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LAst Night's Action: Dodgers and Angels Duel Away for Wins

On this Friday night, we were treated to two pitching duels with both the Angels and the Dodgers defeat the Yankees and Giants respectively 2-1. It seemed like a karmic gift for suffering through this little heat wave in Southern California this week.

LAst Night's Action: The Return of the NFL

They say absence makes the heart grow fonder, and holy shitballs is my heart fonder of the NFL right now. The NFL schedulers were geniuses in scheduling the New Orleans Saints to visit the Super Bowl Champion Green Bay Packers. After the threat of a lost season, people don’t want to see 3-2 defensive quagmires. They want to see offense, offense and more offense. With the Packers beating the Saints 42-34, this game delivered.

LAst Night's Action: Angels Win a Sad Indictment on Team

You know what’s sad? As anemic as the 2011 Angels have been, they might still make the playoffs. The only tough teams left on their schedule is this weekend’s three-game stand against the Yankees and the final three games of the season against the Rangers both at Angel Stadium.

LAst Night's Action: Dodgers Drown Nats

I don’t know if anyone realized that today was Stephen Strasburg’s season debut for the Nationals. Just about a month ahead of schedule from Tommy John surgery and limited to 60 pitches, he really packed the Washington crowd into the stadium. All 29,092 of them. Well, maybe the shitty weather dictated the attendance more than anything else, but still.

Summer of Sorrow Continues for Hockey

The NHL and hockey has been pounded with a deluge of shit during this offseason. Even before the Boston Bruins hoisted the grandest trophy of them all, we learned of enforcer Derek Boogaard’s death at the age of 28. We have come to find out that Boogaard had been struggling with addiction to pain killers for years before his overdose.

LAst Night's Action: It's All About Preparation

One of the causes of hemorrhoids is increased intra-abdominal pressure - in other words, too much straining. With all the clenched assholes around USC and UCLA during their first games of the season, I certainly hope both programs have a healthy stock of Preparation-H.

LAst Night's Action: It Was a Good Friday in Sports

It was a good Friday in sports. Hope that appeared dead suddenly sprang back to life. Let’s start with the local kids the Dodgers. Against a playoff-bound Atlanta Braves team, the Dodgers trail 5-0 by the third inning. It really made me rethink what I wrote on Wednesday about the Dodgers offense. Perhaps they did really well since they played the likes of San Diego, Colorado and a down St. Louis team. Perhaps all of this offense had been an illusion.

The Curious Case of the Dodgers Offense

Things have changed in the last two weeks with the Dodgers. All season long watching this Dodger team has been painful. Game after game there was a pretty good chance to witness a good pitching performance, but the offense was awful.

Lessons to Be Learned in Dodgers Win

There were a couple of lessons to be had in the Dodgers’ 8-5 victory over the San Diego Padres: always take outs when they are given to you, and it’s never over until the 27th out is secured.

Kill the NCAA: College Football Schedule Week 1

One day away from the start of the college football season and iniquities of powerhouse programs dominate the headlines.

All Quiet on the Ethier Front

As the dust has started to settle on the Andre Ethier Fallout II, the organization has been very tight-lipped. I tried to talk with head trainer Stan Conte to get the specifics of Ethier’s knee injury. Usually very forthcoming about players’ injuries, Conte told me, “I don’t know if I can say much about Ethier.”

Loney Continues His Resurgence, Kershaw Wins 17th for Dodgers

Armed with a two-run homer and a double, James Loney’s resurgence continued as he helped the Dodgers defeat the San Diego Padres 4-1. “James, love it,” Manager Don Mattingly said. “He’s been swinging the bat good there.”

Matt Kemp's 100th RBI Gives Dodgers Walk Off Win

Since Don Mattingly tinkered with the batting order on Monday in St. Louis, the Dodgers have averaged 7 ½ runs in those four games. Mattingly said the focus of the changes was Matt Kemp. “It was really more with Matt getting him an extra at-bat,” Mattingly said. “We talked about it. Matt’s a three-hole guy: he hits for power, he hits for average.”

LAst Night's Action: Dodgers Sweep Birds, Angels Sweep Chi Sox

LA Dodgers defeat St. Louis Cardinals 9-4. “Where the hell was all of the run support earlier in the season you assholes?!” If I were Dodgers’ starter Hiroki Kuroda, that’s exactly what I would say to every position player. But of course Kuroda is a much nicer person than I, so I’m sure he’s just happy to be able to exhale a bit on the mound. Well as much as one can relax in the middle of the St. Louis 97-degree-plus-humidity weather summer day without melting one’s cleats.

LAst Night's Action: Dodgers Bash Red Birds

LA Dodgers defeat St. Louis Cardinals 13-2. The Libyans took control over Muammar Gaddafi’s compound. There was a 5.8 earthquake in Virginia that could be felt all along the East Coast as they prepare for Hurricane Irene. The Dodgers bid adieu to catcher Dioner Navarro due to “philosophical differences”. So it just followed that the Dodgers would vomit up runs like a bloated supermodel wannabe after Thanksgiving.

LAst Night's Action: Tony La Russa Saves Dodgers

LA Dodgers defeat St. Louis Cardinals 2-1. It’s called the Tony La Russa Syndrome. It’s what happens to managers who tinker with the lineup to the point of absurdity in the hopes of being called a genius. The long-term symptom of this syndrome is the squeezing of fun from the game. It could also lead to completely fucking up World Series (see 1988 and 1990.)

LAst Night's Action: Dodgers Explode in Rainy Denver

LA Dodgers defeat Colorado Rockies 8-2. No Andre Ethier, no problems for the Dodgers in Coors Field. Out of the lineup with an infected big toe, the Dodgers used Tony Gwynn, Jr., Justin Sellers and Aaron Miles ahead of MVP candidate Matt Kemp in the cleanup spot. It wasn’t a lineup that inspired a lot of confidence.

LAst Night's Action: Angels Wait Until Last Swing To Show Life

LA Angels defeat Texas Rangers 2-1. It isn’t much, but the Angels showed signs of life. It’s like one of those scenes in those maudlin hospital dramas where the patient has flatlined after being taken off of life support. Family members are crying, doctors are mumbling amongst themselves. Then there’s a beep. The mournful tears of family members are now replaced by tears of hope. And that’s about where the Angels are.

LAst Night's Action: Angels Still Can't Break Through Against Texas

Coming into Monday’s game the Angels were four games behind the Rangers. Now having lost the first three games of the four-game series, the Angels fall to seven games back with nothing going right.

LAst Night's Action: Another Angels Pitching Let Down

Texas Rangers LA Angels 7-3. At least the Angels’ Monday night starter Garrett Richards had an excuse leaving the game early: he pulled his groin muscle. On Tuesday night, starter Tyler Chatwood couldn’t throw a strike.

Warrior, MMA and the Existential Crisis

It’s been a long time since a movie has caused so much of an existential crisis within me. I think the last time that happened was with The Matrix 2, and the crisis was actually the bruising of what little intellect I had due to the absolute inanity-laden philosophical assault it took. But with Warrior, I really had to wonder if I am just a contrarian just for the sake of it.

LAst Night's Action: Groin Down the Drain for Rookie Garrett Richards and Angels

Texas Rangers defeat LA Angels 8-4. Dan Haren told reporters over the weekend that the Angels couldn’t afford to dig themselves a deeper hole in the race for the AL West. Coming into their four-game series against the first place Rangers down four games, there is some pressure on them especially coming off of a 2-4 road trip which culminated in an extra-innings bullpen meltdown in Toronto Sunday afternoon.

Sellers Makes Kuroda's Game a Dream

The Dodgers reported that they had at least 5,000 walkups for Sunday’s game. Perhaps those 5,000 knew something I didn’t or had some faith in this Dodger team. But what went down at Dodger Stadium in the Dodgers’ 7-0 victory over the Houston Astros almost turned this heathen atheist into a full-fledged Messiah-loving believer.

Dodgers Sacrificial Fifth Inning Gives Them Some Insurance

Sometimes it’s easy to think you’re too big for your own britches after watching baseball games day after day. Saturday night’s Dodger 6-1 victory over the Houston Astros humbled me a bit, but not because of anything big.

Dodgers Ugly Game a Gem for Youngsters

There was not a whole lot of pretty going on in Dodgers ten-inning 1-0 victory over the Houston Astros. Throughout the night the Dodgers kept stranding runners on base, 12 in all, while going 1-for-7 with runners in scoring position. The offensive ugliness climaxed in the bottom of the ninth inning when the Dodgers failed to score with the bases loaded and no outs. Despite the ugliness that abounded in the game, for several youngsters the game was a dream.

There May Be Hope Yet for NFL in Los Angeles

At the Farmers Field media presentation on February 1, someone affiliated with the project asked me how excited I was about the NFL coming back to Los Angeles. It was clear by the joyful, upward cadence of her question that the correct answer was, “OHMYGODITHINKI’MGOINGTOPUKEI’MSOEXCITED!!!!!111”

LAst Night's Action: Richards Knocked Around in MLB Debut in the Bronx

It was a rough introduction to the Major Leagues for Angels’ 23-year old starter Garrett Richards. Called up during his first year in Double-A ball to fill in for the suspended Jered Weaver, Richards certainly got a baptism by fire.

More Than Meets the Eye in Dodgers' 2-1 Loss to Phillies

Just a cursory look at the box score, and nothing would seem amiss in the Dodgers’ 2-1 loss to the Philadelphia Phillies. Phillies’ starter Cliff Lee was his usual transcendent self pitching eight innings of shutout ball. But a closer look would show how strange a night it was at Dodger Stadium.

Dodgers 5-3 Loss to Phillies a Sad Story

The Dodgers’ 5-3 loss to the Philadelphia Phillies was sad so many ways. It was sad because the Dodgers really tried. They got nine hits off of Cy Young winner Roy Halladay and 13 hits total off of the best team in baseball.

LAst Night's Action: Dodgers Silent in San Diego

San Diego Padres defeat LA Dodgers 3-0. Even Petco Park couldn’t contain Ted Lilly who gave up his third career homer at Petco Park, the place where offense goes to die. It looked like Lilly would record only his second game in his last eight where he didn’t give up a home run. Then the sixth inning came around and blew that to hell.

LAst Night's Action: Kershaw Complete for Dodgers

LA Dodgers defeat San Diego Padres 6-2. Padres’ starter Cory Luebke’s night started to fall apart in the fifth inning. After Jamey Carroll led off the inning with a double, Luebke’s inexperience allowed the Dodgers to break the game open. Clayton Kershaw laid down a bunt along the third base line that was going foul. However before the ball had a chance to cross the line, Luebke picked it up and threw to first. Only the throw was high, and Kershaw was safe on first.

Colletti's Curious Dodgers Deals Confounding

I’m confused. The Dodgers are a franchise that is desperate for offense as evidenced yet again in their 6-3 loss to the Arizona Diamondbacks on a sunny humid Sunday afternoon. So it made complete sense that they shipped out a top outfield prospect to get a defensive catcher and two pitchers.

LAst Night's Action: Prom Queens Galore Between Angels and Tigers

It would have been nice to be able to discuss what a great pitching duel it was with Tigers’ starter Justin Verlander four outs away from a no-hitter. Unfortunately the actions of a few detracted from it all.

Dodgers' Shortstop Rafael Furcal Agrees to Trade with St. Louis Cardinals

The vultures are circling overhead trying to pick at the choice morsel bits of the decaying Dodgers. On Saturday the vultures were the St. Louis Cardinals trying to pick off Dodgers’ shortstop Rafael Furcal.

Hiroki Kuroda Chooses Loyalty Over Ring

Despite the haze of uncertainty surrounding the Dodgers leading up to the trading deadline, one thing became sorted out on Saturday. Dodgers’ starting pitcher Hiroki Kuroda will be staying in Los Angeles.

Dodgers Pitcher Kenley Jansen On Blood Thinners and Disabled List

A bum ticker ain’t no laughing matter. And when the ticker-in-question belongs to the 23-year old Dodgers’ relief pitcher Kenley Jansen, the gravity of the situation is amplified.

Dodgers' Matt Kemp Makes an Argument for MVP

Dodgers’ centerfielder Matt Kemp continues to make his argument for being the National League Most Valuable Player. Coming into the game leading the National League in Wins Above Replacement (WAR) at 6.3, Kemp was responsible for the Dodgers’ first five runs as they pounded the Arizona Diamondbacks 9-5.

Dodgers' Pitcher Kenley Jansen Hospitalized with Irregular Heartbeat

After making seven pitches to record his second save of the season Tuesday night, Dodgers' relief pitcher Kenley Jansen reported feeling a little bit of a flutter in his heart. Not taking any chances the Dodgers immediately sent him to the hospital where he was kept overnight with an irregular heart beat.

Mike Richards Looks Forward To New Beginning with Kings

After spending six seasons with the Philadelphia Flyers, new Kings’ center Mike Richards is eager to make a new start in Los Angeles. “I look forward to starting the season with L.A.,” Richards said. “This is great but the big thing is going to be on the ice and starting a new chapter in my life.”

Dodgers Hate Kuroda, Withhold Run Support

The Dodgers hate Hiroki Kuroda. After all, how else can one explain the lack of run support Kuroda this season? “I think it’s him being unlucky,” Dodgers’ Manager Don Mattingly said directing the propaganda. If “unlucky” means “unworthy of getting any runs from us,” then that quote is spot on.

Sloppy Fourth Inning Gives Dodgers the Win

Clayton Kershaw would have lost the pitching battle with Colorado Rockies’ starter Jhoulys Chacin had it not been for an adventurous fourth inning in the field for the Rockies. The two unearned runs by Chacin combined with one earned run in that inning gave the Dodgers enough offense for the 3-2 victory over the scuffling Rockies.

Ervin Santana Tosses a No-Hitter for the Angels

With the baseball world still buzzing about the worst call ever to end a 19-inning game, Angels’ starting pitcher Ervin Santana decided to force everyone to move on. Santana pitched a no-hitter against the Cleveland Indians getting the 3-1 victory, the ninth in Angels’ history. Not only was it his first no-hitter, it was also his first career victory over the Indians.

A Breeze Turns Stormy in Dodgers 8-5 Win over Rockies

Sometimes the Dodgers can kill fans with their one-run nail biters. Sometimes the Dodgers can do what they did Monday night against the Colorado Rockies. Going into the top of the ninth with the 8-1 lead, Javy Guerra wound up with his team-leading eighth save in the Dodgers’ 8-5 victory.

Dodgers Avoid Disaster in Victory over Nationals

The game of baseball never fails to amaze and wonder those who follow the game. Part of the appeal of going to a game is the hope of seeing something unseen. While Chad Billingsley’s outing against the Washington Nationals might not qualify as something unprecedented, it was still quite a wonder to see him and the team wriggle from the potential catastrophe and defeat the Nationals 3-1.

Lilly's and Furcal's Bats Power Dodgers' Victory

On a night when the Dodgers celebrated Don Drysdale’s 75th birthday, it was the offense that bailed out the Dodgers in their 7-6 victory over the Washington Nationals. Specifically it was the struggling Rafael Furcal who bailed the Dodgers out.

A Park a Day: Peck Park, San Pedro

July is National Parks & Recreation Month, and all month long LAist will be featuring a hand-selected park a day to showcase just a few of the wonderful recreation spaces--big or small--in the Los Angeles area.

Bankruptcy Court Orders Dodgers to Take Baseball's Loan

United States bankruptcy judge Kevin Gross earlier on Friday ordered against Dodgers’ owner Frank McCourt and the $150 million loan he obtained from Highbridge Senior Loan Fund, a hedge fund operation. Instead McCourt will be forced to “deal with the devil” and negotiate with Major League Baseball and Commissioner Bud Selig.

Dodgers Pack No Punch against Nationals

If I were Dodgers’ starter Hiroki Kuroda, I’d waive my no-trade clause to the first contender that wanted me and high-tail it out of Dodger Stadium after getting tagged for the Dodgers’ 7-2 loss to the Washington Nationals.

LAst Night's Action: Dodgers' Gem in the Bay

To offset the embarrassment going on concurrently in Delaware, the Dodgers and Giants sent their best to the mound for a matinee performance. With a Clayton Kershaw and Tim Lincecum pitched affair, it really came as no surprise the game would be a 1-0 hemorrhoid-inducing tight walk.

LAst Night's Action: Dodgers and Angels Continue to Head South

As if the depths of this dark season for the Dodgers haven’t been enough, this team passes yet another milemarker of their ineptitude. For the first time since 1969, the Dodgers have lost six in a row to the Giants.

A Park a Day: Point Fermin Park, San Pedro

July is National Parks & Recreation Month, and all month long LAist will be featuring a hand-selected park a day to showcase just a few of the wonderful recreation spaces--big or small--in the Los Angeles area.

LAst Night's Action: The Misery Continues

The first pitch Chad Billingsley made in the bottom of the fourth inning went a couple of feet short of being deposited into McCovey Cove. Nonetheless there was no doubt that ball was a home run from the instant it left Pablo Sandoval’s bat. And there was never any doubt that despite the Giants only taking a 1-0, there would be no way for the Dodgers to mount a recovery.

Party Time for Lakers, Clippers Fans: NBA Announces 2011-12 Season

As NBA TV studio host Matt Winer said, it’s a party. The NBA officially released the 2011-12 schedule, and naturally the party was delayed until the finish of a WNBA game. Oh and there’s the whole lockout thing that really put a damper on the flying confetti.

Another Gagné Arrives in Los Angeles

After inking a two-year, $7 million deal with the Los Angeles Kings on July 2, Simon Gagné becomes the second Gagné to make a home in Los Angeles. Of course the first Gagné merely won a Cy Young Award in 2003 and set the Major League record of 84 consecutive converted save chances for the Dodgers. Even though Simon has played in Philadelphia for most of his career, Éric is not a foreign topic for him.

Dodgers Offense Emerges to Support Kershaw

Borrowing a line from Ice Cube, today was a good day for the Dodgers. Actually it was great as they beat the New York Mets 6-0 after having a players-only meeting called by Jamey Carroll an hour before the game started.

No Angels in the Outfield for the Dodgers

While flipping through the channels this morning, I landed on Turner Classic Movies which was airing the 1951 Angels in the Outfield starring Janet Leigh. Like the 1994 Disney remake of the schmaltz-fest, it features a joke of a baseball team who gets the help of angels to win the pennant. Unlike the 1994 remake, the schmaltz is tolerable because Janet Leigh was involved. Oh and instead of the California Angels, the team represented was the Pittsburgh Pirates.

LAst Night's Action: At Least Chivas USA Won

New York Mets defeat LA Dodgers 5-3. If you have nothing good to say, don’t say anything at all. To quote manager Don Mattingly after the game, “We have to keep going, and we have to play in a way that tells ourselves that we are going somewhere. That’s what we have to do.” The Dodgers are 9-18 in their last 27 games dating exactly one month.

Same Story, Different Night for the Dodgers

Here’s the rundown of the Dodgers’ 6-0 loss to the New York Mets: Ted Lilly gives up homers; Dodgers offense muster nothing; Dodgers lose. “That’s been our story,” Dodgers’ manager Don Mattingly acknowledged particularly when it came to offense. Although this story is categorized as “news”, this is nothing new for the team and anyone who has followed the team this season.

Dodgers Appearance Deceiving, Lose to Mets 5-2

With the Dodgers, appearances can be deceiving. Despite being sixth in the National League in batting average, they couldn’t string together enough hits as they fell to the New York Mets 5-2. Exhibit A: The two runs they scored against New York Mets’ starter Chris Capuano (W, 8-7), one each in the second and fourth innings on James Loney RBI singles, looked to be enough for a Dodger win. Dodgers’ starter Rubby De La Rosa (L, 3-4) was pitching a no-hitter through five innings confounding the Mets’ hitters.

LAst Night's Action: Tale of Two 1-0 Games

While there isn’t that much disparity between two 1-0 games, the ramifications were night and day to the two Los Angeles-area teams. First to the bankrupt team. Minnesota Twins defeat LA Dodgers 1-0. Dodgers’ starter Rubby De La Rosa gave up a leadoff triple to Ben Revere in the first inning. That was his only mistake which ended up scoring on Tsuyoshi Nishioka’s groundout.

LAst Night's Action: Back To Reality for Lilly and the Dodgers

Minnesota Twins defeat LA Dodgers 6-4. After their 25-hit bonanza, the Dodgers came back down to reality. Sort of. They did manage four runs. They even got a homer from Aaron Miles in the fifth inning, his first since Sept. 16, 2008.

LAst Night's Action: Epic Night for Dodgers in Twin Cities

It looked like bankruptcy served the Dodgers well on the field. They blasted the Twins with 15 runs and 25 hits in their second win ever in the Twin Cities. All nine starters recorded at least two hits, one run scored an one RBI in getting the most hits since they also hit 25 against the Angels on May 19, 2006. All outfielders had four hits with Matt Kemp a triple short of the cycle and Trent Oeltjen a double short of the cycle.

Can MLB Terminate the Dodgers?

FILE - In this Feb. 28, 2006, file photo, Major League Baseball commissioner Bud Selig, left, and Los Angeles Dodgers owner Frank McCourt wait for the Urban Youth Academy opening ceremony to begin in Compton, Calif. Major League Baseball is taking over the Dodgers, a team financially paralyzed by the divorce of its owners, Frank and Jamie McCourt. Selig says in a release Wednesday, April 20, 2011, that he will appoint a representative to...

Angels 8-3 Victory A Wild Adventure

With the offensive struggles of the Dodgers and Angels well documented, this game was doomed to be a 1-0 snoozefest. Instead the game was played like a bunch of little leaguers on Thorazine, the Angels pulling out the 8-3 victory.

Tigers Overpower Dodgers To Prevent Sweep

Bottom of the ninth, bases loaded, two outs. The game is quickly avalanching towards the four-hour mark with the Detroit Tigers leading the Dodgers 7-5. Dioner Navarro up to bat against Tigers’ closer Jose Valverde. Valverde, who hadn’t pitched since June 16, was laboring giving up singles to Andre Ethier and James Loney and a walk to Matt Kemp. Navarro had already come to the plate once with the bases loaded and two outs:...

Kings Acquire All-Star Mike Richards from Flyers

In a blockbuster trade ahead of the NHL Entry Draft beginning Friday, the Los Angeles Kings acquired All-Star center Mike Richards from the Philadelphia Flyers for forwards Wayne Simmonds, Brayden Schenn and second round draft pick. The 26-year old Flyers’ captain is a two-time 30 goal scorer and is under contract until the 2019-20 season.

LAst Night's Action: Dodgers Tame Tigers

LA Dodgers defeat Detroit Tigers 6-1. In what is an infrequent showing, the Dodgers looked like a good baseball team for one night. Fuelled by Andre Ethier’s two-run homer in the fifth inning, the Dodgers bled the Tigers slowly. A walk to James Loney and singles by Aaron Miles and A.J. Ellis gave the Dodgers their first run in the second inning. The Tigers copied that template in the fourth inning to tie the...

The Battle of the McCourts Is Over... Sort Of

FILE - This March 19, 2009, file photo shows Los Angeles Dodgers owner Frank McCourt waiting to make his Town Hall Los Angeles speech at a Los Angeles hotel. Commissioner Bud Selig is taking away control of the Dodgers from McCourt, whose troubled finances and unresolved divorce settlement have seemingly paralyzed the once-proud franchise. (AP Photo/Chris Pizzello, File) According to Bill Shaikin of the LA Times, Frank and Jamie McCourt have agreed to a...

Dodgers Take the Good, Take the Bad

With a lot of young players making their way onto the Dodgers this season, you have to take the good with the bad. This was quite evident with shortstop Dee Gordon Monday night in the Dodgers 6-4 loss to the Cincinnati Reds. Manager Don Mattingly put it best after the game: “You’re going to live with what you get with a kid like that.” Gordon has shown the great parts of his game that...

LAst Night's Action: Rockies Coors Field Mojo Does in Dodgers

Colorado Rockies defeat LA Dodgers 9-7. We can file this game under “Coors Field Classic.” Everything seemed to be going well for the Dodgers. Starter Clayton Kershaw was doing his thing posting zeroes each inning. Matt Kemp tried to win more All-Star votes. Matt Kemp’s solo homer to lead off the fourth inning broke things open for the Dodgers, but he didn’t stop there. After Andre Ethier hit a two-out RBI single in the...

LAst Night's Action: Dodgers Blanked in Philly

Philadelphia Phillies defeat LA Dodgers 2-0. Things were strolling along in the muggy night at Citizens Bank Park with Phillies’ starter Cole Hamels and Dodgers’ starter Hiroki Kuroda pitching a nice duel. The only hit in the early going was an infield single by Andre Ethier in the first inning. Then things got interesting. After Hiroki Kuroda got Carlos Ruiz and Wilson Valdez out in the bottom of the fifth inning, things got interesting....

Dodgers Youth Movement Stirs Old Memories

This sure as hell beats the on-field storylines from the Dodgers early in the season: They can’t hit worth a lick and their bullpen sucks. The young arms have somewhat stabilized the bullpen with both De La Rosa and Guerra getting a win each from the bullpen

LAst Night's Action: Dodgers Strike Out Against Cliff Lee, Phillies

Philadelphia Phillies defeat LA Dodgers 3-1. A leadoff double by Wilson Valdez in the third inning doomed Dodgers’ starter Ted Lilly’s outing. He would go on to give up two runs thanks to RBI singles by Placido Polanco and Ryan Howard. Meanwhile the Dodgers faced seven innings of Cliff Lee and his 10 strikeouts, enough said. After the Phillies added a run in the eighth, the Dodgers had something going in the bottom of...

Dodgers Offense Regresses, Shutout By Rockies

After hitting the skin off the ball the last three games, the Dodgers came crashing back down to earth on Ubaldo Jimenez’s (W, 1-5) arm. The previously winless Rockies’ starter with a 5.86 ERA entering the game tossed a complete-game three-hitter, the third shutout of his career, in the Rockies’ 3-0 victory over the Dodgers. Matt Kemp, the most successful current Dodger against Jimenez having gone 11-for-32 with a .344 batting average lifetime against...

The Hits Keep Coming for the Dodgers

For most of the first two months of the baseball season, the Dodgers couldn’t hit worth a lick and waste great performances by their starting pitching. Whether it was the fire at Dodger Stadium Saturday night that jolted the team, they have started to buck that trend. For the first time this season they look like a competitive Major League team as they stomped on the Colorado Rockies 8-2. Ask any of the Dodgers,...

Dodger Hitting Continues, Defeat Rockies

Having missed the Dodgers’ 17-hit victory against the Florida Marlins Sunday afternoon, I was wondering what happened. Was all of this hitting a fluke? Am I a jinx against the team? Jamey Carroll acknowledged that it was a good watching the team get its act together on offense for one day at least particularly with runners in scoring position. “We understand we haven’t been good at it,” Carroll told me before Monday’s game about...

Dodgers Set Ablaze by Marlins

On Saturday night the awful stench emanating from Dodger Stadium wasn’t merely the Dodgers in their 6-1 loss to the Florida Marlins. During the game a small fire broke out in a storage warehouse for paper products for Levy Restaurants between the top deck and reserve levels near Section 13 on the right field side of the stadium. Billowing smoke emanated from the stairwell of both levels forcing fans on the right side of...

Dodgers Get a Little Relief at Third Base

Evidently B-L-A-K-E spells relief for the Dodgers. After going on the disabled list on April 25 for a left elbow infection, third baseman Casey Blake was reinstated today. To make room infielder Russ Mitchell was optioned back to Triple-A Albuquerque.

Improbable Walk-Off Gives Dodgers Victory over Marlins

It took a moment to process what was happening on the field in the bottom of the ninth inning. For a team that doesn’t have a bunch of power, the Dodgers had been relying on the home run ball as their source of runs recently. But at this moment they opted to rally culminating in Dioner Navarro’s walk-off RBI single to defeat the Florida Marlins 3-2.

LAst Night's Action: Dodger Rookies Carry Team

LA Dodgers Houston Astros 5-4. It’s 2007 all over again. The Dodger rookies made the most noise as they halted the Dodgers’ three-game losing streak. After Jay Gibbons, not a rookie, hit a solo homer in the second inning, Jerry Sands hit a grand slam in the third to stake starter Chad Billingsley to a 5-0 lead. Billingsley made it interesting giving up three runs in the bottom of the third and one run...

Lakers Get Cavalier with Head Coach Hire

According to Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo! Sports, former Cleveland Cavaliers head coach Mike Brown will become the new Lakers head coach. Brown agreed in principle to a four-year contract for $18 million with the fourth year a team option. Marc J. Spears and Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo! Sports broke the story Tuesday night that former Cleveland Cavaliers head coach Mike Brown is the front-runner to the vacant Lakers head coaching position. Reportedly they are...

LAst Night's Action: Astros Three-Run Ninth Sinks Dodgers

The Dodger bullpen seemed to have stabilized in the month of May. Until Monday night, that is, when Kenley Jansen couldn’t get the crucial third out in the bottom of the ninth when staked to a 3-1 lead.

Kings Have Best Prospects. Now What?

Tell me if this sounds familiar. A team known for floundering for several years decides to concentrate on building their farm system. As these prospects start coming up to the big leagues the team’s fortunes start turning around even making it to the playoffs. The team continues to bolster the farm system as the team makes two first-round playoff exits. The farm system is so strong it is in the conversation of being the...

Dodgers: Same Old Story

It’s come to this. I asked Dodger Manager Don Mattingly how he would solve the perpetual state of crisis in the Middle East. “Not very well,” he deadpanned. And so went the first two minutes of Mattingly’s daily pregame comments to the media before the Dodgers 3-1 loss to the San Francisco Giants.

Dodgers Depleted Bullpen Blows the Script

You have to give the Dodgers some amount of credit. At least they changed the script late in their 8-5 loss to the San Francisco Giants. By late, I mean at almost the last possible minute. After all they did look like the same old Dodgers for seven innings. The only offense generated was Matt Kemp’s solo homer in the fifth inning and Rod Barajas’ RBI double to score Jay Gibbons in the seventh.

Dodgers: Kemp Sparks Offense While Kuroda Does the Rest

It was a script that the Dodgers seemed doomed to repeat: starting pitcher notches a quality start; Jamey Carroll and Aaron Miles hits singles at the top of the order; Dodgers are shutout because no one else can hit. The rain must have washed this script clean as the Dodgers finally got some timely hits in their 3-0 victory over the Milwaukee Brewers.

In Sports, Coming Out Stories Leave No Lasting Impact

I had to do a double take and make sure that National Coming Out Day was still October 11. With Phoenix Suns President Rick Welts, CNN news anchor Don Lemon and former Villanova men’s basketball player Will Sheridan announcing to the world that they’re gay over the last day, it really is a lot to take in. But in the end it doesn’t really make an ounce of difference.

Groundhog Day at Dodger Stadium

The mercury read 58 degrees to start the Dodgers’ game against the Milwaukee Brewers, weather more appropriate for early February rather than mid-May. And just like Groundhog Day the Dodger offense repeated their ineptitude in their 2-1 loss

Dodgers Shooting Blanks Against D-backs

As documented here the Dodgers need strong starting pitching in order to have any chance of winning a game. Dodger starters certainly have been doing their part recording seven consecutive quality starts. Unfortunately Ted Lilly (L, 3-4) couldn’t keep the streak going with a four-run second inning in the Dodgers 4-1 loss to the Arizona Diamondbacks.

Dodgers Error Leads to Historic Loss

On July 17, 1914 the Brooklyn Robins lost to the Chicago Cubs in Chicago 3-2 after giving up only one hit according to Elias Sports Bureau. On Saturday the Dodgers equaled this ignominious feat in their 1-0 loss to the Arizona Diamondbacks.

Dodger Fans Lend Five-Figure Hand To Tornado Victims

Dodger fans are very charitable. After having raised in excess of $61,000 for beating victim Brian Stow in early April, the fans came together again and raised another $10,000 for victims of the tornadoes that struck the South on April 27, 2011.

Dodgers Fend Off D-backs Comeback for Win

When you think about a postcard of a Dodger game, this one would not be included. Fielding gaffes by both teams and an acid-reflux ninth inning weren’t the most picturesque scenes, but the Dodgers hung on by a broken fingernail and starter Clayton Kershaw’s 11 strikeouts to beat the Arizona Diamondbacks 4-3.

Dodgers: Fun with Statistics!

One statistic I really detest in baseball is the quality start when the starting pitcher goes at least six innings while giving up three runs or less. Some people place a lot of importance in this particular statistic that really doesn’t tell the whole story. So I decided to come up with an equally detestable statistic, the “quality offense.” A quality offense is defined as a performance by the offense that generates three or more runs in the first six innings. I figure if there’s a counterbalance to the quality start it can tell a more complete story of a baseball team.

LAst Night's Action: Dodgers Blank Bucs

Hiroki Kuroda got only the two runs of support in the top of the sixth inning thanks to a Juan Uribe double play and a Jerry Sands RBI double to right field. Kuroda (W, 4-3) in turn gave the Dodgers seven innings of a three-hit shutout walking only three batters and striking out eight. Paul Maholm (L, 1-5) unfortunately couldn’t keep up with Kuroda in that sixth inning. Matt Guerrier pitched a perfect eighth while Vicente Padilla got his third save of the season. Reliever Hong-Chih Kuo was put on the 15-day disabled list with anxiety disorder. Scott Elbert will meet the team in Pittsburgh to replace Kuo.

RIP Lakers: October 26, 2010 - May 8, 2011

I am here to mourn the Lakers. I think my laughing fit has sufficiently died down so I won’t appear to be too insensitive to the Laker organization and its fans. The epic Wagnerian meltdown of the Lakers is quite impressive. Back on June 17, 2008 it was 131-92 against the Boston Celtics in Game 6 of the NBA Finals. On Sunday: 122-86 in Game 4 of the Western Conference Semifinals against the Dallas Mavericks.

It Wasn't A Good Day

Today wasn’t a good day for the Dodgers. First came news that closer Jonathan Broxton needed an MRI on his right elbow. Then came the late scratch of right fielder Andre Ethier due to a sore left elbow. During the sixth inning Juan Uribe was pulled from the game after getting hit by a pitch on the left hand from Cubs’ starter Carlos Zambrano in the fourth inning. So the Dodgers’ 5-1 loss to the Cubs just seemed like piling on by that point.

LAst Night's Action: At Least Lakers Fans Showed Up

. “We have trust issues.” So sayeth Andrew Bynum to reporters after the game. And with these trust issues, they expect to win four out of five to pull out the series? The last time the Lakers lost the first two games of a playoff series it was the 2008 NBA Finals against the Boston Celtics. Laker fans probably remember what happened then. Well now the Lakers find themselves down 0-2 in a series again, however perhaps more embarrassingly they have lost both games at home.

Concern Mounts with Jonathan Broxton

The Dodgers’ 4-1 loss to the Chicago Cubs came down to this: Jonathan Broxton made a mess and Blake Hawksworth couldn’t clean it up. With the game tied 1-1, Manager Don Mattingly brought in Broxton (L, 1-2) for the top of the ninth inning in a non-save situation. Despite the smattering of boos amongst whatever remained of the crowd of 38,017, things seemed all right after Broxton got Aramis Ramirez to pop out to first base in foul territory.

Strange Winds Blow Through Dodger Stadium

While the winds weren’t blowing that hard, the Dodgers’ 5-2 victory over the Chicago Cubs certainly did embody the weirdness that Chandler wrote. The first hint of this came in the bottom of the second inning with two outs, a run in, Juan Uribe on second base and Ivan De Jesus, Jr. at the plate. De Jesus scorched a grounder fair down the first baseline that headed towards the wall of the baseline box club seats. As Uribe stormed home, a fan reached down and picked up the ball in play.

Dodgers Shut Down By Padres Pitching

In his third plate appearance in the seventh inning off of San Diego Padres’ starter Dustin Moseley (W, 1-3), Andre Ethier laced a grounder down the line to first base. The ball bounced sky-high off the glove of a diving Padres’ first baseman Brad Hawpe dribbling mere feet away from Hawpe in foul territory. Hawpe got up, spun around to tried and locate the ball. Once Hawpe finally located the ball the charging Ethier had made it safely to first base.

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