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Watch This Plane Make A Hard Landing On Its Belly At LAX

On an LAX runway this morning, a pilot had to make a dramatic hard landing on the plane's belly after some of its landing gear didn't deploy.

Phony Cop With HIV Accused Of Sexually Assaulting 15-Year-Old

A 41-year-old man with HIV has been charged with sexually assaulting a teenage girl after allegedly tricking her into thinking he was a police officer arresting her for jaywalking in Lancaster last week.

Bartender Was Fatally Shot By Her Husband, Bar Owner Says

The suspect who fatally shot a 36-year-old woman in the head outside of a bar near Pico Boulevard and Western Avenue over the weekend was the father of her children, the bar owner says.

The Larchmont's New Chef Brings Farm-To-Table French Cuisine

Over at the century-old Craftsman that houses The Larchmont, there's a new executive chef from the renowned French Laundry helming this restaurant's menu.

Silver Lake Council Member: 'All Illegals Should Have To Work Like Slaves'

A Silver Lake Neighborhood Council woman resigned from her position on Thursday after posting racist and offensive Facebook comments about Mexicans and illegal immigration.

Venice Residents Chant 'Murder' At LAPD Meeting For Fatal Shooting

More than 300 people attended a Venice town hall meeting and demanded answers from the LAPD about the recent fatal shooting of an unarmed homeless man.

This Man's Starting A Movement To Build Tiny Homes For The Homeless

A man who built a tiny house for a homeless woman has already raised over $60,000 in a crowdfunding campaign to do the same for others in South Los Angeles.

Los Feliz's Tiki-Ti Is 'Indefinitely Closed'

Some shocking news comes by way of Tiki Ti's owners today: the beloved Los Feliz tiki bar is indefinitely closed.

Don't Panic: Tiki-Ti Says They'll Be Back

We can all breathe a sigh of relief as Tiki-Ti says that they'll definitely reopen at some point.

Video: Jimmy Kimmel Corrects A 'Price Is Right' Wrong

Danielle Perez, who uses a wheelchair, said she'll do what everyone else does with their treadmills: "Use it as a piece of furniture."

Echo Park Man's Dog Returned After Being Stolen By Fake Cops

An Echo Park man's dog was returned to him after he fell victim to an awful scam last month where two women posing as LAPD officers stole his pet.

Police Shoot And Kill Unarmed Man Near Venice Sign

An unarmed man in his 20s died this morning after police shot him late Tuesday night in Venice.

Four Women Allegedly Murdered By Men Under State’s Watch

Two parolees accused of raping and murdering four women in Orange County from 2013 to 2014 were poorly monitored by state parole officers, records show.

'Game Of Thrones' World Gets The Google Maps Treatment

One 'Game of Thrones' fan has made a Westeros map that is familiar and easy to understand: in the style of Google Maps.

Man Gets 6 Months In Prison For Pleading No Contest To Knowingly Spreading HIV

A San Diego man was sentenced today to six months in prison after pleading no contest to knowingly spreading the HIV virus to his unsuspecting ex-boyfriend.

Video: Jeremy Renner Won't Stop Slut-Shaming Women

Jeremy Renner slut-shamed Black Widow again—this time on 'Conan.'

Documentary Planned For Camera Assistant Killed On 'Midnight Rider' Set

A documentary on Sarah Jones' life, untimely death and safety practices in Hollywood is in the works.

17 Ways To Explore SoCal's Hidden Treasures On Obscura Day

On May 30, put your explorer cap on and go on some cool adventures throughout SoCal.

Video: Crowd Erupts Into Huge Fight At Ludacris' Vegas Pool Party

Things took a sour turn on Sunday at Hard Rock's Rehab pool event hosted by Ludacris after a massive fight broke out.

Video: Madonna Speaks Out About Kissing Drake At Coachella

Madonna has some things to say about that infamous kiss between her and Drake at Coachella.

Charismatic Ex-Teacher Accused Of Sexually Abusing Another Student

A second student has accused the former teacher of sexually abusing her in 2004.

Joni Mitchell Could Be Leaving The Hospital Soon

Legendary singer-songwriter Joni Mitchell may be released from the hospital soon, her attorney says.

6 Local Shops With Exclusive Offers On Independent Bookstore Day

This Saturday is going to be a busy day for folks who love to read.

LAX Face-Stabbing Suspect Says He Attacked Obama's 'Son'

A suspect was arrested after allegedly stabbing a man he believed was President Barack Obama's son at LAX early this morning, authorities say.

Los Pollos Hermanos From 'Breaking Bad' Could Become A Real Restaurant

'Breaking Bad' creator says we could be getting a real-life Los Pollos Hermanos restaurant!

Massive May Day March Takes Over DTLA Today

Thousands of protesters are expected to march through the streets of downtown L.A. this afternoon for the annual May Day event.

Silver Lake Has A New Lobster Roll Joint That Flies In Seafood From Maine Daily

You know a restaurant takes their lobster and crab rolls seriously when they're flying in seafood daily from Maine on a Jet Blue plane straight to Los Angeles.

Photos: Sean Penn Is Selling His Rad Malibu Pad

Sean Penn's listing his Malibu getaway home that he's had since 2009 for $6.55 million.

Unarmed Teen Killed By Police Cried: 'Mommy, Mommy, Please Come!'

The last words Hector Morejon's mother heard him say before he died was 'Mommy, mommy, please come!'

Neat Map Shows Where Everyone Is Taking Photos In Los Angeles

Eric Fischer has spent the past five years mapping out the most photographed areas throughout the world--and the results are quite beautiful.

Watch These Folks Take Down Driver In High-Speed Chase

Some onlookers took matters into their own hands and helped take down a man fleeing from police on Wednesday night in Sherman Oaks.

City Considers Getting Rid Of Some Waze Shortcuts

An L.A. councilman is proposing that we reduce the number of the shortcuts through these residential streets in Waze.

L.A. To Pay $700,000 To Minorities Who Cops Racially Profiled

L.A. County agreed to pay $700,000 to Antelope Valley victims who were racially profiled by deputies.

What To Eat And Drink At The 2015 L.A. Vegan Beer & Food Fest

We have the scoop on the special dishes and beers you can expect to try at the festival.

Murder Suspect Leaves Mile-Long Blood Trail Before Crossing Border

Police are searching for a teen suspected of stabbing his coworker to death in San Diego County, and then leaving a mile-long trail of blood behind him.

Man Accused Of Shooting Woman Then Holding Her Captive 26 Days

A 37-year-old man was arrested on Monday for allegedly shooting a woman in the chest, and then holding her and their 7-year-old son captive in a Rancho Cucamonga apartment for 26 days.

Manny Pacquiao Preps For Fight With $4,200 Lunch At Hollywood's Kabuki

Manny Pacquiao treated friends and family out to a mega sushi meal at Hollywood's Kabuki, spending about $4,200.

Video: Adam Sandler's Producer Calls Native Actors 'Overly Sensitive'

"Here's the thing: if you're overly sensitive about it...then you should probably leave."

Joni Mitchell's Friend Says She's In A Coma [Updated]

A close friend of Joni Mitchell's says the legendary rock goddess is unresponsive and in a coma.

Gnarly Videos Of The Massive Gas Tanker Fire That Shut Down 710 Freeway

A gas tanker explosion on the 710 Freeway in Bell on Sunday afternoon left the big rig engulfed in flames with plumes of smoke that could be seen for miles.

Couple Gets Hitched At Britney Spears’ Vegas Show Where They First Met

A couple tied the knot over the weekend at the very same place they met over two years ago: at a Britney Spears concert in Las Vegas.

Neat Drone Video Shows Gorgeous DTLA Skyline At Night

While we've all seen downtown L.A. at night, this new drone video gives us a glimpse of the highrises from a different angle: from up above.

'Baywatch' Star Accused Of Stabbing Westlake Neighbor In Stomach

Former 'Baywatch' star, Jeremy Jackson, was arrested over the weekend for allegedly stabbing his neighbor in the stomach with a knife in Westlake.

New Video Shows The Moments Before A U.S. Marshal Smashed An Onlooker's Phone

"I'm not in the way. I am in the same spot. You can't push me back. I need to film and I have a right to film," Beatriz Paez says in the new video she released.

Santa Monica Problems: Neighbors Protest Noisy Recycling Center

While there are perks to living in Santa Monica like the beach, palm trees and sunny weather, there's one thing that's turning the paradise into a hellhole for some residents.

Ben Affleck Discusses Slave-Owning Ancestor In Script Scrubbed From PBS

A leaked script reveals the interview segment that Affleck didn't want anyone to see and ended up getting nixed from the final cut of PBS' 'Finding Your Roots.'

Native American Actors Walk Off Adam Sandler Film Over Stereotypes

A group of Native American actors said they walked off the set of 'Ridiculous 6' after they had to endure insensitive jokes and overplayed stereotypes during the filming.

14 Artists Behind The Best New Street Art In Los Angeles

Here are our favorite pieces of street art that have popped up in Los Angeles over the last year.

Fake Cops Scam Echo Park Man Into Handing Over His Dog

An Echo Park dog owner fell victim to a horrible scam last week where he lost his dog to two women posing as LAPD officers.

Photos: Trent Reznor's Stunning Hillside Home For Sale

Trent Reznor's Midcentury-modern home is up for grabs.

Transgender People Could Get Sued For Using The 'Wrong' Bathroom Under Proposed Law

A group is fighting to restrict transgender people from using restrooms in public schools and universities, and wants to allow people the right to sue if they do.

Man Found Stabbed To Death In Parking Lot Off Bustling Stretch Of Hollywood Blvd.

Police found a man stabbed to death this morning in a parking lot in Hollywood, and they're still searching for the suspect.

California's First Shake Shack Is Coming To West Hollywood In 2016

Los Angeles is getting its first Shake Shack in 2016.

Watch This New And Epic 'Jurassic World' Trailer

A bigger and better 'Jurassic World' trailer has dropped.

Video: Officer Lunges At Onlooker And Smashes Her Phone

Feds are now investigating a video that shows a law enforcement officer lunging toward a woman, ripping a phone from her hands and destroying it on a South Gate sidewalk.

There's A Movement To Rebrand South L.A. 'SOLA'

South Los Angeles, following in the footsteps of neighborhoods like WeHo, NoHo and DTLA, might be getting a snazzy new nickname: "SOLA."

Build Your Own Hawaiian Poke Bowls At This New 3rd Street Spot

Mainland Poke Shop serves customizable poke bowls.

Man Arrested For Attempted Kidnapping And Rape Outside Eastside Luv In Boyle Heights

A man was arrested over the weekend for allegedly attempting to kidnap and rape a woman outside of Eastside Luv bar in Boyle Heights.

Watch The Charming Trailer For New Film Version Of 'The Little Prince'

If you're anything like us, you'll get a little giddy with childlike wonderment when you watch this one.

25 Places In Los Angeles For Stoners To Satisfy The Munchies

Luckily in Los Angeles, we have plenty of spots to quell our 420 cravings--from loaded fries to deep-fried desserts and serious breakfast sandwiches.

Photos: Jared Leto Shows Off His Green-Haired Joker Look

Over the weekend, Jared Leto was spotted off set in Toronto, Canada--and we got a better peek at his new sinister look.

Man Needed Surgery For 'Candy Crush' Injury

One San Diego man played 'Candy Crush' so much that he tore the tendon by his thumb.

Photos: A First Look Inside Los Feliz's Churro Ice Cream Sandwich Shop

We visited Churro Borough's brick-and-mortar shop in Los Feliz.

Photos: Sassy 86-Year-Old Is The Baddest Bathing Suit Model

When we're in our 80s, we hope we're as sassy and cool as Baddie Winkle.

Los Feliz Gets Its Own Churro Ice Cream Sandwich Shop

The geniuses behind this mash-up dessert have opened a brick-and-mortar shop in the heart of Los Feliz.

Photo: Mayor Garcetti Jumps For Joy Over Free Steve Aoki Concert In DTLA

Mayor Eric Garcetti is throwing a free outdoor concert in downtown L.A. on May 16 with Steve Aoki headlining.

What To Expect From Roy Choi's New Surprisingly Healthy Fast Food Chain

Roy Choi and Daniel Patterson went into what we can expect from their soon-to-be-opened Loco'l restaurants and what prompted them to become impassioned about changing the status quo.

V. Stiviano Has To Return $2.6 Million In Gifts To Donald Sterling's Wife

V. Stiviano is now being forced to pay $2.6 million worth of gifts that Donald Sterling showered upon her back to his wife, Shelly Sterling.

Local Hero Rescues Poor Goose With Arrow Stuck In Its Neck

A local hero finally managed to catch and rescue the injured animal.

Mayor Garcetti Considers Making Parking Tickets Cheaper

Mayor Garcetti's parking reform group wants to slash parking citation fees, even down to $23 for first-time offenders.

Video: Drake Looks Horrified After Madonna Kisses Him At Coachella

Drake got a surprise make-out session with Madonna on stage at Coachella on Sunday.

Coachella Style, Day 3: Beard Flowers, Loincloths And Pajamas

What we always love about day three of Coachella is that's when people start busting out their wackiest get-ups.

Photos: The Mouth-Watering Food At Coachella's Pop-Up Restaurants

Coachella stepped up their food game this year with some great pop-up restaurants.

There's A Plan To Launch A Zip Line At Runyon Canyon

Two guys want to launch a 2,900-foot-long zip line through Runyon Canyon.

Uber Driver Says Passengers Beat Her Up And Uber Won't Help Her

An Uber driver says her passengers beat her during a ride in Van Nuys last month, and while she is still suffering, Uber has done nothing to help her.

Sweet Video Shows 'Star Wars' Imperial Forces Invading Los Angeles

There's a neat video out that shows Imperial Forces invading Los Angeles and blasting our landmarks.

Police Search For Newborn After Finding Bloodied Woman In Skid Row

Police are searching for a possibly abandoned newborn baby in Skid Row after authorities found a bloodied woman they believe may have just given birth.

Scientology Leader Had His Dad Spied On For 18 Months, Police Say

Scientology leader, David Miscavige, spent $10,000 a week hiring two private investigators to stalk and spy on his father for 18 months, according to police reports.

Robert Durst May Have Just Sent A Reporter A Bizarre Letter

The suspected murderer may have even penned a strange letter to a reporter detailing his life in Los Angeles, his ailments, and how he loves the opera and football.

The Best Night Out In Los Angeles

We've got unique activities from stargazing parties to spots where you can karaoke all night long and throwback joints where you can get nostalgic.

Listen To Sandra Bullock's Terrified 9-1-1 Call About A Stalker In Her House

"Someone broke into my house. I'm in the closet."

Mischa Barton's Mother Kicked Her Out Of Her Own Beverly Hills Mansion, Lawsuit Says

'The OC' star says her mother ripped her off and even kicked her out of her own mansion that she bought with her hard-earned acting money, according to a lawsuit.

Ultimate '90s Teen Movie 'She's All That' May Be Getting A Remake

Cue in Sixpence None the Richer's "Kiss Me."

Video: 'Grease' Dance Numbers Get In The Way Of L.A. Drivers

'The Late Late Show' host and his fellow T-Birds and Pink Ladies perform a 'Grease' musical in an L.A. crosswalk.

Pasadena's FREE 'Make Music' Festival Lineup Announced, Over 150 Bands Performing

Make Music Pasadena is coming our way on June 6 with a long list of musical acts, including How To Dress Well headlining.

'Arrested Development' Is Getting 17 New Episodes

The Bluths are making a comeback!

Park La Brea Complex Plagued By Roaches, Broken Elevators, Tenants Say

Park La Brea tenants have been complaining that the complex is plagued with cockroach and rat infestations and constantly broken elevators.

A Weekend Guide To The Desert (Beyond Coachella And Palm Springs)

There are lots of quirky, off-the-grid things to do and see from Joshua Tree to the Salton Sea.

8-Year-Old Boy Shot In Head While Sleeping At Home

An 8-year-old boy is in critical condition after being shot in the head by a stray bullet while he was sleeping in his Del Rey home on Sunday night.

Hungry Sea Lion Drags Fisherman Underwater

A hungry sea lion bit the hand of a 62-year-old fisherman who was holding a large fish and pulled him underwater in San Diego on Sunday afternoon.

Mindy Kaling's Brother Says He Faked Being Black To Get Into Med School

Mindy Kaling's big brother, Vijay Chokal-Ingam, is claiming that he hatched a twisted scheme in the late 1990s posing as a black man to get into medical school.

Brace Yourselves, April Showers Are Coming

We've had a bit of a dry spell in SoCal, but it looks like that's going to change this week.

Child Predator Kidnapped And Harmed Toddler Before Dropping Her Off, Police Say

A child predator kidnapped a two-year-old girl from a Gardena car wash on Thursday afternoon and dropped her off injured hours later at an intersection miles away.

Video: Beck, Jeff Goldblum Surprise Strangers At Their House

Beck, Jeff Goldblum, James Corden and Reggie Watts surprised some random L.A. folks at their home.

Robert Durst Said Some Creepy Things About The Movie Based On Himself

Robert Durst made some chilling comments in the DVD commentary for 'All Good Things.'

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