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LA's Best Pupusas? Here Are A Few Of Them

Not all pupusas are created equal, especially in Los Angeles where the popular Salvadoran dish is everywhere.

You'll Soon Be Able To Take Your Reusable Containers To Festivals, Concerts And Your Favorite Restaurant

Starting in January 2020, food vendors and restaurants will also have the option to provide reusable products... or you can just bring your own container, too.

What Do You Get When You Put A Dodgers Jersey On A Superhuman Japanese Folk Hero? A Library Card!

The new card is a limited-edition release. Make sure to grab yours before they're gone.

A Bittersweet Goodbye For Long Beach Poly Music Teacher Who Transformed Students' Lives

'Dismal' was the first description Andy Osman heard about a music program that he went on to take to national acclaim. A cancer diagnosis has cut short his 36-year career.

This Graduation Poem About Being Young And Misunderstood in South LA Will Make You Feel Unstoppable

We hope this poem can give hope to others. "My name is not black. My name is not gang. My name is not violence. My name is not struggle."

Photos: The Zoot Suit Riots Happened This Week, 76 Years Ago. Here's A Look Back At The Fashion Statement That Sparked A Racist Mob

Many Angelenos still embrace zoot suit culture today. But it's important to remember the violence and racism it once sparked.