Lake Reservoir be empty forever?

Airbnb Claims 'Typical' L.A. User Makes $7,000 Per Year

The Airbnb v. L.A. saga continues...

Decapitated Shark Spurs Investigation In Newport Beach

A headless young shark sparks a social media mystery.

How These Wooden Fences Became A Symbol Of Gentrification Across Los Angeles

"I think we see this fence in transitioning neighborhoods because it can be built cheaply and quickly and it exudes a modern appeal that signals that the home itself may also be updated."